Southern Cross

Souithern Cross

A six and a half hour exposure of the night sky.

This image began as an idea one night whilst camping under the stars. The original idea was to capture stars through the clouds that I saw in the morning. As the concept developed, I started thinking about what I could ‘squeeze’ into the frame. There are essentially three parts to this image: the “Southern Cross”, the South Celestial Pole and the dusk light. The photograph was captured over five months, needing remote, clear, cloudless, pollution free, light free locations; and without the moon. Typically there are only several days a month to try to capture the stars in this way so that the moon does not interfere with the shot.

The shot itself was a six and a half hour exposure pointing the camera due south with the bottom of the frame touching the horizon and the top of the frame right up to the top of the sky. The brightest stars are both the Southern Cross constellation and the “Pointers”. The South Celestial Pole is in the centre of the circles.

An additional technical challenge was the re-shooting, on the same film, of a sunset over the ocean (double exposure).


location: Western Australia,   camera: Tomiyama, lens Nikkor SW90,   film: Kodak 100ASA,   shutter speed: 6 hour 24 minutes,   filters: None,   time and conditions: clear skies,   Limited Edition: 360


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