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All limited edition prints are printed on the vibrant and crystal clear Metallica photographic paper; the most widely used paper in the Photographic Arts world. Most of my clients wish to have them provided ready to hang on the wall, the most popular choice being in Acrylic. This finish provides exceptional clarity to the image especially with the use of the Metallica photographic paper. There is very little reflection and no lighting is required to bring out the vibrancy of each image.


Open Editions:

Size: Print only price: Acrylic finish price:
50 x 16cm (6 x 20 inch): $99 $340
75 x 24cm (9 x 30 inch): $220 $580


Limited Editions:

Size: Print only price: Acrylic finish price:
100 x 32cm (13 x 40 inch): $580 $1,100
125 x 40cm (16 x 50 inch): $980 $1,700
150 x 48cm (19 x 60 inch): $1,280 $2,300
200 x 64cm (25 x 78 inch): $1,680 $2,800
250 x 80cm (32 x 98 inch): $1,980 $3,800
300 x 96cm (38 x 120 inch): $2,380 $4,400

(NB: All prices are in Australia Dollars)


Delivery Guarantee

Freight sent from Ric J. Steininger Gallery is fully insured and guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. Freight cost included in prices quoted above.






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