Sandy Cay

Sandy Cay

A sand cay off the coast of Cairns.

In the middle of shooting this scene I heard the sound of a light aircraft drawing closer and closer, until it landed right in the middle of my shot! It proceeded to turn around and park next to the sand cay.

First, many thanks must go to my wife Michiko who sat patiently for over 13 hours whilst I photographed “Little Upolu” and “Sandy Cay”. I worked on the concept of white sand and blue reef waters with a human touch for a few months. This scene required a lot of planning, research, sketching and visualization before I photographed it. After considering the use of a helicopter, a plane and the (rather dangerous) possibility of climbing the sail mast of a yacht, I decided that a game fishing boat with a 45 foot high tower offered the greatest flexibility. My next task was to learn how to predict the perfect day in order to be sure that a game fishing boat would be available during the busy marlin fishing season. The first day that I worked on this photograph I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I chartered the boat again two weeks later.

location: off the coast of Cairns,   camera: Tomiyama, lens Nikkor SW90,   film: Fuji 100ASA,   shutter speed: 1/125 seconds,   filters: Polarized,
time and conditions: mid-afternoon,   Limited Edition: 360


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