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Vlasoff Cay

A sand cay in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
First, many thanks must go to my wife Michiko who sat patiently for over 13 hours whilst I photographed “Little Upolu”. I worked on the concept of white sand and blue reef waters with a human touch for a few months. This scene required a lot of planning, research, sketching and visualization before I photographed it. After considering the use of a helicopter, a plane and the (rather dangerous) possibility of climbing the sail mast of a yacht, I decided that a game fishing boat with a 45 foot high tower offered the greatest flexibility. My next task was to learn how to predict the perfect day in order to be sure that a game fishing boat would be available during the busy marlin fishing season. The first day that I worked on this photograph I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I chartered the boat again two weeks later.

Camera: Tomiyama, lens Nikkor SW90, Film: Fuji 100ASA, Shutter speed: 1/125 second, Filters: polarizing, Cropping: none, Time/Conditions: mid-afternoon
Limited Edition release: 360

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