Craig’s Hut

Craig’s Hut, “Man from Snowy River”, Victoria Australia

A homestead in the mountains of Victoria, “Man from Snowy River”, Victoria Australia. The Victorian mountains do amazing things for the soul; it’s a wonder that all Victorians don’t own horses. I camped here for six days, every morning and every evening getting up and waiting for some special lighting. I loved every minute of it – the freshness of the air, the sounds of the birds and forest, the snow gums, the peacefulness, the mountains and the beautiful views.

Through the hours and days that I was there, I shifted the camera many times because something wasn’t right with the composition. On the last day, I got it right. It had started to rain heavily to my left, but the sky cleared to the right and then the sun rose and broke through the clouds, just enough to lighten up the edge of the rain, the posts, the rocks and the house – not too strong and not too dark – a perfect balance.


location: Victoria, Australia,   camera: Tomiyama, lens Nikkor SW90,   film: Fuji Velvia 50ASA,   shutter speed: 2 Minutes,   filters: None,   time and conditions: Sunset,   Limited Edition: 360


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