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Just Paradise!

A unique view standing on a sand cay in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, looking back towards the Australian coastline.
The Great Barrier Reef exhibits some spectacular islands out in the ocean; some are newly-formed islands like these sand cays on coral reefs. These sand cays are natural wonders that inspire awe in those who visit. Local boat owners sail out to these cays to spend the weekend in the clear night light under the stars. Visitors take trips on various vessels that visit the cays daily, or with helicopters or seaplanes that land right on the cays. One of the cays, Michaelmas Cay, is a sanctuary for a wide variety of sea birds that raise their young there.

Camera: Linhoff Technorama, Super Angulon 72mm lens, Film: Fuji Velvia 100F, Shutter speed: 1/125 second, Filters: polarized, Cropping: none, Time/Conditions: morning
Limited Edition release: 360

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