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The stars are truly like dust; reminded of the book titled “The Stars, Like Dust”, written by Isaac Asimov.

The vastness of the night sky, with the stars behind the stars, and those stars behind them been seen. Captured here in the breadth of the sky, from horizon to horizon, the full Milky Way is presented before us. As viewed in the Southern Hemisphere, Southern Cross is set in the gentle curvature of the Milky Way. A billion upon billion of stars laid as dust in the night sky, there also are three shooting stars visible with the main one pointing directly to the Southern Cross.

I recently discovered that Saturn has also been captured in this frame. I had wondered for a while how a yellow ‘star’ could be bigger and more prominent than the Pointers and the Southern Cross, and speaking to a friend he said that yellow stars are in actual fact planets. In researching the time and date of the photograph, yes, there it is; Saturn was there. If you look just above the Southern Cross and a little to the left of the shooting star you will see a bright and large star … there you go, that is Saturn.

I had originally planned to have the Southern Cross placed in the mid section of the photograph, held in composition by the glory of the Milky Way itself. But by the time that I was actually able to get to a place to shoot this grand vista, it was getting a bit late. If you think of the star movements to that of a clock, as there are twelve months in the year, the Southern Cross’ position moves as the hand of a clock. In May at 9pm or so its virtually at the 12pm mark, however, in June it moves to the 1pm mark.

I had planned this shot for over a year, and after a series of testing purchased specialised equipment for it. My first attempt was in May, and then June, this particular frame was captured late July. In the end things didn’t go completely to plan, the Southern Cross was positioned to the far right. But you know, sometimes its nice for the Heavens to compose on my b

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