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Ric J Steininger ArtPanorama Landscape Gallery

Welcome to the Ric J Steininger Natural Light Photographic Gallery, a journey through the camera lens into the vivid world of the panoramic photographic art.

I take great delight in that my work gives me an excuse to get out and explore some of the most beautiful and dramatic places in the world. I love the challenge of dealing with all the natural elements and the chance moments that arise that allow me to capture what nature has presented.  What is truly rewarding to me is not only discovering the scene in the first place; it’s being there to capture it when it all happens.

I felt earlier on with my work that I should study traditional arts, to learn to paint.  In reality it is really difficult to find scenes and photograph them with the drama and the lighting that I envision.  This is the one thing with my work — it demands that I be there, the location has to exist; the conditions, the lighting, the mood, all have to be right.  But to me, in the end, that is half the fun. I love this art form, this medium, the challenge of deeply involving myself with natural world and capturing it on film. That chance moment of drama, life and inspiration.  My work starts in my mind as an idea, and then I have to search for it and discover it, experience it and be a part of it.

When selecting each piece for this collection, I endeavoured to showcase the essence of my passion for pure photographic art.  I am deeply committed to portraying natural beauty as it appears to the naked eye.  The rich colours and awesome beauty in each image are the result of finding just the right position, and waiting for the ideal natural light.

In this collection, beneath most of the photographs, there is a brief record of the adventure behind the art.  Whether captured in North America, Australia, or Japan, each photograph is the result of a great quest.  I have dangled precariously out of helicopters, braved the heat and danger of molten lava flows, carried my equipment over kilometres of rugged terrain, and spent many a sleepless night in the wilderness and pouring rain, all to capture on film the vision set before me in my mind’s eye.

My collection of photographic images have been capture on traditional photographic film using the dramatic large 17 x 6cm panoramic camera. My current collection has taken over 15 years to put together and includes photography from around Australia and the world, including recently USA.

Capturing images on this wonderful large panoramic format produces a fantastic result. An impression that is felt that is like looking out a window into the pristine scene.

The limited edition photographs in this collection are best viewed as they are intended: as framed photographic art pieces.  I welcome you to visit one of my galleries.




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