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Millaa Millaa Falls is one of the most photogenic, fairytale-like waterfalls in the world.
I had wanted to photograph the Millaa Millaa falls for a long time. Previously, there had been a period of more than two years that was completely dry; even the usually lush rainforests had been on fire. This photograph was taken toward the end of the following wet season. The scene appears almost unreal because it is just so perfect. There are various flowers and palms growing in view: Cordyline terminalas, White Perfume Ginger, and a Scaly Tree fern.
Camera: Linhoff Technorama, Super Angulon 72mm lens, Film: Fuji 100ASA, Shutter speed: 2 minutes, Filters: none, Cropping: full frame, Time/Conditions: cloudy, morning
Limited Edition release: 360

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