Chapter 80 Liberty of the Spirit


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#80: Spirit of the Fear of the Lord
Liberty of the Spirit

Opening Scripture:

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. (Matthew 5:13 NIV)

We are not of the dirt but of the Spirit, from a world that is over and above this world. In Christ Jesus we are born of a realm that is far above and over all spiritual powers and authorities, over all governments and governmental authorities and structures, over all natural law, physical and economic realities, and over all sicknesses and disease; even sin, death, and the grave. Such is the Spirit of the Lord. So in this awareness, be a people of salt, and orientate your heart and your thought-life fully unto the Lord, and so shall you remain one fully engaged in Him. Let us no longer be a people with only the limited thinking of this world, but continue to be shifted unto the Spirit to whom you are born. The world comes with its issues, but as you step out from under its governance, and come under the Governance of God; so too shall you operate in the very same Governance. 

In all things and through all things seek the Presence of the Person of God, seek first the Kingdom of Heaven active and alive in you, and so shall you enter and abide in His Counsel and His Might. Another word for this is to ‘delight in the Fear of the Lord’. 

In this world we have trouble, but just as Jesus left the Glory of Heaven to come to this world of tribulation, God desires to lift you up above to be one who walks liberally in His Glory. Jesus came to teach and show you how this is possible; teaching and showing you by example how you can see, hear and do just as He. This is why He came to rebirth you in the Likeness of the Father, and shed His Blood opening the veil. Born no longer of the dirt and dust but of the Eternal Spirit of the Lord. Here able to walk in this very same realm of the Liberty of the Spirit. Operating in Ecclesia – the Governance of the Kingdom of God – that is built upon the Rock (Matt. 16:18)


Where then does wisdom come from? Where does understanding dwell? It is hidden from the eyes of every living thing … God understands the way to it and he alone knows where it dwells … and he said to the human race, “The fear of the Lord — that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding. (Job 28:20-28 NIV)

Speaking to the believer: ‘the mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is Life and Peace’ (Rom. 8:1-16). Do you yet see the difference? To personally choose to fully orientate yourself unto the Spirit, so too is the Spirit given right to fully govern over your life. For just as Jesus is not independent of the Lord, but abides continually in Him, so too are you not called to be a god independent of God. The Godhead is a union of which you are now richly a part, therefore to decisively choose to abide and remain in Him, so too will it be He who abides and remains in you (John 15:4). The Presence of the Lord is Love, Joy, Peace, and Faithfulness; and the abiding sense of Him is undeniable and is purposed for all who believe in Him (Gal. 5:22-23). And along with the Presence of God also comes the Power and the Might, for your faith is rooted in Him. And it is here that His Faith and His ability to believe enters your heart and fills your vision. 

Choose to address your life through the same purposed heart unto the Father, and just as Jesus so too shall you continually abide under His Governance and Grace. For those who truly seek the Kingdom of Heaven come, those that truly long for God’s Will being done, they are those who also set their whole heart unto the Father and are continually captured up in Him. Living their lives continually Guided, Counselled, and Carried along by the Fire of the Holy Ghost (2 Pet. 1:21, Ex. 13:21). This is how Jesus lived as He walked the earth, and it is to this that He taught the same concerning each one of us. Such is the Liberty found in the Spirit of the Lord. 

The first and greatest gift bestowed upon the lives of the believer, is the capacity to be just as Christ Jesus in Image and Likeness. The full restoration of that of which was lost, the abiding in Him as though sin never entered the world. In Him who is the Light of the world, so are you a child of Light – born of the Spirit of the Lord. And just as Moses’ face shone, so shall your whole being glow – emanating Eternal Life. You are not born of this earth any more so than Jesus, but are born of Eternity as Eternal Creatures of Light. And the food for such as these is the Tree of Life, the Tree of Life that is in the Paradise of God (Rev. 


And he will delight in the fear of the Lord. He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears; but with righteousness he will judge the needy, and with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth. (Isaiah 11:3-4 NIV)

Such is the Governance of God purposed and instilled in the heart of the Spirit-filled. This, the pattern of the Son, express and set as the culture of the children of God. The Fear of the Lord is the gateway, the conduit to the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Lord. And it is abiding here in Him that the Lord shows and reveals to you His secret Covenant (Ps. 25:14). Abiding and functioning in a world within a world, a Kingdom within a kingdom. And the same Fear of the Lord will operate in you and surround you affecting the very atmosphere, and it will bring clarity to your thought-life and to the thoughts of your heart. And the Wonder of Him will slay the hearts of the multitudes, their lives eternally changed. 

The same Fear of God also brings with it such alignment under the Governance of God, giving you Capacity that will blow your mind (John 16:24). Living your life in a way that is so far beyond your imagination, and doing things beyond the ability of your mind to comprehend or conceive. When you look at the Lampstand in the Temple of God, six of the Spirits branch off the stem; this stem that is the Fear of the Lord (Rev. 4:5). The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, and it unifies you in the function of all the other Spirits that ‘blaze’ around the Throne. In engaging the Spirits then so too is one able to engage in the Authority of the Throne. 

So as a people of Salvation, choose to no longer be restrained by limited earthly vision any longer, but be a people shifted unto the Spirit, being lifted up in Him functioning triumphant and victorious. For just as Jesus is so are you in this world (1 John 4:17). This always remains our first and underlying calling, to become one transformed into His Image and His very Likeness in ever increasing Glory. Sitting on the lap of the Almighty God as family. And just as Jesus, looking at all trouble and tribulation in this very same manner, from within the Governance and Authority of God. Entering through He who is the Door, and through praise and thanksgiving entering right into the very Courts of God and abiding here in Him (Ps. 100:4, John 15:4). And here the Life and Peace of God shall fully Govern your life (Rom. 8:6). 


Many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the temple of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.” (Isaiah 2:3 NIV)

With your heart of affection oriented unto the Father, so does one abide in Him under the Tuition and Counsel of the Lord. Your affections and thought-life set upon the unseen and the Eternal, and not to the seen and the temporal. Why do you think Jesus says, ‘the work of God is to believe in the one He sent’ (John 6:29)? For the struggle has always been truly recognising both your full redemption by the Blood, and that of your Station in Heavenly Places. And so through faith do you become one who sees the Father, and abide continually in His Presence, as one Raised and Tutored by the King (Heb. 12:22), becoming believers that truly believe!


And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open. And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father’s house. (Isaiah 22:22-23 KJV)

Sometimes it can appear that the whole world is against you: with family rifts, financial strain, health issues, friends in great need, fear for the future and griefs from the past. Public ridicule and criticism and things coming at your thought-life that are so difficult to shake. But this is how the Enemy comes, and He is so indiscriminate. That is why some commit suicide and others slide down into drugs and alcohol, and into a life of dissipation (Luke 21:34-35). And this same Enemy of the human soul can come at you the same way as you press into God. 

But in all this, the precious gift of Salvation presents to you, here and today, the capacity to continually look through these things unto the Presence of the Lord. And operate in Him and not in what you see and hear. For now you abide on the lap of the Creator and can speak bringing creative change, and the Spirit of the Lord going out from upon the words spoken from your mouth. These foul things are seeded from the Enemy, and such cares are set to steal your heart and thought-life, even your soul. But through praise and honour, even right in their very midst, Jesus always lifts you up and sets your feet firmly on solid ground, even in places of great Glory and Authority. 

Jesus presents to you today with the ‘keys of the Kingdom of Heaven’ so go to Him and get them. That ‘whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven’ (Matt. 16:19). So even through hardships, trials, and tribulations that come, the Spirit of the Lord shall lead you through them all triumphantly. And as you purpose yourself to set your affections high above in Him, God turns that of which was intended to bring harm, into your greatest good. Being one ‘nailed into a sure place’ as a ‘glorious throne’ in my Father’s House. 

This is why Jesus is so keen for you to be triumphant and victorious, for as you are driven deeper into Him, ‘nailed’ into security and sureness; so too do you operate in greater and greater levels of Glory in Him, abiding on the Throne. Such is the Fear of the Lord. Is this making any sense? So to purpose yourself to delight in the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, just as Jesus, so too do you also become one who sees through the eyes of the Father. For without this synchronisation of soul, one remains but just a clay pot with only that of an earthly vision. This despite your ability to preach, or pray, or confess the Name of Jesus. But in Him you are all things, even one who has Heavenly Vision and Divine Capacity (Rom. 11:36, Col. 1:17, Col. 2:9-10). One may know how to move in the things of the Spirit, but we are not purposed to be a self-ruling government. but a people anchored and deeply rooted in the Governance of God and functioning here. Such is the treasure of delighting in the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. 

There is a kinship available in the Lord, for all who believe, a deep sense and reality of family. God not being way up there somewhere and you down here, but by the Spirit a kinship and a knowing of Him comes that books can’t describe. The Spirit testifying in you of where your soul cries out, “Abba Father” (Rom. 8:15). In the Beginning it was God who lost His ability to walk in the Garden with you. But through the Blood it is as though Sin never entered the world. And as you are healed it is simply the Spirit that is restoring all things. So through all that is presented in this life, open your heart wide with your affections fully exposed and abandoned in Him, and so shall you come to know the Lord. And in the same way so shall the Father come, and as little children, play and enjoy each other. To such know an everlasting kinship in the Person of God. And in Him you shall go into the realms of God and be continually taken in Him, and shown of Heaven whereby you bring Heaven to earth. 

The Father yearns for a union, a oneness in you. Satan, however, only seeks to divide. In the Father is a union, a belonging, and being a part. But in Satan is only brokenness. Therefore, set your heart firmly upon He who abides in you.

Jesus Himself, as the Son of God, He who is the Christ, did not respond to what He saw with His eyes but what He saw His Father doing. And with justice and righteousness He made judgement for the poor of the earth. So then does the pattern remain for all who are in Him, hence the Anointing remains in you (Luke 4:18). The eyes and the ears of the flesh being the lesser senses, but the senses of the Eyes and the Ears of the Spirit becoming more and more clear. And as Elisha asked of God to open the eyes of his servant (2 Kings 6:17), so shall you see and operate on a plane that is far above in Him. Just as the prophets of Old, but greatly magnified in Him. 


They do not cry out to me from their hearts but wail on their beds. (Hosea 7:14 NIV)

In this ancient word, recognise the value of becoming a people who truly cry out to the Living God (Ps. 84:2), for such are driven into He who is the Vine as a flourishing living branch. And so shall you also become a people who are continually Guided and Tutored under the Tuition and Anointing of the Spirit of the Lord. And not again entangled under any other voice or distraction of influence, but through the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord so shall you Govern. Within the Vine are the Spirits of the Lord, so in bond-tying and rooting yourself in Him, so too do you draw from the very same Spirits. 

Jesus would use this phrase, ‘no one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God’ (Luke 9:62). So in this purposing of yourself to cry out to the Lord from your heart, instead of wailing in dismay on your bed in the face of adversity or hardship, so then shall you live as one fully engaged in the Spirits of the Lord. And so shall you abide also in Places that are far above all things triumphant and victorious in Him, for the Spirit makes it so. And as one is aligned under the Spirit, submitted to the Spirit and no longer to the flesh, one walks in the realms of Eternal Life. 


The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. (Psalm 25:14 NIV)

The best way to proactively approach the Father is through a culture of waiting upon the Lord – just enjoying sitting under a tree somewhere and giving honoured place and time unto Him. For it is in this place of honour that the Lord is invited to confide and make His Covenant known to you. Even through a culture of prayer and fasting, praise and worship, and meditating upon the Word; to such are orientated in themselves, magnifying the Spirit in their eyes. And through this honouring of heart are you giving welcome place for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and all the members of the Kingdom of Heaven. Engaging continually in Him and He in you, as one who ‘remains’ and ‘abides’ in the Vine. 

The answer is not ‘wailing on your bed’ but gaining a delight to proactively seek the Presence of God, and this as the root culture and purpose of soul. And so shall the Knowledge of God abide and rest upon you, as also the Spirits of Wisdom, Understanding, and Might flood your soul. For to truly walk in this Place, this Place that is far above all things, so does each and every believer needs abide in the ever-present Counsel of the given Spirits of the Lord – just as did Jesus – and the same ushered forth by the words of your mouth. 

It is the Word of God that teaches you about the Son, and it is the Son of whom teaches how to walk in the Spirit, and then it is the same Spirit of the Lord that teaches you how to walk on a plane high above all things. Such is the path of the Victorious and Triumphant; they that respond and seat themselves high above all sicknesses and disease, high above all powers and authorities, high above all trials and tribulation that come, and high above all natural and physical realities. As a people living in the perfect Liberty of the Spirit. They who look through all the trees of obstruction and distraction, and eat liberally of the Tree of Life that is in the Paradise of God. 

To enter and abide in this place one meets opposition and resistance, even great ridicule and criticism (Matt. 13). These come both externally and also within your own thought-life. They can come from people far away and also from right within your own family. Did you know that when Jesus said that ‘your enemies are right within your own household’ (Matt. 10:36), that He said this out of experience? For His own brothers didn’t believe in Him and scoffed and ridiculed Him (John 7:5). The Enemy’s work is aggressively against you walking in the Likeness of the Son, especially when you preach and encourage others in it. So expect it … it is commonplace. This same very thing remains: delight yourself in the Presence of the Lord, and so shall you function in Him and He in you. 

The god of this Age is fundamentally against all those who desire to step out from under his domain, and of whom chooses to decisively step into the realm of the Liberty of the Spirit (Gal. 5:1). Even the same ridicule can come through your brothers and sisters in the Lord. And this is why Jesus said to Peter, ‘get behind me Satan’ (Matt. 16:23). For though Peter meant well, he did not speak from the Heart of the Father, but under the influence of the sentiment of man. So do not come under their condemnation nor under their control, for we are not called to serve man but serve God, and it is God who calls you to serve man. Can you yet recognise and understand the difference? Besides, you and I are not called to the righteous, those who declare themselves right (Luke 5:32); but we are called to the unrighteous, the broken, the lost, and the downtrodden – to bring Life and Salvation (Is. 42:6-7, 61:1-3). Neither are you called to be a prophet of man, nor that of which is the populous view – but you are called a prophet of the Living God. 

So as opposition tries to come against the Living and abiding Word of God that is active and alive in you (Matt. 13), the Spirit of the Lord also rises up as a flood against all opposition (Is. 59:19), you only needs be still (Ex. 14:14). The same Spirit also comes as a lamp to your feet, leading you always swiftly forward. For as you abide under the Shadow of the Almighty, so too does the ‘vindication’ of the Lord stand with you (Ps. 24:5-6). Therefore, you do not need to defend or justify yourself to anyone, for you are not subject to them, but come and ‘agree quickly with your adversaries’ (Matt. 5:25) allowing the Lord Himself to vindicate you.


They will receive blessing from the LORD and vindication from God their Savior. Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek your face, God of Jacob. (Psalm 24:5-6 NIV)

Ridicule and condemnation can also come heavily against your thought-life, but don’t shy away … expect it. Allow the Lord to lead you through His burning and abiding Love, and so shall you gain powerfully secure feet upon the Rock (Matt. 7:24-27). And from here shall you be led continually from Strength to Strength, and from Glory to Glory. As mentioned, this same ridicule and condemnation can come through the words of those close and trusted, or otherwise through those far away. But be not troubled, for we are fundamentally not called to enter the council of men but to enter the Council of God (Is. 1:18, Jer. 23:22).

To this is the dwelling place of the Son, the inner sanctum of the Lord, the abiding under the Shadow of the Almighty. And now these same immeasurably powerful seven Spirits of the Lord that surround Jesus now surround you also. So be no longer one limited by a frail earthly perspective, one downtrodden and stolen from by the Enemy, but gain the Eyes of Christ Jesus and abide richly in Him. For as you seek the Presence of God so too are you picked up and inserted into Him, being one in Him and able to see through His Eyes. Your hands in His Hands, your feet in His Feet, and your heart in His Heart. 

To become one who abides above and over all things, one must needs learn first to purposefully abide in the Lord, and so shall the Lord abide purposefully and actively in you. Such is the power of a repentant heart, the heart that is simply turned and set unto the Lord; the choosing to no longer abide in the problems or the ridicule of man, but choosing otherwise to abide firmly fixed in Him. And here one is continually lifted up in the Lord, into His Glorious Presence, and are set able to dwell and function from here right within the Courts of God. 

Do you recall when Jesus calmed the storm, how He was frustrated with His Disciples saying to them, “why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith” (Mark 4:35-41)? He said this because they didn’t need to be afraid, nor ask or ‘pray’ to Him, but enter the Courts of God and calm the storm themselves. Do you yet recognise the Governance of God that is purposed set upon your life? The encouragement here to each one of us is the same; become one of whom truly operates from Above; abiding in the living experience of one seated upon the Throne of God.

Each and every person who believes in the Name of Jesus is born of the Spirit of the Lord. And as a people born of the Spirit the same is also purposed to be orientated fully unto the Spirit. Learning to put the Spirit first in all things, so are you allowing and giving honoured place for the Understanding and Knowledge of the Lord to continually flood your soul – standing continually in His Counsel and Might – such is the Gift of Salvation. For each one of us are born from Above in Him who is the Saviour of the world, and of whom conquered sin, death, and the grave. And in Him so shall you also conquer!

Recognise that Christ Jesus came as the Doorway; the Blood is the covering that covers all your unworthiness, and the Spirit of the Lord is your Guide. So to choose to elevate the Lord in your eyes so too shall you be elevated up in Him. For what is it that is happening when you magnify the Lord? You also are magnified in Him and honoured in the presence of all those in His attendance (Zech. 3:5, Rev. 3:5). To think that you know something is to close yourself to understanding, but to humble yourself as though you know nothing; so shall the Knowledge of the Lord flood your soul. 

In Christ Jesus you have a vast Inheritance, and Places of Authority and Power that are legally and rightfully yours today. However, you have to make the choice to dwell here and not in the issues at hand. Such is the life of a miracle worker, abiding continually in Him and He in you. There are always two paths presented the believer: the flesh that leads to death and the Spirit of God of whom is Himself Life. So to choose to step back a little, and not going out without the Presence of God, so too are you established in Him and not your flesh. Here the Kingdom of Heaven is released to go out before you and to come in and surround you in all that you say and do. 

The choice before you today is to value the salt in you of the given Spirit of the Lord. The answer is in a lifestyle of praise and honouring your Lord; your heart and your flesh purposefully crying out to the Living God. Here you are transformed in your soul and your mind as you gain the very Thinking of God. Alternatively, as believers who take matters into their own hands and understanding, so too is saltiness lost and one finds themselves a people trampled underfoot, for there is no substance in such as these. But as you retain the Spirit, being one orientated unto the unseen (Col. 3:2-3), so shall you gain salt. 

Let us then no longer be a lost and disorientated people, a failing people, but a people with the salt of the Spirit; a people of the Grace and Power of God. To such as these transcend this life and operate in realms that far surpass all powers and authorities of this world, and all realities presented in this life. A people who both see and hear from the realms that are Above in Him, abiding under the Tuition of the Spirit. For in Him you are raised victorious and powerful as Throne-dwellers, and in the Might of the Lord so shall you take possession of the land. 

In continuation from the previous chapter … 

Part 3. Revelation 2 and 3


I so encourage you to take the time and read thoroughly through these two chapters. Most people just glance over them without much reflection, but these are the contemporary Words of our Resurrected Saviour, and they can’t be discarded as irrelevant. There are many doctrines of man, many grace messages that cast aside what is spoken here, but how can one truly live and walk in the Power and abide in the Station that is expressed, if you can’t also respond to the fullness of what is stated?

There are essentially three different layers repeatedly expressed in these two chapters: Jesus firstly raising some problematic issues, He then raising repercussions, but then in each situation He expresses again new and additional layers of His own Divine Dream that is set for each and every believer. I so encourage you not to be offended by your Saviour (Matt. 11:6), but come to Him, for what He has for you is a Life of Eternity. Come and focus on where Jesus desires to take and seat you, and be not a people offended or ashamed of Him, but a people strengthened and built up in the Lord (Col. 2:6-7).

I don’t have space to share much more in this chapter, but I’d like to use the following verse as an example of what I am referring to:


  1. Yet I hold this against you: you have forsaken the love you had at first. 
  2. Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. 
  3. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.

Do you see what I mean? In this example, Jesus expresses that the people have forsaken their first-love; the fire in their heart for the Lord. He then continues saying that He will remove their Lampstand from its place unless they turn and change. And what do you think that the Lampstand represents? The Lampstand represents the Seven Spirits of the Lord; one candle for each of the Spirits. So what is Jesus saying, but that the people of the Lord are risking their capacity and ability to hear from the Lord and walk openly in the Spirit’s Power. But if they would truly change their ways and turn back again, ie; be ‘victorious’ in this area, then they would also become a people who always eat of the Tree of Life that is in the Paradise of God. Being a people nourished and built up, and raised directly from the Spirit of the Lord. Not only so, but walk in the same Power and Glory of the Spirit. 

Every letter to the angels of the Seven Churches expresses and opens to each one of us yet another layer of Heavenly Wonder. This for your today and all your days. Each letter expresses caution regarding things that diminish you, and in each also expresses yet another facet of your Station in Christ Jesus. The truth is that many within Christendom lose sight of the vision, but I so encourage you to come understand and see all the more what God has for you. And so after counting the cost (Luke 14:28) that you too may truly give your life fully over to the Lord. The Word talks about how people without vision become lost (Prov. 29:18), but as you personally gain hope the same gives you vision to stand up. And even in the Spirit, being strengthened beyond measure in all that the Lord has for you. 

In light of the opening Scripture verse, what happens when salt loses its saltiness? It becomes worthless, salt without saltiness is just dirt. Something without currency nor any seasoning flavour. Humankind is born of the dirt and will return to the dirt., but the Lord desires that each and every one who walks the earth to be reunited in Him in the Spirit of the Lord. Truly you are new Creations, this not in word alone, but in powerful and influential realities. 

Bless you in Jesus Name …

Pray this prayer with me. “Lord, thank you for this deeper vision and awareness. Lord I know now that in the midst of the schemes and works of the Enemy is a gem, a treasure placed whereby I am nailed deeper into the Sureness of God. Even to be triumphant gaining greater Security and Authority in the Son. So in all ‘trials’ I choose to consider it ‘pure joy’, for in the Lord you give me greater awareness and ability to stand, and as a flood do you go against all that comes against. Bless you Lord in Jesus Name. Amen.”