Chapter 72 Spirit of Elijah


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#72 Spirit of Elijah


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#72: Planting Heaven
Spirit of Elijah

It’s my belief that the human condition needs regular, if not continual encounter, visitation, and communion in the Person of God. I personally never knew that this is something that I could initiate, but as we too make it our dream then we are simply joining with the Dream of the Father’s. This is how it was in the Beginning – walking with God – and it is to this Dream of which God was robbed of, but has worked to restore through the sending of His Son. 

If we could truly come to recognise this, the Father’s Dream, and make it our own dream as well; then the joining of our two worlds would gain strong connections and bonds. Your condition as a human-being gaining far greater interaction in Heavenly Places, and this same Kingdom of Heaven having greater interaction and manifestation here in your life and that of your world. 

Opening Scripture

And it shall come to pass in the last days, God declares, that I will pour out of My Spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy [telling forth the divine counsels] and your young men shall see visions (divinely granted appearances), and your old men shall dream [divinely suggested] dreams. (Acts 2:17-21 AMP)


There is something more important than food, more important than clothes, and even more important than the problems that you face or the brokenness of your life; and that is the treasure found in the Person of God and the Word that proceeds from His mouth. For one Word spoken into your soul sparks healing, one Word imparted shifts your future in an instant. So to express hunger for and reach out for the liberal flow of the same Word, is of exceptional and exceedingly great value to you and your world. This Word, however, was not ever intended to be only a single mouthful years ago, but a River to step into and abide; the ever-present Tutoring, Counselling, and place of Impartation. 

So step through the Door, that is Christ Jesus, and come live in perpetual experience of the Presence of God, for here one gains capacity to look through the eyes of God. No longer looking through the eyes of this world, but coming to truly enter into realms of the Father’s Heart and abiding here ‘in spirit’. Abiding and being continually ‘rapt in His Power’, ie; enraptured, entranced, ecstatic, overwhelmed, and carried away in Him. This even becoming one who abides behind the Curtain, just as Jesus did Himself, in continual dialogue and communion from within the Tabernacle. Seeing the Lord and speaking face to Face with Him. 

Now here you speak with most creative words from right within the Creator. As a Child of Light, your words bearing immeasurably great influence and effect. Coming then to look through the trees, unto the Tree of Life, you find yourself simply dining of Eternal Bliss and Wonders. And these same enter your spirit, your soul, your mind and your flesh as you are enraptured in Him, ‘transfigured’ into His Glory. In this, love and affection is such an asset for simply where your treasure is, where you set the vision and consciousness of your heart, so too you find that your spirit is also (Matt. 6:21).


Relocate yourselves mentally! Engage your thoughts with throne room realities where you are co-seated with Christ in the executive authority of God’s right hand. Becoming affectionately acquainted with throne room thoughts … (Colossians 3:1-3 Mirror Bible)

In the Heavenly realm, where your affections and your thoughts abide, so too is where your spirit is active right now. Your heart is the gateway between this world and Heavenly realms (Luke 17:21). So in choosing to purposefully direct your heart high in the High Places, you simply find yourself functioning and engaging from this Place. Your spirit is in you but also coexisting in Heavenly Places (Eph. 2:6), and just as God is in you here you are functioning in Him in Heaven


Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. (Psalm 119:105 AMP)

Be less interested in destinations or goals, but in He that you are walking with. Come delight yourself in the Presence of the Person of God, who is walking with you right now; enjoying your journey in Him, and His company more so than any vision or destination. In loving the Lord with all your heart, nothing retained, you know that you are availing yourself for the Lord to guide you in your very next step. He, as a ‘Lamp to your feet’ and even a ‘Light on your path’. In choosing, then, to seek first the Kingdom of God, and come to know His Ways, now the Lord is free to take care of all your earthly considerations (Matt. 6:33).

In this same picture, as you ascend your heart up into the High Place and abide here in the manifest Presence of the Person of God, He comes and stands in place of you. As you give Him all your loves, you open yourself and your family, and your world at large to the liberal outflowing of the Love of God. Truly, though, in some ways you still look human, the reality is that you are transformed and transfigured into a totally New Creation. One that lives here on earth in flesh, but functions and abides in the Heavenly Places. Crossing over and finding that your strength, your provisions, and your understanding flows more liberally from Heaven, even from the Throne of God. 


In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength. (Isaiah 30:15 NIV)

As a Child of the Light, and of whom abides in the Light, Heaven is set to action by the dreams of your heart (Ps. 37:4); for that is your place of prayer. ‘Repentance’ is simply a turning about-face and setting your heart firmly in the Father; so in this why would you ever leave this Place? The Power and the Bliss of God is found as you abide in Him and He in you, it is nowhere else. For simply where your heart is, so too you draw from … even from Heavenly Wonders and Delights. 

I tell you a key that thwarts every plan of the Enemy is praising the Name of Jesus. The delighting and elevating one’s heart in praise unto your Lord. So even in defiance of what is presented you, what ‘reality’ or hardship, praise is most powerful for you are being relocated in Him. In praise you totally dethrone the Enemy stripping him bare of every handle or hold he might have. In Heaven, for all Eternity, praise surrounds the Father, so when you offer praise you are joining with all who are in Heaven, united in them. You in Heaven and Heaven in you; here no purpose or power of the Enemy can remain standing but must bow to the Glory of the Name of Jesus. 

Heart to Heart is the conduit: through your heart one ascends into the Mountain of the House of God, that is set high above the mountains, and can live in continual enjoyment of the Person of God. And the Words of Delight that proceed from God come like an ever-flowing River. If this is the Place of Power and Anointing, of Impartation and Wonders, of Tenderness and Affection, and unceasing revelation of God why would anyone wish to leave here? What are the Pastures in Heaven but Food for the spirit, for the soul, and for the mind; that build up and strengthens. So the question is, why would anyone ever wish to leave? 

The Lord states, “if you wish to be perfect, sell all you have and follow me” (Matt. 19:21). Come learn the value of ‘selling’ the griefs and holds that are over your life, and hunger for the Presence of the Person of God more than your daily needs; the possessions in your hands or the problems you face. Come look through the issues of this life, and step on through the forest into the open clearing, where the Glory of the Son shines and the Tree of Life stands. 

When you ascend your heart up high into the High Places you can find yourself raptured in the Spirit. So too are the many Heavenly Places that you can enter, where God desires to take you in Him and those within your care. So for example, in choosing to direct your heart to sit on the lap of your Heavenly Father, then here you can find yourself sitting in complete Bliss in the Richness of His Affections. Or when you ascend your heart into the Courts of God then there you are physically present in spirit and can claim justice for what is faced. And to ascend your heart to sit on the Throne with Jesus, here you are too in spirit and are now ready to decree change. 

Through the heart of a child, Legislation in Heaven is changed.

You can ascend your heart into the Libraries of Heaven, into the Councils of God, and even into the open rich Fields of Heaven – and here you are in spirit. You truly are a trans-dimensional creature, capable of being in multiple places at once, for you are purposed made in the very Image and Likeness of God. Therefore, earnestly desire to grow up in increasing maturity in Him – for being like Him is a lot of fun and a most sweet adventure!


Behold, I send My messenger, and he will prepare the way before Me. And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple, even the Messenger of the covenant, In whom you delight. Behold, He is coming,” says the LORD of hosts. “But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like launderers’ soap. He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver; He will purify the sons of Levi, And purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer to the LORD an offering in righteousness. (Malachi 3:1-3 NKJV)

In this passage, the ‘spirit of Elijah’ came as John the Baptist to ‘prepare the way’ for the coming Messiah. And as the Messiah, Jesus Himself also came purposed to prepare and ‘kindle’ His people for the Fire of God. Both Jesus and Elijah were raised up into Heaven in their physical bodies, with the purpose also to return to earth in their bodies. I would like to suggest that Moses and Elijah kept their bodies in order to be able to appear later at other times, including at the Transfiguration. The truth is that Elijah’s ministry on earth has not ceased. 

There are some that I have heard testimony that have had encounter with Elijah. And the purpose of these encounters is to be raised and instructed how to walk more as he; in both the preparing of the people and the capacity to call down of the Fire of God. One of them was my friend David Hogan, of whom speaks of an account where Elijah appeared in the back of his pickup truck. 

In the following Scripture, I would like to suggest that it has to do with Christ’s Second coming more so than the First. Whilst the previous reference is about preparation, the second reference is about how Elijah would come before the “terrible day of the LORD” … this implies before the final Judgement Day. 


Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD. (Malachi 4:5-6 AMP)

The purpose of raising this subject is that the Lord desires to raise and prepare you and I in the ‘spirit of Elijah’. That is, to prepare God’s people in the Lord to be capable of calling down Fire in open demonstration of the Goodness and reality of God, and this before both believers and unbelievers alike. Prophets like Elijah spoke from Zion, from the Mountain of the Lord, ‘in Heaven’, from Places of Authority given them in Him. Through the Son, as a Child of the Living God, you too have been given undeniable and perfect access to the Father. So as you come also to turn your heart in Him, you simply become one taken up in Him; raptured and clothed in His Glory and Honoured before all that are standing here (Zech. 3:1-10), in Heaven, and operate from here. 

God has established places of authority and position in Him, for anyone who might desire to step more fully into the Goodness of God. In the past, the Tabernacle was only accessible by God’s designated and selected few, but today even the Curtain has been rend in order for you to step through the Door into unceasing Communion and Dialogue in the Tent of Meetings. Not the copy or shadow of an earthly reproduction, but the original one that is in Heaven. And why, but for many reasons; including to be Schooled and Tutored from within the Heavenly realms. The Tabernacle of Old had the Israelite encamped around it, but here you and your people can go in and out finding pasture just as you please (John 10:9).

Before you believed, you were but a thin shell of your true intended self. But as creatures of Light, it is the Destiny of God not only to live in the Light but to become Light. Truly as David says, “you are gods”, you are gods of Eternity in Eternal reign as Children of the Lord God Almighty. So part of the ‘Kingdom of Heaven come’ is found in the Power that lies in the words that come from your mouth, the invoking of the inherent Authority of God that lies within. 

Elijah abided and lived in this place, continually being raised and built up in the Heart of the Father. When Elijah fled into the desert, was that the first time that he spoke with Angels? They, of whom, attended to him cooking meals, and even a great meal that gave him capacity and strength to travel for forty straight days and forty straight nights. When arriving at the Mountain of God, the Lord appeared to him in such a wonderful way. So as you read this account in Scripture, there is no mention of surprise, no mention of Elijah being shocked by the occasion. For meeting with God and his Angels was his norm, and why? For his heart was in God – he walked with God. 


I will call on the name of the LORD: and the God that answers by fire, let him be God. (1 Kings 18:24 NKJV)

Elijah dwelt on a plane where he continually walked arm-in-arm with God, and hence was able to call down the fire from Heaven before the strength of his adversaries. He was so comfortable in our God that he did it in such freedom, such candour, and in such ease. Now for you, through the redeeming Power of the Blood, you too can liberally access the Father in just the same way; and this by your own personal choice and through your own heart set and attuned in Him. Just like a piano is tuned so that each note plays perfectly, so too as you enter the Presence of the Lord, opening yourself in Him; He tunes you even in perfect harmony to the Song of the Heart of the Father. Fragrance coming from your life; from the very Person of God. 

So as you come to liberally and continually receive the Word that proceeds from the mouth of God, you also become one raised able to call down the Fire. And in intercession for your people prepare the way for the Lord come all the more. This is not about your age, gender, nationality, or past but where you abide ‘in spirit’. In your own hands are the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, right here within your own possession, and in Him these Keys are activated. 

Understand then, that your heart is the gateway between Heaven and this world, this is in part why sin is so detrimental. For the likes of lusts, envy, hatred, and fear try to capture your heart and drag on your soul; and so again as Jesus says, “where your treasure is so too is your heart”. The Presence of God found manifest totally overshadows any desire to sin. Therefore, come desire to fast in expression of hunger for the Word that proceeds from His mouth; and in welcoming He comes and has you lie down in ‘rich pastures’, preparing a feast (Ps. 23:2, Ez. 34:14, Is. 25:6), and here enjoying Him as He enjoys you.

Do you not realise yet that your flesh is just a tent, it is just a vehicle for your soul whilst you live on earth, and that your spirit is the real you? So in sending your thoughts High up in the Lord, you are truly in Him, in His Presence, and His same Presence comes as a burning Love in your soul. When you were first born again, your spirit was given full rights and access to be in Him, and at the moment of repentance where were you but in Him. 

That is why those who are only just newly born in the Lord are in such joy, for their spirit is literally in Him, right in His Presence (Fruits of the Spirit). And why does this diminish or change? Because the believer’s heart gets drawn and set to other things and other places. Such then is the power of repentance, for it is simply the directing of your heart in Him, therefore, here your spirit is also; sitting at His feet enjoying liberal transference and impartations. To such is the heart that is directed in affection in the Lord, so then, why would you ever wish to leave here? 

In this lifestyle, in this practice, immovable connections are being made; formed and established between you and the Heart of the Father. In maturity then, you will find, that the very instant that you turn your affection in the Lord, you can feel as though your very soul, your very innards, are being separated and torn out from within you as you are lifted up in Him. An overwhelming electric charge in your flesh as your soul is ‘raptured’ up (ie; in ecstatic joy and delight; joyful ecstasy)

Such wonder is found as the door is ‘opened in Heaven’ above you (Rev. 4:1-2) and been taken into Heavenly Places by the Spirit of the Living God. This in spirit, in soul, and in mind; but for some also in their physical bodies. Oh the wonders of your walk in God, this adventure far surpassing every imagination. So too is what He does through you as you abide and live in Him ‘in Heaven’. For Jesus, when He lived on earth, this is where He operated from; ‘seeing all’ that the Father was doing (John 16:15, 5:20).

It is not so important what you do for a people, in your earthly capacity, but ‘Who’ you bring to a people that is of such incredible and wondrous value. So in this, you are not so much called to serve Jesus, but abide in Him; and now when you go out, in a heart of servitude, you carry the Glory of the Kingdom of Heaven with you; even dripping of the Anointing that rests upon your life. God coming to Honour His own Name through you, in open and clear demonstration of His own Goodness and reality!

Fundamentally we are not called to servitude, but sonship. 

The practicality of man says, “give me a tool” – but the Heart of the Father is to give you the fullness of Himself. The practicality of man says, “give me wisdom and give me understanding for what I now face” – but God’s desire is to seat you right within His Counsel and give you access to your inheritance; Divine ability to liberally draw from the Kingdom of Heaven. The practicality of man is discouraged by the sense of a lack of capacity to bring lasting change – but the Father is calling you to sit on the Throne of Authority and Grace and decree change. ‘Oh why is my soul so downcast’, king David would ask? Realise, then, that it is God’s desire for you to abide continually in His burning Love, even in the Bliss of Eternal Delight and Strength. 

The practical man goes to God to get something for their world but then goes back to their world leaving God behind. God is with you in Spirit, but what you and your world needs is God with you in ‘flesh’; that is in most manifest and physically real ways. This is His Heart’s Desire – Heaven been planted on earth (Is. 51:16), even Zion, but these keys are in the dominion of the believer. 

Realise something most profound: Jesus abided in the Father and His consciousness and awareness remained fully in Him, right behind the Curtain. As He functioned and lived on earth His spirit was in Heaven before the Father. So becoming one who is just as He, the Father also shows you ‘all He does’ (John 5:20). It is the Lord’s desire to ‘bear Witness’ through you of Himself (vs. 36), so where your heart abides is so are you also. Such is the power of your affections; your love directed and firmly set upon the Lord. 

To gain knowledge about Jesus is good, but what is most valuable is coming to live in continual and perpetual experience of Him each day. Knowledge about God may protect you from depression, but may not save one from suicide. What you and your people need are Divine encounters of the Living God as the normal part of daily life. Let this then be your root and underlying purpose and drive of soul; for from you shall bud Life.

A person needs more than knowledge about Jesus, they need to meet with Him continually, this not in word alone but in real and in most manifest realities. Such also is the power of the interceder, one who calls upon the Lord on behalf of another; directing Divine encounters of the Living God. Opening up the way for fresh touches, mysterious wonders; loving embrace, secrets made clear, hidden things made open, and God stepping through the gateway of your heart into their lives and into their world. Bringing with Him the members of Heaven and the open realities of the Kingdom of God. 

Is it wrong to seek the Face of God?

Is it wrong to desire to see God and to speak literally face to Face with Him just as Moses did? Is it wrong to seek to walk with God arm-in-arm, simply enjoying His Presence (and He yours) and being given continually of Him, day by day, even the Word proceeding from His very mouth? 

Is it wrong to seek the Presence of the Person of God as firm part of your innermost drive and purpose? Is it wrong even to seek the Fruits of the Spirit come bear forth in such richness and such abundance (John 15:16)? Is it wrong to have it as your singular root drive the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven most physically present, evident, and actively at work in your life and in that of the lives of others? 

Is it wrong to seek to see Jesus in His Glory and to be taken up in Him continually and seeing splendorous Wonders untold? To be shown things and given of Heaven according to this the Father’s own Heart’s Desire and Dream? Is it wrong to set your life in a perpetual state of worship and praise of soul unto the king of Kings, whereby He Anoints and seats you on High in Him? Is it wrong to join with the Heart of the Father, to be with Him in very real and most tangible ways, even just as Jesus Himself as He lived on earth? Is this not where God desires to lead all His people? Is it not where the Blood has given you full rights of access, stepping on through the Door, who is Christ Jesus, into the Father of Heavenly Delights? 

Jesus has made the way open for you to go in and out and find pastures just as you please, this for you and for all the generations. In the Old Testament only the selected were allowed into the Tabernacle, now even the Holy of Holies is within the commoner’s reach. Such is the Gift of Eternal Life, such is the Gift of the Kingdom of God. Be no longer malnourished but built up and strengthened in the Lord. Learn to approach the Lord as called, in love as a fully redeemed child, then you will enter into the High Places and here your vision will be expanded and so too where God takes you. 

God’s Ways and His Thoughts are so beyond man’s, but it is to this very place that He desires to seat you: right within His Thoughts and His Ways.

Is it wrong to seek the Kingdom of Heaven come in clear and in most manifest ways, before both believers and unbelievers alike? Is it wrong to seek and to become one who sees God and who hears Him; to walk with the Lord and His Angels, and with Saints of Old; even being given capacity to become more ‘skilled’ in these things? Is it wrong to seek the Will of God to be openly done here on earth just as it is in Heaven? God has such wonderful Purposes and Dreams, is it wrong to seek the fulfilment of them all? Is it wrong to become one who liberally has ‘visions’ of God and of whom liberally ‘dream’ Dreams? For such is the purposed norm in these that are the Last Days (Joel 2:28).

It is such a privilege that one, in full rights of access, can seek the Presence of God, they even being led right into Zion, even right behind the Curtain into the Concealed and High Places. Truly the Gospel is the exceeding and wondrous Good News of God. If the wonder and delight of the Presence of God experienced, the effervescent Peace and the Love of God burning evident in you was all there was, then this Treasure is absolutely worth every pursuit. But the Presence of God is more; much, much more …

If I was to pray and fast for the Presence of God, and come live in the perpetual experience of God’s Goodness gracing my life, I would live in absolute bliss each and every day. And just as Apostle John on the island of Patmos, though he was discarded there and all his dear companions gone, he was still able to ‘delight’ himself in the Lord and be rapt in the Presence of God; in the Bliss and Wonder of Him. These things alone are of such enriching and immense value, for these things are of the Spirit of God. And if this was all there was to hope for, then it would be enough, but there is more; much, much more …

The Gospel is the exceedingly Good News of God.

Do you realise that for all Eternity you will be growing? For God has planted Himself in you and hence your potential of growth is without end. You are a Child of Glory, I capitalise this word ‘Child’ because you are born of God Above and not this world. Your Eternal Destiny is far beyond comprehension, for as Paul says, “what we will be no one knows”. Truly, “no eye has seen, no ear has heard what God has plan for us, that love the Lord” (1 Cor. 2:9). God doing exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can think or can imagine (Eph. 3:20), for we too are Children of the Light. 

It takes a man or a woman, who walks in the same heart and nature of Elijah, to usher in the Fire of God. It takes the same to prepare and make way for the coming of the Lord, to stand in the gap and to open the way clear and wide for Jesus come in His Glory, even for Heaven to fully interact in our world. This is the way of the Kingdom of God, and to such walk according to the Heart and Spirit of God.

Therefore, become one accustomed to encounters with God and His Angels, for do you wish to change the world only through your explanations and definitions of God, or through the clear and unmistakable Power of the Living God (1 Cor. 2:5)? Learn to expect encounters with the Saints of Old and even the Cloud of Witnesses, for Elijah is called to come before the ‘terrible day of the Lord’. Recognise that God desires to raise you in likeness of the ‘spirit’ and in the power of Elijah so that you can prepare your people, even the nations, all the more in Christ Jesus. 

Believers are not purposed to live as hollow thin shells, but Eternal creatures of Light, retaining unceasing capacity of growth in the Lord. Though in appearance looking like a regular human being, it is your relationship in the Lord that causes you to transcend this life unto His Eternal realms. It is through your affections held in the Lord, that draws Heaven into your world.

The greatest gift that you hold in your hands is your ability to praise the Name of Jesus. Regardless of hardship, grief, or despair you are able to enter yourself into a place of praise. Turning your heart unto the Lord in love and gratitude and here being taken up in Him. A mystery is in the fact that you are in Him, where He is, and in Him He comes and stands in place of you. You are exchanged; for you are in Him and now He is in you. 


For in Scripture it says: “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.” (1 Peter 2:6 NIV)

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Holy Ghost I choose to ascend my heart into the High Place that is Above the High Places, and to forever abide and remain here. I choose to no longer abide in the problems and regrets that are before me, but here direct my heart unto the Courts of God and before the very Throne of the Lord and here claim Justice. Lord through the Blood of Jesus, I ‘cash in’ against all that Satan has ever stolen from me, and that has ever come against me and my family, and convert it all to direct Provisions from Heaven. Physical Provision, financial Provision, and spiritual Provision. For in sowing in Heaven, so too do I liberally reap from Heaven; even 100 fold. This I pray in Jesus precious Name. Amen.’