Chapter 70 Perfect Love


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#70 Perfect Love


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#70: Planting Heaven
Perfect Love


Jesus has made it possible for each one of us to have undeniable and perfect access to the Father, and this fulfilling the Father’s own Dream. Just stop for a second, and grasp the implication of this. We gain amazing and liberal access to the Father, but also full access and entrance to Heaven as well, for God is not separate to Heaven in any way … for “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” … it is right here!


The idea that one could ever enter into and participate in Heaven whilst still walking this earth, was so far outside of my understanding until just a few years ago. Not only entering into and co-labouring (1 Cor. 3:9) with Heaven, but being able to truly bring Heaven to earth. Somehow these things were shrouded and hidden behind walls of religion, works, law, and self-reliance. But as I began to truly seek the Presence of God, in most deliberate ways, the Lord has been lifting up my eyes and my soul in Him all the more. The Love of God, of which itself was a bit foreign, now stirs alive in me with a wild Life of its own. This not slowing down, but only escalating.


To begin …


In reference to 1 Corinthians 13:12 (Mirror Bible)

There was the time of the ‘unknown’, when everything we saw was merely mirrored in the prophetic word, like a mystery seen only partially. But now that we are becoming a people acquainted in seeing the Lord, in a more mature revelation, in a more whole and perfect love, seeing Him face to Face; He causes you to know more fully just as you are fully known.


There comes a time, in the believer’s life, that as one gives themselves more fully over to the Lord, they come to truly know Him in most personal and in very real ways. Not pale anymore as like in a shimmer, and no longer like a poor reflection in a dull mirror, but more fully face to Face. To all in Christ Jesus, you have the same opportunity to see the Lord in His Glory (John 17:24), to come to know Him and His Ways in ever increasing measure. But also given avenue to be able to see into things that are hidden, things beyond the eyes of the flesh. Things of the future and the past; even becoming as Jesus, of whom knew the inner motives, the inner hurts, and the thoughts of those standing before Him in full clear detail; and in Grace, He led them forward (John 4:29).


Picture for a moment the reality of how Jesus lived, and realise that the same is available for each one of us who believe. Such Life and Spirit came from Jesus’ mouth, and His eyes were piercing and revealing and laying bare the souls of man. Even a demon riddled man came falling at His feet, the moment that the Anointing in Him stepped upon the ground. He was untouchable and invulnerable, and the Spirit gave Him utterance for every argument raised. And with such Grace and Compassion, He healed the multitudes and set the captives free. Therefore, it is right and good for both you and I to come under His Tutorship, to come under His Governance and Lordship, and be discipled by Him as called. For as it is written, you shall be “taught by God” (John 6:45, 1 John 2:27).



Jesus did not need any testimony about man, for he knew what was in each person. (John 2:25 NIV)


As Jesus was being struck on His face by those who mocked Him saying, “prophesy to us, who hit you?” I tell you that He knew them fully, even right down through their ancestral line in a flash. What is presented to you in Christ Jesus, is that you are able to become one who knows, sees, and understands more ‘perfectly’, not only in part but fully, and this given according to the Spirit. In Heaven, both the verbal and the written forms of communication are the lowest forms, for infusion of knowledge and capacity enters into your being as you are lifted up in Him.


Theme Scripture:

In the latter days you will understand it perfectly. (Jeremiah 23:20 WEB)


God gives according to your own honour, your own integrity, and your own affections. As you approach Him this way, He causes you to come ‘stand in the Council of the Lord’ all the more (Jer. 23:18). It is here that one gains capacity to know the secret places, the secret things, and the hidden things. And it is the Heart of the Father to make them plain and clear to you. It is honour that is key; honour, affection, and integrity … for where your heart is, so too is the truth of you also. It is here with your affections bond-tied in Him (Gal. 1:10), that you continuously receive from the Lord. Just as though your mouth is fully wide open and the Eternal realms of the Spirit are being poured in. And He who is in you, He who ‘fills all Heaven and earth’, becomes infused in you and you in Him. For just as in the life of Jesus, Heaven is planted on earth through those who abide dearly close in the Father’s Bosom, in His Heart and in closest fellowship in Him (John 1:18). For to such stand in the Lord’s Counsel and are forever in His Presence … even ‘in Heaven’ (John 3:13 NKJV).



Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved. (John 13:23)


There are many who do not easily understand intimacy, especially of the likeness that John held in Jesus. There are those who did not have a good relationship with their own earthly father, or have had very hurtful and painful relationships; so to such find intimacy so very difficult to comprehend. But I so encourage you in this; everything about God is based on Love … and even intimacy. But not that you first need to naturally know anything about intimacy; for God will heal you and establish within you of His own Love, and this in a measure that is far beyond measure.


The point of encouragement is this, the more that you can simply come to the Lord, in tenderness of heart, and in an underlying desire to be with Him, the more that you will be overcome by His Love and His Grace. And in this, being raised in Heights beyond heights, into things unfathomable and far beyond compare. Entering into and participating with Him here; and no one can ever steal this away from you (Rom. 8:38-39), for nothing beats personal revelatory touches of the finger of God.


Recognise this: Jesus is the Gateway, the Door to God. If you not only come to Jesus, but truly step on through the Door more deeper into the Goodness of God … you will personally come experience Him all the more. And not only so, for He will take you by your hand and lead you further into the vastness of Himself, the truly unfathomable nature of His Love and the endless wonder found in Him. However, a sense of unworthiness can remain upon a believer, from a world of disappointments, hurts, and regrets that can be still carried and that weigh heavily upon your soul. It is this same heaviness that can keep a child of the Living God, from ever truly embracing the depths of the redeeming power of the Blood of Jesus, and the subsequent Freedom found in the finished work of the Cross.


But I pray with tears, that you may truly lay these things down at the feet of Jesus, from the furthest left to the furthest right … all of them. So to become one more free to enter into the Presence of the Father, for otherwise they only steal your thoughts and your heart. God has such Dreams for you, and it is in His Presence that He will lead you into such amazing places. You may have to lay these things down in Him, again and again, but be not troubled with that; learn to seek the Presence of God as the most central drive of your soul. Ask His Presence come alive, ask His Presence come ever real and personal to you.


Let not your disappointing past be your future any longer, but step on into the Living Life that is yours in Him. Set your eyes upon He who is purposed to be experienced alive in you. For the Presence of God, that you now earnestly seek, has inherent deep healing about it, but what also is a lot of fun is when He leads you into most unspeakable and marvellous things. The Presence of God is as a portal into the vastness of Him, and the wonders of the Heavenly realm. God has a nature about Him; He turns your greatest frailty into your greatest strengths. So look up in Him, look up and take Him by His outstretched hands.


Oh, the brokenness that is carried by the many, truly it is time to be set free. It is time to step into the refreshing loving arms of the Father and to where He desires to take you.



There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18 NKJV)


Come set your vision in the High Heights, the High Places that are Higher than the heights. Set your heart and your mind on things Above, even the ‘Mountain of the House of the Lord’ that is set high above the mountains (Is. 2:2-3). What else is there to talk about, what else is there to think or ponder, but the High Heights to where God desires to establish you. For His Purposes and Places are so much higher than our ways, and they are so much higher than our thoughts. But they are deeply part of that of which God desires to lead you into, and here the Lord making them yours.


I delight to sit in His Shade,

and His fruit is sweet to my taste.

Let Him lead me to the banquet hall,

and let His banner over me be love.”

(Song of Solomon 2:3-4)


In the Joy of the Lord, draw deeply from the Wells of His Salvation (Is. 12:3). Delight yourself in Him for He is the fulfiller of dreams (Ps. 37:4). Think not to centre your thoughts or your efforts on what you can do for Him, but centre your thoughts and your efforts in what He desires to do for you and go meet with Him. Let His Salvation always come manifest in you all the more, for it is so important to your walk in Him and the people you serve. The Father continually keeps prepared a Banqueting Table for you to eat of, and New Wine to take deep draughts (Ps. 116:12-13). Salvation is the place that one dines upon the Lord, eating richly of Him, and here being built up continuously in His Glory.



Like infants at the breast, drink deep of God’s pure kindness. Then you’ll grow up mature and whole in God. (1 Peter 2:2 MSG)


The Love of your Heavenly Father is so complete, and His intent and focus upon you is as though you are the only person in the whole world … such is the nature of the Father’s Love towards you. And in all the countless stars and galaxies, to the Father they are worthless compared to the treasure you are in Him. The relationship that He desires with you, the intimacy of closeness, is no less than the perfect picture of a mother nursing her newly born. She requires and seeks nothing from her baby, but delights so fully in him, she so deeply content as she blissfully holds him in her arms. And is so grateful as he draws deeply from the richness of her breast.


To such is your relationship in the Lord. There is nothing in you that the Father needs, for you just being with Him is the fulfilment of His own Dream. He birthed you through the Blood of Jesus, and brought Life into you through His own very Spirit. He has dreamed of you way before you ever existed, and He has such thoughts towards you that are beyond count (Ps. 139:17-18), such a destiny of rich purposes. You are His very treasured possession, so as you enter into the Presence of the Lord, Heaven is opened to you, and here the Father opens your mouth and fills you. And as you dine of Him, in the Joy of the Lord, you are transfigured into His Glory from everlasting to everlasting Glory.


In this world you have drama, but in the Lord you have free access. Honour then, the Fountain of the Lord by drinking of it; honour the broken body of the Son, by choosing to eat of Him. For the greatest honour that you can give the Chef is to greatly enjoy the Meal He has prepared and set before you. You don’t have to bring a thing, for it is God that has provided both the Lamb and the Wine. And as Jesus said, “eat the flesh of the of Man and drink his blood, and you shall have Life in you” (John 6:53).


The picture of a mother feeding her baby is such a perfect presentation of absolute bliss. She being so content as she delights in watching her little baby’s face; and the baby in such bliss drawing deeply from her as she nurses him in her arms. Such is the picture of closeness that your Heavenly Father desires; such contentment and wholeness that is found in Him. There is nothing that necessarily needs to be said, but it here that is the place of transference and impartation, as you feast on the very essence of God.



You will nurse and be satisfied at her comforting breasts; you will drink deeply and delight in her overflowing abundance. (Isaiah 66:11 NIV)


There is that of which we are pursuing in God, and then there is that of which God is pursuing in you; and what is He pursuing? Intimacy!


The Father deeply loves and cherishes closeness and intimacy, for Love is simply who He is. And as it is the nature of a baby to cry out night and day, so too is the yearning of your own heart’s desire that draws His closeness and His Goodness. The Father opens Heaven to the measure of your own hunger, and responds to the cry of your own heart. The ‘breast’ of Heaven, the ‘milk’ from Above, is drawn according to your own appetite. The Lord cannot force you, though sometimes He might needs try, but in Him you are free to eat fully. All is set before you, even to become a fat little baby, full of the Anointing of God.



And He said, “Let Me go, for the day breaks”. But he said, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!” (Genesis 32:26 NKJV)


In this account, we have Jacob crying out for the ‘milk’ that was his. This story of Jacob wrestling with the Lord is as like a baby hungry for the Promises of God fulfilled (Gen. 28:10-22). In this account, that started a few chapters prior, we have the Lord making firm Promise to Jacob of his destiny and his future. But here, seven years later, Jacob wrestled with the Lord and the Promise was released as the Lord blessed him.


Jesus speaks of it in a similar way, “the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matt. 11:12). So therefore, remain no longer a mute little baby, for one who truly knows their Lord lays firmly ahold of Him, even the hem of His garment (Mark 5:28). To Paul, his hunger was expressed like this, “I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Him” (Phil. 3:8).



They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fullness of your house; and you shall make them drink of the river of your pleasures. (Psalm 36:8 NIV)


What we are talking about is held in the unseen realms. Just as the strength of the tree is held in the unseen root structure of the soil, the tree’s health is in its roots. So as you feed of the Lord, night and day, you blossom the Glory of the Lord. This is what your world needs: the Anointing of God on your life. Man cannot give this to you, nor can they take it away, for your roots are established and set upon He who is unseen. Truth is, that the Lord would not call you to seek something of which you cannot ever find or see. For though faith is based on the unseen, and is even derived from this place, the fruits of faith are things most clearly seen.


As you personally choose to seek the Lord in a more ‘perfect’ love, in a more pure and determined stance, and with a more unwavering purposed vision; to such gain a greater revelation of the Person of Jesus. For the Lord ‘reveals’, ‘discloses’, ‘imparts’, ‘transmits’, ‘shows’, ‘appears’, and ‘manifests’ Himself more openly (John 14:21, Acts 2:17 AMPC). So as you become one who truly begins to affectionately set your thoughts, your motives, and the purpose of your heart unto the Presence of God; you come to know the Lord just as you are fully known. Not only so, but you are continuously led into things of God in most escalating ways … now this is most fun!



He that believes on me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water. (John 7:38 NKIV)


We know that the Spirit of God is like a Spring that has been set in your heart. But it is most important to realise that God desires that this Spring of Living Water comes to flow like a river. In observing, I have noticed that springs can be completely dry, even spring-fed rivers totally bone dry, but the reality is that the Spring still remains. Other springs can appear as just moisture in the ground, and yet others flowing, but what I would like to express is this: it is God’s Dream for your Spring to flow like raging rivers.


Just for a second, imagine for yourself, that your Spring flowed in the likeness of Niagara Falls, what could possibly stand against such an Anointing? What man or nation could stand against it, what ideology or belief system? Could sickness or the work of the Enemy, could a legion of demons or principalities even stand against such a torrent of rivers of Living Water? Through the Spirit of the Lord, there is such potential of incomprehensible Life abiding in you, and this residing just under your skin.


When you choose to become a person, who climbs the stairs (Song 2:14) ascending up into the ‘Mountain of the House of the Lord’, you become one elevated so high, in He who is the Highest. In your humility as a person, and as one who hungers for the Honour that comes from God only, it is His Honour and Glory that comes and rests upon you. And here, from this place far Above, even way up outside the influence or grip of the earth’s hold; the mountains of opposition that you thought so huge, become so small in your eyes. Such is the Faith that is instilled in His Anointed ones.


There is a view from the High Places, that are far above the earth, that exposes the powers of this Age as minuscule and without effect. Truly then, faith is not a matter of size, but is a matter of becoming one lifted up to see through His eyes. For where our Father takes you, to where His own Dream leads you, is in Realms above the realms, Places above the places, Heavens above the heavens. It is to the hungry that He seats in Governance above the governments, in Authority above the authorities, Ruling above the rulers. Here you affect the nations; for Jesus hasn’t called you only to disciple people, but to disciple nations of people (Matt. 28:19).



No man has ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man who is in Heaven. (John 3:13 NLJV)


The truth and reality is, that as one in Christ Jesus (Romans 6:8) you can ascend into Heaven, not only ascend but are purposed to abide and operate from this Place. The calling to become as Jesus, to live as He, move as He, speak as He, and even do as He; how could this ever be possible if you are handicapped in your ability to be rooted and based just the same as He? I tell you something important, you are called to be where Jesus is now, and it is only in this that one could ever truly do as He. For as Jesus was speaking to Nicodemus, this greatly learned man; He said something else that this man just could not understand … Jesus, who was standing there right before him, was saying that He was also ‘in Heaven(John 3:1-21). This is your Key, this is your treasure: the Secret Place that is discovered in the secret place; up in the Mountain of the House of God that is above the mountains.


When God gave Adam dominion over the birds of the air and the fish of the sea (Gen. 1:28), what does this mean? For where the fish and the birds live are fully outside of the reach of Adam. What influence then, could he possibly have over them? This is a most valuable point to ponder, for you see, Adam’s dominion had its root in Heaven, so when Adam would speak he influenced the weather, the plants, and the animals. This also includes the birds and the fish. You see, God has returned to His children full dominion; that is governance over all aspects of Creation.


The truth is that things are allowed to pass in the heavenly realms, unchallenged, because the children of God simply do not know who they are, or their rightful place. Now you can understand Paul all the more clearly, when he states, “all creation waits with eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed” (Rom. 8:19). You have heard this Scripture before, but now you can understand it a little bit more clearly. Wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, and climate; famine, pestilence, disease, and even death; they are allowed to pass through the Courts of Heaven because there is simply no one standing there saying “no!


This grieves the Heart of the Father, for the sons of God still do not yet realise the implications of having the dominion of “all of Creation” handed back to them. Full dominion has been passed to the believer the moment Jesus handed us the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. In your seeking of the Lord, you will find that He may set it in your heart to intercede on behalf of another, or a nation, or an impending war or calamity. And as your heart is drawn in that direction, when you pray you will find words in your mouth that bring real change, words that have not come from you, but are from the Spirit (Rom. 8:26).


In closing:


Solomon’s Temple: I use this reference in an attempt to encourage believers to set their eyes more firmly on the High Heights. For it is the Heavenly Places that God desires to take you in Him, that is truly life-changing and most wondrous. The ‘Holy Place’ is likened to seeking the Presence of God; laying all cares and considerations down first and now going ‘purely’ for encounter (Ps. 24:3-6). This is a place of loving on God, of deeply honouring Him, and inviting with Him with full expectation of a visitation.


A visitation or an encounter may come when you want it, but otherwise, it will come when God is ready. But of course, this is most dependant on how long you are willing to wait, some take on a lifestyle of waiting, and oh the Glory of continual visitations of the Lord! Otherwise, in the meantime, the Presence of the Lord still comes, and is always wonderful and precious to behold, but the encouragement is in the next level, the being ‘raptured’ into the High Heights. In this picture of Solomon’s Temple, I refer to it as the ‘Holy of Holies’.


Regardless, there is much unspeakable Joy in the Presence of the Lord, such imparting treasures; even the burning Love of God that comes and does not leave. To where God takes you, within Himself, is uniquely yours, but you are led deeper into Him; deeper into His Person; deeper into His Purpose, deeper into His Love, and it is to this that is deeply enriching. You may be taken into Heaven, either seen or unseen; taken in spirit behind the Curtain into His Glory Cloud. Some get to walk in their physical bodies, but as Paul speaks of it, “whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know” (2 Cor. 12:2-5). It is to this that I personally choose to remain set upon, and would even desire to seek all the more.


What is of value is your spirit abiding behind the Curtain, in the Place where you can both see and hear God continuously, standing even within the chambers of His many Councils. Therefore, guard your heart and be not taken out of the Spirit (Rev. 1:10), but remain standing in the Presence of the Lord.


There are so many in church history, from the time of Jesus right up to current times, that are bringing Revivals that are changing whole nations. A great mentor of my life has been David Hogan. With tears in my eyes, listening to thousands of testimonies, I was most affected when hearing this one, for it opened to me great capacity and purpose. David spoke of an account where an 80-year-old woman was raised back from the dead, with a clear and specific message for David from Jesus. The message went like this, “I honour the work that you are doing, but you are not seeking my Presence enough. I want to raise the dead, heal the sick, and capture the nations for God, but you are not letting me”. Then He continued, “you tell David this … ‘go for it!’”


What I have found consistent throughout the Greats in Scripture, and even in Jesus’ own personal life, and that of His disciples, and even in all those who have initiated such incredible Revivals; is that they all went after God in this same attitude of heart. The likes of David himself, of whose ministry has brought 300,000 to the Lord, raised several hundred churches, and several hundred up from the dead; he instructs his people to live this same way, and they all do the same as he, and even more amazing works.


Have you ever heard of Even Roberts, who initiated the Welch Revival? Within a single year, 100,000 souls were saved, and influenced the whole 20th century. Even the likes of Smith Wigglesworth came out of this ministry. Have you heard of William J Seymour who initiated the Azusa Street Revival, and now there are over 700,000,000 Pentecostals. John G Lakes of Spokane, made it the most healthiest city in the world, with hospitals emptied. And within five years he led one million to the Lord, raising several hundred churches, and more than 100,000 people healed. These men simply sought the Lord most personally for themselves, to see Jesus come, to see Heaven manifest; and through them, God came.


TL Osborn’s ministry has led millions to believe in the Gospel, he was a most powerful miracle evangelist. When David Hogan met him, he found him to be so humble and yet still so hungry for God, even though his ministry had also raised the dead hundreds of times. TB Joshua is one of the most influential people in Africa, and He handles the Resurrection Power in his hands, and prophetically sees right into people’s lives with such incredible life changing accuracy. He speaks like this, “unless you are close to Jesus how can you ask what you want? You need to come near in Him, to where He is, instead of yelling out from afar.”


To walk in God makes you a stranger on this earth, but that is OK cause God is so strange, for His Ways are so much Higher than our ways, as is His thoughts. But it is to these very things that God desires for you to come to understand, and even walk in. Speaking no longer from your own earthly opinion or vision, which is meaningless, but gaining a more ‘perfect knowledge’ from God Above of whom you both hear and see, and to these, He shows you in the various chambers of the Councils of God. For God does nothing without letting His prophets know, for this is His Way, so make it your own.


Closing Scripture:

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye upon you. (Psalm 32:8 NIV)


Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you Lord, I dearly receive these things to heart. Lord I pray that you may help raise me to be become one who is more able to liberally receive, even to draw from you in the fullness that is presented me. Please build in us a deeper intimacy of relationship, and help me seek you in your Person in a greater measure. I invite you and welcome you in Jesus Name. Amen.’