Chapter 69 Open to the Mystery


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#69 Open to the Mystery


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#69: Planting Heaven
Open to the Mystery


A personal prayer of our Lord and Saviour, concerning all that are called by His Name …


Theme Scripture:

Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world. (John 17:24 NIV)


All through Scripture we find subtleties expressing the seeking of the Presence of Jesus manifest, alive and real. For if you only read the Word in the mindset of obedience to Law and obligation of Works and Deeds (Rom. 9:32, Titus 3:5), and not in the mindset of Love and in the full Redemptive nature of the Blood; then you can miss so, so many things about the Spirit, the Love, and the Heart of God. The Bible is so full of the Love and Grace of God, and it is so full of invitation to truly walk close to the Lord, and enter into deeper and most real relationship and encounter. And that these very things you can seek and ask and long for, not only so, but live in open experience of the Living Lord, even as Jesus had with the Heavenly Father and the members of the Kingdom of Heaven.


I so encourage you in this statement from the Lord, ‘unless you seek the Kingdom of Heaven as a little child, you shall by no means enter in or see it’ (Matt. 18:3). So the flip side of that is, if you can learn to approach the Lord as a fully Redeemed child of God, and seek His Person, then you will truly see Him and enter into the Glory of where He is in Heaven. In this new vision retained, all of Heaven is laid out before you; for to such ‘belong to the Kingdom of Heaven’ (Matt. 19:14). And so, in affection, as you seek the Presence of the Lord as THE most central part and drive of your life, you see Him and He lifts you up in Himself.


Affection and desire governs the direction of the human soul; and it is the Father who responds to the truth of what is spoken within. What comes from your mouth is but the overflow of your own heart. Let then, your underlying prayer to always be, to see Jesus in His Glory, for what swift change comes upon the human condition each time one encounters Him. And if this is the Lord’s own personal prayer concerning you, then it is so very right for it to become your own personal root drive and prayer as well. For truly in this area, you are abiding fully and wholly in the Will and the Heart of the Father.


Hold close to heart this one dream, to see Jesus in His Glory, for Him you shall see. But also recognise this wonderful truth that the Kingdom of Heaven responds as well. For Jesus is the Cherished Treasure of Heaven, and as you hold Him very dear to heart, the whole of the Kingdom of Heaven is attracted and drawn to you. The Spirits of God are drawn to you, and the Angels are sent to minister and serve you (Heb. 1:14), even assigned to give you ‘skill to understand’ (Dan. 9:22, Dan. 10:12).


Ponder for a minute, if the Scriptures be true, what would it truly be like if you didn’t have to rely on your own strength or on your own understanding; but that somehow you truly were able to live and operate “by my Spirit says the Lord?” What would it be like if you truly, truly engaged the Spirit of the Lord, in the Love of God, and no longer thought that your flesh or your own understanding was the answer; but instead, in the full reality of who you are, that you truly walked in the mysterious and miraculous world of the Holy Spirit?


Let your imagination wander: just look at the wonderful and mysterious things Jesus did, as a normal matter of course. Jesus walked on water, because it was convenient for Him to do so (Matt. 14:22, Mark 6:48), and the weather also obeyed Him as He commanded the winds ‘be still’ (Matt. 8:26). And how was this, because He abided Above in the same lofty places that He is calling you to. He disappeared before an angry crowd (John 8:59), and He ‘teleported’ taking His disciples across the lake in an instant (John 6:21). He transfigured into His true Heavenly form, right before His disciples, and here was encouraged by Saints of Old (Matt. 17:2). He had Angels ascending and descending upon Him (John 1:51), as was His daily norm, and in all these things He said we would do the same, even greater … and why? Because He has “gone to the Father” (John 14:12).


Lord, as a little child there is no reason why I cannot live in these same wonders. You have not called me to strive in my own fleshly origins but to walk in the Joy of the Lord, and the miraculous world of the Spirit; as though I already am born of Heaven and live here. Thank you Lord, I shall live in the continual enjoyment discovering the Mysteries of the Lord revealed, as one who abides in you and you in me.


These things are plainly set in Gospel, and if seeing Jesus in His Glory is of such great personal value to Him, why not then, make it of earnest and great value to you as well? After all, this opens to each one of us, from the least to the greatest, the ability to live in the same Immortal and Mysterious realities of God. What a blessing, what a lot of fun! Surely if you beheld His Glory you will speak differently, your life would be transformed in an instant. If you beheld His Glory you would walk in it; even carrying a continually increasing measure of His Glory in your own life.


At one point, you were not capable of walking, but now your family in Heaven applaud in great joy these of your first steps. These very first steps coming to walk in the Spirit, of which turns into running, even then soaring like an eagle in lofty Heavenly Places just as Jesus.


Man is not called to labour in the flesh so much as to submit to the Spirit and be filled with His Power and Grace. So becoming a people who firmly set your ‘affections’ in Him, setting your ‘mind’ in things Above (Col. 3:2), truly then, you are a people ‘affectionately acquainted with throne room thoughts’, ‘where you are co-seated with Christ in the executive authority of God’s right hand’ (Col. 3:1-3).


In these ‘latter days’ one can ascend into the ‘Mountain of the LORD’s House’ (Is. 2:2-3) and this in accordance to one’s own personal heart’s dream (Matt. 13:12). And as one goes up, the Lord teaches you His Ways, allowing you to ‘stand in His Counsel’ (Jer. 23:18). God does not hide Himself from you, who in honest affection, and in ‘purity’ (Ps. 24:3-4) of intention, seek Him. Even to see Him in His Glory, regularly and continually, as a normal matter of your daily life. For in this, one is living in agreement with Lord’s own personal prayer concerning you.



And he informed me, and talked with me, and said, “O Daniel, I have now come forth to give you skill to understand. (Daniel 9:22 NKJV)


A mystery found in God, is His own desire to give you ‘skill to understand’. This gaining capacity, gifted you from Above, to understand the mystery of the Ways of God; and to hear, to see, and enter into that of which is Heaven. So as you become one led by the Son, into His Glory, you are dressed with increasing ‘skill’ and capacity to carry the very same Glory. For you being of Him, established in Him, united with Him, are being formed and shaped by Him into HIS very LIKENESS and HIS very IMAGE; and as the purpose of His own Will, being with Him where He is right now.


I can’t express enough the immense value of this, for some respond and enter into the Glory Cloud, and others only observe from a distance. Some respond to the Heart of the Father and sit on His Throne with Jesus, whilst others stand at a distance. And how we live here on this earth shall echo for all Eternity.



If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea. (Isaiah 48:18 NIV)


God desires for you and I to abide and operate in the governance of God, in Heavenly Places. God desires you to walk in a measure of Authority and Power that is beyond limit or comprehension. Not only so, but in such ease (Matt. 11:30), such candour (1 Kings 18:27) and Grace (Is. 48:18). Being united in this Prayer, this Dream of the Son, one comes to abide and stand in the Counsel of the Lord, and truly begin to know Him; knowing His Heart and His Ways. This is for the least and the greatest alike, but is only approachable in deep honour and humility.


It is most important to realise that meekness and humility is such an integral part of the culture of Heaven. Our Heavenly Father does not request anything of you that is not part of Him. He honours the meek because He, Himself, is meek of heart. He honours the humble because that is so much of His own nature, and He honours those who walk in love for He, Himself, is Love. Therefore, He seeks to nurture these same character qualities in the heart of man. So, the moment that you personally choose to truly humble yourself before Him, He is right there.


Jesus speaks of the Father as, ‘only He is Good’ (Mark 10:18). Stop for a minute and let yourself grasp the implication of the meaning of this. I am sharing something of great magnitude for you here. God seeks meekness in you, for in Him is incredible meekness. Let that settle a bit in your thoughts. God seeks humility and meekness in you, for that is deeply and integrally part of who He is, and so too then, is a big part of the culture of Heaven. Therefore, it is of incredible value for you to walk in the same. So as you personally come to humble yourself before your God, you are stepping fully under His Glory and Grace.


In this, you avail yourself of Heaven. You, yourself, avail yourself of Heaven. As you choose to go low, you are only lifted up in Him. As you root yourself in humility, honour, and love; and hunger for the manifest realities of the things of God; you are setting yourself to be clothed from on High. Each one of us are uniquely purposed facets in the diamond of whom is Christ Jesus. And the Freedom and Power has been given uniquely to each one, through the work of the Cross. You were handcrafted and knitted within your mother’s womb, by the Hand of God (Ps. 139:13), and now by the same you are being knitted within the Womb of the Spirit.


You are powerful to believe or not to believe. You are powerful in your freedom; this given equally to all the Saints. Use your freedom then, that was purchased you by the Cross, to choose to eat richly of the things of Heaven. Use your freedom to set your affections in Him, that you truly may be a people raised by Him. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, for all are beloved brethren in the Lord; and all are equal in His Love. But some use their freedom to engage deeper into His Heart, and into the Glory that is in Him; and in the same freedom some just stay where they are. The Grace of God is empowerment for you to enter and move deeper in the Glory of God, but the same Grace fully loves and accepts you if you desire it not.


In the freedom given you, you have the power to drink deeper and deeper of the depths of He who is the Lord; or otherwise kick over the cup presented you. That power and freedom is yours; this is the Grace and Love of God.



The Church:

the Building, the People, and the Mystery.


In the eyes of some, the Church is just a building, to some the Church is the people; but yet still to others the Church is the governance of God. We all have the blocks of our own understanding, and it is good and it is right, but God will not be contained by the building that we ourselves construct (Ps. 127:1). This regardless of our stature, or the grandeur of our achievements; lest you block the ‘More’ that He desires to lead you into, and that of your people.


Again I say stop for a moment, and recognise the nature of God, and the nature of Heaven. I tell you the truth, in pride of one’s own office, you can be such an obstruction to the move of the Holy Spirit. But alternatively, as you humbly give firm and honoured place for the Lord, you can usher in the move and outpouring of the Spirit; for you and your people. ‘Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth’ (Num. 12:3). But here he physically, and continually was able to speak face to Face with God, as a friend, and even influenced how the Father responded to the people.


The Power of God is not in your pride at all, but is in your humility, and as Paul, himself, of whom preferred only to ‘boast’ of his weakness; Christ’s Power rested on him. So if you truly wish to walk in the Power and Anointing of God, in His Resurrection Power and in His Immortality; then hold humility and honour so close and deep to your own heart.



But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. (2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV)


Humility is of great advantage to you; for in order to go up, one needs to choose first to go low. The taking of the lowly place, the choosing the least, is the only way God will lift you up High. To set yourself in high places before your own eyes, or that of others, to seek elevated approval of man is to fully rob you and deny you (Luke 14:11). To elevate yourself will only deny you of His personal Riches purposed you. The nature of the Father Himself is deep humility and meekness, therefore the avenue to the Father is in the same. For we rightly recognise that Life, Immortality, and Power is not in ourselves at all, but is only and fully of the Spirit.


Angels, though intimidating when they appear, by culture of heart are deeply rooted in humility and honour. So if you truly wish to be set in their Counsel, how can you do so without the same resident heart of humility and honour?



As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams. (Daniel 1:17 NKJV)


The Church is in part the building, it is also in part the people, but let us not forget that it is also in the mystery of God. God wishes to work according to His Ways and ‘His Ways are so much higher than our Ways, and so too His thoughts’ (Is. 55:9). So come live in enjoyment of the adventure; for to the open, the inquisitive, and welcoming of heart; they enter into the miraculous and mysterious world of God. They being instructed by the same Spirit with skill to understand, and thereby skill to walk in the fullness thereof.


The best thing that one can do is make decisive steps to go to Jesus; to simply love him, praise Him, and worship Him. In this one closes the gates of the Enemy, the entrance of his subtle and foul works, and enters through the Gates of Heaven into His Glory and Grace (Ps. 100:4). It is your love and affection that opens the portal; coming to step under an Open Heaven. The Enemy diligently seeks to steal your affections and open gates of his own dominion, access, and influence. Hence the value and power held in your own freedom; to simply enter the ‘House of the Lord’, in the likeness of Jacob’s Ladder, with continual and open interaction with Heaven, just as Jesus. And you too will have Angels ascending and descending upon you, and you, yourself, also ascend and descend into Heaven just as Christ Jesus (John 10:9), your Lord and Saviour, for He has given you full rights of passage.


A side note: I so very much wish to encourage you in this. There are many of us who are not talented or capable as others; and also, so inundated with life, responsibilities, and difficulties; stretched in resources and finances; and though deeply desiring to be of service in the Kingdom of God, just don’t find capacity. A few chapters ago I referred to the Welsh Revival, mentioning that the lights of Angels were regularly witnessed and recorded by three local newspapers, going down chimneys into people’s houses leading families to Christ. But I didn’t mention an important thing, this was on the back of intercessory prayer of a single housewife, a lady who just couldn’t leave home. Oh, the Power and Glory where God wishes to lead His people.


To add to this: Paul mentions a few times being ‘with you in spirit’, ie; “though I am absent from you in body, I am present with you in spirit” (Col. 2:5). Another one, “though I am not physically present, I am with you in spirit” (1 Cor. 5:3). Ok, to continue painting this picture; the lady interceding for a town or village was documented appearing at the front door of the houses, as the Angels visibly went down the chimneys. How was this, for she never left her home? For she appeared in ‘spirit’, and together with the Angels led households to the Lord.


So, I encourage you in this … enjoy the Spirit of the Lord and the works of His Hands. Truly the flesh doesn’t profit us so much, but it is the Spirit that IS Life! You and I are not defeated and incapable as the Enemy tries to portray, but powerful in the Lord. So go and enjoy the Lord, He is a lot of fun, for as Jesus says, “that your joy may be complete” (John 16:24). So in this place, where the Lord is establishing you, where He says, “abide” and “remain”; when you speak Heaven responds and goes to task. Be it for loved ones, people in need, Salvation or release; when you speak the Angel of the Lord is employed to task, take Rest in that!


Condemnation from Satan, comes from the fact that you are not doing as well or as someone else. Discouragement comes from not being capable of being like, or doing like, somebody you hear of or who you see. I tell you something most important; you are not purposed cut-outs of conformity. The Kingdom of God is not to make neat little duplicates of a vision or a way; we are not born of a pie factory, but are individual children of Glory; facets of the Lord God Almighty Himself.


In reference to Acts 26:18:

God desires “to open your eyes and turn you from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, to give a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Jesus”. It is the access that the Father desires to give you, even in heights and realms beyond your ability to comprehend right now. But here entering into the governance of God, even to become a people, ‘holy ones’ (Ps. 89:7), part of the Council of the Lord. Standing in His Counsel, but in this being part also of His Council, whereby the Father desires to hear the ‘counsel’ from your mouth.


In reference to 2 Corinthians 3:16-19:

So whenever you personally turn your heart and your affections to the Lord, the veil is taken away, and the Door is fully opened. Now where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom, and we all, who with unveiled faces, choose to set our thoughts in the Lord’s Glory, you are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing Glory.


To some the Church means a building, to others it is a people or the congregation, but let us not forget that it is also the governance of God. The truth of the matter is that the believer has capacity to operate from the highest Places; that is, over and above all realities, all principalities, and all powers. This is the Heart’s desire of our Lord and Saviour, that you may come and be with Him where He is now; and governing in the Council of God, with the Keys of the Kingdom given you (Matt. 16:19).



In the latter days you will understand it perfectly. “I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran. I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. But if they had stood in My counsel, and had caused My people to hear My words, then they would have turned them from their evil way and from the evil of their doings. (Jeremiah 23:20-22 NKJV)


In these, that are the Last Days, God desires to give you perfect understanding. That is, not in part but in full. He desires to give you the blue prints straight from within His Counsel, seeing into the future and the past, for these are the places of where He Abides. As you enter the Lord, you become as He; as you enter the Lord, you do the things that He does. For you, like Him, are a child of the Living God. You are no longer of the limited nature of the flesh, but born again of Eternal origins, and this according to your own faith (Heb. 11:5). As your affections cause you to be mindful and set in the thoughts of Heaven, you are given ability, through the ‘skill to understand’, how to walk in these things.


Many receive the Salvation message only as a ticket into Heaven for when you die, but treat the Grace of God as a license to live a loose lifestyle (Rev. 3:16). However, the Grace of God is purposed to empower you to become a people aligned unto the Heart of the Father, entering deeper into Him in order to walk more openly in His Glory. For to have the Law written in your heart, is holding a deep desire to walk in them. In this verse of Jeremiah, we read of how God was frustrated with people who preach, or ‘prophesy’, with soothing words that placate a life of compromise. But how to the very same, if they would just come stand in His Counsel, then God would give Words to save a nation.


Many believers seek the Power and the Gifts, but so few are interested in the Heart of the Father.


The contemporary Grace message sounds liberating, but in actual fact is highly deliberating by nature; for it gives little vision nor place to move forward. It keeps the believer from gaining a hunger to press deeper into God; and as many would say, “what is the need”, or “what is the point?” Therefore, such are kept from becoming equipped and built up in Him, remaining inherently weak and frail, and propagating the same in those within their care. Even, then, holding as the ultimate vision of their heart; the waiting for death to reveal Heaven. What a depleted vision, death isn’t your Saviour, Jesus is. It is He who has given you full rights and capacity to participate in the Glory of Heaven just as He. Be not deprived, be not stolen from.


I say, if you can hear what the Spirit is saying today, there is a place of such Honour, where the Father wishes to lead you into; a place to operate from of such Glory and Majesty. This for each and every believer, from the least to the greatest, for no one is exempt nor excluded. But the Lord only gives according to one’s own heart’s desire, so if there is no desire in you, how can the Father give you anything at all? If you don’t care then you won’t see, if you are not hungry then you will not eat. But if you can gain a heart and even a dream for the greater things in God, a deeper and more earnest desire for the ‘More’ that is in Him, then to such He continually opens up ALL the MORE.


A Grace message given, that is not well balanced in the light of the whole Gospel message, robs from you. For a deep hunger for God draws Him continually. But if one is made satisfied by a grace that is not of God, a barrenness and dryness remains. The field becomes full of weeds and the tree hardly fruitful. But God desires to plant you by a stream, that you may grow strong in Him and most incredibly fruitful. This same fruitfulness attracting the Father even the Glory of Heaven; for as Jesus says, “I appointed (and ordained) you, that you might go and bear Lasting Fruit, so that whatever you ask in my Name the Father will give you(John 15:16). And truly, ‘no eye has seen all that God has in store for all who might believe’ (1 Cor. 2:9).



Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, unless he reveals his secret unto his servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7 NKJV)


It is a great mystery; but the Father desires to include you, the believer, in His Counsel. He does not need your counsel, nor your input, but He seeks and desires it; just as He did with Moses. To those who wish to stand and to abide in His Counsel, He raises you; and to you He sends instructional and mentoring Angels, even Saints of Old, to teach you and give you skill to hear and to see. In these Last Days, He desires for you to ‘understand perfectly, for ‘when you were but a child you only knew in part’, but as you are being raised in maturity, you ‘know in full; just as you are fully known’ (1 Cor. 13:11-12).



In the council of the holy ones (the assembly of the saints, those sanctified though faith) God is greatly feared; he is more awesome than all who surround him. (Psalm 89:7 NIV/KJV)


A closing thought: you are born of both the Promise and the Spirit. As you then respond to the Promise and come under alignment to the Spirit of God, the Spirit then speaks continually and alive in you. And just as Jesus, you go about doing and saying both what you see and hear the Father doing. Your words coming from a seated position of Authority, from within the Council of the Lord, the Heavenly Places. It is not as if you have to ask for anything, but command and decree. For as you have come under the Shadow of the Almighty, your own shadow reveals the Glory of God; the Angels riding upon the Words of which the Spirit speaks alive in you. You are born of the Promise, yes, but one must needs learn to live according to the Spirit.


Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, may I truly see and may I truly hear. Thank you Lord in all your preparedness, that you are causing me to live and breathe, walk and move according to your Spirit. May you give me vision to see and ears that hear, that I may speak and do only as I hear and see the Father is doing. Please continue doing a work in me so that you may continue doing a work through me, in Jesus Name. Amen.’