Chapter 67 The Way of Revivals


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#67 The Way of Revivals


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#67: Rending the Heavens
The Way of Revivals



I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence; I possess knowledge and discretion. To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech. Counsel and sound judgment are mine; I have insight, I have power. (Proverbs 8:12-14 NIV)


As you drink of the Spirits of God the Wisdom and Counsel of God enters your soul. It is dangerous to enter the Presence of God and drink of the Waters of Life, for the Fear of God comes and changes your life for all Eternity. The Fear of God is not in effort to control everything because of an impending doom, it is not a shaking in your boots because a stick may come and whack you. No, the Spirits of the Lord come and stand in place of you, and you are changed forever. Therefore, the encouragement always is: retain a thirst for the Waters of Life.


Jesus delighted in the Fear of the Lord. He didn’t delight in the Might or the Counsel, but the Fear of the Lord. Moses entered the Dark Cloud where God was (Ex. 20:21), and though he said “I am terrified and trembling” (Heb. 12:21) he still entered in. The naked Glory of God is a terrible but wonderful place, but here Jesus delighted in it, so the same Glory of the Lord was upon Him, and came with Him, wherever He went. In this, His words carried Life and they carried Spirit; and crowds came out to see Him and were convicted in their soul unto salvation, they were healed for the Spirits of the Lord were upon Him.


In the Presence of the Lord one is Anointed of God. The Presence of the Lord is a most beautiful place, and is the purposed home of the soul of man. But that ‘big-old’ Light in the centre of Heaven, the same Light that lights all Eternity, is the Place of His Glory invited you. But not many go in, but only a few. All of Heaven stands in awe of that Light, but it is so awesomely glorious that one physically cannot approach. Like the heat of the sun the Fire of God is so intense.


Of this same Fire does the Father desire to pour out upon the whole earth (Luke 12:49), the Fire of the Spirit of God. The believer has the Spirit, but what this world needs is the Fire of God and it is this same Fire that Christ was crucified to bring. So don’t shy away, even though with this Fire may come earthquakes and violent winds (Acts 2:2). In this place one can’t just remain there drinking a cup of tea, no it’s a most awesome and wonderful place. However, be as Jesus and come to delight in the Fear of the Lord (Is. 11:3).


The disciples already had the Spirit, because Jesus breathed the Spirit upon them (John 20:22). What they waited for in the Upper Room was to be ‘clothed in the Power of God” (Luke 24:49).


The world doesn’t need you in your flesh representing God. The world doesn’t need you in your zeal and boldness beating over their heads telling them what they must do. No, they need the Fire of God coming out of Heaven in clear demonstration of His Goodness (1 Kings 18:24), this therefore, is what we seek. Man doesn’t need you or I, they need the Spirit of the Lord and the believer is here to intercede and facilitate this on behalf of others. Man doesn’t need man, man needs God; man not standing in place of God but God standing in place of man. So in earnestly seeking, loving (Deut. 13:3-4), and inviting the Presence of God, one facilitates the move of the Spirit. The Spirits of God moving and operating regardless of you.


People say that Jesus moved in the Power of God, because He was uniquely the Son of God. But this is neither Gospel or the word of Jesus Himself, but the sentiment of man. Besides, because of what was achieved on the Cross, you too are a son of God and married in union – in one with Him – seated as family with God your Father (John 14:12). You too have the Spirit, for you were baptised just as He (Matt. 3:16). However, if you truly want the Power of God, you need to go into the Secret Place, the Upper Room, the Desert Place away from everything; and in prayer and fasting (Luke 5:35) personally seek the Face of God. And just as Jesus, you will return “in the power of the Spirit, and news about him” will spread through the whole countryside (Luke 4:14).


There is a message that needs to be heard, a Word of the Lord that the soul of man needs to hear. But it is the Spirit of the Lord that goes out and draws them even in most mysterious ways. Just as Jesus, crowds will drop everything and come out far and wide to hear the Word of Jesus in you (Matt. 14:13-14). In the Welsh revival, the townsfolk and farmers knew it was time for church because lights would appear and start flying towards the church. God is known as the ‘Father of Heavenly lights’ (Jam. 1:17), and these same angels are also documented going down chimneys and entering into houses leading people to Jesus. Bars and casinos closed, courts and jails emptied, police had nothing to do, deep unsolvable rifts in the community were healed, and debts repaid. Within a year, over one hundred thousand people were saved, and this revival swept across the world.


Have you heard this ancient word, and do you yet realise the meaning and magnitude of it? “Not by might, nor by your own strength or understanding, but by my Spirit says the Lord”.


A side note: the word ‘Evangelist’ in itself expresses that ministering spirits, ministering Angels of God, are with you in the sharing of the Good News. They striking a chord within the soul of the hearer. The root within the word ‘Evangelise’ is angel; so be encouraged, when you share the Good News to another, you are seriously not alone.


Let us get the tree the right side up: look not to the man but to the Spirit of God. Revivals die because man always takes their eye of the Lord and place their eyes on man, or onto doctrine defined by man. But it is only the Spirit of the Lord that leads a man unto repentance and salvation, it is not you. It is the Spirit of the Lord that strikes a chord within the soul of a man bringing him to his knees and changing his life forever. So take the load of your shoulders. What we seek then, what we need, is the Spirit of the Lord … even the Fear of God to come.


So as one who seeks the Presence of the Lord, one who makes most honoured place for Him and facilitates the move of the Spirit; if the Dark Cloud of the Lord is presented you do not shy away but enter in. For in Him is the Fire of God. Come know your God and allow His Love to come upon you and raise within you a deep intimacy and knowing of your God. He is both beautiful and wonderful to behold, and in the Secret Place you will come to know Him. Not in conformity to man, but to the Person of Jesus. In this He will clothe you and dress you from on High … and He will Sanctify you. And in the Honour of God, of which your heart yearns for, He will present Himself in His Glory and here you will enter in. So though His Glory may come ‘unshielded’ with great trepidation and even Fear, welcome the Lord and yield yourself to Him, and enter in.



While he was speaking, a cloud appeared and covered them, and they were afraid as they entered the cloud. (Luke 9:34 NIV)


When you think of a dark cloud what comes to mind: Rain, Lightning, and Wind? These things signify the Anointing, the Resurrection Power of God, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Prepare then, the way for the Lord. Lay the mountains low and lift the valleys high … make the way straight for the Lord. Make as a highway for the Glory of the Lord to come into your life and remain. Lay out the red carpet and come deeply honour the Lord, and be as Jesus of whom only sought and longed for the Honour that comes from Him. For in this, God steps in in place of you. Man doesn’t need you, man needs Jesus who is in you.


I appreciate human capacity but man does such a poor job compared to Christ Jesus, Himself, stepping in.


Compared to Christ Jesus we do such a poor job in representing or presenting Him, but the thing to realise is that He desires to step in in place of you. So a heart that fully yields to Him, becoming one that even begins to know what that means, ushers in the Spirits of the Lord to work in place of you. This same old reality remains: not by might, nor by our own strength or understanding, but by the Spirit of the Lord. Man operating in their own zeal and in their own boldness, in the name of the ‘Spirit of God’, bring great destruction, heavy burdens, and shatter the faith and love of the many.


He who seeks the Presence of the Lord in the secret place, and truly humbles himself and opens himself fully unto the Lord. In the deepest and most private and secret place of their own heart, their own soul, their own mind, and their own flesh … yielding themselves fully unto the Lord, here one comes to even know what the word ‘yield’ even means. If here in the secret place one can yield himself unto the Lord, he is then able to walk yielded in the Spirits of God as he goes about his life, releasing the same wherever he goes. For a deep humbling before the Lord of Glory releases the Glory of the Lord, for in the strength of the flesh one denies God, but in your ‘weakness’ God is made strong (2 Cor. 12:9).


Many claim to be of the Spirit but walk in their own structured doctrine of understanding. And who in their own boldness and zeal steam-roll over countless lives without even hearing their cries. In their flesh doing the Spirit’s work, loading upon the shoulders of the people that of which Christ Jesus, Himself, could not do. They end up taking up aggression in their hands, and without any mercy they are abusive and easily enraged … all in the name of the Spirit. They appear humble, but become most ferocious. And why is this? Because they are so accustomed to taking matters into their own hands; standing in place of Jesus and the work of the Spirit. Exhausted through the carrying of the world upon their own shoulders, and it being all about them. I pray that they be loosed, in Jesus Name.


Jesus carried the responsibility of the whole world upon His shoulders, but He carried not the weight of it. It was only by the Spirit that He spoke and did what He did. And He says to us, and encourages us in this; our ‘flesh profits us nothing at all’ (John 6:63), it is only the Spirit of the Lord. He, Himself, so clearly stated, “I can do nothing … only what I hear the Father say and what I see the Father doing”. So one who is fully yielded to the Spirit, releases the Spirit. This has nothing to do with approval of others, nor of the hierarchy of leadership, or pride of authoritative positions before man … but is only of the Spirit. The Spirit is Love, the Spirit is Grace, and in the Spirit one comes to Know the Lord.


A person says to go work in the field, and in all practicality one does. But the Spirit of the Lord is instead saying ‘Rest’, but this runs so contrary to the practical man. But in Christ the Power is not in our flesh and understanding but in the Spirit. It is not in our own vision and strength, but is becoming a people ‘clothed with Power from on High’; and in the same, equipping your ‘harvest field’ with the same Anointing of Power. Man in their practical mind-sets can deny the Spirit, operating and standing in place of Him. However, it is the Spirit that desires to stand in place of you; this is the Way of the Kingdom of God.


To live in and by the Spirit of the Lord is to live life fully yielded to Him, and not taking matters into your own hands, but as Jesus; giving full honoured place for the Lord. Much death and destruction, much defaming of the precious Name of Jesus (Rom. 2:24) has come due to the zealousness and flesh driven boldness of man. But truly one must become as a little child in order to partake of and walk in the Glory of the Spirit. You don’t need a crowd of supporters, you don’t need the approval of man, what you need is the Spirits of the Lord.


In the Spirit of the Lord is the Grace of God, in the Spirit is the Peace and the inherent Joy of the Lord (Gal. 5:22-23). His Gifts are there for all that is needed in front of you, and the Spirits of the Lord a continual flow of the Counsel and the Might OF the Lord. Even the Fear of the Lord that convicts the soul of man unto repentance, though you may not even had said a word, for “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me”. Here one becomes dressed and rooted in the Love, the Grace, and the Spirit of the Lord. And this is not by any means rooted in one’s own assumed knowledge of Scripture, one’s pride of their own understanding or self-defined doctrine. To such are as like the Pharisees and the Sadducees that failed to recognise Jesus at all, and slaughtered Him, and those of His followers, in their own flesh-driven zeal.


Man doesn’t need man, man needs God; man not standing in place of God but God standing in place of man.



I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city (of Jerusalem) until you have been clothed with power from on high. (Luke 24:49 NKJV)


One who begins to learn to yield himself unto the Lord, personally opens himself up to the liberal flow of the Counsel of Heaven. A people who do this, even a congregation of believers, become a most powerful people for God is with them. They usher in the Glory of God without measure and beyond comprehension. Such is the nature of the Fire of God. Truly it is good to say that you have the Spirit, but do not stop here but press in for the Fire (Matt. 3:11). For as the disciples of whom not only intimately knew the Gospel as well as the Person of Jesus, but they also waited in the ‘Upper Room’ and in praise and a yielding of heart sought the Fire. For Jesus says, “stay (and wait) until you have been clothed with power from on high”. I have the Spirit, you have the Spirit, but wait upon the Lord as a culture of soul, humble yourself before the Lord your God and be clothed in the ‘Power from on High’.


Seek the Lord for God to show up, for us humans do such a terrible job of representing Him.


The earth-shaking and life-changing reality of encountering the Fear of God; for in one encounter a person is changed for all Eternity. In one move that of which you struggled with and were held captive even for countless generations, you find yourself released from in a moment. A Fear of God coming upon you, even the Wisdom of the Lord, that causes you to ‘hate evil behaviour and perverse speech’ (Prov. 8:13) and the Wisdom and Might of God breaking its chord.


The Wilderness, where the many wander aimlessly, never has been the Will or Purpose of God. One who then ‘diligently seeks the Rest of the Lord’ (Heb. 4:11) takes up a culture of prayer and fasting, for there are strongholds over the heart and soul, over the mind and the flesh, that needs to be broken. This you cannot do with your own strength or gained understanding alone but by the Spirit.


In expressing to God a hunger for Him, this gives licence and invitation for the Father to speak continually into your life. A lukewarm heart does not get very far, but a heart that gains the spark of Hope enters right in behind the Curtain (Heb. 6:19).


Salvation is not a replacing of loads, that’s a devil. Salvation isn’t the removal of one load and only then placing the impossible weight of the whole world upon the shoulders of the children of God. Now you know why the church has been without spark, without hope or strength, and even without love; for Satan twists the Gospel of Peace into a Gospel of works and law. The Kingdom of Heaven has come but believers neither feel it or see it; there being very little physical manifest reality … that is a devil!


Salvation is Jesus, Himself, taking off the yolk and loads of this life, and placing upon your shoulders His Yolk. His Yolk of which is light and of which is easy. And why is this, but that God comes and stands in place of you. Religion and the pride of one’s own self-sacrifice and works, presents the Salvation Message as not only carry the very real weight of the physical realities of your own world; but also to carry the weight of the whole world as well; and in addition to this carrying the weight of your falling short of the righteous standards of God. That is why our churches are empty and our countries are failing. Life is tough, really tough; sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s great, but for many life is truly brutal!


Here is the Salvation Message of the Lord, “my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matt. 11:30). And why? Because Jesus who is Life steps in in place of you. Do you realise that Jesus, as the Christ, the Son of God, always said of Himself that He could “do nothing”. If you can get to understand this, a serious load will be taken off your shoulders, and the Power and Grace of the Spirit of the Lord will come in in its place. For truly … welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven.


The contemporary Christian condition is so caged. The believer having to deal with the realities of their own lives, the realities of other people’s lives; there is the demon that comes always condemning and accusing, and also the responsibility of the whole world placed upon them. This is what the demon of Legalism and Religion does, it is such a devil! Adding also the works of the saving of souls, the healing of the sick, and their own struggle of things they cannot overcome. The believer becoming even more caged under the instruction of the ambitious and the legalistic, then he was before he entered church. And then on top of that ridiculed and condemned for their lack of works. And all of this without any Power of God evident … it is such a devil!



I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith OF the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2:20 KJV)


The Salvation Message truly is the Salvation of man’s souls. God coming and entering your life with wholeness, strength, and vitality. He takes the bonds, the weights, the regrets, and the loads of this life and carries them for you. He opens your heart unto Life and closes the doors of Death. As you simply love the Lord and choose to praise Him in all things, seeking Him through His Word, He Instructs and Counsels your soul. And in being given full rights He continually works beautifully and mysteriously in your life. The Father, the Son, the Spirits of God, and His ministering Angels surrounding you; and such Grace enters your soul.


In one born again, Life and Immortality has taken root. Anything short of the full manifestation of Life is a Wilderness experience that is not destined or purposed for you. Let us all come out of the Wilderness and enter the Rest of the Lord. No longer striving in your flesh to honour the Lord, but entering the Rest of God and here the Honour of the Spirit will come on you. Not by your strength or mental prowess, but in the demonstration and reality of the Love of God. Oh the Joys of the Lord, the Wonders of Him, and the fun found in one’s union in Him. Religion makes the Gospel a burden and barren, but Jesus makes it full of Joy unspeakable (John 15:11, 16:24).


My love and faith is in Him, therefore His Love and Faith is in me. I am replaced by Him. My strength is in Him, therefore His Strength and Might is in me. He Counsels and Instructs the soul of man, as one truly opens their own heart unto Him. The Knowledge and Understanding comes in replacement of your own. Without Rest you are operating in ‘doubt, unbelief, and disobedience’ (Heb. 4:11), so if you truly want the Power and Anointing of God flowing liberally in your life; enter the Rest of the Lord and cease from ‘your own labour’.


With a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night one is led … but Rest is key and not running off all the time, taking matters in your own hands. Salvation is interaction with Heaven, the entering into Eternal Life here and today. This same Seed abundantly bearing its Fruits. And in this Place enjoying the Kingdom of Heaven and its members going out before you.


To be confined by the imagination of carnal man is truly exhausting, but to physically enter into the Imagination of God … what a sweet adventure!


“I can do nothing”, Jesus would always say; your revelation of this truth takes both the load off your shoulders and avails you of the Power of God. It takes out of your hands the physical doing of God’s Will and allows the Perfect Will of God to enter your life and come forth through you. Man striving in their flesh is producing an imperfect work that is as ‘hay’, but the Perfect Work of the Spirit is as ‘gold’ (1 Cor. 3:13-15). In your ‘weakness’ truly you are made strong …


A quote from Even Roberts:


“In Luke it does not say,

“preach and faint not,”

but “pray and faint not.”

It is not difficult to preach.

But while you pray,

you alone in some solitary place,

fighting in a prayer-battle

against the powers of darkness.

And you will know the secret of victory”.


Pray this prayer with me. “Lord, I hand you my life this day, all its issues and all its thoughts. In the Presence of God I seek your Face, the beauty of the Lord. Please truly come and stand in place of me; not my kingdom, but thy Kingdom come … even the fullness of Heaven. Lord we are so poor at representing your Goodness, please come in place of us. All the members of Heaven freely walking the streets of this town … as your child I usher in the move of the Spirit of God and a revival come. In Jesus Name. Amen’.