Chapter 63 The Way of the Prophet


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#63 The Way of the Prophet


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Day #63: Rending the Heavens
“The Way of the Prophet”


I am going to start this chapter with a punch, with a most profound statement, something that I have never heard before. God is a Trinity but He desires to be Four. Truth is, the value to God of the human phenomena is so far outside of our understanding. The Bride of Christ being so central to His Heart and His Heart’s Purposes. 

Let me start to open this up …

Throughout my life, I have only ever heard that man is a three part being: body, mind, and spirit. And though this in part may be true, the Word speaks of us as being four: as stated by ‘love the Lord your God with all of your spirit, all your soul, all your mind, and all your flesh’ (Mark 12:30). So in the same way that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three; the significance of man to the Purposes of the ‘Trinity’ is for Him to become as Four (see notes at end).

As a believer, who is reaching out to Heaven, you are not trying to enter into somewhere that you are not welcome. You are not trying to push into things and into places that is not yours to do so. No, the way of Heaven is for you, yourself, to gain ears that hear what the Spirit is saying. To attune oneself to be attentive to the Heart of the Father, and thereby personally coming and being led into your inheritance that is yours today. 

As you lay down your life in the Lord, as you ‘die’ daily in Him, you are actually participating in the Cross; and through ‘death’ able to start to participate in your inheritance here and today. Jesus didn’t die for you, He died as you; He died in place of you. Therefore, you don’t have to physically die in order to inherit Life and Immortality, you do not have to physically die in order to enter into and participate with Heaven. No, you step into Heaven and can start to participate in your inheritance here, now, and today. 

Our walk in God is always, always Spirit led; even to the gaining of Understanding. An Understanding, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Might to the measure, image, and likeness of the Son. So as a child of the Living God you are not seeking Heaven manifest as one unwelcome, or one stepping out of bounds, for the truly Father yearns for someone to come to hear what the Spirit is saying and therefore respond to His own Heart’s cry. 

The Church is the Bride of Christ Jesus: this marriage is of which, in itself, expresses the ultimate form of intimacy and union. Even an intimacy of which extends to Eternal union in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So I am speaking here of an access to Heaven that is available to you, individually and collectively as the Church, in measure beyond measure. The Dream of the Father always has been, ‘if only someone would hear and if only someone would hear and respond‘. That is, through all the voices that one can hear, coming to have ears that ‘hear’ and subsequently responding to what the Spirit is saying. 

Now I could not make a numerical statement of this nature, without first going to find out what the number ‘four’ means in Hebraic thinking. This is what I found: the number four signifies “completion, wholeness, and fullness” … and it also signifies “place”. Place as being defined by four corners, even the earth itself is expressed as having four corners.

The emphasis here is in the fact that there is a ‘place’ where God wants to lead His children, a place to abide and operate from, as we still live and breathe here on earth. It is here in one becoming tightly bonded in the Spirit of God, right within the Heavenly realms, of whom no longer lives restricted by the limited ‘might and strength’ of the flesh. God wants to raise both you and I into stratospheric heights, free … fully free of the confines, holds, and restrictions of this world. Becoming a people who operate from a most ‘lofty’ place in the Heavenly realms. 

Here stepping into and operating in the mysteries of God and no longer limited or confined by natural laws … at all. But stepping out of and operating from a place of “Life and Immortality” (2 Tim. 1:10). As we reflect on this number four, what is common between these four people that we read of in Scripture: Enoch, Elijah, Jesus, and John? The answer is firstly, a deeply held and retained intimate relationship in their walk with God, and secondly, you cannot ever find their graves nor their bones. 

Ok, I have two more pictures representing this number four to share with you. Pictures in Scripture that express a ‘place’ that the Father wishes to lead the believer into; and here to remain, abide, and operate from. Not only so, but in the knowledge that the members of Heaven; the ministering angels, the Cloud of Witnesses, and Saints of Old are cheering you on this very day. Even stepping into your life with counsel and encouragement. 

The first picture I wish to express is in the Parable of the Sower, with the Good Soil representing the place where you continually receive and interact in the Heavenly realms. The second is the picture represented in the Temple of Solomon, and again here abiding behind the Curtain; operating here in a Place of great and unceasing interaction in Heaven. The Most Holy Place is like a bridge, or a portal, between this life and the Eternal realms of God. 

The Parable of the Sower: the Father wants to lift the believer into a most high place far outside of even the ‘pull’ (or influence) of this world. Not only lifting one up out of the confines of this natural world, but for you to fully enter into the Freedom, the Lightness, and the Rest that is found outside the earth’s ‘atmosphere’. This is not in disassociation to this world, but whereby one enters into the realms of Heaven, vast and beyond, and being capable to enjoy these Eternal places (Ps. 16:11), and draw from them as you abide on this earth. 

Jesus presented Himself to the world in His flesh, but His Person would transfigure and go into Heaven all the time. He entered into the realms of Life and Immortality and carried the same back with Him. This, then, is the same Path established for us all. Consider this; was the Transfiguration that three of the Apostles witnessed, a unique experience for Jesus Himself, or was it His daily norm? I say this, raise your sights on what is possible in the Lord. Jesus has made the Way open for each and every believer to live, move, and operate as He. Even more, He has called us to do so.

Here is a question: how was it that Enoch was no longer found? Because he preferred to look upwards, and in his preference to walk close with God, God took him into a place that no man had been before. Enoch is a type, a picture, of a New Creation; of the renewed man in Christ Jesus. 

Do you not realise that in God time does not exist, and that when you personally enter into God you can participate in things that have not as yet come? For example, the Word speaks of how Jesus was “the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world” (Rev. 13:8). That’s a long time before the Cross. You see in Heaven time does not exist, and here we find Enoch given the right to eat of the Tree of Life and Live forever. And this long before Apostle John was shown the vision in the Book of Revelations (Gen. 3:22, Rev. 2:7)

This is the way of the prophet: such is able to transcend time and space and enter into that of which was and that of which is yet to come. Not only see and hear but eat richly thereof as well. King David saw way into the future, and did he understand what he was writing? Yes, of course he understood. When he wrote, “the Lord said to my Lord come sit at my right hand”, he saw this and he heard it spoken. This is why he could dance in joy ‘half-naked’, for he celebrated the One of whom he has seen and spent time with (2 Sam. 6:20-22)

Where was David’s spirit always abiding, and where was his heart? It was always longing for the Courts of God and so Jesus picked him up and brought him into Heavenly places all the time. And this before the ‘official’ giving of the Spirit, so therefore in Christ Jesus, how much more does the believer have access? This is the way of the prophet … and to this, the believer is called. 


Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. (1 Corinthians 14:1) 

God encourages all those born of the Spirit of God to step into the prophetic world, this as expressed here in the Book of Corinthians. The Father desires to lead you, as the believer, into a place that is outside of time and space. And here operating from this place bringing Life and Immortality to your world. That is how Jesus lived, and this is our calling; to live and breathe as He, and it is based on becoming a people who can both see and hear. This in the realm and the place of His own Abode. Future and past have no place here and the prophet eats of things both of old and things of which are yet to come. King David saw far into the future, as did many of Old; for when you step into God you step out of the limitations of the economy of this world; and step into the realms of Life, Immortality, and Eternity. 

Eternity in itself is not defined by time, and it is more than just a place of ‘endless time’. It is simply best expressed as a place that is fully outside of time altogether. Your walk in God is leading you to a place where you can live outside of time and space. Therefore, your preference to come step out of the ridicule of man, out of the cares and desires that only choke and restrict; and rise up into the Beyond. Here you are stepping out of sickness, disease and poverty; and are stepping into the realms of Eternity in Heaven … and here thereby speak, move, and have your being.

Parable of the Sower: the fabric of the human condition is expressed in the Parable of the Sower. This Parable is a picture of ‘four’ parts, demonstrating just how one can finally become free of the influence and confines of this natural world, and step fully into the Eternal realms and realities of which is God. This whilst you still live, breathe, and operate on this earth. The emphasis here is the ‘forth’ part, where one can live in the continual ‘seeding’ from God. A place of continual impartation and transference, directly from the core of Heaven into the function of a man’s own heart, soul, mind, and flesh. To this, Jesus calls, “the Good Soil”.

Solomon’s Temple: the Holy Place is as the leading place, this place of hunger for the Lord Himself is as a gateway for you to be taken behind the Curtain. Taken by your hand into the Secret Place of the Lord. Some I hear have regular experience of being shrouded in light, as like in a capsule, and taken up right into Heaven and have personal sessions with Jesus. This is better right? This is better than living your Christian walk only in your own strength, understanding, and vision. Isn’t that of which we are called, to walk according to the Spirit (Rom. 8:5, Gal. 5:16-25, Eph. 5:8, 2 Cor. 5:7, 1 John 2:6, John 15:4)?

I prophesy that so many of you will live with great interaction in the Eternal realms of Heaven. And these will seriously impacts the world.

The Tabernacle was made as a perfect replica of the Temple of God of which is in Heaven. So as you step into these realms of the Holy Place, it is as a doorway that opens right into the Heart of Heaven. Gaining you full and increasing interaction with Heaven right here and right now. This is the Way that Jesus lived His life, and it is to the same that He has shown you the Way. And now that you have been made aware: this awareness has brought with it great ability to step forward into these realms yourself.  

The Holy of Holies is the place where some, in their physical bodies, go right into Heaven. It is a place where some experience Jesus appearing in a shroud of light and have sessions with Him. But for the most part, it is a place of transference and impartation directly from Heaven. Here Jesus “making you lie down in green pastures” (Ps. 23:2) and eat richly of the Table of the Lord. It is a portal, an opening, a bridge between you and right into the Heart of the Father. A place of deep shifts in your soul and in your awareness. And it is a place where deliberating doubt and unbelief are removed and faith can flourish (Matt. 17:17-21). This place is the inner sanctum of the Secret Abiding Place of God. Not many people come here, not many people are aware they can, but it is a place of vast secrets untold. 

Seeking knowledge only through the Word of God is not enough. Listening to instruction only through man is insufficient. But coming to the Lord and gaining ears that hear and eyes that see is the Way of the Spirit-filled believer.

The pursuit of the Presence of Heaven, and the purpose of seeking the Face of God, is in itself the turn key to the vastness of Heaven becoming evident and most active in your daily life. One being truly transformed by their daily commune in the Presence of the Lord. The Spirit of God uniting your spirit in Himself – in an Eternal marriage and union. Becoming fully united and knitted into the Trinity of God, and no longer retaining the image and likeness of Adam, but the Image and Likeness of God. What is another name for this? … A ‘Spotless Bride’ (Eph. 5:26-27)

The way of the prophet.

The prophetic opportunity is presented each and every believer (1 Cor. 14:1). The manifestation and reality thereof; presented in the members of Heaven set to action by the words released from your own mouth. 

The way of the prophet is in the ability to bring something of value and significance to a people. One who is able to reach right into the Eternal realms of God and draw out releasing of Heaven here on earth. Even the manifestation of the Will of God evident and real. Not that the prophet is of any significance in himself, but it is He of whom the prophet represents and is firmly united one in that is of value. The way of the prophet is that he presses into Heaven, and in doing so is continually given keys that unlock vast realms. Even doors upon doors of realms and releasing from such. The prophet enters into the Presence of God and never leaves, but here moving and having one’s breath. As Paul says, “in Him we move and have our being” (Acts 17:28)


But has now been revealed by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, who has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. (2 Timothy 1:10 NKJV)

God is a multi and trans-dimensional being, and therefore as a child of God, He desires and has purposed you to become as He, in His Image and Likeness, in ever increasing measure and capacity. This is the continual adventure; the joy of which remains in all that you are, and all that you do. As you come to shake off the old carnal man, the residue of death that came through the Adamic line, you gain capacity to increasingly operate in Heaven. Stepping out of both time and space and gaining capacity of unfathomable interaction with Heaven and its members. 

Immortality is in one’s ability to receive downloads from Heaven that is equivalent to a life time. And gaining capacity to see into things, into the past or the future, and into the inner workings of the soul of a man; both things far and wide. Not only so, but when you speak healing comes and provisions flow, for the members of Heaven respond to the words of your mouth. 

There is a difference between a Prophetic Gift given you of the Lord, and one with the Spirit of Prophecy (Is. 11:2-3).

I tell you the truth, God wants to lift you Above, He wants to seat you in places far Above in the Heavenly realms (Eph. 2:6-7). And here in His Presence ‘move and have your being’. He wants to lose you from the restricting ties of this earth, even as you live and intercede for the world. How then, is it possible for you to be able to bring Heaven to earth if you do not abide here in Heaven? I pray “be loosed in Jesus Name” and come up, that you truly may bring Life to your world at large. 

You know in the Word of God how it speaks of “how far we have fallen from the Glory of God”. Realise that God only speaks like this, because He wants to lift you back up into His Glory, even Glory upon Glory. This is the nature of the repentant heart; one’s deeply rooted desire to continually rise up; gaining and stepping into the perspective of God. If you can gain a hunger for something more than this life, even putting aside this life in a place of honour unto the Lord, then God opens Heaven to you and in this picks you up and lifts you up where He is. 

Paul speaks of earnestly seeking the gift of prophecy. But this is not just sitting down and saying, “Lord, give me this gift of prophecy”, and then flick the TV on with one hand whilst chomping on a burger with another. No, it’s a serious pursuit for serious people. I’d like to share a recent testimony regarding fasting; the implications of which are huge and far-reaching to me. 

I enjoy fasting two or three days a week, for what it opens to me is so much better than food. I fast intermittently through the week but prefer to fast in one go, but for the last few months, I have only been able to ‘survive’ until the night of the second day and then have to break my fast. But sometimes when meeting ‘opposition’ it is the Lord, Himself, who wants you to learn something and gain a greater depths of re-Source. I truly value the experience found in fasting and what it opens up to me, so an opportunity came where I could fast four days; so I really wanted to go for it. 

But again on the second night, a headache started to come on in the evening, and an acid sensation was in my stomach. And as my life is really busy at the moment, I didn’t want to be slowed down. So as I really wanted to press in, I was reminded about how Jesus was ministered to by angels. So, as you know, in these last few chapters, the Lord has been sharing about stepping out of the economy of this world, and stepping into the Economy of Heaven. And He has been teaching me about engaging with the angels assigned, so I called upon my ministering angels (Heb. 1:14) to deal with my headache and discomfort in my stomach; and within seconds it was gone. 

You see, the moral of the story is about gaining a Source that is not of this earth, but gaining capacity to draw directly from Heaven’s Resources. This is what we are talking about, but the breadth and width of it is much bigger than we think. You know what also happened, an energy and vitality came upon me that when I finished the four days I just wanted to continue. 

Ok, so these are my small steps, things I’ve been dealing with. But again an opportunity arose, but this time where I could fast eleven straight days. I was so excited. Realise the implications of this and why this is of value. Not to say anything, but the reality is that the believer, the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, has the opportunity and capacity within them to be ministered and fed, that is, draw directly from Heaven in all areas of this life. Financial, youthful energies, healing, miracles, revelation, rejuvenation, impartation, restoration … and Life! 

Do you see where I am going …? Coming to step out of the economy of this world and step into the Eternal Economy of Heaven. There is much that we face in this life, and there is much the world is going to face in the future (Ez. 14:12-14). But for those who can function strong right in the midst of hardship, even gaining ability to draw effortlessly from Heaven and standing tall, this is good right? Isn’t this where Jesus is trying to lead His people? It is in ‘denying yourself’ that opens you up to access to the Provisions of Heaven. It’s fun, this adventure is seriously fun! And though I am still on training wheels, I am so open to the Lord for Him to further open my eyes and my ears. 

So, I entered into my fast of eleven days, and you know what, I didn’t hunger at all! The Presence of the Lord was most tangible throughout, but what I honestly sensed in my chest area was an electric burning warmth. A mixture between joy and heat … nice, really nice! I felt it for days. So on the twelfth day, I didn’t want to stop at all. Energy levels were high, sleep was less necessary, vitality and strength was heightened … as was the Presence of the Lord. 

Here’s a question, what caused Elijah to run faster than the chariot? What caused Peter to be able to reach out and lift up a cripple? What caused Paul to endure great hardship? What caused Daniel to survive the Lion’s Den? What caused Moses’ eyes not to dim (Deut. 34:7)? What caused Enoch to not be found? I tell you it’s the Light of Life! I tell you it’s the Life and Immortality of God. And what caused Jesus to say regarding John, “what is it to you if I want him to remain till I return?” I tell you it’s Life and Immortality. 

There is a Life and an Immortality that is available in the Lord that causes you to flourish far beyond human capacity and comprehension. A charge, a rejuvenation, a youthful restoration, and energies that surpass years. A Source being developed and established that is rooted in the Eternal realms as you live and breathe on earth. As Jesus stated, “I tell you a mystery … some will not taste death (Mark 16:28, John 21:22, 1 Cor. 55:51). 

Heaven is grooming His children to sit in Heavenly Places. Therefore, as you personally press into God, He will give you the Joy of Life.

Regardless of the Covenants that were in operation prior to Christ, they were all made complete by the Covenant bought by His Blood. So if Elijah did not see death, if Enoch was found no longer … how much more is the Gift of both Life and Immortality yours to eat of today? How much more can you step into the Glory of God? What limitations then, has Jesus put over you? In this area … none at all! Death, or even the fruits of death are made null and void. “Oh death where is your sting …” (1 Cor. 15:55-57)?

However, you cannot receive anything from the Lord when clothed in lust, in greed, in anger, or in fear. But when you enter the Presence of the Lord, His Grace comes upon you and washes away these remnants of death. As you personally come to seek the Presence of the Lord, it is here in His Presence that He Anoints you with the Spirit of Counsel, with the Spirit of Understanding, and the Spirit of Might. And the Fear of God will come upon you and you will delight in the Fear of the Lord. And in your increased interaction with Heaven, the members of Heaven come and involve themselves in your life; and they go out before you and come in behind you. 

Therefore, as you personally come to press into Heaven, the Kingdom of Heaven and its members come upon you and involve themselves in all who you are and all that you do. As the Song of Praise comes and abides in your soul one is lifted up into Life and Immortality, even the Eternal Glory and Power of God comes and rests upon you. As you move and have your being in Him, Eternity and Everlasting Life flows through your veins and the Kingdom of Heaven responds to the Words of your mouth; and are set to action according to the dreams of your heart. This is the Lord that I know, and this is the Nature and Way of Heaven.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord please unite me one in you according to the full Purposes of your own Heart. Lord, please give me increasingly the language of Heaven, that I might see and hear all the more. Lord, I no longer wish to be sensitive or trained by what the god of this Age is saying, but to be attuned unto the Spirit of God. Lord I pray the Light of Life come upon me, even this Song of the Lord to enter my heart, this I pray in Jesus Name. Amen’.

Some extra notes:

1. God desires to be ‘four’. 

Some Scripturual concepts to help support the vision that God desires to be ‘four’. 

Those who do the Will of God are His children. 
Jesus is our brother. 
We are born into the Family of God.
Jesus is coming back for His ‘spotless’ Bride. 
We are called into Eternal union with the Father. 
We have Eternity in our hearts. 
We are made in the Image and Likeness of God.
We have been given rights to enter the Holy of Holies. 
We are seated on the Throne, with Jesus, at the right hand of God. 
We are seated in Heavenly realms. 
We are called ‘kings’ and ‘priests’. 
We will judge angels. 
David refers to us as ‘gods’. 

2. Parable of the Sower. 

  1. In all things refrain from having a hard heart. But instead make firm steps to soften your own hard ground and come simply to believe the Word of God. Even though you may not understand or be able to walk in the fullness of what it speaks. 
  2. The ridicule and scoffing nature of man, both spoken in your ears as well as in your mind, attempt to tear at you continuously. It is the same ridicule and ‘persecution’ that the two of the twelve came under as they said ‘we can cross into the Promise Land’.
  3. The weeds and vines of cares and desires endeavour to strangle you and ultimately desire to ‘possess’ or capture your eternal spirit. 
  4. One of whom continually chooses to step over these three issues, that are common to man, and step into the Presence of Heaven, receive continually and perpetually from the mouth of God. Becoming a people who can both hear and see … and therefore able to receive. 

3. Solomon’s Temple.

To continue to shape some very practical mechanics to help you move clearly forward. Awareness is key, and a firm attitude of approach most important; for together they open you up remarkably in your ability to move swiftly forward. In the earlier chapters of this book (#11, #55, #58) I attempted to paint a picture in reference to the Temple of Solomon. The relevance here is how you can enter into the Holy of Holies of which is as a portal, a bridge, into the Heavenly realms. 

The four places of the Temple of God: the way to the Holy of Holies is always through the Holy Place. The Holy Place in itself is the place where you choose first, in all things, to delight yourself in the Lord and honour Him. It is first coming to leave all cares and issues of this life on the Alter of the Lord, and ‘dress’ yourself to meet one on one with Jesus. The Temple of God is modelled after the Tabernacle of which is itself called the “Tent of Meetings”. This is your purpose, this is your advertised intent; your expressed desire to meet with God, just as Jesus always did

  1. The Outer Court: one makes Jesus Lord and King over their lives – daily in all things. And here moving from being as a ‘foreigner’ in the Outer Court, and stepping into the Inner Court. 
  2. The Inner Court: most believers are unaware that there is anything more available for them, and toggle between the Outer and Inner Courts. God calls it being ‘lukewarm’, it comes by another name as well; the ‘carnal mind’. 
  3. The Holy Place: in learning to approach the Lord, one enjoys sitting at the feet of Jesus. Seeking the Lord purely for the Lord Himself, is as like being one of the Five Virgins who eagerly waited. Then the Groom comes and He takes you behind closed doors.
  4. The Holy of Holies: the place of physical engagement with Heaven, just as Jesus always had. Abiding under an Open Heaven with great and unceasing interaction – and ever increasing.