Chapter 62 A Company of Angels


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#62 A Company of Angels


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Day #62: Rending the Heavens
A Company of Angels

What a privilege it is that one can love the Lord with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their mind, and with all their strength; and with the same reverent firm and purposed intent – seek Him. And through this seeking, finding an intimacy being developed of which delves right into the vast Eternal realms of God. And here living in continual enjoyment and in the Bliss of rich interactions with Heaven, and the members thereof; even a company of angels.

Come therefore, and gain a heart that steps fully out of carnal thinking and the confines of a flesh-dependent cage; and here, stepping into the Impartation zone of the Presence of God. One of whom comes to decisively choose to wait upon the Lord, expresses an open longing for the Spirit’s Hand to move forward. Through a culture of prayer and fasting (Matt. 17:17-21), waiting upon the Lord, and earnestly seeking Heaven manifest; one becomes most pliable. Pliable in that the Spirit is free to swiftly mould you that you may be able to host a greater capacity to operate from Above. For without a soft and pliable heart, a willing and eager soul, the believer remains brittle and is so easily fractured when the Spirit tries.

The Father longs for the believer to participate more in the Heavenly realms, for a key principle of God is “not by might, not by strength; but by my Spirit”. So therefore, coming to gain an Intimacy with the Father, of the likeness that Christ Jesus walked in (John 1:18), one begins to move in the realms of where Jesus Himself moves. Where a believer operates from a place that is far above the carnal origins of the dust, but enters in and operates from Heavenly realms.

I heard a missionary recently, speak of how she went into a village, knowing full well that they were active cannibals. She knew, but she went anyway. Not only so, but only a week earlier eight missionaries were eaten – and this she also knew. What makes her different, what is it that she carries? Here is the answer …

A believer that honestly chooses, for themselves, to wait upon the Lord; to stop, be still, and know the Lord shall be strengthened; and in this the Father becomes increasingly active (Ps. 46:10, Is. 40:31, Is. 64:1-4). The Father stepping down and engaging, releasing also ‘members’ of the Kingdom of Heaven to interact and be most active on your behalf. And in this interaction, a catalyst of great change comes. Catalyst upon catalysts of change comes as a knowing of God is impressed upon your spirit, your soul, your mind, and your flesh. This is the way of the Spirit of God; first as a trickle, then as a flow, then as a broad uncontainable river. In recognising your need for the manifest Presence of Heaven, you gain immeasurable capacity to hear and see what the Father is doing.

Jesus, Himself, did not operate in His own understanding or strength, but openly declared that He is incapable of Himself and totally dependent on the Father (John 5:19-20, 8:28). So if this was the reality for Jesus, realise it is our reality as well. So coming then to earnestly long for, and seek Heaven manifest, Heaven is drawn and is attracted. Heaven naturally responding and beginning to visit and interact with you. But not only so but you, yourself, can “go in and out, and find pasture” just as you please (John 10:9). Go where, but Heaven of course – in spirit. For this is how Jesus walked and lived His life. So to be able to do the same as He, we must go where He, Himself, always went. The Door is open, therefore go in. For how else did Jesus see what the Father was doing? He saw it in the Eternal realms of where He always spent time, and to here He abided as He lived and walked this life.

What we are after is the Will of God fluently being done in this world, just as it is in Heaven …

Love is a deep, rich, and powerful principle of the Gospel. Same as Faith, Rest and Hope. But what I would like to emphasise is the powerful principle of ‘Wait’. That is, earnestly waiting upon the Lord; being still and coming to KNOW the Lord.

In continuation of the previous chapters …

Theme Scripture:
OH, THAT You would rend the heavens and that You would come down, that the mountains might quake and flow down at Your presence – As when fire kindles the brushwood and the fire causes the waters to boil – to make Your name known to Your adversaries … For from of old no one has heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen a God besides You, Who works and shows Himself active on behalf of him who earnestly waits for Him. (Isaiah 64:1–4 AMPC)

This continuing theme Scripture expresses a very precious and most powerful reality. That regardless of who, or where you are, you can purposefully stop, just stop … and set your soul to wait upon the Lord. And in this, seeing the Father rend the Heavens and step down showing Himself most active and strong on your behalf. For as you seek first the Kingdom of Heaven … Heaven comes. One begins to experience open interactions with Heaven; including its members and its citizens. This is of immeasurable value to you personally, but also to your family and your world at large. Not by might, not by strength … but by the Spirit of God.

Through this honouring of heart unto Heaven, one is Honoured from Above and even brought up, and here being given greater capacity for continual interactions with Heaven; just as Christ Jesus of whom went before us. This is for all the generations, for all who might come to believe. The ‘Kingdom of Heaven come’ means just that; Heaven comes. Your spirit is the gateway, for you hold Eternity in your heart (Eccl. 3:11). So as you direct your soul unto the Lord you engage with Eternity, even the Eternal realms of Heaven of where you come to see and hear, and be imparted from.

So in order to become powerful in God: instead of being controlled from the flesh and the mind, then down through to your soul and unto your spirit. You need to allow the Holy Spirit to gain control; and this through your spirit, then into your soul, into your mind, and now unto your flesh. In this you are propagating Heaven’s rich interaction in your life. Gaining eyes and ears into the Eternal realms and drawing the same thereof. ‘He who hears let him hear’ … Jesus always used this phrase, now you understand its meaning. You gain the ability to peer into the things of the realms of Heaven, and therefore from here able to peer into this earthly world irrespective of time and space. This is the way of the prophet, this is the way of the worker of miracles; this is the way of God.

If you live a day without the Bliss of the Presence of God … it is something that you have chosen and no one else. Heaven desires interaction with you, but you have to choose to interact with God.

Your ability to bring Heaven manifest into your world is most astounding, and in this, God desires to open your eyes and ears. He desires to give you ‘eyes that see’ and ‘ears that hear’, and in this your mind being continually renewed even your flesh (John 3:11, 5:37-44). It is here, in the secret place, that awareness comes and doors are unlocked; Keys given you that open huge Doors in the Heavenly realms.

Are not the angels all ministering spirits (servants) sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation? (Hebrews 1:14 AMPC)

 Here is a reality for you: as a believer one can be assigned a company of angels, even many companies. This is gained according to the honour you, yourself, hold for the Kingdom of Heaven. I tell you the truth, if you truly honour the Kingdom of Heaven, Heaven comes increasingly manifest in your life. Mysteries revealed and made clear to you, mysteries upon mysteries as the Ancient Hidden things are made plain and contemporary to you. “He who has, more will be given. He who has not, even that of which he has will be taken away” (Matt. 13:12).

 There is the Word of God, and then there is revelation that comes from Him. But in the deliberate act of coming to wait upon the Lord, a knowing comes upon you that is not of the flesh or mind at all. It is beyond revelation, it is impartation. But for so many, through ignorance or indifference, the active realities of Heaven seem most distant and far removed. Heaven seeming so distant as though one is marooned on this earth. Retaining even the firm assumption that Heaven can only be entered upon a person’s death.

But here is the Truth of the Gospel: as you come to seek the Spirit first, even denying or crucifying the flesh; you participate with the Cross and Crucifixion. Jesus speaks of it in a number of ways, but here He says, “take up your Cross and follow me” … even “deny yourself and take up your Cross daily”. So as you come and identify in His death you also are able to identify in His Resurrection, ie; participating with Him in His Resurrection (Phil. 3:10-11, Rom. 6:3-8, Gal. 2;20). You becoming able to interact with the Eternal realms of Heaven in ways unfathomable, as Jesus always did. But death is key, and as you identify with Christ’s death you are raised able to enter and participate in where He is now.

Just as Jesus had capacity and said to Nathanael, “I saw you under the fig tree” (John 1:43-51), so you too will have eyes that can see through both time and space and peer into people’s lives and situations. Jesus was able to see into His adversaries and know their thoughts before they spoke. This is the way of the Kingdom of Heaven. And just as Jesus saw into the life of Lazarus, Mary and Martha’s brother, He was able to see into the situation and bring about a most joyous turn of events. Not only so but as one abiding in the Eternal realms and interacting with the members of Heaven, one can release healing with a word … “your servant is healed”.

This is what is purposed and offered the believer here and today, for all who might believe. The Word of God provides a ‘grid’ of understanding, but it is the Spirit that makes these things a living reality. Jesus speaks of earthly things in order to provide a framework so that He can speak and show you Heavenly things. This is why ‘death’ is so important, for in death one is given full access to Heaven; even through the identifying and honouring of the Cross. Ah, the wonders of our walk with Jesus … may our walk turn into flight, even free flight in the Spirit of God!

The Kingdom of Heaven has come, but remains unmanifest if you don’t care at all. But if you truly wish to see the Kingdom of Heaven alive, active, and most real in your daily life, and that of your family, deny yourself and seek it (Matt. 16:24). In your zeal for the Kingdom come, put aside your flesh for it is useless and even an obstruction to you. Truly, honour Jesus’ Crucifixion by coming to share in His death, that you truly may be raised with Him and participate in His Resurrection.

In honouring the Kingdom of Heaven, Heaven becomes magnified upon you. This is what we want, and this is what your world of need needs; this is how Jesus was able to see and was able to hear. So honour is key, and humility and meekness a most valuable asset to you. One cannot stand before an Eternal angel with pride, let alone the Spirit of God, Jesus, or the Father? Deep honour and reverence, humility and respect, and genuine longing oh heart is key. These things truly are a great asset to you.

This place gains you liberal and unfettered access to the Heavenly realms, right in the Bliss of His Presence. This is most fun and is a most enjoyable adventure. What is more, as a child of the Living God, one born of Christ Jesus, it is all yours; Heaven is your Home … it is your Inheritance. Therefore, it is yours to freely access here and today. And who is waiting for you? The Father climbs a hill and keeps His eye out for you every day (Luke 15:20). Let there come a shift in your thinking and in how you approach the Lord. However, in this, do firmly guard yourself from the ‘yeast’ of the Pharisees (Matt. 23:13).

A company of angels: imagine for a moment that your Father assigned you a company of angels. How would it be then, that though they are there with you, that you never honoured or acknowledge them at all? Here they are with great capacity to bring real and solid input into your daily life, but you make no honoured time to sit with them at all. That is not wise. In your busy-ness of life you can get so consumed, giving no honour to the one who can not only help and bless, but of who can fully redeem the time you have given.

In the Kingdom of God, the citizens and members of Heaven talk audibly, and they are free to see and be shown many things. But also, more importantly, is the fact that in Heaven communication comes through impartation and transference … a ‘knowing’. On earth you may read about someone, but wouldn’t it be nice to meet them? In Heaven, however, you not only meet them but ‘experience’ them. That is, they in you and you in them; a knowing comes upon you as though you have lived their very lives.

In the same way, when you stop and be still, and seek the Presence of God, you ‘experience’ Him. And here a transference and impartation starts to come upon you. His thoughts and His feelings being impressed, experienced, and imparted. The more that you are prepared to seek the Presence of Heaven, the more that you gain capacity to behold Him all the more. A ‘grid’ is formed in you that is able to be built upon; a ‘scaffolding’ of which the ‘building’ can be constructed. Sometimes the framework is massive but now you can receive the infilling of things, far beyond comprehension. This is the way of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore, not only are you given ability, but you are also given increasing capacity to freely walk and participate in the fullness of them. Facet upon facet, Glory upon Glory, even in the fullness of the Son; walking as He IS now, but here on this earth. As you give honour and place to wait upon the Lord; you are actually giving Jesus license to lead you into the realms of Heaven. Here enjoying transference, transmissions, and impartations of that of which IS the Lord’s being inserted Alive in you.


He says, “be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalms 46:10 NIV)

The Autumn Rains: in personally coming to honour the Lord and giving Him time, time is given you; pressed down shaken together and running over. If you honour the Lord in fasting, you can live in open experience of being ministered into and fed by angels. If you honour the Lord in your finances, God returns it multiplied, even coming to step out of your reliance of it. If you honour the Lord in devouring His Word, revelation upon revelation comes; better even is this, that the Words from Heaven start flowing richly into your soul. If you honour the Lord in your earnest pursuit of Heaven come, then Heaven manifests in signs and great wonders; pressed down shaken together and running over. Therefore, enter the Rest of the Lord, the powerful realm of His Eternal abode.

In honouring the Kingdom of Heaven: angels assigned to you are given rights to organise your schedule, to go out before you and prepare all things in all your goings. They even speeding up time for you, or slowing it down. The Kingdom of Heaven is a lot of fun. Angels planning together the outworking of Heaven to be made manifest in your life, this very day, even thwarting the schemes of the Enemy, and trumping all their plans; you do not have to say a thing or defend yourself in any way. Angels bringing you inventive and creative ideas; even great initiatives, strength, and vitality. Angels gently whispering into your children showing them the right way, and angels speaking into and over your spouse and your family at large.

Angels introducing you to Saints of Old, even the Cloud of Witnesses speaking encouragement to you and opening you unto Hidden mysteries (Matt. 17, Heb. 12:1). Angels bringing Gifts from Heaven even opening Vials of Anointing; the orchestration of Heaven being prepared and made ready for you to access at this moment of time. Stepping out of the limited constraints of this four-dimensional world, and stepping into the unfathomable and Immortal realities of God. Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven …!

Instead of going out in your world only operating in your own flesh, you, as a child of God, go out with an entourage of Heaven. Do you not realise now, that in this, you are operating and walking just as Jesus walked this earth? Isn’t that our most elementary and most basic level of our calling: to be as Christ Jesus is, in this world? His Seed being made mature in you, growing in maturity unto maturity into His full likeness day by day. Ah, the adventure! Tended to by your Gardener, watered by the Spirit, and fed by the Hand of Jesus … here, right here, is the value of waiting upon the Lord. Being formed into His very likeness, from Glory to Glory, and freely participating in the same (2 Cor. 3:18).

Being born again in the Kingdom of God, is a birth … it is not the end but a wonderful path of beginning. It is a birth from the womb of God and not a tomb. The Kingdom of Heaven that is ‘birthed’ in you is a beginning to the vastness of which you can enjoy. Enjoy delving into and participating in its mysteries increasingly each and every day. It’s secrets being unravelled and realised active upon your life. Heaven stepping down in all its various facets and becoming alive and real in your life. Joys unspeakable, Praise unceasing, Vision inexpressible, and Entrance into things far beyond the human condition. Truly you are a New Creation, an alien in this world of whose origins and DNA is now of the Eternal realms. Jesus Alive in you, not dead, but Alive. He in you, and you in Him. His same Resurrected Glory made flesh and Alive in you!

So, as you open yourself up in honour of the Kingdom of Heaven, it’s members are made active in you by the praise retained in your own soul. In this case, the company of angels that the Father has assigned you, are honoured as well, for they only seek to honour the Son. For where the honour of the Lord resides so too does the hosts of Heaven. For His angels sing in Eternal praise before Jesus, of whom you, yourself, have throned daily in your life.

This is the path of the Wise, and this path makes way for the members of Heaven to come freely forth. Would it not be best to make time and sit quietly with your angels, even with the Lord, and just live in enjoyment of the Presence of Heaven? But what could you say to them anyway? Many times it’s just best to be still and come to know your God. Singing praise in your soul and express longing for the Lord.

I tell you something here, sometimes the greatest honour you can give is just to keep your mouth closed; honouring the Lord instead with attentive ears. For the best way to honour a Chef is to simply sit and enjoy His Meal; the Banquet that He, Himself, has prepared for you (Luke 12:37). Come wait upon the Lord, wait, for the Food that is served you of the Lord, gains you capacity to step into the unlimited nature and vast possibilities of Heaven. Even mounting up on wings like eagles and soaring free in the limitless Economy of Heaven as a brand New Creation in God.

The members of Heaven, even the ministering angels of God, have been sent you, gifted you, and given you to walk with, here in this life. And for you to interact and live in enjoyment of their participation. For this is simply how Jesus lived, and He of whom points for you too, to do and live just the same as He. Honour the Kingdom of Heaven … allow and give place for its members to engage and be given opportunity to provide rich input to the workings of your daily life. Avoid taking matters into your own hands all the time, running around with your head chopped off … stop, be still, and know the Lord. Go sit ‘under a tree’ somewhere and say, “I love you Lord”, “I long for you Lord”, “I seek the Presence of Heaven”.

Honour the Lord and not the pressing issues, here you are giving Heaven full license to move on your behalf. The more that this is your nature, the more that you find Heaven involved in your life. Not only does the Presence of Heaven come upon you, but you enjoy engaging with all its members, and see them at work in your life. Be still, and know the Lord, and in this you find yourself also being lifted up into Heaven and brought into unspeakable things. Layer upon layer, world upon world, wonders upon wonders. This is the way of the Kingdom of God, and here you are following Jesus in that of which He lived in active and open experience. And of which was the joy set before His eyes as He faced the Cross. Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven!

I therefore, so greatly encourage you in the Lord: come, be still, and know the Lord. Be encouraged to give time to honour the Lord in the secret place, and in this much time, energies, ideas, and blessings will be given in its place … including the increased Anointing of the Lord!

What a wonderful entrance the Lord has given, that you can walk arm in arm with your Heavenly Father as like in the Garden of Eden. But I would like to shift this picture to one in Heaven; the Father is calling you, and has purposed you, to walk with Him in the Eternal realms of Heaven, this very day. Coming to eat freely of the Tree of Life, and drinking deeply of the Waters of the River of God. Walking arm in arm with the Lord, in Heaven, whilst you still have breath on this earth. This is how Jesus lived as He walked this earth, this then is our calling, to walk in the likeness of Him.

Closing Scripture:
People that know their God shall be strong, and do (great) exploits. (Daniel 11:32)

 Pray this prayer with me. ‘Wow Lord, what you have gifted and made available to me is astounding. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes, I pray that you may continue to do so, even giving me eyes to see as Christ Jesus. Lord, I choose to set my heart to wait upon you, this very hour, to go into the lonely place to sit and seek your Face; even for the loveliness of your Person. I desire to honour you and eat from your Banqueting Table that you may fulfil your full purposes in me, to the honour of your Name. Bless you Jesus, Amen’.