Chapter 61 Autumn Rains


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Day #61: Release Life
“Autumn Rains”

Theme Verse:
As they pass through the Valley of Baka, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. (Psalms 84:6)

The mystery in seeking the Presence of Heaven … and here discovering Ancient Wells of things long lost to the thought, the awareness, and the consciousness of man. God desires to pour out His Spirit, in our time, in a magnitude greater than that even described in the book of Acts. It is one thing to earnestly dig into the depths of the Spirit of God, but it is another thing experiencing when God responds from Above. When He, in His own Delight, brings Rain as well.

To begin: many people have experienced the Presence of God in their own lives, and also in the gathering of the congregations of believers. Some have had very powerful experiences, and even now carry within them capacity to enter deeply into the Presence of God whenever they wish. Sensing and experiencing His Majesty, His Love, and His Beauty gracing their lives. However, when I refer to this widely used phrase “seeking the Presence of God”, many do not necessarily engage any further, due to their own personal rich understanding and experience. So then, I thought to paint a clearer picture of what I personally mean when using this broad term. Perhaps I should use another phrase, however, seeking the manifest Presence of Heaven is the right expression. But one thing I retain for sure: is a retained clear and focused purpose and intent; I seek that of which God, Himself, desires to bring … and that is the ‘Autumn Rains’.

Let me shape a beginning here …

Opening Scripture:
How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. Blest are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you. Blest are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baka, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion. Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. Lord Almighty, blest is the one who trusts in you. (Psalms 84)

What I would like to emphasise here is verse six, where it mentions “autumn rains”. This particular verse leapt right off the page to me a few years ago, after I had already begun living in open experience of daily encounters in the Presence of God. This same Presence of Heaven of which I seek in great earnest to this very day and to this very hour. This verse, being one of many, exemplifies what I have been experiencing in the Lord; since the first day that I honestly chose to bow down and taking up a culture of prayer and fasting, sought the manifest Presence of Heaven (Dan. 10:10-12).

Let me begin to unwrap this for you …

The ‘Valley of Baka’, to me, is a place of vast spiritual barrenness. So in this place, one could choose to be despondent and defeated, giving up and going elsewhere; and even looking for something else altogether. But here I am, and here, right here and now, I personally choose to dig for Water. That is, I seek the manifest Presence of God; the Spirit, Heaven, and the manifest Kingdom of God with the determination and intent of a rightful heir. The Word of God expresses things that are well beyond what I see openly in this world, so to these very things I pursue and take hold of as I seek the Presence of the Lord.

To me then, the Valley of Baka is a type, a representation of a land that is spiritually barren. Barren of Heaven, barren of genuine active encounters of the Living God; barren of open and tangible manifestations, outpoured revelations, and even the outpouring of the Spirit of the Living God. These things have flowed in past generations, but these things I call upon to flow abundantly this very day. There is a barrenness in the land, a barrenness of the free-flowing Word and Revelation spoken from the very mouth of God unto the hearts and minds of man. Now I could go, as the many, and walk away; or become idle and get caught up in this life, or I could otherwise respond to what the Word is clearly saying and go dig for the Treasures of Heaven.

In this, however, I realise that it is God’s way that as I dig down in earnest search for Water, Heaven responds; God in His own Delight brings Rain as well. So here and now; right here where I am right now; I seek the Lord. However, my seeking isn’t just in the mindset or parameters of this life and the ways of this world, but it is firmly in the mindset of Heaven. Let me explain. We are seeking God, we are not seeking water. We are seeking the Living Waters of God and not static unresponsive mindless water. Earthly water does bring life, but Heavenly Water is in itself Life; and it is the very conscious essence of God Himself. Does that make sense?

Ok, so, in seeking the Presence of God, I seek with expectation for a clear and definite response. Not only in where I am digging, but also from Above. So in light of this Scripture; I decisively, and with purpose dig for the Presence of God; knowing full well that God will respond with “Autumn Rain”. Not only will He respond in Spirit and in Presence, but He will also respond in Power and in Fire (Acts 2:3)!

So to continue; in my own manual and physical effort to seek the Presence of God, I use the tools that are openly expressed in Scripture, and were held dear in the culture of the Greats, such as:

– A single eyed hunger and thirst, ie; ‘a deep sense of longing and need’.
– Meditation of the Word of God, ie; ‘coming to know who, where, and why you are digging; and what you can expect’.
– With the pick-axe called ‘praise and worship’, ie; ‘digging and breaking up hard ground’.
– With the shovel called ‘prayer and fasting’, ie; ‘Devine Breakthrough, and Devine Assistance by the Hand of God’.
– With a chair called ‘Rest’, ie; ‘a deep and eternal confidence in the Lord your God’.
– And with a rug to lie on and Wait comfortably upon your Lord, ie; ‘eyes firmly fixed and set in wait expecting the natural response of Heaven’.

So for me, in starting to dig with clear purpose of intent, eventually I start finding moisture in the dryness of the ground. The coolness and refreshing moisture of the Presence of God. This being found here right in the midst of this dry, barren, and lifeless place. The Joy of the Presence of the Lord comes, and His Presence is magnified upon me. This moisture is abundant to find for all who take their time to earnestly seek the Presence of God.

But for me, I don’t stop here, for I know that there is more … much, much more. With the vision that is firm in my eyes, and with the same tools I press on all the more; for I know that there are pools of water to be found. And with the same delight that I started with, and with the same anticipation, I seek the manifest Presence of Heaven all the more … I don’t let up.

So then, as I continue to dig, in this retained culture of heart and purpose, what is it then that I find? My feet become surrounded by water, as pools of water start rising up. Ah, the overwhelming Joy of the Lord and the sweet fragrance of His Presence, I drop to the ground and fall on my knees. Right across my flesh, and in the depths of my mind and soul … I feel the deep invigorating freshness of the Glory of the Lord tangibly washing over me. Pulsating waves of the Glory of God. And here, I drink deeply of the Waters of Heaven, and I bathe in the Living and Healing Waters of the manifest Presence of God.

But again, I do not stop here, for I know that there is more. My vision is as before; there is a flow that I am seeking, a Spring, the effervescent and continual abundant flow of the River of God. This is my vision, my purpose, and my focus; and it is my firm intent. So I gladly labour and strive on, even in a greater delight digging deeper. But there is something different now, it is though there are Hands helping me; there is a Strength and Delight given me of the Lord. It is His Love washing over me in very real and manifest realities. My strength has become like the youths, and I have energies far beyond. I mount up on wings like eagles and soar with the lightest of ease. And with the same energies that caused Elijah to outrun the chariot, I press on, I dig on. And just as the angels ministered into the flesh, the mind, and the soul of Jesus, as He sought the Lord in the wilderness for forty days; I have the same sense of vitality in me to dig all the more.

Jesus; full of the Word of God, baptised and filled with the Spirit of God, still said that of Himself He could do nothing. So, led by the Spirit, He continually sought the Presence of Heaven in the Secret Place then He came to the people full of the Anointing and Power of God (Luke 4:14).

I would like to say this here: this is the same Presence of God that Jesus abided in. It is the same Presence that He lived in an active sense and experience of, throughout His whole life; till the day of the Cross (Matt. 27:46). It is the same Presence of God that ministered into His spirit, His soul, His mind, and His flesh since He was a child. And though He was baptised and filled with the Spirit of God, He always sought the Presence of Heaven in the Secret Place; with great earnestness. He sought it in a way that is foreign in our modern Christian cultures. Therefore, from His own closed sessions in the Presence of the Lord, His abiding and remaining under the Shadow of the Almighty; He carried the Anointing and Power of God wherever He went. And as He said that He could do nothing in Himself, so He says the same to the Born Again, Spirit Filled believer this very day. Though we too are a son of God, if we want to walk under the Anointing of Heaven and carry the Glory of God … Jesus has shown us the right Path. This place is far from the ‘barrenness’ that is common in the land, but is full of the Life and the Richness of God; one beholding and carrying the Glory of Heaven.

To continue in digging … to press in further …

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb. (Revelations 22:1 NIV)

There is a river that flows from the Throne of the Lamb, that I know exists, because I believe and take to heart the Word of God. I believe what I read in the Bible, and I hunger for the Word of Life more than my daily bread, and even more than the needs that are set before me. Therefore, I am well fed and most greatly revived. So I dig. I dig on all the more. I dream of the open flowing Waters, not just pools, and not just moisture. Though the Presence of God found in the moisture is most precious and abundant; even the pools and the effervescent Springs of the Presence of God that alights my soul; but I am after is the River of God. I know it exists, and I know that it is there for me, therefore I am led on; fed and strengthened by my constant drinking deep of the Life found in this Spring. But I want the more that the Spirit of the Living God has offered and has presented clearly throughout His Word … therefore, I dig on.

My eyes were made open by the Word of God and instead of dying here in this barren land, I believed it and I was fed from the very Words of the pages of the Bible. But I found that the more I dug, the more that I found; for as I dug, Words of Life started to speak rejuvenating and even invigorating my very flesh. And in this place, Words started to flow right from the mouth of God into my soul, just like Manna of old (Deut. 8:3). I have hungered for the Words that proceed from the mouth of God and the Lord has responded in kind; with the perpetual flow of His Word, the constant chatter of the Words of Life pouring and speaking into my soul.

This same Word was evident in Christ Jesus since He was a boy. This same Word spoke in the heart of Peter when he proclaimed to Jesus that He is “the Christ, the Son of the Living God”. And this same Word spoke into the Roman Centurion, of whom not only recognised Jesus, but understood the place of where Jesus was positioned in the realms of Heaven, and the Authority of which He held. So, full of the same Joy of the Lord, I keep digging; even in greater Delight, given me of the Lord, I keep digging all the more.

Unbeknownst to me, whilst I dig, the Clouds have gathered. And as I dig, I feel heavy droplets of Water on my face … and before I realise the Rains come. The Word of God that is in my reading, and that is in my heart, has spoken of the Latter Rain (Joel 2:23). This is my real and true dream, this that is now being realised before my very eyes. I have pressed in digging for Water knowing full well that Water will be found, even more Water than one could ever need; but I have not dug for this alone, but with the knowledge that my Heavenly Father will bring abundant Rain as well … even the ‘Autumn Rains’.

However, I know that I have only just begun to scratch the surface of all that the Father desires to do, and will do in my lifetime. And I speak prophetically here; just as Elijah saw a cloud the size of a hand, I too have seen the Rain falling, though at this stage only small; even just the size of a hand. I prophesy this day, that the Rains are coming even abundantly, even as a torrential Rain. In the town I live in Cairns Australia, we have monsoon rain that is a marvel to see. But I say this, these are but a trickle compared to what is coming in the Spirit.

I seek the Presence for myself, yes, I even jealously pursue the Presence of God for myself, just as the Father has Jealousy (Ex. 34:14) pursued my presence for Himself (Luke 15:20). For the Father’s Love is such an Intimate and intentional Love, a very warm and embracing Love; so I give Him my all, just as He has given me His all. However, I myself cannot hold back the power of the River, and nor can the Rains be contained. I have purposed myself for the manifest Presence of Heaven, and Heaven now comes. Heaven comes like a River and even is coming as a torrential Rain across this barren land … this Great Southern Land of the Holy Ghost. I, therefore, call upon the ‘Lord of the Harvest’ to send out workers into His field (Matt. 9:38).

My Lord, Himself, has stepped down into my midst, a first of many steps, and though whilst I was digging His Presence has been so overwhelmingly wonderful. But now that He has physically stepped down, even rending the very heavens and stepping down in my midst; it is an awe-inspiring Wonder. But even this is just the beginning, it is only as a small cloud the size of a man’s fist. My Heavenly Father comes in response to all who ‘earnestly wait upon the Lord’, for this is His very Nature, and He will not deny Himself. This is the Heart of the Father and the proclamation of His own Word.

OH, THAT You would rend the heavens and that You would come down, that the mountains might quake and flow down at Your presence – As when fire kindles the brushwood and the fire causes the waters to boil – to make Your name known to Your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Your presence! When You did terrible things which we did not expect, You came down; the mountains quaked at Your presence. For from of old no one has heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen a God besides You, Who works and shows Himself active on behalf of him who [earnestly] waits for Him. (Isaiah 64:1-4 AMPC)

Again I prophesy; just as Elisha prophesied over the dead men’s bones (Ez. 37:4), I prophesy this. This Scripture in Isaiah may have had great relevance and place in history, however, I prophesy that it is purposed for this very day, and for this very hour … in Jesus Name! My Heavenly Father is stepping down in our midst, to show Himself active and strong on behalf of all who earnestly seek Him with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

A side note: I have been told that I am an introvert. But I say this, Jesus cannot be contained. I draw continually near to Him for I know it is He of whom desires to burst forth like a torrential rain. Many listen to Religious demons, embracing and harkening to them even more than the Word of God, and even more than the very Spirit of the Lord. I break, bind, and cast out this obstructive demon; no longer will it retain a hold over the hearts and minds of the children of God … in Jesus Name!

A question? How is it that a tree could possibly survive, at all, without roots? Especially in barren and hard times, even in a barren land where the Revelation and Power of God is so rare (1 Sam. 3:1). How is it that one could survive without a tap-root drawing deep from the Water Table? I tell you this, God desires to plant you by a Spring, even by a River, and you shall produce Fruit in and out of season (Ps. 1:3, Jer. 17:8, Is. 41:18, Is. 43:19, Mark 11:13); even in the barrenness that is around you. And many will come from far and wide and find shade and cover, and they too will be revived. They too will be enlivened to dig their own roots deep into the Heart of Life.

Would you build a building without any care or any effort towards the foundations (Luke 14:28)? And again, if you had a great vision and a great plan, that you would love to see fulfilled, would you not take your time and establish your foundations deep into the Lord of Grace? Would you not devour the Word so that your house may be established firmly on the Rock (Luke 6:46-49)? Jesus, though He was the Word made flesh, took thirty years in open dialogue with the Father before He started His ministry. And I tell you the truth, the same capacity of a life, filled with open dialogue in the Father, has been presented to you by the work of the Son. And it is to this open dialogue that the Father has called you to, and the Church itself is built upon (Matt. 16:18); “man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4). Your unceasing prayer life (1 Thes. 5:17) builds you “from strength to strength, till you appear before God in Zion” … and truly better is “one day in His Courts than a thousand elsewhere”. This for your own life, yes, but it cannot be contained but flows on affecting your whole world.

I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen (He inclines His ear to me), I will pray as long as I have breath! (Psalms 116:1-2 NLT/NKJV)

God steps down in my midst because He said He would; He steps off His throne and inclines His ear to me. My Father is true to His Word, and His Word declares that He will ‘rend the Heaven’ for each one of us; He will declare and proclaim to Heaven to step down in the midst of those who earnestly seek Him. The Father scouts over the whole world looking for people who might worship Him in Spirit and in truth, and to they, He comes (John 4:23-24). He steps off His very Throne just to incline His ear to me because I seek Him as a little child. And unless I approach Him this way, I would never see the Open Heavens that the Father desires to pour out upon me (Matt. 18:3). However, there is nothing in me that is of any good at all; but He, Himself, inserts of His Goodness in me.

If the Lord has called us to bring Life to this dying world, what is it that I can do in my own flesh? For in truth I am no different than they. What is it that I can do in my own strength and understanding? It is the Lord that we are called to bring, and it is the same Lord that we point to, and are called to elevate before the eyes of all peoples that they might be healed (Matt. 13:15, John 3:14). It is the Lord Jesus that we are called to lead people to, not to our own understanding of Him. Of our flesh, we can do not a thing, just as our Lord and Saviour clearly stated that He, Himself, could do nothing (John 5:19, 5:30, 15:5). This He states most clearly though He was the Word made flesh, and was baptised and filled with the Spirit of God, and Anointed from on High. No, He always sought the Presence of God; He always sought the Presence of Heaven. He has shown us the Way, He has openly expressed the Tools of Heaven to us that even Heaven itself may descend right here in our midst, even the Father rending the Heavens and Personally stepping down.

If we were instructed to cut down a grove of trees, would we use our hands? Would we use our fingernails or even our own teeth? No, of course not. And even if we were given an axe would you use the right side? Would you even take the time to sharpen it? Of course, we know that a well-sharpened axe makes for light work (Matt. 11:30, Eccl. 10:10). But what if I was to suggest that there is more? What if I was to suggest that the Father has angels ready to assign you that work alongside you as well? And just as you dig for Water, knowing full well that God brings Rain; when you seek the Presence of God your Sword is sharpened. The Father, Himself, even fashions you to become a sharpen instrument (Is. 41:15), and not only so, but the Heavens are rent and angels step down right in your midst, and they with drawn swords. They do not tire, and they see far and wide, their swords are long and sharp, and they work even when you sleep. Would you not find this of some good, would you not be encouraged, would not also those amongst you and those within your world at large?

The manifest Kingdom of God, what is this do you think? Yes, Jesus is sufficient, and so too is the Father and the Holy Ghost. But if you were in Heaven, is it only they that you would see? Is Heaven a barren and empty place? Is it a vast room that echoes? No, it is full of the Hosts of Heaven and many, many rooms and realms of rooms of Provisions, as well as a cloud of Witnesses. So, when we pray “your Kingdom come”, what is that in the Father’s eyes? As you seek the Presence of Heaven, would you not like your eyes opened (2 Kings 6:17)? Would you like your mind shifted from a carnal mindset unto the Mind of Christ, by the Whispers of Heaven in your soul? The god of this Age works to impress his limited vision and mindset upon the hearts and minds of man, and man makes themselves such easy targets. But now you know what is available, what is it that you will do?

Ask yourself a question, who then is it that the Lord of the Harvest would send out to bring in His Harvest (Matt. 9:38)? In Heaven, is God sending out a decree to an empty room? No, the angels go forth (Matt. 13:39, Rev. 14:15), legion upon legion. And when you too go out in response to the call, do you go out on your own, in your flesh and in your knowledge, and with your little workers tool-bag with Jesus written on it? Or is it not the truth, that as Jesus who lived His life under Jacob’s Ladder (John 1:51), that you too have the same opportunity? For both you and I, born of the Living God, are of the same Root; the same Branch, the same Spirit, the same Kingdom, the same Father, and seated on the same Throne with Jesus. You and I are purposed to be fashioned in the full Image of Christ Jesus, to live and walk just as our Resurrected Christ Jesus, but here in this world (1 John 4:17).

When you pray specifically for a need, are you not releasing the angels to go before you? When you speak does not Life and Spirit come from your mouth? What is that? When you speak you release the Spirit of the Living God, even the “heavenly lights” of the Father (Jam. 1:17). You do this. Look at the power that is in your mouth when you become one rooted firmly and securely upon the Rock of Life; when you firmly throne Christ Jesus as Lord and King over your life. So when you intercede on behalf of the lost and broken, even the town of which you live; are you not calling upon the Lord of the Harvest to set to charge a host of angels? Are you not even setting to charge the company of angels that have been assigned to you?

In the beginning of the book of Revelations, who is it that John the Revelator is addressing? Is Jesus addressing the pastors of the Seven Churches? Is He addressing the apostles or the elders? No, He is addressing the angels of each church specifically (Rev. 2:1). When you intercede and through praise and worship, and prayer and fasting, implore the Kingdom of God come; that lives be saved, strongholds be broken, and the healing and saving Grace of the Lord may flow. What is it that you are doing? Can you not see that the Power that is found in the seeking of the manifest Presence of Heaven, is not the most powerful thing in the Universe? For angels go out with their swords drawn and prepare even for the Lord of Glory to step down in your midst. And they themselves make a Highway clear and wide for the Lord our Saviour; on the back of the prayers of your heart, your soul, your mind, and your flesh.

You and I are a portal, a gateway, for the Kingdom of God for our world. When you speak a company of angels are set to task to fulfil the words of your own mouth. You, born from Above, one as an alien visiting this earth; when you speak you release the Life of Heaven. Around the Throne of Jesus, angels live in Eternal praise, who then do you have throned upon your life; are there then not angels all around you? Satan as a spoilt brat always tries to get back upon your throne, but as you elevate Jesus in all things, even right in the midst of despair; angels respond to words released from your mouth. For in your heart of Praise they abide, and they respond to the whim of your heart’s desires, even your very purposed prayers. What is another name for this, can you think? Here is a word, and it is a very simple but eloquent word … ‘faith’ (Luke 7:1-10).

Bless you …

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, thank you for this picture, even this very expression of the Word of God. I deeply receive this to heart, and with renewed sharpness of eyes I desire to press into the Lord of Glory. I seek the Lord my God manifest in my life, even Heaven come, even God’s Will openly and freely being done in my life. I seek the Lord, even with the tools given me of the Spirit; I dig for the Waters of Life to draw deeply from the Wells of Salvation. Even with this renewed vision that you desire to bring Rain; I seek the Autumn Rains from Heaven into my world, in Jesus Name, Amen!’




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