Chapter 57 I Call Them to Account


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#57 I Call Them to Account


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Day #57: Priests and Kings
“I Call Them to Account”

A brief introduction to this chapter: in Columbia, scores of churches have undergone great persecution, with pastor’s wives been continually kidnapped and held for ransom by the drug cartels. Where churches are demanded percentages of offerings for the return of their women. It is not right under Heaven for the church or the believer to be held captive by ruthless, godless, and (demon driven) deep rooted evil and intent. It’s not God’s way. And what does the Lord say? “Vengeance is mine, and I will repay!” There comes a time, when driven into a corner, where reasoning no longer has any value at all. It is here when facing the impossible that one, rooted in the Love of God, can pray most differently.

The Lord sent them a prophet, and at a pastor’s conference where hundreds of pastors attended, he spoke to them about the “five layers of God’s Love”. The prophet’s name was Al Houghton. Led by the Spirit, rooted in the Love of God, bond-tied to the Lord of Glory, and filled with the Mercy and Grace of the Lord; a believer can pray most differently. I have since heard of great changes that have occurred throughout Columbia as a result of the revelation of this ‘Sword’ of the Spirit (Luke 22:35-36). And they greatly celebrated this Word of the Lord given them.

Here and now, in many areas around the world, and locally here in this Nation, the church is held under great and serious attack, serious persecution, and serious injustice; as schemed and purposed by the Enemy. In Christ Jesus, the “turning of the other cheek” is right and correct, however, it just is not the only expression of God’s Love as presented in the Word. Have a close look at the way Jesus Himself lived, spoke, and prayed. Also, look at Peter, Paul, and James; and how they themselves spoke and prayed at times, as led by the Spirit.

Go ‘purchase’ for yourself the Sword ‘of the Spirit’:
Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. He (then) said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. (Luke 22:35-36 NIV)

When backed into a corner, you can pray differently. When backed into a really tough corner, you pray differently again. And when the church and the Kingdom of God is seriously backed into a corner, surrounded by great evil intent, strategised and purposed of Satan; the Christian Church can pray most very differently. We have been given the Keys, and it is the believer’s responsibility to intercede on behalf of the people within their care, and the church as a whole. And if we don’t, then who does? For the Charge had been given us, us the believer. We lose ground because in a ‘spiritually castrated’, dethroned, and a docile slumber the Christian church allows it.

I have had to learn to pray ‘differently’, over these last several years, and the Lord has been gradually leading and teaching me. I am not comfortable in praying in a way without full reconciliation unto the Word and the Spirit of God. And as a result of current affairs of today, I pray a prayer and I share this prayer openly with you. This subject does take a personal reconciliation unto the Word of God, in order to be able to walk freely in it; but it is most important to the things that you face personally, your local church faces, and the Kingdom of God at large. As in all areas of the Christian walk; being established and rooted in the Love, in the Grace, and in the Spirit of God is absolutely crucial. However, this Place opens you up to a far greater and infinitely bigger realm destined and purposed you in the Lord.

If you still live by legalism, religion, or pride (the carnal man); then ‘turning the other cheek’ is your only option. Lest you, yourself, open yourself to judgement. But if you truly live by the Spirit of God, not in word alone but in the reality of who you are, then you have an authority about you that Christ Jesus Himself walked in, and so did the Apostles. I firmly encourage you to enter the secret place; for it will be then the Spirit that crafts you and equips you. Truth and knowledge alone does not empower you, for the Father seeks the Spirit Himself rising from within you; the Everlasting Fruits (John 15:16 NLT) of the Spirit’s own Abiding Presence. This is to that of which you, yourself, must nurture; this is the kindling that you, yourself, can take clear and purposed steps; and it comes from the Presence of the Lord.

I call them to account this day! …

Opening Scripture:
Then Jesus said to them again, Peace to you! [Just] as the Father has sent Me forth, so I am sending you. And having said this, He breathed on them and said to them, Receive the Holy Spirit! [Now having received the Holy Spirit, and being led and directed by Him] if you forgive the sins of anyone, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of anyone, they are retained. (John 20:21-23 AMPC)

This is key: become one led by the Holy Spirit of God. Learn this; not doctrine, legalism, religion, or pride; but by the Spirit. Not by the flesh, not by what you see, not by your own understanding, and nor by fear; but “by my Spirit says the Lord.” We do not battle flesh and blood, but the spiritual realms; principalities, ruling authorities in the spiritual realms; demonic hosts, and spiritual influences that work to manipulate people unto Death (Eph. 6:12). Therefore, you, ‘sell’ the cares of this life and ‘buy’ the Sword of the Spirit of God. You, put aside your life and pick up the Life, the Honour, and the Glory of Jesus.

I call them to account: I call them to account these corrupters of men’s souls, and they that curse; I return their curses back to their own heads, in Jesus Name. They that come to this Nation and walk the streets paid and sponsored by evil, in attempt to bring destruction to this Nation; I bind their words and the fruit of their efforts, in Jesus Name. And I return their curses back to their own heads and upon the heads of those that sponsor them, in Jesus Name. This Nation is the Nation of the Holy Ghost! The full property given unto the full Purpose of the Kingdom of God.

I call them to account, the drivers and perpetrators of evil. I call them to account this very day. I call them to account this day, the corrupters of men’s souls, in Jesus Name. Those that drive and setup teams of liars, thieves, and murderers; I call them to account this day. They that drive and setup sexual perversion, I call them to account this day. Those that curse and demonically come against this Nation and the Christian Church, I firmly call them to account this day. We are called to be “the head and not the tail” (Deut. 28:13), I call them to account this day, in Jesus Name.

Here, today, I stand them before the Judgment Seat of the Lord, and today they are set to meet Jesus as Judge. He who is Merciful and full of Grace they shall meet, but today they meet Him as Judge. I pray the Mercy of the Lord upon them, but today I call them to give full account. My Lord will issue a verdict, according to His own Purpose: to bring Salvation or healing, to bring counsel or realignment, to correct or remove, or to completely cut off (Luke 12:5, Acts 5:1-11, Rev. 2:20-23). A firm line in the sand has been drawn this day, and the property markers of the King have been firmly placed.

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” (Revelation 6:10 NKJV)

In Heaven, the prayers of the saints are to this day, “Lord, when will you avenge our blood?” This is the prayer in Heaven, therefore, it is my prayer this very day. I pray for the avenging of the blood of the innocent and the righteous. And I call this Nation the Nation of the Holy Ghost; I declare this Nation the property of the Kingdom of God. I call the perpetrators, the drivers, the schemers, and the instigators of evil to account this day; those corrupters of men’s souls. The Enemy has schemed, but today is the Day of the Lord.

In the days of Israel, kings would employ prophets to curse the Nation of Israel. They would even employ strategies in attempt to defile the Nation as a whole; sending in loose women and prostitutes into the Nation of Israel in order to corrupt the hearts of the men, with the purpose of causing the Father to turn away (Num. 25:1-3, Num. 31:16, Rev. 2:14-16). This is happening this very day, in this very Nation. Pornography is epidemic, sexual perversion rampant. There are witches, warlocks, demon driving spiritualists that themselves command principalities; of whom are employed by powerful and wealthy people to curse and tear down this Nation in its moral core. They come against the family unit, they tear at relationships. Their purpose is to bring a curse, but the Lord’s is to restore. I call them to account. This very day, in the Presence of the Lord, I call them to account; and the Lord will “turn the hearts of the parents (back) to their children, and the hearts of the children (back) to their parents”, in Jesus Name (Mal. 4:6).

The drivers of terror, I call them to account this day. Those that worship false gods and are bent to subvert and to overturn governments by terror, for their own evil purpose, I call them to account this day. A summons to the Judgement Seat has been issued, and they are now fully exposed before the Lord. Find them where they hide, even they that hide behind the righteous laws of this Nation. Where they scheme and plot behind closed doors, they are now fully exposed. For the sake of the lost, the broken, the down trodden, and the hopeless … and for the sake of the Name of Jesus and the Kingdom’s purpose; I call them to account this day. By the Spirit of God, I decree and I proclaim: seek out those who hide themselves and practice the ways of old, when they sought the ways of Baal. They hid themselves in the dark and in foul pagan worship called and drove curses upon the Nation. I bring them out into the Light and fully expose them. I stand in the gap and intercede on behalf of this Nation and on behalf of the Kingdom of God, in the Name of Jesus.

The prophet: speaks the Word of God, proclaims it and decrees it. As carried along by the Spirit of God he or she speaks, and the Spirit Himself rides upon His own Words that has groaned in the soul of one of His own.

My personal Abiding Place: as a child, I embrace my Heavenly Father. Thank you Lord for the Abiding Place. Lord, your beauty to behold, even your Glory. Thank you Lord for your Love that Abides, Rests, and Alights upon me. Thank you Lord that I can, in Delight, walk across the open floor of the Courts of God and embrace you as my Papa. I delight in the Lord my God. I delight in the Lord my God. I delight in the Lord my God, and I praise your Precious and Holy Name. You are Beautiful and Wonderful to behold. Blessed be the Name of the Lord; I embrace you my Father, my Close Companion, my Love and my Hope; my Rock and my Foundation. I praise your Holy Name.

Thank you Lord that I can enter the Gates with thanksgiving, and enter your Courts with praise (Ps. 100:4). Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Lord, I am so grateful that you have caused me to be, and raised me, as kin; as one of your very own. Thank you Lord, for the tenderness of the Presence of God abiding and resting upon my life. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Thank you for the Witness of the Spirit of God, that is as a burning Word from the mouth of God in my heart. Bless you Lord, bless you. I seek your Face, I seek your Face. Praise be to the Name of the Lord.

Thank you Lord, that as you have called me to come and approach you as a little child, and in this I have come. Please continue to give me the heart and nature of a little child, as per your Vision and according to the fullness of your Purpose. This I am grateful, and I embrace you with firm and intent loving eyes. You consume the vision of my heart. You consume the vision of my soul, my mind, and my flesh. I run to you my Papa, and I lift up my arms to you … I long to be in the arms of my Father. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Here you pick me up again, you always pick me up, and I recline here in the warmth of your arms and enjoy the Presence of my Father; the Lord my God. You, Lord, consume the vision of my soul.

Here and now my Father sits me down next to Him, at His Right Side. He sits me next to His own Triumphant Son; the Resurrected Lord of Glory, Christ Jesus the Lamb. He who is Judge, King, and Lion. He is both terrible and beautiful to behold. But He is my Friend, and my close and dear Companion. As all the people of the Nation of Israel shook in terror, in the Presence of the Lord at Mount Sinai. They even crying out, “I can’t bear to hear His voice” (Ex. 20:14), the Presence of God being just too overwhelming. But here, right in the very midst of His Glory, Moses was able to hang out and enjoy spending forty straight days. Who do you wish to be?

The Lord my Friend, we sit together face to Face, in the Glory of the Lord. And I look out at the angels that are here, and the splendour of their majesty. Here next to my Friend; He who purposed Himself to die brutally on the Cross for me. He who found me in the dust and longed for me to truly and fully turn my heart upon Him; it is He who has risen me up in such Honour. It is only the Honour of the Lord that I seek; His rich Approval upon me and that rests firmly and surely upon my life. To hear His Voice, and see His Form; to know the Lord and be known by Him (John 5). I welcome, I live in a continual state of welcome, for the Lord my Friend.

Coming to live in perpetual encounter of the Lord your God: some people have had encounters in the Lord a few times throughout their life. Some have regular encounters at meetings and congregations of believers. Some even have encounters with the Lord of Glory monthly, and some have encounters even weekly and daily; what an honour, what a privilege. But, something is truly still missing, for the vision of the believer remains so small. What the Lord desires is for you to live in a perpetual state of continual encounter of the Living God. Continually and throughout your whole day; each and every day. For this is the way of the Lord, and this is the way of the Spirit. It is how Jesus Himself lived, even as a young boy, and even before He started His ministry. And it is to this that remained throughout His whole ministering life … right up until the Cross.

It is the way of the prophet to live in a continual state of encounter, in Jesus Name. You can have a Gift of prophecy and therefore prophesy, but the Heart of the Son is that you become like Him and be a prophet of the Lord. This is not an idle or casual statement. Jesus walked in perpetual dialogue in the Lord, and that is the way of the Christian life. It is far from legalism, religion, or the ways of the flesh. Man cannot give this to you, you have to go to the Lord yourself and get it (1 Cor. 14:1). And through a heart of sincerity; the Father Himself shows you His Love and the Joy of His Salvation. He does it. Man can talk about it, but it is only through the Father’s own Tenderness that you can ever truly come to know the Intimacy of the Lord.

Seek the manifest Presence of the Lord; through praise, worship, the Word, through prayer and fasting, and through the everflowing revelation of the Lord that is found in the secret place.

I can talk about the Love and Intimacy of God, but in the end it is only academic. I can talk to you about the Love of God endlessly through Scripture, however, until you yourself experience the Love of God yourself; human vision and understanding is minuscule and meaningless. We are called to continually abide in the Love of God. This is not an idle statement. Truly we are not under law or works, nor religion or religious practices; we are under the Grace and Mercy of the Lord. For what we know is bordering worthless, but what the Lord your God does when you truly come to humble yourself and seek His Face daily – is truly breathtaking.

You are the intercessory voice of your town and country, you yourself are. As Jesus stepped upon the earth those 2000 years ago, He instigated the Kingdom. You now stepping forth as a child of God instigate the Kingdom here and now.

Satan directs you to squander in fear on the ground of defeat, in his own domain. But what the Lord has purposed is for you to be lifted up in Him and see, move, and operate from the lofty position in the Lord; and speak most clearly. This speaking being from the Spirit of God, as in the life of Jesus, and your words carrying a weight about them because of with whom, in whom, through whom, and under whom you abide. Whose you are, whose you belong, and whose Blood of whom you are born. The words that you speak carrying weight. Not how loud, not how eloquent, not how well crafted; but by simple truth of where you Abide.

So, my Lord warmly and most affectionately embraces me as I sit down here next to Him. I know Him and He knows me; there is a Rich and Eternal kinship between us. His Goodness has shaped my soul, His never ceasing Kindness and Mercy shown me has so touched every part of me. Truly, He is beautiful to behold. But now as He has seated me right next to Himself, and as I look out before me, my heart cries for the souls of man; just as He. But before I was operating under my own strength, understanding, and vision; but now I operate under the Lord’s Strength, Understanding, and Vision. There is a great difference now, by where I am seated, and by what this Throne entails. This Throne isn’t just a pretty chair; but is the Ruling Chair, the Commanding Chair; the Judgement Chair, and the Chair of Absolute Authority.

Here my Jesus seats me as a king (though still in my nappies). Here I am seated as a judge, and I am seated by the Lord as a lion. My Jesus is King, but He, Himself, seats me as a king. Under the Shadow of the Lord God Almighty, I abide and have my breath. Therefore, under my own shadow, the Resurrected Power and the Glory of the Lord freely flows. I am firmly seated with the King of kings, the Lord of lords; as a king under the Great King. The believer is called to a very lofty position, however, Satan wants you thinking and operating so, so small; even being stripped bare of your true intended identity in the Lord. Man can have many identities, but there is only one Purposed and Destined for you that is of value.

Even through king David the prophet, all those years ago, he prophesied that you are like ‘gods’ (Ps. 82:6, John 10:34-36). This is not a devils vision, a corrupted vision, a vision from the heart of sin or rebellion. No, it is the vision of the Lord Jesus concerning you, here and today. But man through the corruption of sin and rebellion defile this vision of the Lord, and the spirit of religion casts it aside. But the Lord your God desires to lift you up beyond the vision of man, or of corruption; hence these things are hidden to the carnal man. The Lord sent His Son to die on the Cross for a purpose, a purpose that is greater than what Satan wishes you to abide and walk in. For he has no hold or power over you; nor does his hordes of demon-generals and demon-princes, and nor does the sea of demonic opposition.

Those born of the Spirit are as the Wind, you don’t even know where they’re coming from or where they are going (John 3:8).

I speak with a word. I speak with a word. I speak with a word and something beyond human understanding transpires. I am an ambassador of the King, and I speak for the King; I am seated as a king under the Great King on His Judgement Chair. I am rooted in Mercy for my King is Merciful. I am rooted in Love and Compassion for my King is Love and Compassionate. And I am rooted in Righteousness for my King is Righteousness. The Lord fashions me in ‘holiness’, as decreed by the Gospel, and therefore I seek the Lord. He fashions ‘perfection’ in me (Matt. 5:48) for He, Himself, has set this as a purpose in my soul and by His Spirit He crafts me. Though the Enemy has schemed harm to me, my Lord has turned all trials and hardships as means to boil out of me the dross of corruption. I delight in the fires of opposition, though the Deceived one schemes and plots; every one of his efforts are thwarted and returned magnified upon his own head. Every one of them back on his own head. Truly the Lord makes a footstool out of him, even stepping stones that lead me in strength upon strength. The beauty of the Lord my God. I delight in the Lord my God and fire comes from His mouth and consumes all my Enemies.

Here, in intercession for my Nation, and to that of which I see before me, I speak. But my words do not fall to the ground, for they came from the Spirit; and the Spirit Himself rides on them. In Jesus’ time on earth, He most firmly stated that He could do nothing (John 5:19, 30, John 15:5), however, He lived in a state of continually being ministered to in His spirit, soul, mind, and flesh. He did not respond to what was in front of Him, but responded to the Spirit within Him. This is the way of the prophet; one’s never ceasing orientation and communion unto the Spirit of God … just as Jesus. And when He spoke, the Spirit and Life rode on His Words. This is the way of the prophet. Not living according to the vision and ways of man, not according to the yeast of the Pharisees or of Herod (Matt. 16:6), but living and operating according to the Spirit of God (Rom. 8:1 KJV).

However, be careful seeking the Spirit of God, for the Spirit of God may come. Be careful seeking Jesus, for Jesus may come; and who can truly stand the hour of His coming? This is why we seek Him in His Secret Place, for He prepares us for His own arrival. And instead of being one who trembles and runs from the Glory of the Presence of the Lord, you are able to sit transfigured in His Presence. For it takes one transfigured to be able to behold His Glory. Corrupted flesh cannot stand in His Presence, so therefore, let yourself become truly transformed and transfigured in the Secret Place of the Mountain of the Lord. Let Him come into the secret place of your heart, your soul, your mind, and your flesh. Let Him permeate in all you are. You are not called only to abide under the Blood covering of the Lord, no, but to have His Blood pumping in your veins. You are not called to live in appearance of Jesus, but in likeness, if not His full likeness. You are called to be as He is in this life; to walk as He, live like He, move as He, and do as He. For you are rooted in the same as He; not in the world, or the ways of this life; but of the Spirit.

Jesus desires to breathe upon you the Spirit of God. So now when the Spirit bears Witness and speaks into your soul saying, “prophesy over the dead men’s bones” (Ez. 37:1-14), you are operating not from your flesh, or human understanding, but of the Spirit of God. Now you are living and moving just as Jesus in this world. For that is how He lived. Paul speaks of it as, “we do not know how we ought to pray, but the Spirit within speaks with wordless groans” (Rom. 8:26-27). This is how we need to be rooted. There are a number of ways that we, as believers, can pray: 1. using the Name of Jesus, 2. entering the courts pleading your case, and 3. being seated by the Father and praying from within the Realm of His Authority and Grace. With the Spirit of God bubbling up prayers as groans in your own soul. The Eternal Realms of Heaven respond to the Spirit; and it is through the Spirit bearing Witness and speaking through you that brings tides of change.

Faith has its origins in the Holy Spirit; the Spirit bearing Witness of the Saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ (John 6:44).

In firm protection of the Body of Christ, from Corruption and Mixed Seed, Peter himself made a judgement call against Ananias and Sapphira. The ‘groans’ of the Spirit within him caused a prayer, a firm word from the Throne of God to be uttered. Not only once, but twice. Apostle Peter speaks of it as this; “prophecy does not have its origin in the human will, but though human, they speak from God as they are carried along by the Holy Spirit of God” (2 Pet. 1:21). Realise this, the Hand of God is not moved by the prayers of a man, but the prayers of the Spirit of God groaning from within a man (which of course is ‘faith’; the abiding Witness of the Spirit of God).

Be encouraged; “throughout the lifetime of Samuel, the Hand of God was against the Philistines” (1 Sam. 7:13). And there came a time in the life of David that he could say, “you have set a table in the presence of my enemies” (Ps. 23:5). Paul says that it takes just one man; and that the very earth is waiting for the “sons or daughters of the Living God to be revealed” (Rom. 8:19). Truly God is crafting you as ‘an Instrument with teeth’ (Is. 41:15). And forming you to become one victorious, and therefore given the right to sit on His Throne with Him (Rev. 3:21).

We are called to holiness: I tell you what, you cannot hop onto the Judgement Chair without holiness in the Lord. If you judge you lay yourself fully open to Judgement as well. Jesus states that He will seat those who are ‘victorious’ on His Throne. So we seek the Lord with all our heart, and the Lord shapes us for holiness. For the sake of the nations, for the sake of your own very soul; “be holy just as your heavenly Father is Holy” (1 Pet. 1:16). That is a firm and direct command to you this day from the Lord. You cannot achieve this, the Lord does it in the secret place. Holiness starts with a heart of repentance, and desiring to truly come to the Lord and truly seek His Face. Not in a whimsical step, but a step of firm purpose and conviction retained in your own soul. You go: and as you step towards your Father; He will step towards you (Jam. 4:8). As you make firm and decisive steps to meet your God in the secret place, in honesty and in integrity, making clear and firm steps, even through a culture of prayer and fasting, and meditation of His Word; your God will come meet with you. He who is full of Grace will meet with you and the Catalyst for great change will come upon your life – that is from and of the Spirit of God.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, bless you Lord. Thank you Lord, for the honour that I can love you and seek you with all I am. Thank you Lord, for the Plans and Purposes that you have prepared and destined for me. Please continue to take away the obstructions from my eyes, my ears, and my heart; leading my soul unto the Lord. Please continue to build a rich union in the Lord my God; according to your Love and your Grace. Here, I give you my life, please fashion me according to your Good Purpose, in Jesus Name. Amen’.




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