Chapter 56 My Jesus Loves to Cook me Pancakes


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#56 My Jesus Loves to Cook me Pancakes


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Day #56: Priests and Kings
“My Jesus Loves to Cook me Pancakes”

Our prayer: thank you Lord, that in all things and through all things, I can live in continual praise of the precious Name of Jesus. Thank you Lord, that I can step on through all concerns, all hassles, all the continual issues of this life and praise your precious Name. Thank you Jesus that at this moment I can look through all things and leave all cares, all troubles, all errors, and at this very moment lay them all in your full care, and enter into the Holy Place of your Presence. Even the demon that comes, in his strong accusations and with his fear mongering; I address him not, but fully hand him over to you. At this moment I care only to delight in you, praise you, and seek your Face with all I am, standing here tall in your Presence. Even in this New Song that you have given me of the Lord. Blessed be the Name of Jesus!

If there is anything about you that is progressive. If there is anything about you that wishes to move forward, you will always meet opposition and resistance. But the Answer is always in the Person of Jesus.

The Hospitality of Jesus: the Blood shed for you has afforded you many, many things. God has wonderful plans for you and your life, and if you came to know, even in a small measure, you would cry for a month. I am so serious! You would be a total incoherent babbling mess. But in this God takes small steps as you personally come meet with Him in the hidden, the private, and the secret places of your life. And in this, He prepares you, and makes you capable, to be able to increasingly receive, and to be able to walk in the Eternal things that are far beyond your capacity to define.

Opening Scripture:
What eye has not seen and ear has not heard and has not entered into the heart of man, [all that] God has prepared (made and keeps ready) for those who love Him [who hold Him in affectionate reverence, promptly obeying Him (promptly responding to Him) and gratefully recognizing the benefits He has bestowed]. Yet to us God has unveiled and revealed them by and through His Spirit, for the [Holy] Spirit searches diligently, exploring and examining everything, even sounding the profound, and bottomless things of God [the divine counsels and things hidden and beyond man’s scrutiny]. (1 Corinthians 2:9-10 AMPC)

As a believer, you can choose to approach your walk in the Lord legalistically. And as a Christian you can decide to approach Jesus religiously. In your zeal you can come and approach Jesus by only talking about Him, hearing about Him, and even just reading about Him in His Word. But what the Blood has availed you, through the breaking of His Body on the Cross, is your ability to approach Jesus most intimately and most personally. This is one on one as King and Lord, yes, but more importantly; you can approach Him one on one as your dearest and closest Friend. For that is what He desires to be to you. Come then, to walk in the profound mystery that is found in waiting upon the Lord, and seek His Face – daily. And in this being taken into the Secret things, the Hidden, and the Unfathomable things of the Lord; even the deep Mysteries of Heaven gradually being unfolded and made open, clear, and manifest to you.

Communion: we have the Bread and the Wine here yes, but these emblems are cymbals and representations of things very real. There is the Bread that is the Body of the Lord, and then there is the Blood that is represented in the Wine. But realise this truth: Jesus Himself wants to come over and cook you a Good Meal. He wants to sit together with you, and share one to another. He wants to give you of the Bread of Life and of the New Wine daily, transferring of Himself richly, directly into you. You coming to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood and He becomes acutely and integrally a part of you (John 6:53-59); in your spirit, in your soul, in your mind, and in your flesh. As you come to receive Him in this present moment, He unlocks Heaven increasingly to you each and every day. This then, is part of the value of your private communion in the Lord; your heart that remains deeply attentive to His Presence, His Voice, and even His gentle Knock at your door.

Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning; and you yourselves be like men who wait for their master, when he will return from the wedding, that when he comes and knocks they may open to him immediately. Blessed are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find watching. Assuredly, I say to you that he will gird himself and have them sit down to eat, and will come and serve them. (Luke 12:35-37)

As you personally come to gain a heart, that honestly values and seeks for the manifest Presence of Jesus, afresh and anew each and every day. In your tenderness, your humility, your invitational, and honouring heart waiting upon the Lord. In your earnestness keeping a lookout for Him, with plenty of oil in your lamp (Matt. 25:3). The Blood has gifted you the Son Himself, not only to be as Lord and King on the Throne. But whereby Jesus, Himself, comes and hangs out with you; He as your dear and closest Friend.

The reality is, that if you wish, you can approach Jesus as a servant. And if you are so inclined, you can approach Him as a worker, or even as a slave. But what Jesus really wants, is that you might learn to approach Him fundamentally and fully as a son, as a daughter; and especially as a babe, a toddler, as a little child of God (Matt. 18:3). That is what He is seeking. The Blood has availed you many precious things, but the most precious Gift is your ability to approach Him as a delighted in, and as a beloved little child of God. Just as you are, with a full nappy and all (Zech. 3:9).

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. (Revelation 3:20)

How you start unlocking these Unfathomable plans that God has for you and your life, and stepping into them, is coming to make active and decisive daily steps to meet Him in His Secret Place. Not with all your baggage, nor with all your needs; not with your grotty clothes on, and nor with your assumed trophies; but person to Person, friend to Friend, in love and in companionship. Not in your self-sufficiency or independence, but allowing the Lord your Jesus, the Lord your Friend, the Lord your closest Companion to come in and hang out with you – He as your dear and close trusted Friend. Whereby He graces you with His Presence, and where in His own delight, He has you just relax and recline as He prepares you a Great Meal. Giving you new things this day; the breaking of Bread and the drinking deeply of the Wine.

Come make honoured place for Him: free of distractions, free of concerns. No interruptions; but an honoured place and time just for, and only for, the Lord. And when the Lord comes being fully attentive and honouring Him dearly. He is the King, and He could be anywhere, but He has chosen to hang out with you. He who is the very Author of Life, He who is Love, He who is fully robed and dressed with the Glory of Heaven, and He of whom holds the immeasurable numbers of the stars and the galaxies as dust in His Hands. He, your Friend, and your King, wishes to spend time personally with you. Therefore, come choose to delight in setting all things aside to rightly honour Him in the coming to your home. Your attention given, being fully given to Him.

I so encourage you to learn to become hungry for the Wholesome Food that comes from Heaven; the very Bread of Life. And also, therefore, learning to become attentive to His gentle and considerate Knock at your door. And always in excitement and anticipation opening the door and letting Him in; for He is standing right there. Like Samuel in the Old Testament; cry out even at night, “Lord, is that you” (1 Sam. 3)? Even if it is just a devil; “oh, it’s only you”, and turning your back to him saying, “I don’t care about you, I am waiting and looking out for the Lord.”

Jesus likes to cook you breakfast: and He cooks the best pancakes. If you can come and choose to make clear steps for Him, first thing in the morning, you’ll find that He cooks the best breakfast. I am so serious. For He seriously loves showing His Kindness and His Hospitality to His own. He likes to share of Himself, He likes to give you of Himself, and He likes to share and impart to you something new from Heaven each and every day. And these very things themselves, becoming openings, stepping stones, to Heaven becoming increasingly accessible and real to you, here and now. Whereby you, yourself, can transit and go into Heaven and enjoy yourself. And also, receive anything that you might need or want, at any time. So the Secret Place, the very same Cupboard that Jesus always went into, is the preparation place whereby you might be able to receive liberally and abundantly. For in this place He will ‘reward’ you, as expressed openly in Scripture (Matt. 6:6). It is here that you are taught, and here that you become rightly founded. Rightly founded in order to be able to appropriate, and liberally access, the fullness of the Heavenly realms. Jesus likes to give you New things each day, whereby you eat freely of the Table of the Lord. So come on up and be seated with Him in His Presence.

The way of Heaven is to eat daily of the New and Fresh Manna, and drink deeply of the New Wine that He has for you; here and now. Jesus is our dearest and closest Friend and Companion; so as we honour Him, and make full respectful place for Him, He visits. Learn then, to honour Him and make time for the Person of Jesus – just Him, just He alone. Learn to set yourself aside for Him in your thoughts, your cares, your business, and in your busy-ness of life; and honour Him. Learn to become attentive for Him, and in this, learn the value of waiting upon the Lord.

As you come to learn to wait upon the Lord, the personal and intimate visits of the Person of Jesus, you find then that they become the most important area of your life and your Christian walk. For you are so uplifted by them. You are not an orphaned child, Jesus didn’t die and go to Heaven abandoning you here on earth. No, He states very clearly, here and now, that He will come to you (John 14:18). He comes to all who retain an honest heart of enquiry and intent. Be no longer stolen from.

As my closest Friend, or as a dear Neighbour, my Jesus rocks up whenever He likes – even when not invited. This I delight in, and wish He would more; and this He knows, so He always comes by. In the Presence of my Saviour, He has me recline, and He dresses to serve and wait upon me. My Saviour delights in Hospitality, and though He is King and Lord, He delights to meet with me as His dear friend. He delights to go into the Pantries of Heaven for ingredients and surprise me, coming over to my home, and in His warmth prepares and cooks me a Meal, that we might sit as friends again and share one to another. He also desires deeply, to have me come over and sit up on His Banqueting Table that I might eat and dine richly with Him.

He has been to the nobles, He has been to the intelligent and to the knowledgeable. Jesus has been to the clever people, the respected and the wealthy. And He has been to the talented and the righteous … but they were all just too busy (Luke 14:15-24). But then He found me in the dust, He found me in the Miry Clay, and He personally came and has lifted me out and set my feet on most solid ground. And now in His regular and deeply welcomed personal visits, He Himself, establishes me in all my goings. He has placed a new Song in my heart, and new Song on my lips (Ps. 40:1-3). Though He blesses me so much, I gladly set even my blessings aside and delight myself in Him. He, my Lord and my King. He, who is my dearest Friend.

Even now, my Lord Jesus just loves to spend time with me. So I remove all clutter, and keep my heart ready and attentive for Him, for He comes whenever He wants, and in this He always comes. So I always make clear space for Him. And when my Saviour comes, He takes off His Crown, He takes off the Glory of His Splendour, He leaves the stars and the galaxies outside, and not as the King of Glory, but as my dear Friend; He has me recline and He deeply enjoys just sitting with me and spending time with me again. Me, just an ordinary nobody born of the dust, He delights in this. He truly delights for me to see Him as my dear Friend, as my closest Companion; though He is King and Lord. Not only is He King and Lord, but Christ and Judge, and He is the full Ruling Authority of all things above and below the earth.

Through the Blood, one can legally approach Jesus in His position as Judicial Authority and seek Justice. Through the Blood, one can seek and approach Him as King and reverently honour Him at a distance, with all these who have gained access here in His Courts. Through the Blood, with confidence, one can approach Him as Christ and receive a cleansing for your sin. Through His Blood shed, one can approach Him as Priest that He might intercede on your behalf, whereby you now can truly approach the Father. But though these things are all true and correct, these approaches are not the full Heart and Dream of the Father, for both you and I. Nor was it the Dream of Jesus, as He hung on the Cross.

Jesus shed His Blood for us all that you might come approach Him, your Lord and Saviour, as a Friend, and as your closest Companion. Jesus is many things, even things that are beyond our comprehension, and you can approach Him in many ways and in this He will respond. But His Heart and Dream is for the closest of Friendship; not religion, not legalism, not works, nor assumed righteous deeds … for what can we offer a King? No, the fullness of man’s glory is but as a worm in the dirt (Is. 41:14). Jesus just wants us; He wants our full person, and to lift us up in Himself. He is looking out for those who would come to Him in the innocence of a child.

Jesus honestly just wishes to come over and show you His Hospitality without you feeling weird, uncomfortable, or distant by the fact that He is Absolute Authority and Power. He could come in His Ruling Authority and even in His Glory, but your physical body would not even survive. The intensity of His Presence is terrible to behold for a mere mortal. The Majesty of His Person would be so overwhelming you would run and hide.

Therefore, you can see Him and seek Him in different ways; and they may be all true and correct. You can seek Him through knowledge and understanding, and even study about Him through the countless generations. Yes, this is possible. You can seek Him religiously, you can seek Him legalistically, you can seek Him through a works mentality, and you can seek Him as a slave or as a servant. They are all true and correct for He is King and absolute Lord. But it’s just are not His Heart or His Heart’s purpose for you. Jesus did not brutally shed His Blood on the Cross for you, that you might live only in a works based relationship with Him. Nor did He for a legalistic based, a slave based, a zealous based, or a religious based relationship with Him. You can approach Him these ways if you wish, even through great knowledge and understanding, they are all possible; but they just are not the Heart of the Father.

What are we talking about here? Identity, intimacy, holiness, and being Anointed in the Power and Love of the Spirit of God. We are talking sonship, kingship, and coming to abide in the Bosom of the Father. Religion has no place here, and legalism and pride is totally worthless. Flesh driven works, zeal, and self-sacrifice is worthless and even becomes as a stench in His nostrils.

As a child, as family, as a brother or sister of Jesus; when approaching the Lord for needs, you don’t necessarily always need to enter His Courts pleading your case, along with all those who are here in attendance. No, in deep honour and respect, but in kinship, as a beloved child of God, you can go walk in and embrace your Father and go sit down next to Him. And in this position you, yourself, pass judgement; in this you declare, in this you command, and in this you decree. For Jesus did not ask you to only ask Him for what you need, nor did He ask you to only ask the Father; to heal, to cast out, or to raise the dead. No, He told you to do it. For as one raised and stationed in rightful place next to the Father, with Jesus on the Throne, full of the Holy Ghost and the Anointing given you in the Lord; you bring Heaven to earth. You do it!

The Father deeply prefers you to approach Him as a child, as a friend, and as a close and trusted companion. He can be all these other things to you, He can really be all these other things, but they are just NOT His Heart’s Dream, or Purpose for you, as He hung Jesus on the Cross.

As a little toddler I can run up to Him in the midst of the Courts of God, and He drops all things, and He pauses all proceedings to pick me up upon His Knee. In His Eyes, and in the eyes of all these in attendance, He sees me as a king, though I am still in my nappies. For He is grooming me for kingship, for I am a rightful heir. He is preparing me to be able to sit upon the Judgement Chair, the Ruling Chair, the Throne of His own Son (Rev. 3:21, 1 Cor. 6:3). I am Family, I am of Royal Blood (Gal. 3:13). Though an orphan, though from the dust, though one so insignificant; it was my Lord’s Dream and desire to pick me up out of the alleyways and byways, and set me in such Honour (Matt. 22:1:14). I deeply honour the Lord my God, but to me, He is my Papa.

Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit; they do not confide themselves to servants or to slaves. They confide themselves only to friends, to companions, and to they that are their own kin. A slave would be horrified if the King of Glory rocked up to hang out at dinner. Do you remember how John the Revelator would rest his head on the King’s Bosom (John 13:23), as they lay on couches around the dining table? The intimacy of Friendship that is available in the Lord is beyond our natural human comprehension. But realise this: that it is the right and only basis that one can come and be truly entrusted to administrate His Glory on this earth. It was through Jesus’ own intimate and closest of relationships, that He retained in the Father, that allowed Him to make the Father known on this earth at all (John 1:18). This is the right bases, everything else is legalism and religion, and destructive pride; regardless of how Gifted one might be.

You can approach Jesus through prophets and teachers; this is right, this is true. You can approach Jesus through pastors, apostles and evangelists; but in the end, what is the purpose of these ministries of the Lord? But to come to honour and approach Jesus yourself in the intimacy of your own personal union and friendship. Even to clean your house, set a chair, and wait upon the Lord to come visit, whenever He may wish. With a full and clear red carpet open invitation for Him. Apart from this, all is refuse … for it is only the Spirit that brings life, the flesh profits man nothing at all!

You can study, study, and study about Jesus; even collectively under a great teacher. This is right and good, but if you fail to come to our Lord and Saviour, as a fully redeemed friend; then you, yourself, deny Him. He is knocking every day at your door, but you don’t even realise, nor do you open it up for Him. He has a bag of flour, some eggs, and maple syrup and He wishes that He could just cook you some pancakes and hang out for breakfast together. But you in your practical, works based, and independent mentalities utterly refuse Him. Too busy, too much on, and even the Kingdom’s toil being too demanding. And we wonder then, where are the earth-shifting prophecies, the visions, or the dreaming of dreams that the Book of Acts speak of (Acts 2:17)? And in our churches, we wonder where the Power of God is. Let your heart beat in line with that of the Lord’s, and bring His Anointed Presence here physically in your world.

If you truly wish to have souls saved then come and establish a heart and a culture of deep honouring praise.

It doesn’t matter if you run a huge corporation, or manage a ministry school. It doesn’t matter if you’re a church pastor with huge responsibilities. It doesn’t matter if you are an evangelist, or a regular father or mother, or even a child at school: there is great and immeasurable value and importance in seeking Jesus and making place for Him, as your most deepest and closest Friend. Making clear and purposed place for Him to sit with you and that you may share one to another, as bonded loving close friends. Not only in a legal marriage with Him, but a union deeply established in love, intimacy, and trust.

Honour the Lord in tenderness, even above your overwhelming ministerial responsibilities. Yes, Jesus is King; yes, Jesus is Lord, Saviour, Christ, Judge and total Ruling Authority … and it’s important to approach Him in these ways, in deep reverence and honour. This is fully doctrinally correct. But, it just is not the full Heart of the Father, the Son, nor the Holy Spirit. And this too, you will find, is fully doctrinally correct.

If you truly wish to be successful, I mean seriously and Eternally successful, come learn to enter His Rest, and seek and wait upon the Lord and make it your singular root drive and purpose. Just as it was with Jesus. Learn to set yourself aside to just sit. Just sit patiently and trustingly, and seek the Face of your Heavenly Father, just as Jesus always did as He walked the earth with all His own demanding responsibilities.

You and I have the same capacity and opportunity of the deepest of intimacy in the Lord God, as Christ Jesus. By the Blood shed for you, you have the same rights to the Love of God as His own Son. The same rights and opportunity of closeness, tenderness, and one-to-one sharing with the Lord of Glory as Jesus. Extend the invitation, deeply of heart extend the invitation. He deeply desires to meet with you, just as you are, even in the midst of all your mess; and cook a Good Meal and talk Life together with you; lifting you up each and every day. Even to give you precious Gems and precious things from Heavenly realms.

I personally refuse then, to allow anything to come between me and He who is Life. If I let anything in between me and He who is my dearest Friend, what else will I let in? I, therefore, choose to guard my heart, for it is the Well Spring of life (Prov. 4:23). And just as the Temple of God has an Outer Wall, I too keep my relationship in the Lord extremely guarded and protected. He abides in me and I in Him; and it would be most dishonourable to allow anything or anyone to come in and trample the tenderness that the Lord desires to establish. I need not say a thing, but choose to reside firmly here in the Presence of my Lord and my dearest Friend. Regardless of what or how the demon wishes to come and try to drive a wedge between me and my union in the Lord. My soul is sacred ground, and as David exclaimed, “my soul thirsts for God, for the living God, when can I go and meet with Him” (Ps. 42:2)?

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, here today, I choose to wait in eagerness, in continual eagerness, waiting on the Lord. In a deepest state of longing for you to Knock on my door whenever you like. This I do regardless of what is presented to me this day. I delight in the Song that you have placed upon my lips and in my heart, for they are ushering and setting as a welcome mat for the Lord my Friend. Please continue to Sing praise in my soul. Bless you, in Jesus Name. Amen’.




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