Chapter 55 The Spirit of the Lord is Upon me


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#55 The Spirit of the Lord is Upon me


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Day #55: Priests and Kings
“The Spirit of the Lord is Upon me”

Opening Scripture:
The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because …

Let me share something with you: most of us, when we think of prayer life, only think of the needs before us. As a believer, you may go to a prayer meeting and pray for your city and your nation. And in private, you may pray for your family, your church, and someone you know in need. You may also come to pray for a greater revelation of the Word, for wisdom, and also then for help in your work and your finances. Though these are all good and righteous prayers, most Christians just stop there. And even when it comes to fasting, believers may fast for a specific need; for someone very sick, for some great catastrophe, or in order to bring about God’s Hand at work. Then, when finished, that is as far as you go, and getting up you go back to your normal daily routine.

It is noble, right, and doctrinally correct to pray for needs. But let us not live bound by legalism and doctrine, and let us all the more be encouraged to go deeper into the Love of God, via the Holy Spirit. When you think of relationship in the Lord, you may think that this prayer lifestyle is as far as you can go. And in this you then go back to normal life, even with your favourite worship music on in the car. But what I would like to suggest, is that there is more; much, much more that is available and purposed in Christ Jesus for you.

Legalism and doctrine would tell you that you have fulfilled all the righteous requirements of the Law. But we are not under Law are we? I would like to suggest and encourage you in this, that after you have prayed for needs and the practicalities of life, now feel welcome to seek the Lord. Seek the Lord for Him, for He Himself. He alone is the Treasure, and in the vastness of Him are many, many realms and rooms of treasures.

We are not under Law, but we are under Grace, Mercy, and Love. We are not under doctrine, our own understanding, or common opinion (Prov. 3:5). No, we are under the Spirit. That is, under the Spirit’s leading, understanding, and opinion. Realise this fundamental point; we are not purposed to be called servants, but children of God, and even unto kingship. We are not under works, but Love, and even the fullness of the Lord. It is to these very roots that form the perfection of which we are called (Matt. 5:48), through the Love, Grace, and Power of the Spirit. These are the only roots that can truly fruit the fullness of the Kingdom, and the holiness that is purposed in the Lord (Heb. 12:14).

So I would like to suggest that once you have submitted your cares unto the Lord, that you now go firmly for His Presence. Now go for a visit and an encounter in the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ. Truly there is something far greater than receiving answer to prayer, and that is coming to meet with He who is both your Answer and your Author. Become like Joshua of whom never left the Tent of Meetings (Josh. 33:11). And as he, you will valiantly go forward and you will lead multitudes into the full Promises of God.

If you truly long for souls saved, seek a greater bonding, a closer walk, and a deeper united oneness in He who saves souls.

An underlying purpose of the Word, the Blood shed for you, and the Spirit given is not only to be able to pray for needs, or even pray for the salvation of souls. The underlying purpose is that you have the Person of Jesus with you and that He takes you where He is. And here, where He is; He Equips you, Blesses you, Imparts to you, and Anoints you from these vast treasures that are in Heaven. This not in the strength and wisdom of the flesh, or of man, but of the Heavenly realms. In this, a greater Anointing of Heaven comes and rests upon your life. This increasingly occurring, and only ever increasingly, each and every day. Every day, and why is this? Because you have given Him full and rightful place, you have given Him full legal right.

Come to learn to move on past the needs that are before you, and even fully leave your cares, requests, and needs on the Alter of God; and transit from there. That is, keep on going through into the Holy Place, the Tent of Meetings. This prayer is the greatest of need, for what you are after is the Person of Jesus, the Person of the Father, and the Person of the Holy Spirit. The Blood of Jesus has afforded you a precious beginning to the vastness of the Kingdom of God. So as you personally come to seek the Person of God, He comes in a greater measure of His Glory. He, Himself, prepares the way for you to be able to carry a greater measure of the realms and realities of Heaven upon your life.

To this is what is available to you, and is the greatest underlying calling in the Lord, both personally and collectively as the Body of Christ. Remember, this Christian walk is relational, tender, closeness, and friendship in the Bosom of the Father, just as was in the life of Jesus (John 1:18). Our relationship in the Lord is not servant based, law based, deeds or works based; but deeply Love based, Spirit based, and Anointing based. Does this make sense? We are called to sonship and to kingship; that is to the very Home of God, the private quarters of the Lord and not to the servants quarters. Do you understand the difference?

It is not only what Jesus has done for you that is important, but what Jesus desires to do for you, and what He desires to lead you into. The purpose of the Blood is always bigger than you can think or be able to receive. But let’s take steps forward.

As a son, as a friend, He shares with you all that the Father has (John 15:15, 16:15). It is to a son that He makes everything known and available, but not to a servant. The worker doesn’t go back to the Castle, the worker goes back to their own home, and not to the Home of the King. Be encouraged to have your thinking shifted. Now as a son, when you go out to do ministry, or do life, you go with the King’s full backing, and also with an entourage from the Heavenly realms. Not just you in your own strength and knowledge, with your little worker’s tool bag with Jesus written on it. No, but with a host of angels, the Spirit of God, and King Jesus.

Be reminded of the Temple of God that was in Solomon’s day, the earthly replica that is in Heaven. When you go to God for needs only, and not continue for the manifest Person of God, then you are stopping at the Inner Place, you are stopping at the Alter. But there are two other realms that the Blood has availed and purposed for you. Remember the Prodigal son; the Father gives you the ring of the Family, and a coat of Honour. It is the spending time with the Person of your Father, in His Presence, that brings you and lifts you out of a pig pen mentality, of a servant mentality, of a works mentality, and of a poverty mentality. Now when you serve others, now when you work, you do it as a son; with the Love, the Anointing, and the Richness of Heaven.

So learn and practice to look beyond needs, and go on through into the Meeting Place, the Holy Place of the Lord. Let your eyes come to focus on the Lord. And it is in this place, that you come into the ministering Presence of Jesus, the manifest Presence of God, and the manifest Holy Spirit; in this they come. And let me say this, it does not even stop there! But the Holy Spirit comes personally and takes you by your right hand and leads you into a place where no one can take you. That is only the Person of the Holy Spirit can take you. No man, no knowledge, no gifting, and no revelation takes you … but the very Person of Jesus. Some even get zapped right up into Heaven (2 Cor. 12:2) and are shown unspeakable things, and walk around and are given time to meet people and experience things that vastly open your eyes.

It is in this Holy Place, that you are lifted up and honoured in the realm of the Eternal places of the Heart of the Father. You as a mere and ordinary man or woman, are set in such high honour in the Presence of the Lord (Luke 14:10-11). Being one who is brought into the Secret Place, the Hidden Places of the Lord. What is our flesh efforts compared to this? What is legalism, doctrine, religion, and human effort compared to this? What then am I talking about? What is this that is available to all who believe? That is becoming one increasingly Anointed of the Spirit of the Lord, and this right in the Presence of the Glory of the Lord.

The Word that is spoken is a Sword that comes out of the mouth of Jesus (Rev. 1:16), and is the Word that destroys the Enemy. I am giving you a most precious word of the Lord today, that you can act upon in your own way. But the key is in the realising that your relationship in the Lord, isn’t just for the praying for the needs of the world. Your relationship in the Lord isn’t just reading the Word and getting a new revelation, or a new bit of useful knowledge. No, what the Blood has achieved for you is in your ability to go into something more important than praying for even the greatest of needs. And this is for praying for a meeting, if not a regular meeting with the Person of Jesus Christ, our Living and precious Lord and Saviour. This is the greatest of prayers that you can keep and retain in your heart. Even having this prayer set before all fears, all needs, and all righteous endeavours. Instead of only reading or hearing about Him, you meet continually with Him. You meet and regularly sit down with the Author of both the Word, of Life itself, the Author of your Faith, and of whom is the Author of all Creation. It is He who can author, and even re-write, a full change to that of which is in front of you … oh, you of little faith!

What am I talking about here? It is many things. But one thing that it is, it is the Place of Anointing. This in itself is not the goal, the goal is always the Person of Jesus. The goal is to sit one on one with Jesus your King and your Friend; the Lover of your soul, your deepest Companion, and He who is your Kin (that is your brother, your family). Friendship in the Lord Jesus, in the Father, and in the Spirit of God is far, far beyond all things. All things truly pale vastly in comparison. There truly is no compare. And regularly, daily, and even hour by hour, abiding in the Presence of the Lord; this is the abiding place of a son or daughter.

Truly, Jesus speaks the truth, I am not kidding. How true it is that the “flesh profits man nothing” at all! The Lord does not lie. It is only “the Spirit that brings Life”. The Lord does not lie. He truly and only ever speaks the Truth.

I make this statement: the greatest and most noble effort, is not in the needs or cares that are before you. It’s not church ministry, salvation, or people healed. No, your Father who is in Heaven, knows all the needs even more than you do (Matt. 6:8). And He deeply desires to bring release more than you, and He has the right approach to bring about the Eternal Answer. But as He has clearly stated; the believer is called to walk in step with the Spirit, and live according to and under the unction of the Holy Spirit, and not the flesh. So therefore, the greatest effort, and importance to the Lord, is your ability to meet with the Person of Jesus. And in these regular meetings, reclining with our Resurrected Christ (Luke 12:37), even in glory form, it is the most precious gift for both you and your world of needs. And that is, in you becoming one increasingly Anointed of Heaven. And not only so, but you yourself becoming one who ‘sees’, not one who is ‘blind’ (John 9:41, Matt. 15:14). And now you can truly help those within your care, even for them to enter into the same Heavenly realms of Life as you.

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim, good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners. (Isaiah 61:1 NIV)

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me. And why is that? Because, He has Anointed me. And what is the purpose of this Anointing? Is it for your honour before man? Is it for the approval of man, and even so that you can find approval in leadership? No, it is for this one reason: to preach good news to the poor, heal the broken hearted, proclaim freedom to the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners.

Let us no longer be upside down, but be turned right side up. Jesus has called you, so that you might truly come to Him, and in coming to Him that you truly might remain with Him (John 15:5). There are no in betweens, that is religion, and the subtle work of the Enemy. In our Christian walk we honour man, we honour and esteem others even greater than ourselves (Phil. 2:3). We honour and serve leadership, and our local church body. But we do this, we only are effectively and truly capable of doing this, if we are rooted and bonded personally in the Person of Jesus (John 21:22). And a natural bi-product of union in the Lord, is unity in the Body of Christ. Otherwise we have become a religion with priests over us. That is a devil and is anti-Christ. Anti-Christ meaning, ‘in place of’ Christ Jesus. This can be very subtle, but it is very real and most common. Jesus alone is your go-between (1 John 2:2). He alone is your Priest (Heb. 3:1, 4:14-16), your King, your Saviour, and your Instructor. Jesus is your Teacher and your Lord. Have you heard of Chinese whispers? That is to fundamentally fail to come to the Source, but structurally always going to the many go-betweens. On the Last Day, Jesus will say to many, “I don’t know you, go away you evil doers” (Matt. 7:21-23). Even to those who are in ministry in the church body.

A church ministry may have an Anointing upon it, and this Anointing may also come upon you. You may heal the sick, cast out demons in the Name of Jesus, you many even lead people unto the salvation message. But in the end, Jesus may say to you, “I don’t know you”. Does this not send a shiver down your spine? Is there not the Fear of God coming upon you? Now, this is healthy. Let us come turn our tree fully right side up and come deeply and personally to set our hearts, our roots, to meet daily, even hourly, with the Prince of Peace, the Person of Jesus, the Bread of Life. He is not dead or far removed, that is a devil speaking. He responds to your daily, if not hourly, invitation to come. Your yearning for the Lord.

There is something better and more important than cares, even the cares of the world; these cares that the Father is fully aware of (Matt. 6:33). And that is to leave all cares in your Father’s full care and fully entering into the Presence of the Lord (Ps. 55:22). Being then raised in the Honour that comes from the Father (John 5:44). Raised in the Presence of the Lord, and being set in such Honour in the presence of all those who are here in the realms of the Secret Place of the Lord (Zech. 3). And here being Gifted and Anointed by the very Person of Jesus your King. The greatest Prophet ever, in all of history, and all the universe is the Person of Jesus. And when He speaks over your life, there are major shifts within your soul. And a coat, a mantle, is placed upon you, and the entire spiritual realm and the Hosts of Heaven are made fully aware. And instead of the demon saying, “Paul I know about, but who are you” (Acts 19:15)? No, the demon flees because he fully knows who you are.

I choose not to care but for the Presence of the Lord, and His Anointing resting richly upon my life. And in His Love, I have my breath. In His Counsel, I have my ways. And in His Might, I have my strength. And in His Hands, He crafts me.

To be led by the Spirit of God is not to be led by circumstances, needs, or ministry. It is to be led by the very Spirit of the Lord. That is, not under law, nor religion, nor your own understanding, nor under your own strength or vision … but “by my Spirit says the Lord” (Zech. 4:6). Care not, but for the Spirit of God; just as Jesus. He did not operate by His own understanding, He didn’t even do what He saw in front of Him. He only did what He heard His Father saying. And He only did what He saw His Father doing. He operated not under law, doctrine, recipes, or formulas; this opens a believer to the manipulation of the Enemy. Satan knows the Word and the Commands of God even better than you. But, he will load a burden upon you that is beyond that of which you can carry, and works to desensitise you to the leading of the Spirit of God. And in these legalistic roots you can operate at times so far outside the Love of God, so far outside of the Heart and Ways of the Holy Spirit. That is a devil, and the devil’s purpose intent for you; even in the Name of Jesus.

To walk in the Anointing of Heaven, to have the “Spirit of the Lord upon me”, you must learn to be fully united in the Lord. This being far removed from the manipulation of the devil and the demon. We are not subject to needs, to problems, or to circumstances. Nor are we subject to sicknesses, diseases, or death. No, it is they that are subject to the Anointed. The whole world is full of problems, and the Father is fully aware of them all. It is then He who responds and acts through those who are His kings, these kings of whom abide here on earth. Jesus is the King of kings, He is not a King of slaves, He is not a King of servants. Jesus is not a King of slaves to circumstances; but you, as a king under the Great King, you can command with a word. For those who know, those who are given this Knowledge by their King, they truly know who they are. It is they that He talks to and to whom He gives power to heal, to set free, and to cast out (Mark 3:13-15). And in this all of Creation eagerly awaits you rising up (Rom. 8:13). The Spirit of the Lord is upon me … because … He has Anointed me. And why has He done this? He has Anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.

You are not a prophet of man, but a prophet of God. You are not a prophet of circumstances that you see, but a prophet of the Spirit of the Living God.

I know I say the same thing over and over; but seek the Person of God. Learn to seek the manifest Presence of Jesus as the centre most prayer of your life. God is most honourable, He answers your prayers. However, if you only ask for needs, or even for justice or revelation, then that may be all He gives to you. If you request out of legalism, God will respond out of Legalism. If you approach in grace, He will also respond in Grace. But if you approach Him as a child, and out of love seek for the fullness of Him, you get the fullness of Him. Not just a gift but He who is the Giver of gifts. But we don’t even know in so many ways what to ask for, let alone how to ask (Rom. 8:26). There are so many things that are so far beyond our pea-sized brains. But when the Person of Jesus is central to your prayer and fasting lifestyle, He who is the Answer comes, and it is He who even gives you the right question to ask, and the right approach for answers that are beyond human comprehension.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you Lord for the Spirit of God, and for the union that is available in the Lord. Thank you Lord that I can come gain a greater clarification and sureness of soul, to seek the Presence of the Person of God, even with a greater resolve. Thank you Lord, that this walk is deeply relational, Lord I thought I knew this but how much it is so. Lord, I seek you with all I am, with the full understanding that you come, and it is you who is my Lord of whom I serve with all my heart. Please continue to raise me, and fashion me according to your good purpose. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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