Chapter 52 Jacob’s Ladder


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#52 Jacob’s Ladder


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Day #52: Jacob’s Ladder
“Jacob’s Ladder”

… continue in a praise-filled life and subsequently power-filled Gospel.

Daniel: an important basis to be able to live triumphant and even victorious in the Lord, one needs to learn to be able to love Jesus just the same regardless of what ‘appears’ to be happening in life. In order to be able to truly have faith to move mountains and be able to openly operate in the Power and Fire of God, you need to become able to praise, delight, and even rest in the Lord right in the midst of storms that come. For by default you simply choose to remain in the same ‘wavelength’ as the Lord and not allow storms to cut off your ‘signal’. In the case of Daniel, in the midst of his ‘storm’, he flung open the windows of his house and praised God and sought His Presence just as any other time of his life. This he did even in open defiance of the schemes of the enemies of God that came against him.

The Power of God is found in the Secret Place: the Power of God is found in your ability to have daily encounters with the Living Jesus here, now, and today; being ‘aligned’ to the ‘wavelength’ of Heaven. This was the lifestyle of Jesus, so it is the right path for each one of us. Realise this: the least in the Kingdom is greater than all the Greats of Old (Matt. 11:11). Just think of the great encounters that some of them had or lived in; like Moses who was known as one who spoke with God face to face as a friend. What is important to realise here today is that the same opportunity is available to you, if you believe, all you have to do is begin to ask and seek the Lord.

God could have provided a literal lamb as a sacrifice for your sins, but instead He provided His own Son as the Lamb. The modern day Christian is robbed because they think so so small, for that of which the Cross has availed you is unbelievably unfathomable. Can you not see the High Office that His Blood has purposed you; not just to save you into a position only as a servant, but as a son. A son with rightful inheritance, heritage, lineage, and unrestricted access into the Heavenly realms.

To be able to walk in the Spirit, as called, we all need regular encounters with Heaven – just as Jesus.

So in your purposed seeking of the Presence of God, seek that He might come and sit with you regularly and literally face to face like Moses. Moses’ face even at times shone like a lightbulb – have that as a dream before the Lord, and go seek it. For in Moses’ time all those around him then feared the Lord because of the Glory on this man’s life. Think of others who had angelic visitations, or those who clearly heard from God. And this is just in the Old Testament, how much more than is there in the New? You don’t have this because you don’t ask (Jam. 4:2-3)! Ask for visitations of your Saviour King, ask for angels to visit and minister into your life, ask for encounters in the Holy Ghost, even to be brought up into Heaven. For having angels minster into your life is greater than food (Matt.4:11). Let this become your root purpose and drive.

This is your right as a son, for the Lord has placed a ‘ring’ of rightful Identity on your finger; come then and get your thinking out of the ‘pig pen’ (Luke 15:11-30) and think bigger. Truly ‘faith is not a matter of size, but how big God is in your eyes’. So do your maths: your world and those in it would be most blessed if you truly live according to the Spirit and no longer according to the flesh … don’t you think? If you truly no longer lived by your own strength, might, or understanding, but “by my Spirit” says the Lord; your world and those within your care would be greatly assisted. Truly you would be operating as a Gateway for Heaven and the Kingdom of God … just as Jesus, and just as Jesus paved the way for you. Your dialogue and regular sitting with the Lord will bring something most powerful into and through your life.

Flesh approaches life and ministry according to recipes and formulas. The Spirit, however, approaches life according to what you ‘see’, ‘hear’, and ‘know’ directly from the Lord (John 5:19, John 3:8-12). Be encouraged to rise up in that of which the Blood has afforded you, put aside useless temporal things, and continue to earnestly seek the Presence of the Lord. Think of all the great encounters that people have had in God, in the Spirit, in Jesus, and angelically. These are all available to those who love God as a son. Some were caught up into the “Third Heaven” (2 Cor. 12:2), some were carried by the Spirit from one place to another (Acts 8:39). We are all children of God and God shows no favouritism, He is not a respecter of people. What He did for one is an expression and a forerunner of what He can do for you, all you need is to honestly have it in your heart to ask Him and seek Him.

“With faith it is easy to please God” (Heb. 11:6).

Anyone can have knowledge, anyone can preach, but who has faith? Who truly has Revelatory Faith and Knowledge of God? Not many. Jesus multiplied food one day and another He got Peter to get a gold coin out of a fish’s mouth; but who has faith for this themselves for here and for today? This is not of the flesh but is given of the Spirit. This Faith and Identity is introduced by the Word but is given you from Above (John 3:12).

If you were to grasp what you have in Jesus, if you only allowed the Lord, He would begin to give you a picture of who you truly are in Him. I tell you, in this, you would be so overwhelmed that you would cry for a week.

We have to allow the Lord to transition us from flesh driven impatient spoilt brats to ones crowned as kings with Authority as sons of the Living God. In order to become powerful and to be able to move the Heart and the Hand of God, we have to change; for we are the kink in the chain, we are the weak point not God. For God has made everything available to us, everything is ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’ in Him. If we don’t see the power of God it’s not my pastor’s fault, it’s not my church’s, and it’s not God’s fault; it is mine. I say this not in condemnation but in encouragement to both you and I.

God is not here to place a weight on your shoulders, but He is here to place a ‘ring’ of Identity on your finger. Come to this one point of realisation: He asks nothing of you but to come realise that you in yourself you CAN-DO-NO-THING! (John 15:5), that it is IMPOSSIBLE! for you, but all things are POSSIBLE! in God (Matt. 19:26). In this you will be truly successful and as you personally come ‘find a tree’ each and every day and in quietness of soul love and wait upon the Lord, opening yourself up to Him you enter the Counsel and Might of the Lord (Is. 11:2). Regardless of your broken origins: God will give you a heart of great integrity and a faith that is most powerful.

Opening Scriptures:
12 And he dreamed that there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it! … 17 He was afraid and said, how to be feared and reverenced is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gateway to heaven! (Gen. 28:12,17 AMPC)
24 And Jacob was left alone, and a Man wrestled with him until daybreak. 25 And when [the Man] saw that He did not prevail against [Jacob], He touched the hollow of his thigh; and Jacob’s thigh was put out of joint as he wrestled with Him. 26 Then He said, let Me go, for day is breaking. But [Jacob] said, I will not let You go unless You declare a blessing upon me. (Gen. 32:24-26 AMPC)

God has a Dream, and His Dream is to set up a ladder upon your life, the “top of which reaches all the way into Heaven”. This capacity has been extended all man, through the shed Blood of His Son. But what is your dream? God desires that upon this ‘ladder’ angels ascend and descend upon your life to the blessing of your world. For those who love the Lord, your heart is most hallowed ground, it is a most “feared and reverent place”. It is no other than the “House of God”, the very “Gateway to Heaven!” In your heart fully turned unto the Lord – your First Love – the God of Heaven and earth is enticed to construct a ladder. For God sent His Son to die on the Cross so that whomsoever may believe may truly become a Gateway to Heaven, just as Christ Jesus in His day. This in itself is the Lord’s Prayer concerning both you and I (Matt. 6:9-13).

The vast Possibilities of Heaven. God constructs a ladder between you and Heaven whereby angels increasingly transit upon your life. They transfer between you and the Eternal and vast realms and possibilities of Heaven. It is the Spirit of God and the angels that He assigns of whom open ‘vials’ of Power, of Revelatory Understanding, and of Creativity and Innovation of Heaven (Ex. 31:6). So don’t fret but seek the Lord. ‘You have because you DO ask God’ (Jam. 4:2-3) and you receive Power because in the depths of your heart, your soul delights in the Lord. And as you choose to come as a little child into His arms, your “angels always see the Face of God”, and they are “always before the Presence of the Lord” (Matt. 18:10) concerning you and those within your care, and for the town of which you live.

But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. (Acts 1:8 AMPC)

It is the Anointing that breaks the yolk (Is. 10:27): the “fatness” of the Presence of God that rests richly upon your life that breaks every yolk, every heavy load, and every blockage. This can be difficult for people to grasp, but your Identity in the Lord is given increasingly to you as you simply love on the Lord, enjoy His Presence, and expect Him to show up!

When Jesus came those two thousand years ago and spoke about God being His Father, this was such a far-fetched notion and vision that the majority of the people of His day just couldn’t receive it at all. So much so that as He began to share further they picked up stones to try to kill Him for speaking such ‘blasphemy’. Now in your life the concept that God is your Father is readily within your grasp, see how far you have come? But don’t just stop here, keep going: for then the Witness of the Spirit within you will start to speak boldly within you saying, “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30).

What powerful shifts that begin to occur when He starts to reveal this in your soul. I tell you what, deep attitude shifts begin to change everything in how you see. In this, powerful moves begin to occur based on the Anointed words that come from your own mouth. What is another word for this? ‘Faith’. Faith given you from Heaven through a rich and an ever deepening sense of Identity in Him given you of the Lord.

Then He said to him, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you all, you shall see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man! (John 1:51 AMPC)

Jesus has constructed a ladder between you, a believer, and Heaven. For you too, as He, are a son of the Living God. The first Seed died and was resurrected again so that there would be many seeds just like Him (John 12:24). It is the Kingdom’s way, the regular and normal way to have angels ascending and descending upon a child of God as you go about this life (Matt. 4:11). To this God wants to transition you that you and your life move in and come under an increased Open Heaven.

The power of Praise and of Encounter.

There is a lot of un-building and re-building that is needed, but be patient, this is the Spirit’s work; it is called the “renewed mind” (Rom. 12:2). Our work is to this one thing: “to believe” (John 6:29) and to “prepare the way” for Him, its Jesus’ to work in and through us. This is called “living according to the Spirit”. Our Identity in the Lord was stolen us in the Beginning and it is only the Person of Jesus that can return it. As one who was an orphan you just simply do not know who you are in the Lord, you have so little reference or sense of your real and true Identity and capacity in Him. Now that you have returned and have set your face firmly in Him, unto the Promises of the Lord, it’s God’s work to renew you and reunite you with your Destiny so that you may be able to walk in the fullness thereof. This is the purpose of worshipping in both ‘Spirit’ and in ‘Truth; within your soul the Word is as cement becoming ‘rock’ through the adding of the Spirit that is as water.

In my world I spent several hours a day, for years, absorbing the Word of God, for my work allowed it. This is to me worshipping in ‘truth’. But power didn’t start entering my soul until I added the decisive step of seeking of His Face. The Word truly strengthens me and gives me great reference and foundation, but it didn’t give me power to overcome or to be victorious. I had always felt that the Word was only the Foundation but it is God Himself who ‘builds His Building’, how true this is, this is what is called ‘living according to the Spirit’. When I came to realise that there is no limitation to how much I can seek the manifest Presence and the Face of God, that is when the Spirit of Might and Counsel truly begin to flow like a river. And to this day it is only exponentially increasing. This to me is worshipping in ‘spirit’.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 48:10)

Quieten your heart, quieten yourself down, and come to know the Lord. Again this is the purpose of the secret place; the very same place that the Lord Himself went continuously into as He too walked the earth. Come then and be encouraged to follow Him and walk in His footsteps. Take your time in the Lord; even if you are a leader of hundreds of thousands, or have healed millions in the Lord, this still is the central underlying purpose: More of the person of Jesus – just as Paul always hungered (Phil. 3:10). A heart for more of the manifest Jesus evident in your world.

May it be so, that through the Grace and Purpose of our Lord and Saviour, that you be increased in the Anointing of Heaven. That Prophecy, Healing, and Miracles flow increasingly evident and magnified in and through your life to the blessing of those around you. We are not called to demonstrate wisdom and knowledge, but to demonstrate the very Power of God (1 Cor. 2:4, 1 Cor. 4:20, Rom. 14:17). This is the Kingdom’s way, so let it become yours. To you it can be stated, “I see angels ascending and descending upon the son (or daughter) of God” as you walk in the Grace of the Lord, and in this Jesus “will be exalted among the nations.”

Not through might nor by your strength, but “by my Spirit says the Lord” (Zech. 4:6). “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation” (Heb. 1:14)? It is then through the power of the Spirit, not the flesh, that tears down mighty strongholds and makes way for the saving of souls; for the healing of their flesh and the restoring of that which was stolen. Even for the returning of the Nations unto Christ, that the Kingdom of God may be glorified and that people may truly come to their senses through the veil being removed (2 Cor. 3:16-18) and the Presence of God come.

Truly angels ascending and descending on the sons and daughters of God, for “creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed” (Rom. 8:19). It is for a man, and a people, to believe and take hold of. It is for you to receive and for you to walk in here and today. For by the Blood shed for you on the Cross, through the Blood of the precious Lamb of God, this has been afforded each who comes to believe … or may come to want to believe (Mark 9:23-25). It is up to you to open the Presents, to open the ‘Gifts’ of God, and walk in the fullness of them. No one can do this for you, but to the hungry God feeds; to the one who asks, to he who seek, and to you who knocks the door shall be opened!

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you Lord, Lord it is beyond comprehension what you have achieved for me on the Cross. It is both deeply humbling and greatly encouraging. Lord I so appreciate the Righteousness that has been afforded by your Blood shed for me, but I also recognise my part to play. Please continue to raise me in a heart of Integrity, even the very nature of the Son. That I might be trustworthy with that of which you are giving me and to that of which you still yet have in store (Matt. 13:11-2, Luke 16:10-11). In Jesus precious Name. Amen’.




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