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#51 Transition


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Day #51: Jacob’s Ladder

God desires to transition you from a power-less Gospel to a power-full and power-filled Gospel. This is God’s Dream for His own Name sake, let it then become your dream.

And many came to Him, and they kept saying, (though) John did not perform a [single] sign or miracle, but everything John said about this Man was true. And many [people] there became believers in Him. [They adhered to and trusted in and relied on Him.] (John 10:41-42 AMPC)

God is working and wanting to transition each one of us from being as a ‘John the Baptist’ to become in likeness as a ‘John the Apostle’; that is to become one who not only speaks the Word of God but is also able to demonstrate the Power and Fire of the Holy Ghost. Though John the Baptist faithfully spoke the Word, leading many many people to turn their ways unto the Kingdom, and even though he was a great prophet of God; there were no manifest miracles. And though there is nothing wrong with this at all, there is, however, a greater capacity to walk in the Power of the Spirit that is intended for each and every child of God (Matt. 11:11). Many came to believe in the Lord Jesus and converted their hearts, their thinking, and their lives unto the purposes of righteous living, however, this is but the beginning and is not the full Gospel message. Let us not stop here but continue to personally press into God. Let us appreciate John and deeply honour the message of Preparation and sow it deep into our soul, but let us also step over unto the Living Person of Jesus. It is the Living and active Person of Christ Jesus within you that today, through the Holy Spirit, will lead you unto the Holy Spirit’s Fire, even the Holy Spirit’s Power.

Our Lord Jesus Christ desires to transition each and every one of us unto the Holy Spirit and Power, unto the Holy Spirit and Fire. What are we talking about here? … the manifest Power of God, the manifest Spirit of God, and the manifest Kingdom of God … just as Jesus Himself knew and walked in. The message of John prepares you for Jesus, but the message of Jesus prepares you for the Holy Spirit and Fire. It is to this very thing that Jesus ‘drove’ very powerful principles into His disciple’s lives in order to try to convert their thinking, even ‘pushing’ His disciples to get to understand something bigger – though at times He was frustrated with their ‘unbelief’ (Matt. 17:14-21). * It is my opinion that unbelief is rooted in a lack of revelation of Identity in the Father, a lack of ‘hearing’ and ‘learning’ from the Father that is available to all, including the disciples (John 6:45). Still, therefore, being influenced by Satan; ‘hearing’ and ‘learning’ from his suggestions instead, even by what you see.

Just preaching a repentant message doesn’t lead anyone very far, there is no vision except that one day you might go to Heaven. This is a greatly diminished ‘gospel’ message, for we are purposed to bring Heaven here – the Kingdom of God here. If just preaching a repentant message is all that is needed then Jesus should have gone to the Cross when He was only but a few years old. Why did He have to bother going about preaching for three and a half years? John was doing an amazing job, many were coming to the Kingdom of God, many were coming out to hear him (every Sunday) and he had disciples and everything! No, he was always pointing to the One that will come and baptise you in the Holy Spirit’s Fire (Matt. 3:11); this then needs to become our root vision and focus.

The reason why Jesus went everywhere and preached because He was trying to show you in the flesh, guide you by example, teach you and instruct you in the higher possibilities of the Kingdom. Even to gain the higher Identity that is intended for all in the Lord. The Father wants transformation, He is far from being satisfied with you just following Him only through law and works as a servant; for this in itself is even distancing by nature. No, He wants to transition you from a servant to a son, from one ‘separate’ from Him to one deeply united in Him; just as Christ Jesus and the Father ‘were’ one. Not simply as a man down here on earth with God up there somewhere in Heaven, but as a little child one with your personal Papa and your two worlds joining. As Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made (I make) known to you” (John 15:15).

Jesus’ purpose is to transition you from not only talking effectively about Jesus and the Kingdom, but to where Jesus Himself turns up in manifest form and in manifest action. Where the Spirit of God moves powerfully upon the congregations.

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities. (Is. 54:2-3 NIV)

John the Baptist teaches you to turn your heart unto the Lord and prepare the way. This is a very important and crucial part of the Gospel message, however, it has a purpose: it is the constructed highway (Is. 40:3) that is purposed for the ‘caravan’ of the Glory of the Kingdom of God to continually flow into your life: the Trinity, the Hosts of Heaven, and the angelic realm. And they never cease flowing in you but measure upon measure, glory upon glory, and richness upon richness. And as you expand the way for Him, in hunger, the Lord expands the way for His own increased arrival; the Lord God of Heaven and earth Himself comes upon your life beyond measure or comprehension. And as He enlarges in you, ground is taken for the Kingdom; in your own life, in your family, your surrounds, your city, your region, and your nation (Is. 54:2-3). Whole areas are made open for you, and once closed off regions become open. The purposes of the Kingdom God is to ‘displace’ the Enemy (the Liar, Thief, and Murderer) and establish the Authority of the ruling King in our midst (Life and life in more Abundance) for you and your ‘descendants’ … even those that come after you.

Your invitational hunger of heart brings Him and continues to bring Him. Jesus came and lived the full Gospel message in order to teach you the 1-2-3 step of ‘how’ you can behold and carry the very Glory of God yourself. And now in Resurrected form He comes, in person, to transition you from the non-fruitful to the fruitful, from a servant to a son, from powerless to power filled, from knowing about God to knowing the Father; even to know the Father as does a little boy or little girl; the warm and personal touch of Abba Father. Our Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus, desires to transition each and every one of us unto the Holy Spirit and Power, even the Holy Spirit and Fire! What are we talking about here, what is this about? … the manifest real and demonstrable Kingdom of God: that is “Heaven come”, that is Heaven come here on earth. This in itself IS the Lord’s Prayer (Matt. 6:9-13)! Your seeking and hungering for the Presence of God and the manifest realities of Heaven is most powerful and effective! Powerful shifts begin to occur in your own soul and also in the Heavenly realms in reference to you.

The vast possibilities of Heaven …

There is nothing wrong with the fact that, at this stage, you don’t readily see the miracle working God flowing liberally through your life as the New Testament demonstrates. There is no condemnation, but I deeply want to encourage you that there is a greater capacity to walk in the Spirit that has been afforded each one of us by the Cross. The keys then are in these things: 1. awareness, 2. belief, and 3. hunger. Without them you will stalemate and, in relative terms, you will remain stagnant. Without hunger and belief your awareness and vision will remain greatly blurred, and even though zealous for the Lord you will grow religious, legalistic, and confined; and all this in the Name of Jesus. However, it is in the eager seeking of the Person of God through ‘belief’ and ‘hunger’ that He Himself feeds you spiritual Manna from Heaven, gifting you with greater awareness. It is desiring the Kingdom manifest that the very Words that proceed from the mouth of your Father make way for Heaven to open exponentially above you.

Do you realise that the Father seeks out over the whole earth for believers who worship Him in both truth and in spirit? In this case (there are many facets) the ‘truth’ being the written Word of God and the ‘spirit’ being the Word that proceeds from His mouth. Jesus refers to it as the Rock of which the Church is built upon. To these He comes richly upon, to these He Himself personally seeks out, and to these He opens Heaven and begins to openly speak into your soul establishing rich Identity, Knowledge, Faith, and Might. It is these very things of which dismantle all forms of unbelief, doubt, and fear (Matt. 17:19-21), allowing you to walk your life ‘full’ of the Holy Spirit.

The problem is that if you remain only under the likes of the teachings of the ‘John the Baptist’ and not under the Living Revealed Word of God: the Rock of Revelation, the very Word that continually proceeds from the mouth of God. Then you remain a believer without: Vision, Tools, Reserves, Power or Hope. You can remain frustratingly rooted and bound in doubt, unbelief, and fear; and this right in the midst of your faith. This is ends up being flesh-based rather than Spirit-based. And just as Jesus ‘rebuked’ His disciples for their unbelieving hearts; a lack of walking in step with Him remains that causes the Power of God to be elusive, and the miracles and Revelation of God to be rare in our land. And just as John the Baptist, Christians today eventually fail to recognise the Christ as King and say in their hearts, “should we be looking for someone else” (Matt. 11:2-3)? Going from one preacher to another, one teaching to another, and not really ever coming into the realms of Power and splendour that the spilt Blood has purposed, this that is found in the Person of Jesus.

To be continued …

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you Lord, Lord please continue to do a work in me. Lord, I deeply welcome you and hunger for your purposes to be fulfilled in me. Please lead me and guide me under alignment in you that I might be increasingly led and guided by you. I welcome you manifest upon my life. Help me seek your Face and wait upon the Lord, for I truly delight in the Lord my God. In Jesus precious Name. Amen’




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