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#50 Elijah


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Day #50: Kingly Christ

What is this subject about? Identity.

In Christ Jesus, in the Love of God, the seeking of the Presence of the Lord is the single most greatest honour, privilege, and place of strength. With singular purpose of soul: coming to seek the Lord, seeking to be in His Presence and seeking to truly be with Him and He with you; it is this continuing Presence of Jesus – the Rock – that undergirds your life, that makes way for the deepest and strongest of roots. Establishing great fortitude, stability, and integrity of which blossoms the Anointing of the Spirit, even the Knowledge and Might of God. Simply your love pressing deeply into the Branch and being continually rewarded, fed, and raised by the Lord; giving you also greater ability to draw from the vast realms of Heaven. (Understand this: the Presence of God never left Jesus, He always sensed and knew His Father was with Him; so then, can you and I (Matt. 27:46)).

It is the Presence of God that shifts the heart and soul of a man unto the Heart and Soul of the Person of God; bringing alignment in the Son. Even alignment into the fullness of the Son; bringing Identity within yourself and the fullness of your Identity in Him. A true awakening to your Identity and your Destiny. It is in this place of which God establishes unceasing Peace, unceasing Praise, unceasing Joy, and unceasing Hope allowing you to readily and confidently call upon the Hand of God and the Reserves of Heaven. Giving you capacity to draw endlessly from the River that flows directly from the very Throne of God; the ‘sap’ of the Branch. It is in this deeply rooted place that you find yourself of the same Spirit and same ability to do incomprehensible works and exploits in the Lord even as Elijah. With the same carefree, jovial confidence, and boldness of the Lord.

To be a warrior in the Lord one needs to be deeply rooted in the Person of Jesus. To be a ‘general’: in apostolic, prophetic, or in pastoral ministry you needs best to be united, one, and bonded richly in the Person of Christ Jesus as your root and singular cause.

As the underlying purpose of soul: in all things and through all things and with full purpose of soul: seek the Lord, seek to be in His Presence, and seek to truly be with Him. In all things and through all things, even in the great adversity that comes: sit, “be still”, and “know the Lord” – for Jesus is in the waiting. Jesus is not in the running off, He is in the present here and now. He is here, He is now, He is present. When Elijah received a message from Jezebel he would have done much much better to just stop, sit still, and in quietness KNOW the Lord, just as he always did. Turning his praise unto the Lord, delighting in Him, and with a heart of inquiry seeking the King of Heaven and earth.

Be still, and know I am God. (Ps. 64:10)

The most powerful thing on this earth is your ability to draw from Heaven into your world; drawing even the King of kings to be among us. To speak a word from within the Presence of the Lord to heal, restore, move mountains, and break down the roots of injustice and strongholds. You can do this simply because of the Place the Blood has brought you, and the Authority the Covenant leads you in. And an increasing Authority is given you as the Spirit raises you in victory; be victorious and to be an overcomer in all things (Rev. 2:26-27). For you are called to kingship, to rule and reign with Jesus, that is even the very administering of the Glory of Heaven here on earth. The key, however, is remaining and abiding in Him and not “running off”. And the Presence of Jesus upon your life, of which (by culture of soul) you seek, establishes you on very solid ground and lifts you in increasing Glory and the increasing Honour OF God (John 5:44).

The undergirding purpose of soul is not in the “hands on” hard labour of ministry or life … it is in the “hands off” and seeking the Lord. It is in He who comes and by the Spirit of God empowers, guides, blesses, and goes before you and breaks down strongholds. If you are a minister of thousands or a housewife; everlasting success and power is in the Secret Place. Giving place and honour for the Hosts of Heaven to go out before you – even in all your works and hard labour.

You, in Christ Jesus, are born of a Royal Priesthood. You are born of Royal blood and seated in the highest realms with Authority in Christ Jesus over sin, death, and the grave; with angels of Heaven assigned unto you. Jesus has lifted you up from mortal fleeting flesh unto the eternal Spirit of the Living God, unto the Eternal realms of the Kingdom. From these realms you are a most different creature, even a very new Creation. Jesus alive in you walking again on earth as He did those years ago. You, a new being born from Eternal origins and no longer one born only of the dust. Seated under commanding Authority and Royalty over the spiritual realms (Matt. 8:5-13, John 1:51).

The shift that occurs in the Presence of God is incomprehensible and increasingly so. Therefore, continually making way for God in the ‘going aside’, in the waiting and in the secret place, as you with purpose seek the Lord; brings He who is Resurrected to minister continually in your life. A oneness in the Lord is increasingly developed and maintained. And as a catalyst the Lord opens and makes ‘flesh’ the Gospel of Power, even the Resurrected Christ Jesus as King rising up. The Spirit unlocks the manifest Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ into your very being, into the pumping of your very heart and the air in your very lungs. You see so differently, you hear differently, you walk differently and this is given you of the Holy Ghost as He transfers, He inserts, and He imparts the Person of Jesus in you (John 16:14-15 AMPC). Not only having Jesus within you in faith, but the Resurrected Christ Jesus, King and Lord, is being ‘constructed’ in you by the Hands of the Holy Ghost.

What then begins to occur is that the words of your mouth start becoming increasingly powerful, as the Anointing of God comes upon you in greater measure. The Presence of the Lord resting upon your life raises you in a greater Anointing, a greater awareness of who you are in the Lord and who He is in you – this is your Identity. You can read about these things plain enough in the Word but it is only the Spirit of God that make them flesh and blood (Ez. 36:26) in you; that is, alive and fully functioning, real and tangible as Heaven becomes deeply part of you.

A story of Elijah (1 Kings 18):

Elijah stood against unbelievably great odds, he stood up as the ‘last’ prophet of God against a hostile king and several hundred demon worshipping Israelites, plus those who attended. But he did it so effortlessly, so at ease, so carefree, and so jovially; how could he of done that? Easy, he was walking-in-step-with-the-Spirit and the Anointing and Mantle of the Lord was set upon him (Acts 4:31). This is Jesus’ dream for each and every believer as He hung on the Cross … that each one of us may live and walk Anointed lives as He – regardless of age! So as Jesus, we too go aside and fervently seek the Presence of the Lord.

In the Old Way prophets were assigned by God, but in the New Way a believer can also become a prophet by earnest seeking the Lord. If you can learn: 1. to be rooted in the Love of God and 2. “earnestly seek the Gifts, especially the Gift of Prophecy” (1 Cor. chpt 12-14) then God will raise you, the Spirit will lead you, and Jesus will teach you. If you retain this single purpose of heart the Spirit will personally take you, day by day, into the Holy of Holies and train, impart, and equip you of Heaven.

Jesus the King is here! He is King and Judge of the universe. He is both Saviour and Christ, but He is also King and Judge of the nations; and His Enemies will be “made a footstool” (Acts 2:35-36).

The evil that Elijah confronted: a person who is rooted in Praise, a person rooted in the Love of God, as king David (the ancestral line of Jesus): you are able to call upon the Justice of the Lord. When facing or cornered by gross injustice or evil you can pray differently: you can call upon the Staff or even the Rod of the Shepherd (1 Sam 17:34-35, Ps 23, Ps. 2:7-9, Rev. 2:24-29). And the Lord will bring a judgement and in His Mercy will action, so that neither the Wolf nor the Bear ravish the sheep. That they neither divide or scatter, nor will they devour the precious flock of the Lord. It takes a man or a woman of God to stand up and call upon the Hand of God against adversity regardless of what form it takes. Even against corruption, evil, and injustice; even against sicknesses, disease, demonic holds, or death.

The Mantle: Elijah, before vast scorning opposition, presented an undeniable and mighty display of Heaven. In the Anointing and Presence of the Lord he was able to call down the fire of God that totally consumed even the rocks of the alter. And afterwards, by the word of his mouth given by the Lord, brought rain that broke the long drought. It is this historic account that is a picture for you now, my encouragement to you is come to truly know your God and be known by Him for there is incredible and wondrous power in it – bringing Heaven, bringing the Kingdom of God into your world. The deepest of relationship and communion (John 1:18) in the Lord is key (even through a culture of prayer and fasting that breaks every stronghold or demonic opposition). It is not a dry and barren pursuit but full of the sense and awareness of the Presence and Love of God; of which you never leave (you never walk away from).

One day you might become sick of injustice and evil but instead of being idle or overwhelmed, rally your soul unto the Lord. Your union in the Lord brings the Guard of the Hosts of Heaven.

The expected and common counter-attack of the demon: in the face of all it took just a single woman to destabilise this famously great man of God. We need to understand spiritual warfare a bit more: after you experience something truly amazing in the Lord, get up from the Table with your sword drawn; expect attacks, they are common and normal – but sometimes they come very intensely. The key is that in and through all things: always delight to seek the Presence of the Lord (Mark 4:35-41) for this is your Root connection.

Elijah experienced a spiritual attack right right after his greatest victory. Was it only a mere woman that caused Elijah to collapse in a defeated and demoralised heap or was it spiritual? Was it the fact that she commanded a king or an army … or was it that she commanded a principality and a legion of demons? Elijah didn’t get intimidated by a word of a queen, but the word that released a demonic onslaught. He came under great spiritual attack of Intimidation and Confusion; even a multitude of demonic Oppression that was released by a powerful witch (these people do exist today; even in the service of business people, lawyers, politicians, and people in power (just as in the Old Testament)).

But God wasn’t OK with that, He asked Elijah, “what are you doing here?” If Elijah had simply taken his time and sat down and enquired of the Lord, instead of freaking out and ‘leaving’ the Presence of God, then the Lord would have fought against the demonic hordes. If Elijah had chosen instead to delight himself in praise and seek the Face of God, seek the Presence of God – as he always did – then God of Heaven and earth would have aggressively destroyed the demonic powers. That, in the end, was God’s assignment given to him and God planned to fully back him and fulfil it.

But as it were Elijah met with God after fleeing in great distress and he was encouraged, ministered to, and greatly strengthened (1 Kings 19). But he was emotionally distressed, broken, fearful, and a heap of ruins … does this sound familiar? This whole historic account is now an encouragement for the countless generations, and it is now a blessing to you and I. Even if you do find yourself often in the ‘cleft of the rock’, the Lord will minister into your life and deeply strengthen you, reviving your courage (see Chapter 12).

One missionary, I know, spoke of an account of where one of his pastors was thrown into a pit on top of another pastor’s body of whom was just martyred. He was told that if he didn’t raise the pastor up from the dead he was next. As the murdering demons consumed moonshine and played with their guns the pastor prayed. He prayed for hours and nothing happened. So as the time came for him to be killed he turned his heart unto the Lord and simply praised him and loved him. And he said in his heart that it would be such an honour for him to die, but may every drop of his blood that is spilt be turned into souls saved. And then he stood up and yelled out to the murderous thugs and said “shoot me!”, but they all took off running. Do you know why? Because the dead pastor behind him stood up!

It is only through a tap-root of love that you personally drive into the Branch that brings deep fortitude and ability to stand against the onslaught of opposition that comes … with relative ease. The trueness of your connection, your longing of heart, and communion in God being tight; even ‘jealously’, ‘possessive’, pure, and true. This is how God seeks you (Ex. 24:34) and has paid a hefty price (Gal. 3:14); even with the fullness of His own Son. So connect with Him deeply, in order to be powerful in Him, learn to seek Him with the same ‘jealous’ intensity and purpose as He does you: love to Love, spirit to Spirit, truth to Truth.

The lines of communication, the conduit, needs be secure and firm for it is the Enemy that continuously seeks to dislodge the tightness of your ‘connection’ or otherwise bring blockages – for he, by no means, can stand against the One who would otherwise come through you. Allow yourself then to be truly set apart unto the Lord. Just as a little toddler cares for nothing but to run to the arms of “my Papa”; to the security, the tenderness, and the affection of “my Father”. It is the way of the Gospel of Power for us to come to our Heavenly Father with the same ‘intensity’ of purpose as He does us. For unless you become as a little child you will never really see Him, know Him, or enjoy His Kingdom truly at work to the measure God has established in the shedding of the Blood of His own Beloved Son (Matt. 18:2-4).

Learn to ‘hide’ yourself in the Lord.

Instead of running and fleeing, Elijah could have stopped and taken a minute. He could have found a tree and sat down and turned his heart upon the Lord; just like at any other moment of his life. He didn’t even see or speak directly with Jezebel, he neither saw her face or heard her voice. It was only a word relayed via a messenger! Jezebel wasn’t on a chariot commanding a thousand armed soldiers that terrified and caused Elijah to flee … it was a word written on a scrap of paper or relayed through the mouth of just a messenger. He had plenty of time to say “thank you” and then choose to go aside and close the door and in delight seek and love on the Lord. Turning his heart unto the Lord and loving Him, praising Him, and seeking His Face just like any other day.

The Lord would have come and sat with him, as per normal, and Elijah would have been refreshed, ministered to and encouraged. And God would have been with him and placed a covering over him, a coat, a ‘mantle’; even His Might, His Fear, and His Vengeance – and “with a Rod of iron dash them to pieces” (Ps. 2:7-9, Rev. 2:24-29). For in the end we are actually doing His Will and coming alongside and into alignment with His Purposes and Dreams – so surely God is with us. The key then, the sole purpose, is to be with Him with our whole heart, and not ‘adulterous’ (Matt. 12:39); that is our heart set on another … even if it is fear. Satan’s purpose and method is to go ‘boo!’ and draw your affections away from the Lord, but the Lord is intent on drawing you ever close. Nothing can separate you from the Love of God, nothing can take you away from your tenderness in the Lord … but what you yourself allow (Matt. 13, 1 John 2:27).

The key is a constant state of readiness, not about becoming ready but – being ready. This is about enjoying the Lord before you need Him, not just running to look for His security when you are lost and desperate. Enjoy sitting under ‘under a tree’ rather than hiding in a cave.

The greatest prophet is the Person of Jesus and what He Prophesises into your spirit and into your own soul. As you ‘sit under a tree’ and love the Lord He gives you revelation and ownership of the Gospel of Power (and Life) and your Identity in Him. The next greatest prophet then is you, yourself, of whom ‘speaks’ them over your own life; laying ahold and deeply treasuring the Revealed Word in your spirit and soul. In this dialogue the angels sit with you in awe of the Word of God, and they gather in greater numbers. The words you begin to speak they ride on and bring it into completion, for your words become Spirit and they become Life.

Understand that in “walking in Step with the Spirit” you have come under the Covering, the Might, the Power, and the Authority of the Kingdom of God. This is a beautiful and a powerful thing, it is an awe-inspiring and terrible reality. The Spirit and the angels of God going out before you and coming in behind you. Just as the way the Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire went out before the Israelites and came in behind them (Ex. 13:21), this is the picture of how the Anointing of God works today. When you go to pray for someone the Spirit and assigned angels go before you; you will ‘see’ the angels going before you. The Spirit and the Resurrection Power of God going before you, even before you reach your hand out and before you speak. Our submission is to the Lord it is not to the circumstance, we are subject to God and not to a person or situation. We are all called to live fully yielded and subject to the Wonder of the Person of Christ Jesus.

You do not instigate the Spirit does. Jesus did what He “saw His Father doing” and said what He “heard His Father saying” (John 5:19); it is the Spirit’s Witness within your own soul that will lead you to speak and to do according to Him and not according to what is in front of you – “the power of the Spirit being present to perform miracles and to heal” (Luke 5:17). Just as Jesus lived with “Heaven open”, those of whom walk in step with the Spirit of God “will see angels ascending and descending” on them – the sons (and daughters) of the Living God (John 1:51, Gen. 28:12). This is the elevation (lifted up) and the Honour of God that is given to those who truly seek Him. Seek, therefore, the Glory and Honour that comes from “the only God” (John 5) and no longer the honour and Glory that comes from man.

“Vengeance is mine”, says the Lord, “I will repay”. (Deut. 32:35)

When you face problems or someone in need, when you face a demon or the demon possessed, or when you face sickness or death; through the Anointing of the Lord it is the angels that go out and fight the battle before you even lay your hands. What we want is the Resurrected King with us in His Glory: it is then He, the King of kings who fights, it is the Lord who battles, it is the Terror of the Lord that pursues the demon Enemy and in Horror destroys it regardless of how it has manifest.

We are charged by God, the mandate has been given (even a Mantle), and by the fact of where we are seated we ‘command’. Command who, who do we command? We command a company of angels and it is they who drag the demon out of a person and the sickness that it has caused. But when Jesus our King comes amongst us who can stand? It is the Lord who sends out the Hornets to pursue the demon in the deepest hole that they hide in and it is the Vengeance of my God who pursues them to the furthest reaches.

The Roman centurion: “for I also am a man under authority, having soldiers under me. And I say to this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes; and to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it”. Who is it that the centurion is commanding? An enemy? No, he is commanding those who are under his authority. When you ‘command’, that is “heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons” (Matt. 10:8), who is it that you command? As a general, or a commander in the Kingdom of God, you don’t necessarily deal with the Enemy directly, but those under your command do the fighting. But when you do speak to the Enemy he sees the Authority that you are under and the company of angels that are standing beside you and that are surrounding it and they flee. And the Mantle that is clearly on your life represents the full backing of Heaven.

The Lord Jesus of whom we approach through endearing love and praise, and of whom we seek and long for; when He shows up and walks amongst us who can survive the ‘terror’ of His Voice or the blazing fire of His eyes (Rev. 1)? When Apostle John saw Him, he “fell at His feet as though dead”. By the Glory of His Presence, even the very molecules of your flesh feel like they are being ripped apart … who can survive when the Lord shows up? Nothing! Truly all bows under the Glory of His Majesty. In the same way the demon and all its foul purposes, efforts, and diseases is totally destroyed and Life fully comes in its place.

We all want Jesus free to walk amongst us, but the doubt, indifference, or doctrine of believers deny Him and even as a wall of unbelief: but in contrast faith and the revealed Word attracts Him. When Jesus shows up He doesn’t need you, He doesn’t even need your words or your touch. But when you do pray and when you do lay your hands on the one in need – the touch makes the connection between the one in need and the Kingdom of God. The believer is the Gateway for the Kingdom of God: for within you beats the Heart of the Father, within you dwells the Resurrected Christ, and within this earthen vessel contains and houses the Spirit of the Living God.

As a son of God, it is the Lord who fights for you on your behalf; for there is much that we do not understand. As you learn to hide yourself (even in the cleft of the rock) in Him it is the Lord who goes out before you and comes in behind you. It is the Lord who battles for you, if you can truly grasp this it is most powerful (see previous chapter). If you can allow the Spirit of God to open your heart, your eyes and your ears to this reality and stop taking everything into your own hands or understanding, but give space for God’s Hands and give space for His Understanding, to be involved in your life; you will enter into most powerful realms. Understanding alone (Prov. 3:5) does not achieve this, but the Spirit of who you abide in, the Presence of the Lord of whom you dwell; it is He of whom changes and transforms your thinking and your walk … simply because you give Him place.

To walk successfully in spiritual warfare one needs a deep and everlasting root of love in the Love of God. Your tap-root will keep you firm and strong even in a flood that comes against you. But not only so, the Lord’s Hand comes against the flood and the Spirit raises a Standard against it (Is. 59:19). To be successful in life and in our Christian walk is to be able to draw from the Love of God in all things and through all things.

In order to be truly successful in the Kingdom of God and spiritual warfare, the first thing is to love the Lord God with all you are, to even jealously as a little child run to your own Father’s arms. Run to Him as though you don’t want to share Him at all but fully possess Him and hold Him close. But He is a big big God … there is enough for all of us in Him. But it is in this great sense and awareness of God’s Love for you, His Love that is so intent upon you, so so real and personal, His eyes so fixed on you as though there is no-one else in the room. That is the truth of Him, that is His nature towards you (just as John the Apostle was His ‘favourite’). It is His Love that comes upon you and His Glory shining through your life. And just as Christ Jesus, in intimate knowledge of Him; you too will lay your hand upon the sick, you will set the captives free, and you will raise the dead and cast out all bondages … in Jesus Name. For the countless thousands and millions you will bring Life in Jesus Name. You will bring Resurrected Life to countless thousands and millions because you are ‘jealously’ and intently fixed upon the Love of God, just as was His own Son who went before us … and of whom Led the way. Look at this next Scripture that reveals the Root of Jesus.

No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship [in the intimate presence] with the Father, has made him known. (John 1:18 NIV/AMPC)

I recommend: don’t have pride of any measure. For it tells God that you don’t need Him anymore, nor that of which He has in store for you.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you Lord, Lord I pray that I might know your Love. Lord, may I really know it for me personally. Lord I am sorry that over the years I have run off from your Presence as though a Jezebel spirit has pursued me, I don’t wish to do that anymore. I choose now to find a tree to sit under, or a quiet place to go aside. What I desire Lord, is to know you in friendship, in relationship, and in closeness; and even as King and Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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