Chapter 49 Jesus your Teacher #3: Legal Foothold


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#49 Jesus your Teacher #3: Legal Foothold


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Day #49: Kingly Christ
“Jesus your Teacher (3): Legal Foothold”

In summation of the previous chapter:

The earth has been commanded by God to yield its increase (Ps. 67), not only so but Heaven also yields increase to you simply through your retained heart of praise unto the Lord. Your tender praise of soul that remains regardless of what is set before you or comes against you. The absolute rich value in “loving the Lord, listening to His Voice, and cleaving yourself to Him” (Deut. 30:20 NIV/JUB). It is through this that the earth has been commanded by God to release Life, Blessing, and Fruitfulness to you automatically!

What does this word ‘cleaving’ mean? Is it not uniting yourself and bonding yourself in the Lord? This by no means can be religious, nor legalistic, but is deeply relational and deeply personal. This type of cleaving refuses even the smallest influence of the purposes of Satan to impede your unceasing praise, tenderness, and yearning for the Face of God. It refuses to allow any form of the ‘virus’ of Satan between you and your ‘grafting’ in the Branch. What then becomes most apparent to you is that the ‘Divine Jealousy’ (Is. 59:17-18 AMPC) of the Lord starts to come alongside you and in rising up goes out and pursues the Enemy regardless of what form he has come: in sickness, great loss, oppression, etc. God dresses Himself in ‘vengeance’ and with ‘zeal as a cloak’ to repay the Enemy with ‘wrath’ and ‘retribution’ on your behalf. It is your eternal praise that draws Heaven upon your life here today and blossoms the manifest Kingdom of God.

Remember that it is Satan’s purpose, since the Beginning, to try to drive a wedge and come between you and your praise, your love, your trust; and your ability to hear, listen, and obey the Shepherd’s Voice (John 10:27). Between you and the Life giving ‘sap’ of the Branch; endeavouring to restrict you in your ability to freely abide under and receive from an Open Heaven. His schemes and the ‘fruit’ of his purposes is there to lure and draw you back out of the Spirit and again unto the flesh. This is the purpose of the plans of the Enemy and the problems that he contrives to bring upon you. It is, however, Jesus’ purpose to raise you to become increasingly invincible through the Power and Might of the Holy Spirit resting upon your life. Even as an Elijah who called down the fire of God, or as an Apostle who carried and brought the Fire of God wherever they went.

For He [the LORD] put on righteousness like a coat of armor, and salvation like a helmet on His head; He put on garments of vengeance for clothing and covered Himself with zeal [and furious divine jealousy] as a cloak. As their deeds deserve, so He will repay: wrath to His adversaries, retribution to His enemies. (Is. 59:17-18 AMPC)

As the Enemy came in the Old Testament where hundreds of thousands surrounded Israel and the Lord rose up only 300 to fight against them and they gained a complete victory; so it is in our modern day. As the 185,000 lay siege and encamped with the intent to totally destroy Israel but in the morning God sent an angel and ‘put to death’ them all. And as the Egyptians were marching after the Israelites and they were hemmed in at the Red Sea; Moses said to them, “the Lord will fight for you, you need only be still” (Ex. 14:14). This is the same with the Enemy of God today: for the church, the people of God, and individual believers have been living under constant siege by hundreds of thousands of demons. Demons causing believers to be caged and held under strongholds and the limitations of: religion, legalism, condemnation, bondage, oppression, confusion, depression, frailty, blindness, deafness, sickness, disease, cancer, premature death, etc. To all these foul manifestations of the Devil the “zeal” and “furious Divine Jealousy” of the Lord goes against to utterly destroy them all, regardless of how he has shown himself. And this simply through an attitude of praise, honour, and worship retained in the hearts of God’s faithful children.

Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger … And he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand]. (Psalm 8:2 NIV, 91:1 AMPC)

Through your “cleaved” and soul-tied bond in the Lord; “loving Him” and “listening” to His Voice, in a heart of unceasing praise unto the Lord; you abide in the “Secret Place”, under the Protection, Provision, and Fruitfulness of the “Shadow of the Almighty”. Here in this Place the Terror of the Presence of the Lord comes upon Satan and upon his demonic hordes and they flee. Not only so but the Vengeance of the Lord pursues them to the nth degree to utterly destroy them in all their works. These pictures painted for us in the Old Testament have now become a physical representation of how God works here today, simply through one who delights to seek the Face of the Lord and praise Him regardless of what Satan presents. For as in the time of Jericho (Josh. 6) it is God who goes out before you against the schemes and plans of the Enemy and the Foe on your behalf, breaking down mighty strongholds – even the Strongman that dominates and tries to lay charge.

Job is known for this one thing: he never failed to give Jesus praise and honour though he found himself in the dust and ashes of despair (Job 1:20-21).

Job’s ‘heart of integrity’: the Terror of the Lord besieges the demon and the Horror of the Lord consumes them – they dare not come against you. God sends out Hornets to go before you and drive them out before you even arrive (Ex. 23:27-28), and rumour fills the strongholds of Satan and the Dread of the Lord comes upon them all; Satan, in whatever form he comes, flees the Presence of the Lord that rests upon your life and upon the congregation of believers (worshippers). And because of the faithfulness of believers the very atmosphere of your town changes through the angels that are assigned: spiritually, in government, crime, and the economy. The blessings of God are upon you automatically, simply through your heart of praise and longing for “the Face of Jesus” (Ps. 67).

“The power of the Spirit being present to perform miracles and to heal” (Luke 5:17, Rev. 2:1-5). With furious Divine Jealousy the “angels of God” (2 Kings 19:35) pursue the Enemy and utterly destroys them and you are left with the plunder and spoils of war (2 Kings 7). That is: healing, deliverance, restoration, liberation and freedom to the bound and the lost. And through the Spirit of God the angels go before you and war aggressively against the demon making way for the Gospel and the healing Power of God to come through the laying on of hands. And the Holy Spirit remains at work long after the spoken word of prayer (Mark 16:17-18).

There are so many things in the Kingdom that are only given to those who seek the Lord. Be encouraged, as you come to earnestly seek Him Heaven itself increasingly becomes open to you.


A Heart of Integrity

How is it possible to walk in the Power of God without a heart of integrity? The truth is that God, in concern, protects you and does not allow His Glory to flow through you (in Signs and Wonders) because it attracts the Enemy and you are so unprepared. Though you have the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit – but you stand there fully exposed in your underwear!

In hardship praise is quickly forgotten and honour for the Name of Jesus is quickly put aside. And the ‘Voice’ and ‘Presence’ of God is replaced by the ‘voice’ and ‘presence’ of Satan; that tries to puff you up or to tear you down. It is the presence of the demon that ‘speaks’ lust, pride, greed, or power; or otherwise speaks hopelessness, despair, failure, or ruin. And it is your swift agreement with these things that makes you open for Satan to come regain an authority over you. But alternatively, in always choosing to retain a heart of praise, of honour, and longing for the Face of the Lord your God (walking in the Spirit); this draws His Voice, this draws His Presence to continually ‘speak’ over your life. In all things and through all things you are giving the Lord full rights and full Authority over your life. Even for you to abide under and move in the Authority and Power of the Kingdom of God (Matt. 8:5-13).

Daniel: it is the purpose of the Holy Spirit to raise you to have a heart that is as Daniel; who retained an ‘excellent spirit’ (Dan. 5:12). When the Enemy conspired together and set up a plan to totally destroy him, he could not find anything in him because of his heart of integrity. And with Daniel’s tight knitted heart unto the Father, abiding daily in the Presence of the Lord (seeking His Face, waiting upon the Lord, sitting at His feet, and a heart tender to hear from the mouth of God even through a culture of fasting), our Heavenly Father sent an angel to protect him and close the mouth of the lion. If Daniel had only sought the Lord through religion and law, through reasoning of knowledge, traditions (doctrines), instructions and practices of man then the lions would have had him. If Daniel had only sought the approval and honour of man rather than diligently seeking the Honour and Approval of God (John 5) then he would have been eaten up by those who conspired against him. As he fell to the floor crying out “in Jesus Name”, “I rebuke you”, “I bind you”, “I cast you out” … the lions would have crunched his bones before he hit the ground. However, Daniel walked in the Spirit and not according to the flesh (Rom. 8:1 KJV); he always sought the Face of God, praising Him, and inquiring personally of the Lord in the precious secret place.

This is the same for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego; their bodies would have burned to ash before they hit the furnace floor (Dan. 3). Understand that it is in the secret place that God establishes and imparts Himself in you, the truth and ‘secret’ of you bonding with the Truth and Secret of the Lord (John 4:24), and God continually opening Himself up to you. An identity in Him is given you as you sit with Him, partaking daily of the fresh Manna and new Wine. Your heart joined in the Heart of the Father; being raised, instructed, taught, led, and ‘known’ in God (Matt. 7:21-23). Raised under the protection of the Lord (Ps. 91:9-13): being equipped and graced with the increasing Presence, Power, and Authority of God – through a heart of integrity.

Legal Foothold

With flattery he (Satan) will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him (‘standing firm’, ‘acting valiantly’, ‘prevailing’, and ‘doing great exploits’). (Daniel 11:32 NIV)

Judas Iscariot: in the case of Judas Iscariot, though he was one of the Twelve and walked closely with Jesus, even sticking by Him when all but the Twelve walked away. But, a spirit of Mammon was cherished and retained in his heart – he became a thief and a liar whilst proclaiming the “Kingdom come”. Basically He was in ‘church’ ministry. This cherished sin, this ‘pet’ demon that he tolerated and accepted in his heart subtly drew even more demonic influence and deception upon his life (Luke 11:25-26) and Satan, at a critical time, ‘had something in him’ (John 14:30). Through “flattery” that corrupted Judas’ heart it brought him total destruction. Judas became totally deceived, totally conned, and totally destroyed through the matured root of a secret cherished sin.

Zeal and passion is not the way of God, but Love is! Our walk in God is based on Patience, Perseverance and never fails to seek Him and sing Him praise; it always Trusts and it always Hopes. And by its nature it is not boastful nor envious, it does not dishonour others nor keeps any record of wrongs.

Paul and Peter: a religious zeal and a legalistic fervour consumed Paul and the leaders of his day, but through mercy Jesus ‘destroyed’ Paul’s flesh so that his soul might be saved (Acts 9). Peter (Simon the Zealot) may have struggled with a spirit of Pride and even Ambition that was mixed with his great zeal, and Satan came along and at a critical time ‘sought to sift him’. The Biblical account went like this: “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat” (Luke 22:31). Asked who? Who did he ask? The Accuser asked the Father. For at this most critical time, Satan ‘sifted them all’ but found something in Peter – a legal foothold or a legal right. Peter’s ‘flesh’ was set to fall in order for his soul to be preserved.

But as it goes, it was Jesus Himself of whom interceded on Peter’s behalf (Luke 22:32) and a Covenant of Sure Mercy was placed over him because of Peter’s honest integrity. It is the same Covenantal Mercy that God placed over David before his fall with Bathsheba. Jesus later personally consoled him and fully restored his identity in Him and in this very experience that was meant for his ruin God turned it around for his greatest good. This is the wonderful nature of our Heavenly Father and the power of a truly repentant heart; a heart of integrity, even a heart of ‘excellence’. God used the cunning of Satan, this setup through a ‘legal right’, to even work against Satan. Through God’s Grace, He turned what the Devil had intended for Peter’s destruction into a blessing for him, and not only for him but for us all – we too who are the Sheep (John 21:17).

All of us, regardless who we are, would be shocked to realise just how religious and legalistic we are. And how detrimental it is in the things of the Spirit and of the Power of God.

Jesus: Satan came to harass Jesus whilst He was ‘seeking the Presence’ of God in the desert. And as is his nature, Satan tried to come at Jesus in sensitive and potentially vulnerable areas of His life. As Jesus was hungry Satan taunted Him to change the rocks into bread. Not only so but he also attacked Jesus’ identity, saying “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread” (Matt. 4:1-11). But Jesus retained no question, He had no doubt; Jesus knew His Father, He knew His identity in Him, and He knew and stayed true to the Word of God – He “firmly resisted him” (Dan. 11:32). For the sought after Witness of the Spirit of God was in Him, and remained; for He always went aside into the secret place and sought the Face of God. Jesus gave no footing, no opening, and no question to Satan, but shut Satan’s mouth with His own alignment to the Word of God.

DO NOT dress Jesus up in a cute little pink ‘tu-tu’ …
Jesus IS the Lion of Judah!
Jesus is Lamb and Lion,
Jesus is Priest and King,
Jesus today is both Christ and Judge.

The Accuser stands before the Lord accusing the believer, but God sees the Blood covering over you. However, a time comes when the Lord Himself may deliver a believer over to the Accuser, to Satan, who has been given rights because of continually ‘cherished’ sin, ‘pet’ demons, prideful heart, or a loose lifestyle. In this he, the believer, can be handed over “for the destruction of the flesh so that his soul may be saved on the day of the Lord” (1 Cor. 5:5). This is not the way you should live your Christian life, but I recommend that you learn to become more proactive before the Lord and diligently ‘judge yourself’; coming to rightly ‘discern the Blood and the Body’ (1 Cor. 11:28-32).

Ananias and Sapphira: it is time to seek the Presence of the Lord and allow Jesus to raise you to live the right way, before God in His Mercy has to do it for you. He does this for He cares more for your eternal soul than He does your flesh that is as grass. He cares more for the sheep than He does the Wolf that ravishes. Fear the Lord: Ananias and Sapphira both held deceit in their heart that at a crucial time ended up resulting in the Spirit of God slaying them. Though they were baptised and filled with the Spirit of God under the ministry of the Apostles, God Himself (Jesus the King) cut them off (Luke 12:5). Don’t go to God and expect to be successful by outwardly following Him through appearance and praises of man, but allow your heart to be deeply changed and renewed by the Spirit of God. Avoid allowing an inflated ‘grace’ doctrine to give you license to a loose lifestyle or a corrupted heart, for otherwise even on the Last Day the Lord may say to you “I never knew you, away from me you evildoer” (Matt. 7:21-23). Some of our work may be burned up as hay, some of it may be as gold, but you don’t want your soul thrown into the eternal lake of fire though you profess the Name of Jesus but live according to the flesh (1 Cor. 3:10-15). This is to all, the least or the greatest, even ministerial leaders of thousands (1 Cor. 9:27).

The Spirit filled believer who abides in his Lofty position swoops down as an eagle and destroys the Snake. Such a believer has power in the spiritual realms (heavens) as well as over natural law and the physical outworkings of the demon.

A Prophetic word for today:
Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and you perish in the way, When His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him. (Ps. 2:11-12 NKJV)

Draw close to the Shepherd and remain alert for His Voice, for the Wolf is amongst the sheep. Come and learn to pursue the Lord with the same ‘jealous’ possessive love that the Lord has pursued you; this is a great treasure. God’s very Name is Jealous (Ex 34:14) and He jealously loves and longs for you to be so very close in Him, so with the same intensity long for Him to be with you. And He who was the Lamb is now the Lion of Judah and He pursues the Enemy in protection over you to the furthest and utter most reaches, and with a ‘Rod’ He utterly destroys them (Ps. 2:6-12). The setups of the Enemy are thwarted, the attacks and efforts of the Enemy come back upon him seven-fold, till he realises that it is dangerous and counter-productive for him; and you begin to take greater ground in the Lord, even in leaps and bounds. Things that troubled you in the past become insignificant before your eyes and the words that you speak truly are a Sword that pursues him, even the ‘zeal’ of the Spirit of God that utterly destroys him.

Theme Scripture:

God be merciful to us and bless us,
And cause His face to shine upon us, Selah
That Your way may be known on earth,
Your salvation among all nations.
Let the peoples praise You, O God;
Let all the peoples praise You.
Oh, let the nations be glad and sing for joy!
For You shall judge the people righteously,
And govern the nations on earth. Selah
Let the peoples praise You, O God;
Let all the peoples praise You.
Then the earth shall yield her increase;
God, our own God, shall bless us.
God shall bless us,
And all the ends of the earth shall fear Him.
(Psalm 67 NKJV)

Regardless of what you are in need of, if you can go to Jesus and cause “His Face to shine upon you” then there is no-thing that is withheld. If you can learn to go to Jesus with this type of attitude there are no restriction, no limitations, and nothing retained. Everything, ‘anything’ and ‘whatsoever’ you ask shall be given you (Mark 11:24, John 14:13, Matt. 21:22) – even to one who simply remains as a little child.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you Lord, Lord I am so deeply grateful for you. Praise your Holy Name, bless you Jesus. Lord, I deeply love you please help me manifest my love for you that it no longer gets shoved aside by the regular fears, desires, and ‘realities’ of this life. Lord, I pray that you may come visit me this day, I remain in a heart of perpetual praise, invitation, and in waiting upon the Lord. Lord, please allow your ‘Face to shine upon me’. Please minister into my being and continue to transform me into the newness of you. I pray this in Jesus Name. Amen’.




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