Chapter 48 Jesus your Teacher 2: the Power of Praise


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#48 Jesus your Teacher 2: the Power of Praise


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Day #48: Kingly Christ
“Jesus your Teacher (2): the Power of Praise”

Gifts of the Spirit: what is the purpose of this subject, what is the value? The earnest seeking of the Gifts of the Spirit is to countermand and destroy the works of Satan. To bring healing to the suffering, liberation to the bound, release from the grips and holds of Satan through the Power of God and the blessed Touch of the Holy Spirit. This is the work of Jesus our Lord, this also then is the honour that each believer holds; for we too are sons (and daughters) of God (John 1:12).

Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you. Then the earth shall yield her increase; God, our own God, shall bless us. God shall bless us, and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him. (Psalm 67-5-7 NKJV)

Any cares that come between you and praising the Name of Jesus is from the Devil, and can be treated as such. Causes of fear, worry, depression, confusion, and hardships; financial, sickness, persecution and oppression. These are all attempts and schemes of Satan to draw you from abiding in the Spirit to become one who is again drawn to focus on the flesh. That is: contained, restrained, powerless, and in a potential state of defeat. Becoming one who again lives in the limited strength, limited capacity, and the limited mindsets of the flesh. Being held under the grip and manipulation of Satan and not in the Freedom (Gal. 5:1) that Christ was crucified to bring. To this daily take up your cross as you are encouraged to in the Lord, and continually draw from Heaven and Heaven’s reserves.

Through praise God has commanded the very earth to “yield its increase”. In another place, the Word speaks of how God has called “Heaven and earth as a witness” to yield blessings to you because you have chosen Life and no longer bow down to he of whom is Death. Heaven and earth itself is decreed to respond to your heart and lifestyle of praise, opening up Heaven to you and making the way for the blessings of Heaven to increase upon your life; “loving the LORD your God, listening to His voice, and holding fast (cleaving yourself) to Him” (Deut. 30:19-20).

The power of praise: coming to choose to remain in a heart of praise unto your Lord is a most precious gift for each and every believer. For in this it is the Lord who goes in vengeance against the Enemy, the Foe, and the Avenger (Ps. 8:2). With ‘furious Divine Jealousy’ (Is. 59:17-18 AMPC) the Father pursues and utterly destroys him. Your Lord pursues the demon to the furthest reaches regardless how he manifests; in sickness, financial loss, relational, etc. In one way the demon comes but in seven ways he will be scattered (Deut. 28:7). In one way where he has stolen God restores seven-fold (Prov. 6:31). With the Strongman being defeated the Lord now sets about bringing complete and total healing.

The heart of David made him the apple of God’s eye, his inherent heart of praise the very lineage of the Son of God.

The Lord is beautiful to behold, His Love and Kindness everlasting, His Generosity unceasing: through a heart of praise the very earth is commanded to “bear its fruits”, and the Glory of the Lord fills the Temple of God. The Temple that God Himself has established within your soul, built with bricks by spiritual hands. The Kingdom of God and its governance being established in you, the Hosts of Heaven descending and being assigned to your life as you continually press into the Lord.

When Jesus healed He did it so effortlessly, when He spoke such grace was upon His words. But when He reprimanded He brought those who loved Him into right alignment with Heaven that they too might openly receive as He.

This is the power of the gift of praise that is given to all who believe in the Name of Jesus. Coming to learn to pray unceasingly, with praise unending in the depths of the soul, for this is the nature of the Spirit filled believer; the soul ties of a believer unto the Throne of God. Spirit to spirit, Soul to soul, Mind to mind, and Flesh to flesh. With unceasing interaction, the heart ‘chatter’, the unceasing drawing from the Lord, and being filled with Him by Him. God has extended His Hand through the Blood and the Cross but in order to participate is through the believer’s own heart of praise. This gift of praise is given to the least and the greatest, one with or without hope. A believer choosing to reach out in spirit unto the Lord, regardless of what is in front of him, and in this faith the Lord “rewards” (Heb. 11:6). That is, His very physical manifest Presence graces your life only ever increasingly.

The receiving of the Holy Spirit is not the end, it is not an arrival point, but it is the starting point, the beginning.

In these earlier chapters, I am trying to introduce a right foundation, a right alignment, so that you can walk successfully and increasingly successful in spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare that also includes the bringing of Salvation to the lost, the setting Free of the bound, the Gift of Healing, Miracles, and Prophecy. For all the miraculous work of the Father is a form of spiritual warfare against the works of the Enemy. However, the greater the Glory that you carry the greater you become a target of the Enemy. This is to be expected and is part of the importance of uniting yourself, bond-tying yourself, in the Holy Ghost; making decisive steps to come under the ‘Shadow’ of the Almighty (read: Ps. 91). And also the importance of the sanctification process of the Spirit of God even through the heart of praise. For as in the life of king David, the heart of praise draws the blessing of the Father and it is He who comes in vengeance to defend.

However, do not be mistaken, this is warfare and is a very serious endeavour and needs to be treated as such. The cunning of the Enemy cannot be underestimated nor discarded, hence the great need to draw closer and closer to the Spirit – walking in step with the Spirit! – just as called, and it is a most precious gift. For God seeks to protect you, strengthen you, and even equip you unto greater exploits in the Lord; bringing Spirit, Life and Hope to the hopeless. And here in the Spirit there is no condemnation, however, still walking unto the flesh leaves you as an open target to the manipulation, oppression, limitation, and bondage of Satan. But be encouraged: in Christ you have been given a wonderful right and that is through praise and seeking His Face that His Presence graces your life and as the Spirit speaks into your soul He leads you through the gauntlet of demonic opposition that is common to all man and establishes you on firm and solid ground.

But if you choose to remain under the flesh whilst following Jesus through religion and law, then you remain open to condemnation (Rom. 8:1 KJV); you remain open to attack and never truly overcome. Sickness still comes upon the church and lives unnecessarily cut short by disease, and lives traumatised and never truly finding the Peace of God. Without tenderness in the Spirit of God how will you ever win, how will you ever be triumphant and powerful in the Lord? And what gift are you giving others if not then the Gift of God?

The religious walk never sufficiently addresses the hidden sin or doubt and unbelief of the heart, and doctrines arise that make these things still acceptable. Treating Jesus as only the Lamb and denying Him as Lion and King; this leaves the believer open to attacks of Satan unto the flesh. Even the Lord Himself coming along and handing the believer over to Satan for the ‘destruction’ of the flesh so that the believer may truly come to a place of repentance that his eternal soul may be saved (1 Cor. 5:5). This He does out of love, caring more for your eternal soul than your flesh that is as grass. Though Satan does come against the innocent and the pure of heart, still somehow getting through, but the path of the Spirit is the path of power; for the healing and restoring of that of which was stolen. Battles may still be lost but the war we have won and do win as we continue to press in.

Legal foothold: the truth is that the believer can give legal foothold and legal right for Satan to have backdoor entrance into one’s life. However, your praise draws the Father, your tenderness draws the Spirit of God, and your willingness and longing of heart draws the ministering Presence of God; as your Shield and exceedingly Great Reward. It is in this that the Spirit Himself makes these ‘back doors’ clear and plain to you and gives you capacity to close them. As you come to realise that you and your knowledge are not the answer to the universe, but the Person of Christ Jesus is, and you come to truly approach Jesus in praise and humble inquiry of soul; He works to free you from known and unknown demonic strongholds and begins to equip you increasingly of the Power of the Kingdom of God. Understand this: approaching the Lord through religion and law does not destroy cancer or any other foul manifestation of the Devil, nor does pride and knowledge, but the heart of praise does for the Jesus is with you.

God gives spiritual sustenance from Heaven to the hungry, but to those who are already full what can He possibly give? To the hungry He gives more, and the more He gives the hungrier one becomes – this is the way of the Kingdom of God.

The honour that we all possess in Christ Jesus, is that we can individually broaden our own tent pegs to allow a greater measure of the Glory of God to rest upon our own lives. And how do we do this, we go to Jesus and sit at His feet. It is an incredible gift in the Lord that you and I are able to gain a greater Anointing, a greater Gifting, a greater Knowing, and a greater capacity to carry and behold the Glory and Presence of God. That you may be able to come against the schemes of the Enemy even with the full backing of Heaven.

In these last days Satan is thrashing about because he knows his time is coming to an end. Wars and rumours of wars, earthquakes and even the very balance of Nature being shaken. Sicknesses, disease, and evil untold … they are all being seen before our eyes this very day. Loved ones suffering and people dying before their time, strange plagues, new and horrendous fronts of evil. Satan is rearing up: so now truly is the time for the “sons of God to be revealed” for all of “earth groans in the tribulation waiting” for the Glory of God to be revealed through you and I (Rom. 8:19). It is the very welcomed and sought after Spirit of God that raises a Standard against the Evil that comes – and those who wait upon the Lord shall see Him come in His Glory standing guard as a Shepherd over His sheep, and as the Lion of Judah He aggressively goes against the works of Satan.

I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled! (Luke 12:49 NASB)

The ball is in your court: Jesus deeply desires to cast Fire upon the earth (and upon your life) but He can’t unless you are kindled! You are the restriction not God, for everything is ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’ in Him. Be deeply encouraged as you personally seek the Lord. The ‘kindling’ is your preparation in the Lord but it is also your protection for as you walk according to the Spirit of God He raises you up in Glory upon Glory. Here today not everyone is a Daniel or and Elijah, not everyone a Peter or a Paul … but everyone has the same capacity, through the Holy Ghost, to become as they and even greater. The limitation is not Heaven at all but in your own hunger and desire in response to a simple child-like belief of the Word of God.

The Evil One is intent and is continually at work to draw you out of the Spirit and back unto the flesh. But this is the power of praise: praise of soul unites you in God. Satan orchestrates circumstances and contrives events to come at opportune times, just as he did with Jesus (Luke 4:13), in the firm attempt to draw you out of the Spirit back into the realm of which he operates. That is your own flesh against the Devil; in this place you cannot be successful. Satan wants to draw you out of the Joy and the Strength of the Spirit of God, unto doubt of His Power and His Presence. He wants to draw you out of the Love of God unto the fear of this life and the dread of the demon. It is in the realms of the flesh that is the place of which he operates, it is in these realms of the flesh that he has power and authority. But for the believer who abides in the Spirit, Satan has no power nor authority of any kind! Therefore, it is only by the Spirit that you have the Power over him and capacity to draw from your endless Reserves in Heaven.

Lofty position in the Spirit of God: realise that as the eagle does not run around on the ground to fight the Snake, but uses its gift of flight to swoop down and strike the Snake from above with its powerful talons. Nor does the eagle live on the ground but is purposed to live in high and lofty places; so let us come into alignment with the Head, that is Christ Jesus, and allow the ‘wind’ of the Spirit to give us flight. This comes naturally when you yourself begin to feed of Heaven; feeding from the mouth of God into your own mouth, your own soul, and your own spirit (Deut. 8:3). It is the Spirit of God Himself that gives you the food that strengthens your wings for flight. It is Jesus Himself of whom teaches you how to fly as you personally come to meet with Him in your private sessions. Now with strength you are able to increasingly go on the offensive and break down spiritual strongholds, bringing healing and salvation of the Lord, and in this becoming increasingly successful in spiritual warfare.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you Lord, Lord I recognise that opposition comes, that even the demon world that is viciously opposed. But I also recognise that you a Jealously with me. Lord, I diligently seek your Face daily for I know that you Personally build me up in you, each day, and you change my heart; taking out of me the old and placing in me with the New. But I also know that with ‘furious Divine Jealousy’ you set the Enemy up for a fall, and you openly pursue the Enemy unto his complete and total destruction. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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