Chapter 46 Hope Triumphs and Utterly Destroys the Enemy


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#46 Hope Triumphs and Utterly Destroys the Enemy


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Day #46: Armour of God
“Hope Triumphs and Utterly Destroys the Enemy”

– The Testimony of the Blood of Jesus
speaks of His Atoning Grace upon your life –
– The Testimony of the Blood of Jesus
speaks of the total defeat of Satan –
– The Testimony of the Cross
speaks of the breaking of every curse –
– The Testimony of the Resurrection
speaks that you are a child of God –
– The Testimony of the Word of God
speaks that you are healed –
– The Testimony of the Witness of the Spirit of God
speaks of your rich Identity and rich Heritage in Him –

Table of the Lord: the reason I am here is in the hope that I might partake of the Table of the Lord. And even though I may be as an unworthy dog, I still eagerly wish to just remain under the Table, that I might even eat the crumbs that fall from the Master’s Table (Matt. 15:27). But the Lord is not like that with me, He has been so gracious and allows me to rise up and sit at His Table amongst all these that are here. But not only so but He honours me so much as to have me moved and sat here next to Him. He has set a place next to Himself and has taken me from a low place and now sits me in such Honour next to Him (Luke 14:10).

There is a Hope in the Lord given by the Holy Ghost that is greater than anything that you can ever face. There is a Hope in the Lord seeded by the Person of God that is more powerful and greater than anything that may come against you. For this Hope given goes right behind the Curtain into the Holy of Holies of where Christ Jesus has gone before you (Heb. 6:19-20). And here He sits with you and shares with you, one to another, building you up and raising you in the things of Heaven.

An underlying pursuit: the transforming nature of the Witness and Testimony of God appearing and working within your soul, changes your life forever. And the physical Witness and Testimony of the Hand of God moving before your very eyes shakes all your beliefs, your doctrines, and your vision of life to the very core. What is important to realise is that this is the normal and intended way of the Kingdom of God, for both the believer and unbeliever alike. God bearing Witness through Testimonies of the move of His Hand and walking here amongst us. From the Old Testament into the New, from the times of the Gospels, right into your current day and life, nothing has changed! God hasn’t changed, His ways are still the same. He IS the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Heb. 13:8). The outpouring of the Spirit, His Gifts, and the Witnessing power of God is here today for anyone who believes, for anyone who seeks (1 Cor. 12-14), and anyone who sets their Hope fully in the Lord. All through the Ages since the time of Christ till now, Revivals have swept through Nations by miraculous Testimonies of the Power of God. The only prerequisite is the same as before: a heart that believes and does not doubt the Word of God.

The power of your Hope that abides behind the Curtain, within the Holy of Holies, is unmatchable and immovable. This is the imparting Place, this is the Place of Anointing. This Hope is the depths of your soul in connection, in linkage, and in relationship with the depths of the Heart of the Father. The place where the Atoning Grace of the Cross has given you full and undeniable access and rights. In this Place there is the continual dialogue in the Lord and it is laced with a deep and lasting sense of Trust, Rest, and the Love of God. It is in this Place that there is a continual transfer and communication from the Heart of the Father sowing and knitting of Himself deeply into your spirit. Imparting of unspeakable things, of undefinable things, the secret and hidden things of the Lord.

It is this Hope, this living ‘Witness’ of the Spirit of God, alive and beating in your soul today that is purposed by God to power your Christian walk; in the Strength, the Confidence, the Knowledge, and in the Power of God. The Hope of Glory (Col. 1:27) resting upon your Life. This was the same for Jesus, the Apostles, and the believers of whom we read about in the Word. Your Hope that you retain set upon the Lord, regardless of what comes against you; your heart directed in inquiry unto the Heart of the Lord. The secret and inner parts of you abiding in the secret and inner parts of the Lord. It is in this place that the Hand of God lifts you up out of the Miry Clay, right up onto the Table of the Lord. The things that you used to struggled greatly with, fall aside like dust as His abiding Hope in you lifts you up in Him.

His Anointed Presence gives you strength to truly overcome all that tries to set itself against you, and all that sets itself up against the Knowledge of the Lord (2 Cor. 10:5). It is your Hope abiding in the Heart of the Father that draws the Father very real and tangible into your life and overflowing into your world. God manifests and He changes everything that you are about. It is this Hope that is joined in agreement with the Hope of the Father that brings an ‘electrical connection’, a ‘physical connection’, a ‘spiritual connection’ between you and the Heart of the Father, between you and the Kingdom of God; and in this Heaven comes. As with lightning, the Hope in the Lord brings the Cloud of His Glory gathering overhead, and the same Hope reaching out from earth connects with the Hope of Heaven, and with a powerful flash of Lightning comes the Resurrection Power of God.

I pray that you have a revelation here today of God’s singular desire to draw you, as a believer, unto Himself. Ever closer into Himself in His Love and in the outpouring of the Spirit upon your life. How He longs and desires to draw you close, in singleness, in oneness, in unison of heart unto Himself – this being the very purpose of the Cross. And as you seek the Father manifest upon your life and experience His Presence; the Love and Strength of God comes upon you totally obliterating the presence of the Enemy. The sense of the Lord is Life and Grace, but the sense of the demon is death, dread, depression, and despair. This is not of you, for you are a New Creation in Christ; no, it is the ‘presence’ of the demon sitting next to you.

They triumphed (overcame, conquered) over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; (for) they did not love their lives (cling to life) so much as to shrink from death. (Revelation 12:11 NIV, AMPC)

A triumphant life: what makes you able to overcome, to win, and to truly live a triumphant life? Triumphant over sin, hopelessness, and the grips of the Enemy, it is by: 1. the power of the Blood, 2. the power of the Word of God (spoken, written, in spirit), 3. the power of the Testimony of God at work, and 4. finding yourself not loving your life unto death but coming to stand tall in the Presence of the Lord.

The Way of the Kingdom of God is that the Father desires to bear Witness and Testimony of Himself here today, in order to establish a deep and lasting Hope and Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This seeded by God Himself: the Love of God intent on being experienced, known, and resting upon His people. Not a belief alone but a living experience. This is the way of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and how God desires to work today, here and now. So that man’s faith may truly be built upon the Power of God (1 Cor. 2:4-5, 1 Cor. 4:20), and upon the ‘Rock’ (Matt. 16:15-19) of the Revelation of God (the Word spoken and imparted into the heart (Jer. 31:33)) and not just the wisdom of man. It is this that completely breaks the back of the Devil.

The ‘word of their testimony’ is the active Witness and Testimony of the Living God: His Goodness, His Power, His Love, and His saving Grace. This is spoken through a person sharing a word of their own testimony, but it is also ‘spoken’ all throughout the Word of God; God’s own Hand at work in the lives of those who went before us as recorded in the Bible. It is through these Testimonies that our faith and hope is aroused in the Lord and begins to reach out to Him.

This is the way of the Kingdom of God, this is the way of all Revivals, and this is the way that the moves of the Spirit continue to move. Through individual believers digging deeper and in their delight enjoying to seek the Lord manifest according to His own Word. Bearing Witness through the ‘manifestation of the Spirit’ for the ‘common good’ (1 Cor. 12:7, John 14:21). It is through the manifestation that produces a lasting Hope and Faith in the Lord, and it is through the Testimony that breaks the back of the Enemy. Utterly destroying him by the Witness of the Spirit of God. His power and influence is stripped bare in the sought after Presence of the Lord.

There is a ‘word of Testimony’ that comes upon your life, a Witness of the Person of God that is most precious. And that is greater and more important than any other Testimony or manifest Witness and that is the Word of God that proceeds from the mouth of the Father. This Testimony of God, this direct Witness from Heaven ministers continually into the heart, the soul, the mind, and the flesh of the believer. It is God Himself that personally responds to the hunger, the invitation, the consistent knocking on His Heart. And it is in this ‘word of Testimony’ that comes upon a believer’s heart of which only increases Hope and Faith and a greater hunger for more of God. More knowing of Him, more intimacy, a closer walk, a deeper relationship, a greater capacity to hear and see God. A longing for the Spirit of God outpoured, a longing for the Gifts of the Spirit, and a longing for the Kingdom come just as it is in Heaven. And a longing for souls saved, broken hearts healed, the bound released, and the suffering restored unto perfect health. And upon this longing heart God responds and establishes Himself, He sets Himself as a Rock in the foundation of your heart; a ‘Rock’ that Living Waters effervescently flow.

As the Devil might rise up it is the Holy Spirit that raises a standard against him; in those of whose Hope is set in the Lord.

It is as you seek the Face of God, as you personally come to seek and invite Jesus manifest in the secret place, even in the secret longing of your soul – He starts to come. As you truly become one who wishes to have ears that hear and eyes that see; He starts to speak into your life in ways mysterious, wonderful, and life changing. He speaks in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the middle of the night. It is in these continual encounters and dialogues in the Lord that He builds a deep and lasting Hope and a Faith that only ever rises – He at work within the soul of a believer. As one whose Hope presses in, you experience the Spirit of God taking you and leading you by hand deeper and deeper into the Heart and Might of the Father. Into places that no one can go on his own.

It is the physical outworking Power of God, the Witness of the Spirit, that is the engine of all Revivals. God physically and undeniably showing up. This is the Heart and Way of the Father, but it needs to also be the heart of the believer in order to turn the ‘light switch’ on. As Jesus’ mother Mary initiated the ministry of the Lord (John 2:4-5), so too does the Faith and Hope of a ‘family member’ (Matt. 12:48-50), the believer, that can initiate the moves of God. Through the Hope, the Faith, and an interceding heart. As Mary said, “Do whatever He tells you” (John 2:5): and as your heart comes into alignment with the Heart and Gospel of our Lord and Saviour – He manifests (John 14:21) and He walks amongst us as IS HIS HEARTS DESIRE (Rev. 2:1)!

Listen not to the Scoffing spirit for he would have you wandering in the Wilderness with him or turning back to Depravity. Instead listen to the Great Shepherd and cross over through the Baptism of the Spirit of God into the Promise filled Land of God. For it is the culture of the Spirit filled believer to have their spirit set continually unto the Holy Spirit of God, in the Presence of the Lord.

The initiator of Revivals are believers that seek the Kingdom come, that seek Heaven manifest. Hearts continually directed, alive, and set unto God. It is the preparing and seeking of the Witness of the Spirit of God that is the underlying purpose of the Cross and the sustainer of all the moves of God. The only reason that moves stop is because Jesus starts to become a ‘second love’ in the heart’s of believers (Rev. 2:1-5), and instead of listening to God, believers listen only to the formulas of man. The power of the Testimony and the power of the Witness of God is greater than any demon, any scoffer, any unbelieving heart, and any ‘stronghold’ – for Jesus comes upon the scene and ALL MUST BOW!

This Hope given you of the Lord brings you a rich and deeply rooted eternal Identity in Him. And in this Identity, when you stand up and pray, when you speak a word, Heaven comes to bear. It is the same type of Identity that moves mountains, this Identity that abides behind the Curtain is that of a little child of the Living God. One who tenderly knows his Father and is known by Him (Matt. 7:21-23). This is the very purpose of the Cross – a God given Identity in the Lord – and through this Identity, the power of the Testimony and the Witness of the Spirit of God flows increasingly like a River from your life.

“Jesus who couldn’t live in Heaven without us, came down to bring heaven to us.”

What is Heaven? Gold streets, a big house, and God being a big light over there? No, Heaven is with you; God is with you, and angels assigned to your care. So Heaven starts the moment you set your heart and hope unto Him, and He comes so very real upon your life. Heaven is not a list of rules and instruction, but God of whom you seek day by day gracing your life with His Presence, and crafting you from the inside out. The Spirit of God rising up overwhelmingly in all you think, feel, and do. The Father not separate from you, but unified, where it is hard to see you apart from Him.

Revivals of the Lord are brought about by a ‘storm’ of signs and wonders. The ‘fire’ of people giving testimony of the Goodness of God in their life through healing, miracles and changed lives. This ‘fire’ only spreading across the land causing the hope and faith of the downtrodden to be lifted up and set upon the Lord. The Lord then only responding even more to the welcomed Hope seeded by the Holy Ghost and the ‘word of their Testimonies’ spread far and wide. The power of the Blood, the word of their testimonies, and not loving your life unto death causes the Triumphant Lord Himself to come upon the Nation. He who is Triumphant over Sin, Death, and the Grave.

God is a God of miracles … that is His very nature.

Jesus, the greatest Evangelist who ever walked the earth, made God ‘known’ through the Word and through the miraculous Testimonies of God, drawn from His own deep relationship He retained in the Father (John 1:18). Realise then, that this is the basic ministry style of the Kingdom of God, the Spirit of God bearing Witness through the manifestation of the Word, His Power, and His Presence, ie; God showing up instigated through the “preparation” of the saints, and “the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed” (Is. 40:3-5).

Testimonies do amazing things to the heart and soul of people, a lasting Hope of a Nation rises up being aroused by the Witness of the moves of God. It is the seeking of the manifest Jesus through the ‘preparation’ of your own heart that brings Him. The preparation inspired by the Hope of God set in your heart. It is the seeking of the manifest Spirit of God, the manifest Heaven real and active in your life today that is most important for the achieving of the purposes of the Kingdom of God … and for the overcoming of the Evil One. Sicknesses, demonic strongholds, depression, and unbelief is stripped bare, and the Salvation of the Lord pours out upon the land through the Witness of God through His own children.

He did not say anything to them without using a parable. But when He was alone with his own disciples, He explained everything. (Mark 4:34 NIV)

As you choose to turn aside, seeking Jesus manifest in the secret place, Jesus starts to explain everything to you. He gives you ears to hear and eyes to see because you love Him, seek Him, and inquire of Him. As “you set your heart to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words are heard, and He comes in response to them” (Dan 10:12). He makes plain the hidden mysteries, the secret things of the Father, so that you may freely walk in them all. The key is personally choosing to seek Him, seek Him even more than the issues of life that are in front of you, more than your daily bread or daily needs, ie; “not loving your life unto death”. This is the way of Jesus, the Apostles, and all who walk in the Power, Anointing, and Authority of the Lord.

“The most important thing that you could ever do is spend time with the Person of Jesus. You won’t ‘glow’ (Ex. 34:29-35) unless you spend time at the feet of Jesus.” (David Hogan)

Look at the Greats of Old: Joseph had the Testimony and Witness of the Father in his spirit, soul, and mind. Though he was cast into a cistern and later sold by his brothers, this same Witness kept his heart alive unto God. Even when the he was wrongly accused and thrown into the dungeon, his heart remained alive unto God and the Witness of the Lord kept his heart tender and spirit sweet. Same with Daniel, even after his nation was destroyed and much grief throughout the remnants he kept his heart inquiring of the Lord and the Witness of the Spirit of God remained. The key is recognising, that you as a mere ordinary human being, can have the Lord of Glory bearing Witness in your soul of His Glory. And in addition seeing His Glory come to bear right in the midst of the situations that come.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you Lord. Lord, I choose today to set my hope fully in the Lord. Regardless of the issues, hopes, questions that I face; I choose to seek the Presence of Heaven manifest upon my life. What an honour Lord for me to come to realise that this is even possible. Me, just a mere man. Lord, I invite you and seek you that you may increasingly minister into my life and lead me deeper even into the reality of the Holy of Holies. Bless you! Amen’.




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