Chapter 44 The Armour of God


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#44 The Armour of God


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Day #44: Armour of God
“The Armour of God”

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Eph. 6:10-12)

Let me continue to open up this subject of demonic influence and spiritual warfare yet, a little bit more. It isn’t spoken very much but it is in itself so so very important. Please receive this in no form of judgement or criticism but only for greater awareness, strengthening, and encouragement in the Lord. That we all may be able to truly “stand against the devil’s schemes” and the “powers of the spiritual forces of evil”, in whatever form is taken, and WIN! Growing ever more free and full of the Holy Ghost of Power according to the purpose of the Gospel Message and the precious Blood shed for each one of us. Becoming increasingly led of the Spirit of God unto mighty and wonderful exploits in the Lord (Dan. 11:32), equipped with the full Armour of God; through He who died, what’s more, He who was resurrected in full Glory and in Life for you. So that the Body of Christ, the Church, may be raised up in the Joy, the Love, and the Power of God (John 15:11); Gifted, Equipped and Anointed from Above.

Become more aware of the cunning of the Enemy (Gen. 3:1) so that you might truly triumph over him in every way. The Enemy that is at work against all who walk on the face of the earth, but who is especially active against those who keep the “testimony of the Lord” (Rev. 12:17). Be encouraged to shift your ways and come to walk in closer step with Jesus: submitted under the Authority, the Anointing, the Leading, and the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit; and participating in the same.

The opening Scriptures of this section (2 Tim. 1:7, 1 John 4:18) give example of this plain and simple reality: that you and I, as believers of the Lord Jesus Christ, can live more under the influence of a spirit of Fear than the Spirit of God. The truth is that though you are born again and filled with the Spirit of God, this spirit of Fear can have a greater hold, a greater influence and bearing over you than the Holy Spirit. Realise that though this is so very common, I pray that you might be encouraged in the Lord to shift … shift in the way that you live your life in Christ Jesus. Coming to live in continual increased and strengthening experiences of the Love of God in the secret place, becoming one influenced and motivated solely of the Spirit of God, as Christ Jesus.

As you know, Perfect Love drives out the spirit of Fear. And it is this same Perfect Love that drives out all spiritual influences that attempt to have a grip over your life. No man can do this for you but the Spirit of God. No human instruction can truly break the hold of the spirit of Fear, or even the spirits of Pride, Lust, Addiction, or Isolation but the Spirit of God gifted you as you ‘prepare’ (Mark 1:3) for Him, ‘remain’ (1 John 2:27), and ‘abide’ (John 15:7-8) in the Presence of the Lord each day – His Perfect abiding Love that descends and rests upon your life.

He of whom you choose today to partner with is greater than any Foe (Ps. 8:2), but you have to learn to go to Him so that He will come to you. How do we get Jesus to be with us wherever we are? Not only in a doctrinal faith statement, but in manifest realities? Not only in a doctrinal faith statement, but in manifest reality. We must respond and first go to Him (Mark 3:13). Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father are found in the secret place as you are lifted up into His Presence. Do not despise the Presence of God, but go seek Him. Do not despise the Anointing of God, go knock for it. Do not despise the Gifts or the Outpouring of the Holy Ghost; pursue, yearn, long and cry out for them even daily.

Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner. (John 5:19 NKJV)

When Jesus walked the earth, His own opinion of Himself was that He could do nothing. But what He considered of most value was the hearing and seeing what the Father is doing. Jesus, our Christ and Lord, Himself, honestly felt and knew in His own soul that He could do nothing, but He shows us the answer: the going to the Father and being able to hear and see what the Father is doing. Jesus had all Scriptural knowledge, but He did not rely on His knowledge but daily in what He saw and heard His Father saying and doing. This was found as He regularly and continually turned aside in the Lord and was continually raised up in Him – daily, even from a young age.

Jesus, who was the Word made flesh, who was Truth manifest on earth; this was His opinion and the way He chose to live, ie; it’s the right way unto Heaven. And by His own living and active example expressed to us, we need to do the same if we are going to be successful. Successful in the spiritual warfare that comes, even to rise up in the strength of Jesus, in the Spirit of the Lord, and boldly go out to “destroy the works of the Enemy” (1 John 3:8) with Him, in the mighty Armour and Strength of the Lord. Through the Blood shed on your behalf, and your heart turned to Him, the Father will lead you, just as He did with Jesus: in the Word, in the Spirit, and unto mighty Deeds of the Kingdom of God … but even unto “greater works” than He (John 14:12).

Be greatly encouraged: you and I also can do nothing! But in the same way as Jesus what we seek is the Father’s Will (John 5:30) being done, and not our own current opinion (which is meaningless and ever changing). God’s ‘Will’ is: His Power, His Spirit, His Way, His Grace, His Glory, His Honour, and His Honouring of Himself through you. The God of Heaven and earth can speak through a donkey (Num. 22:28), who of us then, in truth, knows anything at all? It is as we bow in soul and spirit before the Glory of the Lord that He continually speaks and continually reveals and shows Himself, just as He did in Jesus (John 14:21), Jesus who is the living template for us all. For it is not the vessel that is meaningful at all but He who abides in the vessel. So be encouraged: He of whom you love and seek with all your heart it is He of whom graces your life with His Glorious Presence and Anoints you from Above; dressing you, as Jesus, in the full Armour of God.

The Spirit is the One who alights on your life and remains (John 1:32), and just as the Glory filled the Temple of old (Ez. 10:4) the same Glory rests upon your life as you continually prepare and make way. It is the Spirit of God of whom opens up Heaven for you. The key, therefore, is to set your soul unto the Spirit and the Presence of the Lord, just as the One of whom went before us. Bringing the flesh into submission unto the Cross, the Blood, and the Spirit of God; of whom leads you in all Truth. Be not puffed up in your flesh’ abilities, nor discouraged, for through the Spirit of God cherished within you, you can continue to be raised up in the Authority, Might, Power, and Provision of God.


And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. (Matthew 21:22 KJV)

Jesus’ own definition of one who ‘believes’ is able to receive “whatsoever you ask”. Seeking the Presence of God, the private sessions with the Lord, it is here that God gives you increasing Identity in Him. And it is this identity, this ‘knowing’ who you are in the Lord, that makes you a ‘believer’. This is most powerful, for those who believe SHALL receive whatever is asked in prayer. Therefore, seek the Presence of God and He shall come, continually seek the Presence of the Lord and He shall remain: the Love of the Father abiding in you (John 5:42). Seek not the honour of man but the honour of the “only God”, seeking His active “testimony” in you, and He will testify bearing witness of Himself through you with many signs and wonders. Seek the Presence of God: His Anointing, His Witness in you; and as Jesus, seek only the Honour of He who is Above (John 5:41) … and God will honour you, God will lift you up (Jam. 4:10).

Jesus, speaking to the Pharisees, said: “how can you believe” if you do not “seek the honour that comes from the only God” (John 5:41, 44)? Man is so accustomed to seeking, or “receiving”, the honour that comes from man, that comes “from one another”: but the Grace, Knowledge, and Power of God are not in it AT ALL! The Power of God is found in seeking only the Honour that comes from God. Jesus did not “receive” testimony or honour from man at all (John 5:36, 41), He only sought the Witness, the Testimony, and the Honour that comes from the ONLY true God! This then, is a definition of a believer; “whatsoever you ask SHALL be given you.”

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you Lord. Lord, I deeply long to seek you and find you in the secret place. Lord, I give you my life this very moment and earnestly seek the Presence of God. Lord, I recognise that I cannot do this without you, I can barely even live my own life, please Holy Spirit lead me deeper into the Heart of the Father, I honestly and truly only wish to seek only the Testimony of the Father abiding in me. I realise that I need you Heavenly Father to be with me and to raise me up, just as you did Jesus. Therefore, I set it in my heart to never cease seeking the Presence of the Lord upon me all the days of my life. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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