Chapter 42 Walk Humbly before the Lord


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#42 Walk Humbly before the Lord


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Day #42: Led by Another Spirit
“Walk Humbly before the Lord”

Continuing to build a framework …

Thank you Lord, that I can love you with all that I am and in all things, and you continue to raise me in these ‘arenas’ of Heaven. Lord, I see that it is from here that I can address life and not from within the arenas that life, or the Enemy, tries to draw me into.

And all of us, as with unveiled face, continued to behold as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another; [for this comes] from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18 AMPC)

Prayer life: if you would like to come to live your life in open communication, interaction, and being personally built up and strengthened in the Lord (being shepherded by Him) then realise that this is found in the secret place. For God “is in the secret place”, that is: in the closet, in the soul of a man, in the Heart of the Father, and in Heaven. God moves in these areas, and so too does He move you in these very same areas. And the more that you personally seek our inexhaustible God the more that can be discovered, experienced, and walked in … and this without limit, restriction, or end. For He “who sees in secret openly rewards” (Matt. 6:5-6 NKJV).

It is our ‘job’ to love and worship the Name of Jesus, drawing ever nearer and nearer in Him, and it is Jesus’ job to “destroy the works of the Enemy.”

It is OK to struggle with various things like unbelief, fear, pride, or grief for this is normal and is the natural residue of the old nature. But the key is to come and be built up in the Lord, and this starts by honestly recognising them before the Lord. Not living in denial about these things that you struggle with, but willingly bringing them out of the dark into the Light before the Lord. For as you seek the Presence of God alive and active in your life, the Lord leads you to become completely free of spiritual influences and holds over you. Becoming one who is continually raised in the strength and in the fullness of the Lord, under His healing Grace.

Choosing to retain spiritual influences in your life can bring about very damaging fruit if left unaddressed. And as they grow in strength they also bring their friends and relatives. Their purpose is to diminish you, to harm you, and to cunningly bring harm through you. Otherwise their underlying purpose is simply to come between you, a believer, and the Lord. In between you and the Presence, the continual Revelation, and the outflowing Power of God. Jesus fulfilled the Scriptures, for you and I, so that we all can walk in life full of the Holy Spirit. And in this the Holy Spirit shows us just how much the Devil is blinding us to Truth.

An example: a believer who remains rooted in the common spirits of Religion and Legalism doesn’t understand the things of the Spirit. He remains blinded by a lack of humility, a lack of need to actively submit daily to the Cross; his ‘full’ stomach stops the Spirit from giving him something new every day. He doesn’t understand Grace and Mercy, or walking in step with the Spirit of God. And in moments of Offence, under a spirit of Pride of knowledge, he lashes out against another believer who is honestly pressing into God. The problem, though, for him, is that he has become a stench in the nostrils of God. These deceptive spirits that he still tolerates, and even in ignorance, embraces, can have him operating so totally contrary to the Holy Ghost and the Heart of the Father. This occurring right in the middle of the church, even right within this man’s own ministry.

Humble submission is key: this believer’s offence can be of such an aggressive nature against the sheep. And for him it’s best to fall upon his knees in humility and with a deep repentant heart before the Lord. For the Lord will give him grace, but a time may come when the Lord, Himself, will set him up for hardship in his flesh (1 Cor. 5:5, Acts 9:1-9), for he willing acts as a wolf against the sheep, the sheep who are responding to the Shepherd’s Voice (John 10:27). This occurs because, though he may be a born again believer, he does not recognise the spirit that he is of. For a believer can treat the Grace of God with such distain, whilst at the same time trampling on the Blood of the Lamb.

The Spirit of God is rooted in Grace, in Love, in Forbearance, in Peace, and in Power. But the spirit of Legalism brings his friends: the spirits of Pride, Religion, Conformity, Criticism, and the spirit of Offence (which is a form of hatred). It is the same with the spirit of Lust or the spirit of Mammon; they all have friends, they all have deceptive relatives that they bring to stay with them if tolerated. The Blood and the Name of Jesus are alone all powerful, but wielding them in ‘faith’, as a believer, whilst at the same time living under the influence of a spirit such as Pride, or Mammon, or Lust; is fundamentally a contradiction. How can this believer cast out a demon or heal the sick whilst at the same time operating out of a different spirit, a contrary spirit to that of the Holy Ghost? How can this believer go up against a Strongman with such poor armour? This ends up then even being dangerous for him.

This believer, or minister, ultimately ends up shifting emphasis or altering the Gospel Message to no longer make room for the Power or the Spirit of God. Justified by his own experience of a walk devoid of the Power of God, devoid of seeing the active move of God in his own life. So the message that he promotes is a powerless gospel … and in this the demon is most pleased. The demon remains in the background of this man’s life subtly at work sowing tares of unbelief and denial of the work of the Spirit.

The truth is that remaining under the influence of these common ‘human traits’ without remorse or repentance of heart, is to rob you of the Power and Protection of the Cross. For it is only through humility, repentance, and submission that one can ever truly come to know the Lord … and not through religion, conformity, pride, unbelief, or lustful living. The Power and Salvation, the Protection and the Authority of God is found in the daily recognition and submission to the Blood, the Word, the Name of Jesus, and the Spirit of God.

Power is only found in the Name of Jesus and not in pride of the flesh, of knowledge, or of deeds. We all struggle with various things, and all of us have fallen so far short of the Glory of God. But it is a lack of a heart of humility and repentance that robs you, even blinds you, grinding you to a halt and so too your ability to move forward in the Gifts, or the outpouring of the Spirit. The Answer is as Jesus expresses in the Gospels: “have mercy upon me, a sinner” (Luke 18:13), for such a person is fully justified in the eyes of the Father, and fully released from the Legalistic Accuser’s grip. It is in this Good Soil that the Power of God is free to flow, and this is for both the young and the old alike (Acts 2:17).

Jesus can come to a church service but turn away again because the spirit that drives the meeting is not the Holy Spirit, but the common spirits of Religion, of Pride, of Mammon, or of Unbelief. The answer to this is simply a heart of praise, of humility, of love, and repentance; earnestly seeking the Presence of God, ie; the Person of God to be free to move here with us. And what then begins to happen is that the Spirit of God, Himself, sets the stage for Jesus the King to arrive, for Him to come and “walk amongst us” (Rev. 2:1-5). This is Jesus in His Glory and in His Resurrected form. It is through our ‘preparing’ that the Glory of the Lord is free to come upon the gathering of His people (Is. 40:3-5). This is not of the flesh at all, nor the limited understanding or the pride of man … but of the Spirit of God; as sheep unto the Shepherd’s leading.

It doesn’t matter that you can quote Scripture, what matters is this: that the Man of the Words is with you.

When Jesus came to raise the little girl back from the dead, He put all the Unbelieving and Scoffing spirits out. He only allowed Peter, James, and John to come in with Him (not even the rest of the Twelve). You too can personally come and draw close in the Lord, within the secret place, where Jesus then trusts you and allows you to participate with Him in the raising of the dead, healing the sick, or setting someone free (Matt. 10:8). For these very same spirits of Doubt, Unbelief, Pride, and Lustful living are stripped bare as you regularly humble yourself in the Presence of the Lord. Just because you claim Jesus is in you, you can remain under the influence and submission of spirits and powers that are totally contrary to the Spirit of God. A believer of the Lord Jesus Christ can live as ‘mixed seed’, and though this isn’t right, it is most common. It is to this mixed seed, the ‘sowing’ of the Enemy, that we all need to come humbly and in repentance of heart before the King of Glory, the ever present Mercy of Jesus. That we might abide under the Authority and Blood covering of the Lamb.

Another word for mixed seed is being lukewarm (Rev. 3:15-19), and though you are a Spirit filled believer you can be ‘spat out’, spat out from the Glory of the Presence of God. You are left striving in your flesh and understanding as you go about life. But this is not the Heart of the Father: for the Heart of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is to draw you ever deeply close and to increasingly equip you and fill you of Heaven. Shifting you from flesh reliance to Spirit.

Going into the secret place is like going into the “Temple to pray”, coming in deep humility before the Lord; even “beating your breast” and praying, “God have mercy on me, a sinner” (Luke 18:9-14). There is great value in coming before the Lord in this general repentant attitude, whether you recognise or understand that you are “falling short” or not. The Blood of Jesus protects us when our lives are humbly laid bare before Him in this way, our hearts truly turned to Him: ‘please help’, ‘please come’, ‘please forgive’, ‘please raise me up’. It is in this place of honest hunger and submission where the Power of God comes to restore, to lift up, and to strengthen; and it is Jesus who actively goes against the work and schemes of the Enemy on your behalf (Ps. 8:2 NIV, Ps. 91:1 AMPC). For daily you are rightly recognising the Blood and the power of the Cross (1 Cor. 11:31-32).

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you, Lord, for opening my eyes to spiritual influences that can have a hold over me. Lord, have mercy upon me, a sinner, please set me free from the cunning grip of the Enemy. Lord, I fully yield myself into your hands, the Mercy of the Blood and the Cross. Lord, I never wish to step out from the Covering of the Lord, but abide here under the Protection, the Anointing, and the Authority of the Lord. Please continue to raise me up in you. I deeply love you and seek you with all my heart, thank you Lord, that you guide me even in my very next steps. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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