Chapter 41 What spirit are you of?


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#41 What spirit are you of?


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Day #41: Led by Another Spirit
What spirit are you of?

I am not sure if you realise, but we as Christians are in the middle of a war; a demon war against Heaven. In Revelation 12 it speaks of how the Devil was cast down and that now he is at war with us who “have the testimony of Jesus Christ”. In these twelve chapters that make up this series, I would like to share with you some very valuable points about ‘spiritual warfare’. And especially about gaining a greater awareness of just what the Cross has achieved for you, and coming to walk increasingly in it, ie; regaining your rightful identity. 

Let me start to create a framework here:

Opening Scriptures:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but (a Spirit) of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7 NKJV) … and there is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear. (1 John 4:18)

Do you realise that going into the secret place was never instructed by Jesus to do, and yet He always did it? It is a most important area of the Christian walk, and Jesus spoke of it, but He never ‘commanded’ that we must do it. Why? Because it can only ever be done out of love, in honest longing of heart, and in the deepest desire for the Lord and the things of the Kingdom come. Jesus could never make a command to seek the Father “who is in the secret place(Matt. 6:5-6 NKJV) just as He could never make it a command to fast and wait upon the Lord; for these things only work in the arena of love and can never work under the instruction of commands or law, or in the eyes of others. And what naturally fruits and flows from this secret place is the Spirit “of Power, of Love, and of a Sound Mind.” 

The secret place is the equipping zone, it is the place of where you are dressed, prepared, and armed in the Lord. Your regular and personal closed sessions (Ex. 33:11) with the Lord of Glory is the single greatest differential that a Christian has over any other beliefs or ways of life: for you regularly meet with the God who is Love, who is full of Grace, and who has all Power and Authority in His Hands. And as a child of God, He raises you in the same: to become one who is full of the Love and Grace of God, and one raised and seated in the Power and Authority of the King. Our human flesh and reasoning doesn’t even register on the scale compared to the wonder of meeting regularly with our Lord and Saviour; our Friend Christ Jesus. 

The purpose of God is Life and Peace, but the purpose of the demon is Death and Dread. So therefore, let us then come to choose our paths most carefully. Common demon spirits try to come upon a believer’s life with the purpose to blind and bind, and eventually to kill and destroy; and in this to work in you to perpetuate the same. But the purpose of the Spirit of God for you, as a believer, is to have “life and life in all its fullness” (John 10:10): and for the Spirit to work in you and through you to perpetuate the same unto Life and unto the Spirit. Death is the default influence: but as you choose to draw nearer in the Lord, you are actually giving the Holy Spirit rights to influence and have greater bearing over your life. For in the end we all live in the fruit of that of which we are truly rooted in. 

To start off slowly, let us look at these subtle but ‘common’ demon spirits at work: the common spirits of Pride and Intellectualism (1 Cor. 1:22-23). The spirits of Fear and Unforgiveness. Spirits of Intimidation, Oppression, Brokenness and Depression. Spirits of Offence, Anger, Grief, and Bitterness. Spirits of Resentment and Revenge, Unbelief and Doubt. Spirits of Mammon, Lust, Greed, Religion, and Legalism. These subtle and ‘common’ spirits are all offshoots of the master spirit of Rebellion that is aggressively set against Heaven. 

The issue though is that if demon spirits are tolerated and even allowed to retain root upon your soul, then they will continue to have an influence over you, even having a greater influence and bearing over you than that of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit who is Life. The reason why they remain, is because you let them, through ignorance or indifference; they remain. The problem is that to remain influenced by a spirit other than the Spirit of God is to have your life continually robbed, robbed from being able to freely walk under an Open Heaven (Matt. 3:16, Lev. 26:19).

An example: it is right to say that fear is natural, ie; fear of walking on a cliff’s edge. But there are times when fear comes upon you that is unnatural, that is demonic, that is not of Heaven. And we know the answer to fear, and all other demon forces, is this: to enter into the Perfect Love of God, ie; allow the Love of God to come rest upon you. Another example of a ‘natural’ and common human condition is pride. But you will not find this ‘normal’ human trait in Heaven, so it is clear then that it is seeded of the one who wants to keep you diminished. These spiritual common character traits can run down family lines but it is up to you, in Christ Jesus, to draw the line and say “no more!” Just as in the same way for any other spiritual lineage or curse. 

When you become aware of demonic influence, damage, or holds upon your life, of whatever measure, the answer is always the Holy Ghost. As you seek His Presence, pray along these lines: “Holy Ghost root this out of me, in Jesus Name, and fill the void left behind with the healing Presence of the Lord. May your tangible manifest Love and Power come upon my life and be the only motive and source of my soul.”

All these ‘common’ spirits, or any other spirits, attempt to act as ‘tares’ (Matt. 13:24-30) upon a Christian’s soul. Trying to seed themselves into your thinking and into the motives of your inner workings. These spirits also attempt to act as birds that try to peck off that which God is sowing into your heart. In order to steal the living reality of the revelations of Heaven from ever truly finding root, let alone blossoming. This is in order to keep you, a believer, malnourished, weak, and caged; complacent, stagnant, and ineffectual. These same spirits even act as weeds to choke out the Life of God from rising up within your depths: the nourishing Life giving Waters of the Holy Spirit. 

Unless you actively choose to personally develop deep deep roots in the Lord, personal tight bonds and strong ties in Him, then these spirits can come upon you like the scorching desert sun seeking to dry you up. So the treasure that is found in the secret place is the manifest realities of the Lord resting upon your life. God shifting you from a belief alone into a reality of continual building experiences in the Lord. For it is both the Blood and your regular experiences, ie; ‘testimonies’, that cause you to become one who truly overcomes (Rev. 12:11). 

In allowing the Holy Spirit greater influence over your life, you become one who is raised and lifted up in Him. In this you become ‘Oaks of Righteousness’, the treasured ‘Plantings of the Lord’. And with such a substantial tree, weeds are not even able to grow under the shadow of your broad limbs. And the hot scorching sun is powerless against you for your roots are drawing richly, effortlessly, and continually from an ever flowing Spring. And the Word and Revelation of God coming so bountifully upon your soul that they themselves Fruit and Seed far and wide from your branches to the blessing of your world and the healing of the Nations. 

There are always two paths! You can choose to partner with the Holy Ghost or you can choose to partner with the demon; they are both presented to the believer each day. But as a believer, choosing then to remain under the influence of these common demon spirits; it grieves the Holy Spirit (Eph. 4:30). Though He is still there eager for you, a distance remains. An example: the spirit of Fear has a number of relatives: their names are Doubt, Unbelief, and the Orphan spirit (identity loss). Fear comes from a doubt and unbelief that God is actively looking out for you, and therefore you do not  have deep everlasting faith or trust in Him; it is an identity crisis. And without faith we cannot please the Lord, so this in reality, is a form of sin, and it comes from a disassociation from Him. In this, just realise this truth: that we all, regardless of who we are, have fallen so far short of the Glory of God. 

Whether you are aware or totally oblivious of your sin, a humble repentant heart is crucial in order to be able to enter the Courts of God, and into even the inner Sanctuary of the Secret Place; freely and even boldly. The answer is not in your deeds, your knowledge, your position, or your ministry … regardless of how grand and justified they are. Jesus alone is the Answer. He alone is Holy, and total submission to He who is King, is key. In order to truly participate and join with Him we must learn to come to the Lord in the innocence of a little child, ie; in honesty and in a truthful willing repentant heart: longing for the Kingdom of God manifest, alive and real in you. Drawing close to Him and growing up in Him; walking hand in Hand with our Resurrected Christ. 

Expect this: the greater the revelations the more the ‘birds’ will come and try to peck them away (Matt. 13). So hold your ground, expect these birds, even take them captive (2 Cor. 10:5). For there are so many things that try to come upon the mind, to try to steal away your thoughts, even to occupy your mind and tantalise your eyes and your senses. But as a result, so few ever come to know how to wait upon the Lord, and only a few come to truly humble themselves and go aside to regularly seek His Face in the secret place. And subsequently, therefore, only a very few ever come to experience and know the Power of God that is found through the regular daily encounters with our Personal Heavenly Father. The Heavenly Realms that truly come upon your life as you are lifted up and dressed of things indescribable and uncontainable. Truly, you are regaining your stolen Identity in the Lord. 

If you allow the demon to retain a root then you give it entrance upon your life. And they are very foul, subtle, and cunning operators. They even make a house out of candy to lure you into being devoured. In contrast, as you drink daily deep of the Spirit; He becomes sweeter, tastes better, and lasts longer than any lure of the Devil. And you find yourself never wanting to put that aside, not ever, not for any reason. Give place and allow the Presence of the Lord to ‘become’ (John 4:14) real, alive, and active every day upon your life; and He will burst through your life in ever more greater measure. 

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Thank you, Lord, for the awareness of just how subtly the demon spirits can operate and to opening my eyes to the power of seeking the Presence of Heaven upon my life. Lord, I repent of these spirits that have had a hold over my day to day life, even having greater influence over me than the Holy Spirit. Please forgive me Lord, please root them out of me and help and continue to guide me into the fullness of the Holy Ghost. And as I go about my daily life, please draw me close in you that you may continue to bear your fruit abundantly in and through my life. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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