Chapter 39 Kingdom of God


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#39 Kingdom of God


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Day #39: Lasting Fruit
Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is within you: no one has a clue of just how much power and potential is within a each one of us, because of the resident Kingdom of God. Regardless of your strengths or weaknesses, your looks or nationality, your education or your past; you have endless power, reserves, and potential through the “Kingdom of God within you” (Luke 17:20-21 NKKV). Especially in your weakness God is made strong (2 Cor. 12:9-11). The Kingdom of God is not dependent on your capacity, it does not care about your education or your finances, your past wrongs or your achievements. Realise this truth: that it is your heart, your confidence, and your longing unto the Lord that taps you richly into the things of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is within you, you ARE a gateway to the Kingdom of God for your world of which you are in. Do not allow yourself to be stolen from, don’t let your world be robbed of He who abides within you. Do not allow your heart to be dragged off and caged by cares, desires, or by the deceitfulness of pride. But with this clear understanding that as you live your life, “preparing the way” (Is. 40:3), inviting and opening your heart unto the Lord each day; Heaven comes upon you and therefore comes bursting through your life. Your cup overflows the Abundance that is within you. 

You find yourself opening up to a continual increased outpouring of the Holy Spirit, of the Person of Jesus, and of the Father in your own personal life. And as a result the same Glory increasingly, ever increasingly, flowing through your life to the blessing of the world of which you live; everywhere your feet tread. This is not of the flesh at all, but is of the Spirit of God. Shift your thinking from the dust unto the Glory of Heaven. Shift your thinking from the pig pen, to receiving the full rightful ring and mantle of identity and place in the Lord. 

You are the Gateway to the Kingdom of God in your world. Do not allow yourself to be robbed, and and no longer tolerate the Thief to lie and cheat you any longer. Nor be drawn of to foreign lands, to prostitutes, lustful living, and the subsequent poverty. Stand in the delight of the Lord, enjoy Him, seek Him, worship and praise Him … for He is seriously Life! and serious Love! and is seriously Powerful! All the issues of life are but a leaf of which the Presence of God blows away in the Wind; giving you Grace and Might to face life triumphantly; strong and whole and with the deepest sense of Life and Hope. 

Gain an increasing culture of seeking God’s “Kingdom come, His Will being done on earth just as it is in Heaven” (Matt. 6:10). A rich invitational, welcoming, and longing of heart for the Kingdom manifest; in you, upon you, around you, and through you. Nothing of your flesh but all of the Spirit, for you and I are not the answer, it is Jesus alone who is the Answer. You have no cause to be discouraged, nor otherwise puffed up for it is ONLY the Spirit that does the work; so we rest our life in Him. Hunger for the Lord, I mean seriously hunger for the ‘Bread of Life’, for the more that you eat the more you are lifted up and strengthened. Does this make any sense at all?

Don’t allow yourself to be stolen from, don’t allow the scoffer’s voice to grind you to a halt, cast aside the yeast of the Pharisees. You stand up and go, you stand up and personally drink deeply from the Waters of the River of Life … daily! Hunger for the Words that come from the mouth of God; they are more than revelation, they are more than knowledge. The Words of God are the fullness of God: encounters with Him, impartation from Him, a continual sharing of one to another. The Love of God rising up in you just as the Spirit of God. You and I, so thoroughly need the Word, the Love, and the Spirit of God to come liberally flow in our lives, in order to function properly. 

The Fruits of the Spirit are as a Spring perpetually rising up in you that you can continually sense and feel: Love, Joy, Peace, Trust, and Hope. These are of the Lasting Fruits of the Spirit thay tap you directly into the Heart and Might of the Father. In His Love, you have a continual open pathway; that is, a connection, a flow, a conduit between you and the Kingdom of God. Right into the Deep things (1 Cor. 2:10), the Hidden things (Daniel 2:22), the Secret things (Eph. 3:8-9) of God. A Gate has been opened to you to walk through, right into the City of God of which is in Heaven (Rev. 22:14). The more that you hunger for Him the more He feeds you; for that is the nature of the Kingdom of God. 

We all have this same privilege and honour: that we can love, enjoy, and praise the precious Name of Jesus and continually seek His Face and have His Power come ever richly upon your life. Whether you are just a regular person, or someone smart and successful, or a person who is in a real bind; broken and struggling. We all have the same opportunity, right, and privilege to go aside in love and worship the Name of Jesus. We all have the same opportunity to be able to go aside into the secret place and meet with the Lord of Glory and have Him come upon our lives in such rich, personal, and wonderful ways. Each one of us drawing deeply from the Wells of Salvation and being lifted up this very day. If we otherwise choose to allow situations and ‘realities’ of life to come between this, then what happens is that you step out of these realms of Power, of the outpouring of the Spirit, the connection, and guidance of the Holy Ghost. Resorting back to your old ways, that of your own capacity, strength, and vision; resulting in spiritual poverty.

Of course the Grace of God is greater than you and I, so all you need to do is right here and now turn your heart unto the Lord and love Him, praise Him and thank Him; welcoming and being open to Him with FIRM understanding and expectation that it is both the Will and Heart of the Father for Him to come and meet with you. Even for you to be lifted up into His Presence and spend time being strengthened in Him: this is the Nature, the Character, and the Way of Heaven. The Kingdom being not of the flesh but of the Spirit, your spirit unified and united in the Spirit of God, in continual dialogue and interaction with Him. This is of the greatest of privileges. 

When your strength has failed, your hope crushed, and your friends have abandoned you … where do you go? Where do you go when all has failed, do you know you Lord at all?

If your knowledge and success cause you to not honestly come before your Lord; to just love Him, seek Him, and enjoying His Presence than your knowledge and success is a hindrance to you. It has become as an idol between you and He who is Faithful. In the same way: if your struggles, your season of hardship and difficulty, and your lack of hope stops you from turning your heart to the Lord in simple love, and in honest longing of soul, in gratefulness and praise. If your brokenness keeps you from choosing to go aside in the Lord to seek Him, to be with Him, and to just enjoy His Presence upon your life then even these things are like an idol to you. Your brokenness has become an idol. These struggles, bad memories, hurts and regrets becoming a log-jam to Heaven opening up to you and the Goodness of God flowing liberally upon your life; bringing healing and restoration. All you have to do is right here and now, simply pray, “Lord, please forgive me, I open my heart unto you here and now. Please forgive me for allowing this life to come between me and you, I deeply welcome you; please come upon my life, your Presence manifest, as per your own Heart’s desire.”

We all have this amazing opportunity to go aside in our soul, in our flesh, and in our mind; to seek and enjoy our Heavenly Father. I tell you this truth, this fact, that the most powerful thing in the world is a believer’s ability to meet with Jesus. Realise this: meeting with Jesus is greater than anything that you could ever be asking for. Greater than any answer to prayer that you might be seeking. To meet with He who is the Answer in person, not only just seeking answers. Choosing to enter into an attitude of praise and gratitude for the Blood He shed, and for the perfect Sacrifice of the Cross; this engages you in the greatest Power in the universe. 


Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. (Psalm 8:2 NIV)

You don’t have to honour the demon so much by always fighting him or having to respond to him. Sure there are times that you pray, “I bind you”, “I cast you out”, but your life’s purpose need not be focused on him, nor the problems that you face, but otherwise your focus can be fully turned toward He who is the Answer! Sure there are times in your heart’s inquiry of the Lord, that the Spirit gives you a word or a key that breaks the yolk of the Evil One and unlocks healing. But the underlying reality is in this foundation: to simply praise and seek the Presence of Jesus just as a little child, just like an infant; then you will find that it is the Spirit of God that goes out before you rising up a stronghold of protection and silencing the Foe and the Avenger

God knows the problems you face, but your obsession with them is your hindrance. They are, in truth, an expression of doubt in the Love and Capacity of God. Where is your faith? Why is it that you think as a mere carnal man? Where is your Identity in Him?

Nothing brings Jesus more swiftly onto the scene than a heart that simply loves, praises, and delights in His Presence; abiding in the Secret Place of God. His Presence comes quickly and washes over you once again. In this place His Vengeance swiftly goes out against the Devourer that is set against you; the power of the Thief and the Liar being broken simply through the ‘praise of children and of infants’. God clearly states that ‘vengeance is mine’, it is He who goes out before you, you don’t need to take matters into your own hands (Rom. 12:19)

The more that you become as a little child before our Heavenly Father the deeper that you enter the realms of the Power and Wonders of God. And, also, the more that you come to value the Blood that was shed for you, the more that the Blood has Power in your life. Lift up the precious Name of Jesus, lift up the Blood that was shed; for it has power to truly save. Salvation is a very big word, a word that has much greater significance and implication than anyone can realise or know. That is why we are called to draw from the Wells of Salvation, for it is a broad and incomprehensible reality.

The Presence of the Lord upon your life, brings a deep trust and confidence rising up from within you. For the reality of His Presence as you worship Him, the reality of His Person and His Glory truly draws you to your knees. Honestly, nothing can stand in His Presence – just try it! His Presence can come so strong that even a fear can grip you, as though the very molecules of your body are bowing in His Presence. You may find yourself crying out “stop Lord, stop!” Do you remember how the Glory of His Presence caused the people at Mt. Sinai to tremble in fear and cry out, “do not have God speak to us or we will die” (Ex. 20:19). If you honestly seek the Lord, He will come! But He ain’t no fable of man’s imagination, He is no insignificant, weak, or a minuscule ideology. 

The trust and faith given you by the Joy of the Lord forms a very firm link as the Presence of the Lord comes upon you. And as the Lord ‘burns in your heart’ (Luke 24:32) and opens unto you the Scriptures; you come to wonder, ponder, and meditate on the revelation of the Kingdom of God all the more. A great hope and expectation arises in you, and this is not of the flesh, but seeded you of the Holy Spirit. And as you praise Him and yearn for Him, His Person comes upon your life, even right in the midst of the circumstance you are in; the Glory and Grace that comes is truly wonderful and powerful to behold. 

We come in our capacity to serve the Kingdom and to the ministry of people. Can you imagine what it would be like, if you truly brought the Resurrected King with you? The people that you are serving, would they not be benefitted for countless generations? That they too have the Resurrected Christ Jesus Powerfully and Beautifully at work in their own lives. What a true gift you have given, and this is not you, but Christ our Lord, and the Spirit of the very Living God into their midst. Realise, this is the Way of the Kingdom of God. 

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, thank you for the right and honour that I can participate so richly in the Kingdom of God. Lord, I draw my heart more decidedly unto the Lord and lift you high. Lord, please forgive me for making idols of things, I never realise just how much I do so. Please guide me that you may come upon my life again this day, I welcome you and delight myself in you. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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