Chapter 38 Yeast of the Pharisees


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#38 Yeast of the Pharisees


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Day #38: Lasting Fruit
Yeast of the Pharisees


Then He charged them, saying, “Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod. (Mark 8:15 NKJV)

We are all influenced in some way or another by the “yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod”. An example of ‘leaven’: I have heard it being said over the years that there is a honeymoon period for a new believer. And that this honeymoon period will soon be over and then they will become “just like the rest of us.” This is an error for the fire of God is set only to increase in your soul and is not purposed to diminish. So this word, this Christian ‘culture’, is not from Jesus but is from the spirit of Religion. Let us come to rightly discern. 

Realise that the Joy and Wonder of God that comes upon a new believer, comes because they have made a fresh start in the Lord; this very day. They have truly laid their lives down in Him and invited Jesus into their heart and Jesus has come and graced them anew with His Presence. The ‘yeast’ in this instance is the fact that modern believers are not taught that this ‘making a fresh start’, this ‘laying your life down’, this ‘inviting Jesus into your life’ is the Way of the believer for each and every day, and not just once decades ago or in moments of recommitment – but it is a lifestyle. Though they started with the Spirit, believers resort back to doing this walk in the flesh, like the Galatians, hence the honeymoon is over, and the toil begins. But that is not the way of the Lord.

It is purposed by Heaven for you to continually live in active experience of the Lord, each and every day, and this only increasing. This IS the Fruit of the Spirit … this is the ‘Lasting Fruit’. Instead of what is current in many lives today: Christians living their lives somewhat disorientated and with a sense of distance, or even disconnected from God; lost, frail, downtrodden, and orphaned. Busy otherwise unto law and works to help fill the gaps and to justify their salvation, but the Joy, Peace, and Strength of the Lord remaining distant. Thisis is the effects of the leaven of the Pharisees and that of Herod; that of religion and the powers of this Age. 

Let us otherwise go to Jesus, and be filled and refreshed with the Love of God, daily; His Joy, His Peace, and His Might richly gracing our lives as we go about, in Love, ‘working’ and ‘doing good’. First is the Love and Spirit of God; and in this we set our heart, our soul, our mind, and our strength. Let us follow our Chief Example; Jesus of whom “God anointed with the Holy Spirit and Power … He went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the Devil, because God was with Him(Acts 

Let this statement be true: “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He, has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor”. This is the purpose of the Spirit, to become Anointed children of God and truly set the captives free. Not looking up for the approval of man, but looking down to the downtrodden and broken. For my approval is in the Lord, and He has Anointed me to release the prisoners from darkness. 

Faith is not a word alone, but is the connection between you and Jesus; the Anointing. It is not only a doctrine or an elusive reality but is a continual increase of tight bonds and connection in the Holy Ghost. This occurring as you actively seek His manifest Presence upon your life, anew and afresh each day. Just as the newly born, just as the newly-wed, being made new each day. Realise then how central it is to the Christian Walk to actively give place and allow Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father to ‘make’ their Home in you. It is Theirs to build and yours to avail yourself to, and for your heart to be fully unto the Lord. To welcome, invite and deeply cry out for this ‘abiding’, this ‘remaining’, and this being established in the Love of God, anew, just as a new believer.

Horse and the Cart. The Way of the Kingdom is this: the Spirit draws the Cart, not the other way around. The Way of the Spirit is that the Spirit draws the Cart; that is, your ministry, your life, and your very flesh. And throughout your life, you can enjoy either riding the Horse, or sitting in the Cart, the joy is yours, but the main thing to realise is that you are free of labour, ie; fully entering the Strength of the Lord. You are born again of the Spirit, not of the flesh; for the flesh is purposed to be dead, and your spirit is purposed to be alive in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:10). So that when you stand up, you stand up not in the flesh to do the Kingdom’s work but in, with, and under the Spirit of God. You stand up not in the flesh to meet a storm but in the Spirit; calming the storm with a word. 

You are able to stand up and calm the storm, for your heart is abiding in a Place much higher than the fear of which you face. At Rest, asleep, and at Peace in the arms of the Father who is greater than anything you could ever face. Why do you fret, where is your faith? Come to abide even in the very Courts of God, just as king David did, who lived in continual longing of soul for the Presence of the Lord. And God met all that came against him: giving David wisdom, or capacity, or by God’s own Hand for David’s heart abided in the Dwelling Place of the Lord. It is the Spirit that rejuvenates your flesh, your mind, your soul, and your spirit. Not what you place in your mouth, or purpose with your hands, but what is placed in your soul by your Heavenly Father. It is the Spirit that does the work, it is the Spirit that adds to the Church even daily (Acts 2:47). Truly our “flesh counts for nothing; it is the Spirit that brings Life” (John 6:63). 

In Christ Jesus, we work together with Him, but it is the Spirit that carries the load. It is the Spirit that goes before you as a ‘pillar of cloud’ by day and a ‘pillar of fire’ by night, and though you may have troubles the Father meets them all. The leaven of the Pharisees would have you pushing the Cart with the Spirit following somewhere behind, even the Spirit becoming irrelevant and the Cart becoming stuck in a rut. This is not the Way of the Kingdom, but the way of the Corrupt One, and it eventually leaves you tired, disorientated and straining; toiling under the yolk of it all. Many, even ministers of the Word, become sick and die before their time, lives cut short and stolen from by the Thief. This is the effects of the leaven of the Pharisees and that of ‘Herod’. This ‘seed’ leading you unto self-righteousness, legalism, religion, and flesh-dependence; not knowing how to seek the Spirit, nor even His relevance; in your walk and life.

What would it have been like if the Israelites hadn’t had to wander in the desert for 40 years, and had crossed over into the Promised Land in the few weeks as was possible? Would they have had to fight any battles at all? Ask yourself, do you wish to remain wandering in the desert or come right over and submit to the Lord, setting your heart upon Him that He may lead you in ALL things? Not unto the scoffer, the unbelieving, or the fearful; but unto the Person of Jesus. Jesus, who is a type of Joshua, leads you into ALL the Promises of God. 

The way of religion is to treat your walk in the Lord just like you do modern school: ‘study the Word and now go to work’. This instead of ‘Rest, and living filled with the Spirit of God. Allowing His Love and Power to permeate you, in all that you say and do’. Having your life so deeply changed, and continually changed, and lifted up in the Anointing of the Spirit. Now then, when you ‘labour’ in the Kingdom, you are not labouring under the flesh or fear but lifted, strengthened, and equipped by the Spirit of God of whom abides in ever enriching measure upon your life. Giving you the vitality of the youths, leaping in the fields as like a deer (Is. 35:6-10), and causing you to mount up on wings like eagles. Living not with a failing spirit, but in the strength of the Holy Ghost. This strength is not born of your flesh but is gifted you of the Holy Ghost. It is the Spirit alone that raises you astronomically: from ignorant fishermen to world changers, through the Grace and Power of the Spirit of God!

Worship in spirit: I will share something that is truly amazing to me. I know of Indian tribes in South America, where there are hundreds and hundreds of native pastors preaching the Good News under this ministry. All of these pastors, each one of them, have raised the dead multiple times and have had the most amazing miracles that could ever be imagined happening in their work. The point to make here is that many of them cannot even read or write. What I would like to raise is this, that in our modern churches we have the most broadest of biblical knowledge that has ever been available, and yet there are virtually no miracles. There is something truly wrong here, something truly amiss right?

This is to do with one primary area: in our educated and work based societies, we generally worship God in truth alone; whilst at the same time seeking the approval of others. However, God “seeks those who worship in both spirit and truth”, ie; He looks out for and responds to those who seek Him this way. In this day and age, there is very little culture of worshipping in spirit, or even understanding what that means. Typically, in our modern churches, believers may have a great measure of knowledge but a very small measure of the Spirit, however, it is the Spirit that gives Life! Here is the Key: the Spirit is given in measure; and that measure is according to the measure that you yourself seek and hunger for. If you think God is small then to you He is small. If your doctrine has placed Jesus in a small box then for you it is so, for “each is given according to his own faith.”

These Indian pastors have some knowledge, and they are fully committed to it, but they have a great measure and stability in the Spirit of God. There is a deep culture in these ministries of prayer and fasting, praise and worship, meditating on the Word, waiting upon the Lord and seeking His Face; and Jesus comes regularly upon them. Some of them have regular encounters with Jesus, as He physically appears to them. Even as a pastor working in his field, Jesus comes in His Glory form, a shroud envelops them and Jesus sits together with the pastor and Jesus shares of Himself. Now this is precious, now this is worth seeking. But in our school and education based societies, we are trained to seek the approval and acceptance of instructors, but have no idea that it is even possible to seek Jesus’ approval; to sit under His tuition. 

The Spirit of God does not go telling you what is wrong with you, no, that’s the way of the Devil; the Legalist. No, the Spirit of God only tells you what is right in Jesus, and how you can move forward in Him; and He gives you both the desire and the capacity to do so.

The spirits of Legalism, of Works, and of Religion hate the fact that we all have this capacity to meet with the Lord of Glory. To enjoy the Presence of the Lord, enjoy His regular visits; of being ministered to and built up in Him, as according to the Gospels of our Lord Jesus Christ. All it comes down to is this: your heart’s honest desire to meet with your Lord and to bond with the Spirit of God, and He responding. God responds to your personal longing and hunger for Him ‘in spirit as well as ‘in truth’, ie; meditating on the fullness of the Gospel.

The fact that this is even possible, eludes many of us; but I encourage you deeply, that the Power of God comes from your secret meetings with the Lord of Glory, in the Secret Place. It is He, who imparts to you; what you hold in secret will be made plain for all to see, and the Treasure within your soul will overflow your mouth and all your deeds. Your heart-to-Heart deep ties in the Love of God, is as a gateway to the Power of God into your world. 

Your mouth and deeds speak what your heart is full of; for out of the abundance and overflow of the heart, your mouth speaks!

Let us not be ignorant of the things of the Spirit, but each one of us humble ourselves before our God and allow the Spirit to open our eyes. Allow Him to give you a spirit of discernment, showing you whose voice you are truly and actually submitted and subject to (Phil. 1:9-10). So that you too may become one who “believes” according to that of which Heaven considers a believer: even being able to “lay your hands on the sick, and they recover”, in Jesus Name (Mark 16:17-18).

Jesus, the Church, and the sheep are the basis and the purpose of the Kingdom. The apostle, the prophet, the pastor, and teachers are ‘cannon fodder’ (Rom. 8:37); that is, we lay their lives down for them. A ‘hireling’, the Pharisitical spirit, does not; for it does not care for the sheep or for the Church, and nor for the Person of Jesus; but in the Name of the Lord, stuffs his pocket for his own purpose, ambition, and praise. As you come to seek the Gifts of the Spirit, recognise firstly what spirit you are of. 

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, I need your Spirit, I turn my heart anew unto the Presence of God. Lord, I deeply desire to have fresh and new encounters in you every day. Lord, I didn’t realise that this was possible but I see that it is so needed in my life. Lord, I need the Lasting Fruits of Heaven. Lord, I struggle so much in my flesh and I know that this is not the way it is supposed to be. Please teach me and lead me to worship you in both spirit and truth. Please come and minister, sharing of yourself again this day, even in person. I make you a coffee and set you a seat, in Jesus Name. Amen’.




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