Chapter 34 Let the Peace of God Rule Your Heart


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#34 Let the Peace of God Rule Your Heart


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Day #34: Seek Heaven
Let the Peace of God Rule Your Heart


And said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes.” (Luke 19:42 NIV)

Follow the heart of Jesus and allow the “Peace of God to rule your heart.” How precious it is to come to know the Peace of God that defies understanding and that totally transforms your life. For out of all the things in life that you can choose to participate in, coming to know the Peace of God allows you to draw and receive from Him in most wonderful and powerful ways. For otherwise then, regardless of your beliefs, Heaven seams hidden, appears distant and remote, and remains relatively unexperienced. 

How much the Christian walk is of the Spirit, and how true it is that our flesh profits us nothing at all. Our flesh and understanding is meaningless compared to that of which the Lord desires to lead us in, raise us, and for each one of us to walk in; even to the full measure that the Gospel speaks. Come, direct your soul unto the Lord and dwell in the Love of God. Personally abide and bond in the Vine in order to allow the Life of our Living God to liberally flow in you, forming the full Purposes of God in and through your life. The Kingdom of God is within you and therefore by nature, naturally bursts forth through your life, bringing God’s “perfect Will” being done “on earth”, in and through your life, “just as it is in Heaven.” 

The Love of God is not only emotion, just as the Presence of God is not limited to feeling alone. The Love of God is the very Person of God – for God of course is Love. In order to participate and live in the continual experience of the Love of God we all need to learn to fully yield our lives unto Him. Through all your questions, doubts, concerns and fears; the power is in the Love of God. Fear cannot co-habitat with Love for ‘perfect’ Love triumphs over ALL fear. If you fear, if you stress, if you are tormented by the oppression of the demon, if you suffer depression and confusion; realise this very truth: it is because you have not fully experienced, or yielded to, His “perfect Love (1 John 4:18 NLT). Choose then to simply seek His manifest Presence anew each and every day and come to abide in His Perfect Love. For your love directed upon the Lord draws God – He who is Love. And as you do you begin to live in the continual experience of the liberating and deeply strengthening power of the Love of God, His Grace tangibly descends and rests upon your life. 

The Love of God is patient, His Love is kind. God’s Love towards you keeps no record of wrongs, it always protects, it always hopes, and it always perseveres on your behalf (1 Cor. 13). The Love of God keeps no record of your wrongs, therefore, fully release your life daily in the Love of God and abide in His ministering Grace. Being refreshed daily in the Love of God for He holds no records of wrongs, but hopes for you, perseveres for you, protects you, and strives on your behalf. The Key is abiding in the Love of God (John 15). Carry no record of wrongs yourself, free yourself in His saving Grace and step into the Peace of God that transcends all understanding and defies all comprehension (Phil. 4:7). 

Yield your life fully in the Lord. To abide in the Love of God is to actively participate in His Salvation. His Salvation active in and through your life; through all your deeds, all your works, all your words, and in all where you tread. Jesus carried not the weight of the World, but abided fully in the Love of God. Upon His Face was the Peace of God, the countenance of Heaven, and the Anointing flowed through Him as He Himself abided in the Love of God, being fully bonded in the Father; spirit, soul, mind, and body. Though the World was on His shoulders and the preparation of the Gospel since the beginning of time, He was not under its weight for He chose to live fully yielded unto the Lord. 

The Love of God that comes upon a believer has a language, has a nature about it, that transcends all other languages, barriers, cultures and beliefs.

To abide in the Love of God and to live in the active experience of His Salvation and Resurrection Power, is to come to fully yield your life in Him – every way and in every day (Luke 9:23). You cannot seek the Lord your God with half an effort, with partial pursuit, with half faith in Him mixed with faith in other things; but fully unto the Lord (Matt. 22:37). Let the Peace of God RULE your heart and He will guide you in your very next step. Now you can rise up, as Jesus, and calm the ‘storm’ with a commanding word. 

Though your confession is in the Name of Jesus, your heart can be entirely elsewhere; even unbeknown to you, but in the eyes of God. To truly participate in the Spirit, to truly walk in the Love of God, and to truly abide in the “Prince of Peace” (Is. 9:6); come then to fully yield your life in Him. Let the “Peace of God rule your heart” (Col. 3:15), “delight yourself” (Is. 37:4) in Him and allow His ministering Presence to come upon your life anew and afresh every day and in every moment. As you go about life and ministry choose to abide in the Prince of Peace, for it is the Peace of God that is as a watchful eye set upon the Lord; sensitive and aware of the Spirit of God. 

The sharp end of the axe is the Spirit of God and back-end of the axe is your flesh and understanding (Prov. 3:5). The flesh is as useless in the Kingdom of God just as the back-end of an axe is useless for cutting wood. Come into alignment with the Gospel and understand that it is the front-end of the axe that fulfils the purposes of the Kingdom; that is the Spirit of the Living God. Don’t wrongly exhaust yourself in heavy labour with so little results. the truth is that your alignment in the Spirit can be so very blunt, your keeping in “step with the Spirit” can be so out of step. It even remaining outside your capacity to comprehend or understand what that even means, let alone walk in (Gal 5:25). 

But remember this, that it is the Spirit that makes youinto a sharp instrument (Is. 41:15), it is not your flesh or your understanding. Therefore, learn to fully yield yourself to the Spirit, daily, and it will be He who will go forth before you and make way for you. As the first primary thing: daily seek the Spirit, seek the Presence of God, seek the Anointing and invite Him to come. Seek to abide in His Love and experience His Love upon you. Quieten your soul, meditate on the Word, set a watch; keeping a lookout for the Lord your God to meet with Him and He with you. 

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, I seek your perfect Will be done in my life and through my life, just as it is in Heaven. Lord, thank you for this precious Key, that I can choose to allow the Peace of God to rule my heart. Lord, though this peace is beyond my experience right now, I receive it as truth. Lord, I fully yield my life in you, this moment and from now on, that the Peace of God may rule in me, that this same Peace may guide me in even the very next step I take. I choose to live my life fully submitted to the Spirit that I may be led and raised by Him; He who is intent on bringing me life in all its fullness. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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