Chapter 33 Place of Repose


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#33 Place of Repose


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Day #33: Seek Heaven
Place of Repose

“It’s not right for a little child of God to be left alone, where I cannot see your Face or hear your Voice, nor be left unfed and unkept, hence I ‘cry out’ to you Lord.”

Theme Scripture

Very well then, with foreign lips and strange tongues God will speak to this people, to whom he said, “This is the resting place, let the weary rest”; and, “This is the place of repose— but they would not listen. So then, the word of the Lord to them will become: Do this, do that, a rule for this, a rule for that; a little here, a little there— so that as they go they will fall backward; they will be injured and snared and captured.” (Is. 28:11-13 NIV)

As you come to follow Biblical principle, and choose to enter the Rest of God, He leads you into the Secret Place, the Meeting Place of the Lord. He leads you into rich pastures and allows you to recline in His Presence. In this precious, precious place He ministers into your soul, your mind, and your flesh; instructing you and sowing into you of Himself. As you wait upon the Lord, He responds, and visits you (when it suits Him), and He adorns you of the Glory of Heaven. In His Presence, He Anoints your head, Gifts you, and opens the Living Word of God unto your ears, your eyes, and your heart. 

Lord, it is dearly precious to me that I can delight in you in the early morning, seeking your Face in the secret place, and you come and “openly reward” me (Matt. 6). Here in your Presence comes the deepest of praise uttered by the Holy Ghost and you pick me up lifting me into your Presence once again. You instruct me in the Word and lead me into a new song, your Love comes upon me and shifts me deep in my soul. I delight to meet with the Lord of Glory and abide here in your midst. Here you adorn me from High and place something new upon my life each day. Thank you Lord, for the precious Cross, the laying down of your life for me, that I can enter the Courts of God all the moments of my day and eat richly of the Table of the Lord, drinking daily of the New Wine. 

John 5:37-42: One time when Jesus was dealing with the uncompassionate religious leaders of His day, He said this to them: “you have never heard God’s Voice or seen His form, nor do you have His Word abiding in you or His Love resting upon your life.” Do you realise that Jesus would not have accused them of something that they could never have had? Be encouraged then, for as you approach the Lord of Glory, and choose to come to know Him and be known by Him (Matt. 7:23), you enter into the ministering Grace of the Lord … the Place of Repose

Realise then, as a ‘little child’ of the Living God, you can be picked up and lifted into His Presence; hearing His Voice, seeing His form, having His Word abide in your soul, and His Love resting upon your life. This is a most precious place. Here, in His Presence, He feeds you from His Banqueting Table and clothes you of the Glory that is of Heaven. He places a crown upon your head and a ring upon your finger (sonship), and of the Spirit He joins you united one unto Himself, Anointing you in the Presence of the Lord. And it is from this deep-rooted-bond in the Lord that He does His Work through you, not under human sentiment or strength, but of the Spirit of God. 

The manifest Love and Grace of God upon your life, guides and moves you in your very next thought. His Anointing comes upon your life with such tangible realities, it is very precious, and it brings deep shifts in your soul. For in the midst of the maze, the webs, and the storms of life you can choose to set your heart at Rest in His Presence, even reclining in the Lord, and experience the ministering Grace of the Person of Jesus. Coming to live, therefore, continually under the Unction, the Power, and the Authority of the Holy Ghost. 

He renews the strength of your bones, He refreshes the air in your lungs. He puts a lightness in your step and song in your heart. He fills you with dreams and visions, and inspires your thoughts and thinking. He opens your eyes to the Glory that is before you and sets you in such Wonder and Splendour. He causes you to run and not go weary, even as the youths grow faint He causes you to mount up on wings like eagles. Your Lord Jesus, by the Spirit of the Living God, does this … in this Place of Repose. Why would I wish to be founded in any other place, or set my heart on any other care, or be influenced by the ‘scoffer’ (book of Exodus)? For in this Place of Repose, this reclining in the Lord, this ‘at Rest in His Presence’; His Love and Presence upon your life guides you even in the very next step, even the very next thought, the very next feeling, and the very next action; graced with the Spirit, the Counsel, and the Might of God. 

Virgin Birth, unconventional means: be anxious not in life, but instead when needed pray multiplication. Carry no cares, but when the land is barren and dry; pray for water. When problems arise, why worry, why be a people with no faith? Enquire of the Lord, pray the Counsel, pray the Hand of God, and seek His Face. This is the normal and regular place. For in the Presence of God, His Voice speaks deep in your soul of the Ways of God, and what to pray in the moment. And through the closeness that comes, He imparts to you the deepest of confidence in the Lord, ie; Faith


This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.” (Isaiah 

Mt. Sinai: can you recall what the primary reason that the Children of Israel were led out of Egypt? Do you remember? It was first to meet with God at Mt. Sinai, the ‘Mountain of the Lord’, ie; personal-close-relationship. To hear His Voice, to see His form and have His Word abide in them (Ex. 19:9). And if the people had remained happy to hear God’s Voice rather than only the Law or the opinion of others, then they would have quickly crossed through the river Jordan and entered the Promise Land (Ex. 20:19, 1 Sam. 8:6-7). The Law doesn’t give you confidence so much as the Lord you seek does: His Living Word in your soul, or upon your ears, silences the Scoffer’s voice. 

When the 12 spies were first sent in to spy out the land, and only two said, ‘we can do it’ (Num. 13 & 14). If they had enquired of the Lord instead of only relying only on their own understanding or the opinions of others, then they would have had confidence to enter into the Promise Land right then and there. They all had the Law, but not many of them had their ear or heart inclined unto the Lord. Understand this: the Scoffer’s voice steals from you, and robs you of the Promises issued and presented to you by the Father. 

The Exodus story is a type, a picture, of your walk in the Kingdom here today. The same Scoffer’s voice attempts to influence you as it did when the Israelites were leaving Egypt. The same unbelieving scoffer was in the desert with them as the pillar of cloud led them during the day and the pillar of fire at night. The same scoffer’s voice influenced their hearts and got them to make an idol of gold, replacing the God who saves. Realise, if they had not allowed themselves to be influenced by the scoffer but hungered for the “word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Deut. 8:3) then they would have entered swiftly into the Promises of God and possessed the fullness of it. This exact same principle is set before you today. But in the end, they wandered in the desert for forty years, and none, but only a few, saw ANY of the Promises established by our Heavenly Father. 

Let this Exodus story express the picture that is the same for you today. As a People who are entering into the Promise Land of God, let the Voice of God, the Unction, lead you and raise you and not the spirit of the Scoffer; nor the spirit of Religion, Legalism, Pride, or Self-Sufficiency. This is found in the secret place. There is always, always more that is in God for you to receive, there is always closer that you can be drawn in Him, and there is always a greater Anointing to walk in. Rest not in law, doctrine, or pride; but in the Person of the Holy Ghost. 

So the encouragement is always, first: meet the Lord, remain in Him and abide in His continual ministering Grace. From here He will open the Word and His Ways to you. Otherwise instead of coming and entering the Place of Repose, the Word of God itself will come to you as lists of do’s and do not’s (Is. 28:11-13); laws, regulations, rules, and instructions. And though you follow a personal chosen list of law and doctrine you will not have the confidence that allows you to freely and liberally draw from Heaven or have the keys that unlock the fullness of the Gospel message. The Law will not save you, only the bonded relationship in Christ Jesus. He will personally give you confidence and guidance to move forward, otherwise, you will live under the scoffer’s influence, the doubter’s loud voice, the unbeliever’s criticism and remain wandering in the barren wasteland the rest of your life. Now that ain’t fun!

Jesus, who willingly laid His life down for you, offers you this: set a watch tower (Hab. 2:1-2) and learn to wait upon Him. Set your heart in Him and come to live under the increased Anointing, Grace, and Unction of the Holy Ghost. This Unction and Anointing ‘controls’ how you think and feel. With an attitude of soul, seek a closeness in Him, a personal real connection in Him. For as you Rest from striving under flesh-self and seek His Presence, it is He – Jesus – that has you recline, and it is He – Jesus – that dresses Himself to serve and wait upon you (Luke 12:37). What does this mean? He will talk life with you and around His Banqueting Table share one-to-another; life. His Life coming upon you, and your life being lifted up in Him: you come to eat of Heaven … you drink of Heaven … you partake of Heaven … you are filled of Heaven … and Anointed of Heaven. This is not of Law but of Grace, this is not of the flesh but if the Spirit. Therefore, now you find yourself led into that of which Christ Jesus was crucified to bring you: the rich Promises of God FULFILLED in you today. 

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord I am struggling, I don’t know how to enter this Place of Repose. I understand the truth of it but don’t know how to abide here. I know that this is the right place for your yolk is easy and your burden is light. Please lead me into the Place of Rest, even reclining regularly in your Presence and be ministered to by you. Lord, I yield my heart unto you Lord this very day, even fully unto the Lord. I turn my ears away from the Scoffer, the Accuser, the Lustful one, and the Liar and open my ear unto my Heavenly Father. Please come upon my life and lift me up in you this day. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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