Chapter 32 Seek the Gifts


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#32 Seek the Gifts


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Day #32: Seek Heaven
Seek the Gifts

Opening Scripture:

1 Now about the gifts of the Spirit, I do not want you to be ignorant. 7 To each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. 31 (Therefore) eagerly desire the greater gifts. 14:1 Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy.” (

The ‘manifestation of the Spirit’ is the Kingdom of God at work physically in ways unmistakable. The Heart of the Father working, appearing, and touching people’s lives for the ‘common good’ ie; people being blessed by the physical and undeniable Goodness of the Living God before their very eyes. Through the welcomed and sought after ‘manifestation of the Spirit’, God begins to come in increasing measure. This is called a ‘Revival’; people’s faith and hope being renewed and set on fire by the Lord; and this same ‘fire’ sweeping across the Nation. In our own faith and hope let us not become dead again, that is, in need of re-reviving, but let us remain ‘alive’ and continually renewed in the Lord by His regular visits, and our closed and personal meetings in Him, that we seek. 

The encouragement is, as the child of the Living God, to realise the absolute value that is in 1. seeking a fresh visit from the Lord each and every day as the Christian’s ‘daily bread’, the ‘daily food’ of the soul. Being able to fast earthly food, but not ever ‘fasting’ your Heavenly food; your fresh and new daily Manna from Heaven. Giving place and allowing your own soul and spirit to always, always be built up in the Lord regardless of your stature. 2. Seeking the Spirit manifest in the same way for your family, your friends and associates, your church and your city. Interceding for manifestation of the Goodness of God that people’s faith may be built up in the Lord by the Power of God, by the Person of God, and not through human talent, effort, and wisdom alone. 

It is this honest seeking of heart that paves the way for Heaven to be as an Open Door above the people. The Spirit manifests for the good of the people and for the honour of God, ie; faith and hope rising because of the Testimony and Witness of the Hand of God at work before your very eyes (or deep in your soul). For as the Scriptures say: it is the Blood, the Word, and the Testimony that causes the people of God to truly become completely free and victorious as called. “For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power”, it is through the clear “demonstration of the Spiritʼs power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on the power of God (1 Cor. 2:4, 4:20); lest the believer be raised under a spirit of Doubt. The Christian walk is not only just about the power of Forgiveness and Grace, but the power of Freedom that God gives you by His Spirit ‘activated’ within you. Freedom: being totally free of the culture and desire of sin; totally free of depression, hopelessness, and cares; totally free of spiritual blockages and strongholds; and totally free of sickness and disease. Living totally free to be able to liberally and openly receive from Heaven. 

Throughout this booklet I have been sharing with you what God has been sharing with me. This consistent and underlying message: love God with all you are and seek a visit of the Person of God afresh and anew each and every day as a root drive of your soul. For it is through your love being truly and fully directed to He who is Love, that the “Word made flesh” (John 1:14) becomes alive in you. The very Living Word of God becoming ‘flesh’ and real in you and no longer only a remote reality or ideal. 

In the Love of God a transference begins to occur: you find yourself, through the Witness of the Holy Ghost, being able to lay ahold and appropriate the Promises and Gifts of God that are so openly spoken of in the Bible. And by His Witness, the “Spirit within you testifies with your spirit” (Rom. 8:16) through your regular visits with the Lord, that what is spoken in the Word is now yours. It is yours as much as it was for anyone in the Bible, for just as they you too are a “son of God” and “God shows no favouritism”. Things previously so distant and so far removed to you, the Voice of the Lord clearly speaks into your spirit a ‘prophetic word’ that you personally know and recognise, a prophetic word as a ‘Witness’, ‘Testifying’ into your spirit giving you confidence to appropriate and take ownership: the Gift are now yours to pick up and begin to walk in

In this opening Scripture it becomes clear that as you “follow the way of love” the Lord is able to release to you the Gift of Prophecy, and it is a most powerful Gift and Office in the Kingdom of God (Eph. 4:11-13). God of whom you love and seek gives you a key word that unlocks salvation to the lost and the bound. God of whom you continually inquire of, just as Jesus did, gives you a word that releases the oppressed so that they know that God truly and personally loves them. God of whom you draw yourself to each and every day gives you a word that breaks the curse or stronghold and release healing upon the afflicted. God of whom you root yourself in, feed and draw from daily, even as jesus did, it is He who gives you a word that unlocks a region or a nation breaking the strongman. God of whom you have come into alignment and agreement with, through the Spirit of God, comes around you as the sure Armour and with a word break the spiritual stronghold over entire regions releasing the local church to flourish. Our battle is in the spirit realm and the God of whom you love and seek with all that you are gives you the victory, in Jesus Name. The Gift of Prophecy shifts the spiritual influence in nations and regions, in congregations of people, and right down to the life of a single precious lost or broken individual. 

However, do not be ambitious for the Prophetic Gift, or the Gift of Miracles and Healing, but remain ‘ambitious’ to seek the Presence and Person of God Himself for your own personal life, just as Jesus did: to visit and meet with the Lord anew in the secret place each and every day. That you yourself remain rightly aligned under the continual flow of an open Heaven; and under the Covering, Protection, and Armour of God. This is why love is so important, for you get both the Person of God and the Prophetic Gifts. But without love you do not have God at all and end up being like Simon the Sorcerer who ended up having a very important life decision to make (Acts 8:9-24)

Root drive: first it is to you in the Lord and the Life of God abundant and increasingly abundant in your life. Then it is from this right footing, this right alignment under Heaven, that the Fruits, and Gifts, and the outpouring of Heaven only naturally flow out of your life to the blessing of the world. God truly working through you, just as He did through your big Brother, Christ Jesus.

Therefore, remain ‘ambitious’, remain hungry for the Living God to personally and continually meet with you afresh and anew each day. This as the root and underlying drive of your soul; bond through love with He who is Love. Revivals die off for this one reason: because the people stop seeking the ‘Spirit manifest’ for themselves, the very Person of God visiting real and alive each day. They end up relying only on past events, past knowledge; becoming more content with man’s knowledge, doctrines, or giftings rather than God Himself. And the ‘Word of God’, the ‘Visions’ of Heaven, and the Revelation of the Person of God become so rare in the land (1 Sam. 3:1). And both Faith and Hope become lost under the heavy weight of works, religion, and law. 

Attitude of soul: as you seek your daily fresh and new visits in the Lord in the secret place; the Spirit of God will bring you regularly into the Courts of Heaven. Some of you into realms beyond belief, comprehension, or definition (2 Cor. 12:2-5). Here the Father Himself equips you, reveals Himself to you; building a Faith, a Knowing, and a Hope that is not of this earth. And He prepares you to receive and walk in greater measures of the Gifts of the Spirit, allowing for a greater move of God. 

Believe the Word of God that is right in front of you, for if you cannot receive these “earthly teachings” how in the world can you ever enter into that of which both the Word points to, or to that of which the Lord wants to tell you, show you, impart to you, and give you of Heaven (John 3:12), ie; “Heavenly Teachings”? As you come to believe and long to walk in the fullness of what the Gospel speaks, He opens the way for you to freely walk in them all. It is a very ‘Narrow Gate’ but Jesus Himself will show you the ‘Way’ and lead you in it. He will reveal and manifest Himself in most powerful ways (John 14:21), even ‘rending’ the very Heavens. He rends the Heavens so to come down and make His Name known to His Enemies and cause the nations to quake before Him. This He does for those of whose heart simply wait in earnest for Him (Is. 64:1-4). 

Therefore, step back from living a life only of self-indulgence or self-reliance and give increased place for the Person of Jesus to open your eyes in your closed sessions in the Lord. Allow Him to open doors that have kept you closed off to His Glory, Might, and to the outpouring of His Spirit. And allow the Holy Spirit within you to continually raise a standard against the Enemy. The Enemy that has killed your friends, that has people you know bound in sicknesses and addictions, that keeps people around you caged in depression and oppression, poverty and hopelessness. It’s enough. Enough is enough! Pursue the King of Glory and not religion it is Jesus in Person that is the Answer! 

The Word of God truly received and sown to heart is a Sword against the Enemy. The same Word spoken from your mouth cuts him down. Praising and worshipping Jesus for the Blood He shed breaks down even the most mighty walls and strongholds and protects you from any attack. The Spirit within you thwarts the efforts of the Enemy and strips him bare and devoid of power, and after he being broken, Jesus brings healing in His Wings and restoration in His Hands. 

As when a silversmith purifies silver and personally stands by watching over it, he knows when the silver is pure when he is able to clearly see his own reflected face. When you come to seek the Person of God, the ‘Spirit of God manifest’ with all you are, the Father Himself personally stands close watching over you. As invited, He works intently in you with this single purpose: that His Glory may shine, be reflected, and come through your life in ever-increasing measure. The Blood of the Lamb has given you full access to the Father, but it is He who is deeply welcomed by you that prepares and allows you to walk in the unfathomable rich measure Glory of the Lord. And this in spite of your flesh, your doctrine, your knowledge, or your stature. Here you are being clothed by Heaven, and the Armour of God of which is tried and true, is being placed upon you to the Glory of God … in Jesus Name! 

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, I recognise the Gifts of the Spirit. I recognise that they are destined for me, here and now, for the honour of God and the ‘healing of the nations’. Lord, I rest in the fact that they are for me and have been set in place for me to participate in since before the Foundations of the earth. Lord, with an open heart, I pray that you may impart to me these Gifts of the Spirit that they may flow liberally in me for the purposes of the Kingdom and the saving the lost. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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