Chapter 26 Learning to Ride a Bicycle


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#26 Learning to Ride a Bicycle


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Day #26: The Answer is Jesus
Learning to Ride a Bicycle

It is a lifestyle of prayer and fasting, that deals directly with the spirit of unbelief and doubt. Jesus continues in this opening passage (Matt. 17:14-21), “this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting.” Realise that our battle is “not with flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of the spiritual realm” (Eph. 6:12, Rev. 12:17). Our ‘fight’ is in the spiritual realms. Recognise where things have their root: Satan has come to kill, steal and destroy, Jesus, however, has come to bring Life, to heal and restore in every way (John 10:10). It is very clear where things have their origin, it is no longer clouded; Jesus your Friend and the Thief your Enemy. As a believer, filled full of the Holy Ghost and covered by the Blood of Jesus, you can cut him off in every way. Through a culture of prayer and fasting, meditating on His Word; the Lord equips you to overcome all the schemes of the Evil One. To break the yolk and bonds that keep you and others living under sickness, oppression, and bound by the chains of the ‘author’ of sin, deceit, and decay. 

We are at war and though there may be battles lost, seasons of being pushed back; you have the Victory and His Name is Jesus! As ex-slaves of sin, you and I have nothing to offer our King, except bowing down saying, ‘thank you Jesus’, and guess what, as King, that is all He wants. The Lord will set you fully free as you lay (bow) your life and its issues fully down daily in Him. Waiting upon Him and allowing Jesus to come upon you each day. Allowing Jesus’ regular and personal visits to refresh you and raise you up in Him. You may say you have Jesus residing in you, but this is not intended to be a doctrinal faith statement only, for the Presence of Jesus totally brings you to your knees. And the Fruit and result of the Spirit abiding in you is an unfathomable Joy, Peace, Love and Faithfulness of the Holy Spirit. 

The Spirit of God will lift you up and cause you to triumph and shine even as a bright light as you lift Him up in your eyes. “Lord please help me in my unbelief” (Mark 9:24), this is the honest start for each and every believer. As you bow down on your knees from within the depths of your soul praying, “I desire to give you all my life, all my cares but I don’t know how, please help me’. ‘Please teach me how to wait upon you, for I deeply long for you to come visit, sit and share with me according to your Word”. 

I submit a challenge to you: develop a culture of prayer and fasting, ie; the decided step of refraining from your norm, and in an attitude of heart set in wait upon the Lord. Inquiring of Him, seeking His Face and loving Him. Delighting yourself in praise and honour of soul unto the Lord your God with a full ‘open door’ for Him. Just like one of the ‘five’ Virgins who waited for Jesus in earnest with plenty of oil (Matt. 25). OK, there is the fasting of food, and then there is fasting other things like TV, Facebook, and entertainment as you wait upon the Lord. But what I challenge you today is a lifestyle of fasting cares and anxiety, ie; your grip on your own life. As the Scriptures say, “be anxious for nothing” (Phil. 4:6). In regular fasting choose in all things not to be anxious about anything, but only to be ‘anxiously’ keen on Jesus manifest in your life. This is not achieved by knowledge or fleshly skill and works, but is of the Spirit. 

Can you hand your life to the Lord, laying down all things in Him? All disappointments, all insecurities, all fears, all concerns. All issues of the past and the future that Jesus may triumph over them all? All issues common to man, from the furthest left to the furthest right, even the conscious residue of cares. Giving full place for the Hand of God to be fully active upon your life and allowing the Rest, Joy and Peace of the Lord to come upon you and His Hand to bear. For these things are of the Tree of Life of which you have chosen to be established. Therefore, allow His Voice to flow like a River, His Counsel and Might to be residently active. Fast cares, ie; give Christ Jesus full right and license to participate in all areas of your life. This is the greatest of treasures, the greatest of gifts; the Father actively working in all the Promises concerning you. As you, of whom have been issued with the Promise, remain no longer wandering in the desert but enter in, and abide and eat of all the fruits of the Promises of God. 

As learning to ride a bicycle or tie a shoelace, practice to no longer carry a trace of cares, doubt, or unbelief. For these things keep the full participation and the Promises of the Father at a distance. They keep you from receiving liberally from Him. This is not judgement but an encouragement in the right path. Initially, learning to ride a bicycle, or to tie a shoelace, is absolutely mind-bending stuff. But your Father, who is in Heaven, in absolute delight, will gladly lean over your shoulders and taking you by your hand show you how. 

Think of it like this, the cares of this life are like ‘weeds that choke the plant’ (Luke 8:7). You have been grafted into the Branch and it is from this same Branch that the Spirit of Knowledge freely flows; the Spirit of Understanding, Wisdom, Counsel flows like a river. From this same Branch flows the Spirit of Might and of the Fear of God (Is. 11:1-3). Doubt and unbelief, ie; your cares that are greater than your faith choke out (strangle) your ability to receive liberally from the Lord. Regardless of your ‘righteous’ deeds, works or doctrine, you remain like a blunt axe. You are a child of the Living God, gifted with both the Word and the Spirit of God, but a core weakness and fracture remains. So in regular prayer and fasting in earnest for the physical manifestation of Jesus outworking in your life, He prepares the way for you to become a ‘receiver’ of the Lord. Let this become your new job title, ‘I am a Receiver’, as a satellite dish continuously directed unto Jesus and receiving from Him night and day. 

(“I, even I, am He who comforts you. Who are you that you should be afraid of a man who will die, and of the son of a man who will be made like grass? And you forget the LORD your Maker” (Is. 


Understand this, prayer and fasting deals directly with the spirit of unbelief and doubt. It is not necessarily your faith in the existence of Jesus, or believing that He is the Christ, that moves mountains. It is living doubt-free and with His Faith abiding in you, that causes the mountains to become as chaff and is blown away in the wind (Is. 41:13-16). And this is established in you by the Sovereign Presence of God to whom you simply bow and lay your life down to, right from within His Courts; in His Presence of where you choose to abide. 

Jesus participates to the measure you release Him, that you, yourself, involve Him. Retain not the character and nature of the Old Adam: Adam of whom chose to live in reliance of his own ‘knowledge of good and evil’. His action cut off the ‘Branch’, the Knowledge and the Provision of God, for himself and for all future generations. But now being ‘born again’ of the Spirit of God, we can freely return back into His full Provision, Guidance, Healing, and Blessings. This is simply that of which was originally purposed by God at Creation. But there is a right way to go about this: learn to lay down your life, daily, on the Alter of the Lord and enter and abide in His Presence. That Jesus may become fully active in all that you are and do, and that you also may freely receive and draw from your Heavenly Papa in all things. The laying on the Alter isn’t the end but the beginning of Wonder. He allows you to enter into the unfathomable and vast realms of the His Most Holy Place. 

Return: in the earlier days of being born again the Joy of the Lord was upon you. Some for years experience wonders of the Presence and Power of Jesus, but after a while, this waned and the Joy and sparkle in your eye diminished. Today, the Spirit of the Living God desires you to return back to this first Joy, this first love. Do not allow yourself any longer to wander in the ‘wilderness’. Do not wait forty years, but cross over now, and abide and eat freely of the Promises of God. 

What occurs is the subtle voice and suggestions of the Thief, that begins to take precedence over the Grace and Power of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Your eyes shift away from the Spirit and begin to become misaligned unto your own flesh. Doctrines of your own understanding develop and harden, lists of righteousness, deeds and works become centre stage to you. Especially under the ‘sun-scorching’ eyes of others. The Thief is endeavouring to shift you away from fresh encounters with the Person of Jesus, and of the Spirit of God manifest before your eyes, and directs your thoughts and efforts unto the flesh. Do you remember Paul exclaiming, “you foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?” (Gal. 3:1-3). Now you know where the ‘bewitching’ comes from. 

The Promise of God was revealed in Abraham, the ‘father of our faith’, and it was fulfilled in him because he remained faithful to the calling of God in his life (regardless of circumstances). ALL the Promises of God shall bud, blossom and fruit in all their fullness in you, as you retain a simple child-like faithfulness in the Lord. Seeking first His Love and Presence manifest and revealed to you each day; walking hand in Hand in Him. Not relying on yesterday’s Manna but what is fresh and new in the Lord each day, here and now. For in the Lord His Grace, Goodness and Mercies are new every morning, and His Compassion never fails, therefore ‘I shall wait upon the Lord’ all the more, in Jesus name (Lam. 3:22-24).

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, please teach me how to ride with ease the Bicycle of the Spirit of God. Please lead me in the things of Heaven, even that of the Courts of God. Please open my heart, my soul, and my mind to the things of the Kingdom of God. Making them who I am, not just knowledge or revelation, but the reality of my soul. Please give me capacity to dance to the Music of Heaven, to the Song and Moves of the Holy Ghost. In Jesus Name. Amen’.





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