Chapter 21 Spirit of Might


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#21 Spirit of Might


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Day #21: Spirit of Might
Spirit of Might

Opening Scripture:

Moses and Aaron went into the Tent of Meeting, and when they came out they blessed the people, and the glory of the Lord [the Shekinah cloud] appeared to all the people [as promised]. [Lev. 9:6.] Then there came a fire out from before the Lord and consumed the burnt offering and the fat on the altar; and when all the people saw it, they shouted and fell on their faces. (Leviticus 

Lord Jesus, thank you that you envelop me in praise. Lord, that your praise rises up within me lifting me into your Presence. Lord, I pray and intercede for your people that as your praise rises up within the congregations, that your Glory may come upon all people, as a Cloud for all to see. That your Resurrection Power may strike like ‘lightning’ (Job 37:3-4 AMPC) healing, setting free, and leading people unto repentance in the Glory of your Presence. 

Why does the Spirit of God come upon us? Because with praise and honour we give Him firm place, and with healing in His Wings He comes upon a believer and a congregation. Prayers and good deeds flood your soul and do not cease but only increase, and these ‘prayers’ are brought before the Father as you are lifted up into His Presence. The Presence of God is a most powerful place; a meeting with the Person of Jesus in His Glory. Being raised and personally instructed by the Holy Spirit to more freely receive answer to prayer and to gain a greater anointing, a greater measure of the Spirit of God

Sow in the Spirit of God so that you may more liberally and confidently draw and reap from the Spirit (Gal. 6:8). Continually sow in the Holy Spirit and draw in a greater measure from the Glory, Gifts, and Might of God. Sow unto the flesh, unto a secular mindset (Ez. 44:23), and draw from the temporal, disappointing, and frail nature of the flesh; even unto Death. “I believe in Jesus” you say, but where do you sow? Who’s voice do you readily listen and remain attentive to? We are called to enter the Rest of the Lord and that is a decisive step (Heb. 4:3). It is in this place that the Spirit of God raises up, instructs, and brings to life your capacity to draw more liberally and freely from the rich Reserves, Knowledge, and Might of God – the Branch. 

I will gladly speak of the goodness of God and I will not allow myself to be dissuaded. For there is someone out there who is in need of a touch from the Lord. Like the lady with the ‘issue of blood’, where Jesus became aware of the Resurrection Power flowing through Him (Luke 8:43-48). In her ‘praise’, her ‘pressing in’, her seeking and reaching out to the Lord – Heaven became ‘excited’. In eager expectation, she said within herself, ‘if only I could touch the hem of His garment’, and at the moment of a touch, in a ‘flash’, healing virtue flowed into her life and she was instantly healed.


Though an army may encamp against me, My heart shall not fear … One thing I have desired of the LORD, That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD All the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD, And to inquire in His temple. (Psalms 27:3-4 

There are believers who in their private turning aside (Ex. 3:3-4) in the Lord have a stir of the Holy Spirit welling up within them. A rising up of praise, of pressing in, of faith and expectancy kindled by the Holy Ghost. In congregations of believers, there is a stir, there is an expectancy, a fire brewing seeded by the Spirit of God; spurred on by the hearts of the hungry and thirsty. The Word of God is spoken and hearts are quickly alighten. Praise and expectation in the congregation rise up before the Lord and a charge in Heaven develops. The Cloud gathers and is ‘charged’ and ‘excited’ as the Father is drawn to the deep yearning of His children. And as ‘lightning’ the Power of God comes upon the congregation (Ps. 97:3-7 AMPC). The same Resurrection Power that rose Christ Jesus (Phil. 3:10) from the dead powerfully heals and saves both believers and unbelievers alike. Spontaneously!

This Fire is kindled (Luke 12:49) in the secret place of individual believers, as well as within the heart’s desire and dream of a local church body (Matt. 23:37). The more hearts that simply abide in the Secret Place of the Lord within a congregation, in the deepest of yearning, longing, and hunger unto the Lord: connects, intercedes and draws down the Resurrection Power and Fire of God (or draws up from the Branch). A mighty Wind blows (Acts 2:2) and the Glory Cloud of God comes physically upon a congregation. Now this is valuable. Convincing people through wisdom and knowledge has its value, but the demonstration of the Power and Might of God swiftly changes the hearts and lives of generations of people eternally! 

Open the door of your heart broad and wide (Rev. 3:20), roll out the carpet for Him. Eagerly set a table and wait upon the Lord. Wait, wait, wait, wait … for Jesus comes to those who earnestly wait upon Him (Matt. 25). Those of whom live their life as a continual open door, in open invitation and expectation unto the Lord, are like little children eagerly waiting for their papa to return home, and He comes. He comes powerfully and mightily upon them. 

The Word of God proceeds the move of the Spirit, it sanctifies the soul (John 17:17). Speak over your life with the truth of the Word of God. Possess the Living Word of God and give place for our Father to make it increasingly yours. Walk in it, breathe it, allow it to burn in your veins. Prophecy over your family, your finances, your future. Don’t sit idle. Allow the prophetic Word of God that proceeds the move of the Spirit to rise up in you. For out of your mouth proceeds both Spirit and Life, simply from Him of whom you abide in; the Branch, the Vine, that is Christ Jesus. Drawing from the River of Life that flows from the Lamb (Rev. 22:1) the same Spirit and the same Resurrection Power abides in you. You are born of the same Spirit, the same Root, and the same Heritage as Christ Jesus our Lord. 

When you choose in your heart to ‘turn aside’ unto the Lord, when you say to yourself, ‘I will go aside to seek my Lord’, the Lord hears and ‘inclines His ear to you’ (Ps. 116:2, 40:1-3), stepping down to you to listen intently to what you say. The same picture as the lady with the issue of blood, who said to herself, “if only I touch the hem of His garment.” Heaven was already waiting in great anticipation for her because of what she, herself, had decided in her heart

When believers set within their hearts to meet with the Lord, He, in His own longing is right there eagerly waiting. The Spirit of God given full honoured and rightful place stirs the hearts within the congregation. A stirring, a charge wrought of the Holy Ghost, utters the deepest of praise and worship, and the rising expectation ushers in the overwhelming Presence of Jesus. This ‘charge’ of rising expectancy connects with the ‘anticipation’ in Heaven, and in a flash He comes upon the congregation visibly and undeniably powerful for all to see. A collective gasp rises up as people see God move.

Exodus 3:3-4 

I see the Fire of the Holy Ghost and … ‘I will turn aside’ … so when the LORD saw that he turned aside … God called to him.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, I recognise this reality of the Kingdom of God, that the same Spirit that flowed in Jesus can flow in me. Lord, I pray that you lead me to the River of God that I might abide in the Counsel and Might of the Holy Spirit. Lord, I wish to sow in the Spirit, I wish to be raised in the things of the Holy Ghost. Please lead me and guide me so that I might participate more fuller each day in the Spirit of Might. In Jesus Name. Amen’.





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