Chapter 16 Our God Speaks!


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“#16 Our God Speaks!


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Day #16: To be with Him
“Our God Speaks!”

The ‘private place’; your private communion in the Lord is critical to the walk of one born in Christ. Remaining ‘alive’ and ‘connected’ in the Vine: with continual interaction between you a branch and Jesus the Vine. It is the most important and most precious thing that sets the Christian apart from all other wisdoms, philosophies, and religions. You have the capacity to live in the continual loving relationship, communion, and dialogue with the Person of your God. He IS NOT a piece of wood, nor a carving of man’s hands or imagination. He is NOT a deaf or mute idol or ideology!

The Lord God has given Me The tongue of the learned, That I should know how to speak A word in season to him who is weary. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear To hear as the learned. (Is. 50:4)

What distinguishes our God with other gods and religions of this age? Our God speaks! Our God heals! Our God liberates! Our God loves! Our God cares! Our God saves! Our God is a continual experience to behold. The demon would have you B-U-S-Y with things, and attempts to continually distract you from living, drawing, and breathing in deep of the Love of God. However, you can choose to look past all things, daily, right into the heart of the Father. Choosing to abide in His Love and draw from Him instead.

The Gospel is not a convincing based on wisdom and knowledge, but as fishermen of old showed us, the Gospel is based on a demonstration of power (1 Cor. 2:4-5, 1 Cor. 4:20). With tangible realities of God and continual living experiences of the Father. Realise that your walk with God is intended to be a tangible and an experiential one – a really experiential one! Not just a belief and a knowledge, but a walk of tangible realities in God. Where the Spirit of God is manifest (made evident) in His Love, His Grace, His Truth, and His Might.

Gateway of the Kingdom of God: the purpose of faith is not without ever seeing anything, like a continually destined blind faith. But the purpose of faith is always to result in the physical outworking of the Power of God, in a way of which you physically can see. Not a faith without seeing any results, but a faith of which you see plainly before you. If you pray for someone to get well and they get well – that is seeing! In the same way, your walk in the Spirit and Presence of God is purposed and intended to be the same. The manifestation of the Spirit that you can personally experience, and live in daily.

The Spirit of God hovered over the waters of the world, then Creation came (Gen. 1:2). So in the same way: the Spirit of God welcomed, invited and given greater place: rooted deeper and deeper, established broader and broader, and placed higher and higher in your life. This makes way for the Holy Spirit’s creative power, along with the Resurrection power of Christ Jesus, to flow liberally in your world.

Remember: that through the ministry that started with just the Twelve, the Gospels were preached to the majority of the known world. Bringing down mighty strongholds. Was this just an amazing ability to convince people through words of wisdom and knowledge of unlearned fisherman? No, of course not, it was through their own living experience of the Lord their God, and their intimate relationship (John 1:18) with Him, that God demonstrated His mighty power through them. Demonstrated: so that man’s faith may not rest on the wisdom of man but the Power of God (1 Cor. 2:4-5, 4:20) … this here IS the perfect Will of God.

Hence the encouragement to seek more of the manifest Presence of God in your daily life. For experiences in the Presence of God are encounters in the Person of God; His Goodness, His Love, and His Might. In welcoming and inviting a closer relationship in Him, the Father adds to your faith daily; building you up in Him. The Father shows Himself strong in your private life of which only by nature bears you stronger in Him in your public life. Because of His Love for you, He richly builds your strength in Him in the private place. But this same strength does not remain private, but bursts through your life just as in the lives of David, Daniel, the Greats of Old, and the New Testament believers.

In life, many of us have food on the table, strength in our arms, a knowledge of God, and Salvation through His Son Christ Jesus. But what is really needed is the Person of Jesus. Christians believe in Him and have faith in Him, but a ‘distance’ remains. Though claiming a faith in Him, a doubt and shame of Him still remains (Matt. 17:20, Luke 7:23, Luke 9:26). It is this that creates a weakness, a fracture, or a hindrance to stand boldly in the Presence of God. Standing boldly in His Presence to bear His Hand to save, to heal, and to speak Life. Giving place for the Father to visit you, making way for Him to come again; by this very experienced Presence doubt and shame fades away. Distance is replace by a deep intimacy and knowing of your God.

Everything that the Father has is Mine. That is what I meant when I said that He [the Spirit] will take the things that are Mine and will reveal (declare, disclose, transmit) it to you. (John 16:14-15 AMPC)

In developing a culture, a diligence to seek the Presence of God upon your life DAILY, what occurs is that He comes and inserts into you of His very Self. Not revelation alone, but through the LIVING Word, the VOICE of God proceeds into your soul, gaining you the perspective of the Living God. You gain your rightful IDENTITY: the perspective of who you are, whose you are, of whom you abide in, and of whom you are seated with (Eph. 2:6). You, now, can begin to speak more freely from the position that the Blood of Christ has bought you.

No man can give you this ‘knowledge’ (Eph. 3:17-19 NKJV), but as you seek more the manifest Presence of God in your own private life, He opens the eyes of your soul. This is the dream of the Father since the Beginning; and the Voice of God gives you the ability to walk in, to manifest, all of which the Word of God continually and openly talks about.

But rather what we are setting forth is a wisdom of God once hidden [from the human understanding] and now revealed to us by God–[that wisdom] which God devised and decreed before the ages for our glorification [to lift us into the glory of His presence]. (1 Cor. 2:7 AMPC)

To me, part of the meaning of the ‘Presence of God’ is this: encounters, visitations, being lifted up in Him, and undeniable experiences of the Living God. This is what sets apart Christianity and all other ‘religions’. However, the demon is intent to make your Christianity religious, in order to ‘kill’, to ‘crucify’, the active and working Christ within you. Satan, however, failed at the Cross, therefore, he will also fail in his efforts against the Life of Christ in you. The Key is to ‘daily’ remain in the Vine.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, I desire to live in continual dialogue in the Lord of Glory. Nothing is more enriching than the Word of God of which flows in my spirit. For all that is deemed valuable in this life, it is all pale against the Glory of the Voice of God that speaks in me. Lord, I choose not to treat you as a piece of wood, as a mute, deaf, and inanimate God. But I shall live with this new deeper awareness of just how much you wish to speak into my life. I clean my eyes and ears and contently sit listening for your Voice and looking for you to come. Please give me ears that hear and eyes that see, in Jesus Name. Amen’.





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