Chapter 11 The Temple of God


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#11 The Temple of God


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Day #11: Temple of God
“The Temple of God”

Opening Scriptures:
1. “HE WHO dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].” (Psalm 91:1 AMPC)
2. “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.” (Psalm 8:2 NIV)

I would like to paint a picture here, a ‘parable’ that helps express the value of seeking the manifest Presence of God. Becoming one acquainted and known within the Courts of God, and able to instigate a meeting in the Lord. You a mere man, a dot in the universe, can meet with the Creator whenever you like, how much you like and as often as you like; according to your own hunger and desire.

Visualise for yourself the Temple of God, the ancient Temple of Solomon of which was modelled after that which is in Heaven (Heb. 8:5). Picture for yourself the Outer Court, the Inner Court (with the Alter), the Holy Place and then the Holy of Holies (the Most Holy Place). Bring this visual Temple ‘replica’ now into the New Testament under Christ, and realise that this is the realm of which you now have full access to and can remain in, dwell in and enter anytime you like. Not the physical Temple copy (a ‘shadow’) but the original one of which is in Heaven.

1. INNER COURT; one born and made spotless by the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ has full rights to enter into the Inner Courts of Heaven any time and under any circumstance of life (Is. 44:22, Acts 3:19, Col. 1:22).

2. THE ALTER; out of simple child-like love and earnest longing of heart for your Father. A longing for more of the Spirit and Kingdom of God tangible, active and made manifest in your life (John 3:30), you have the capacity to lay down on the Alter of God ALL guilt of sin.

In preference for the Presence of the Lord of Glory, choosing to lay down all cares, fears, doubts, loves, and hopes on the Alter of the Lord (Phil. 4:6-8, Ps. 37:1-9). Handing to the Lord all the ‘burdens’ (Matt. 11:28) that are both inside and outside your ability to manage. And by choice entrusting all the deep prayers and dreams of your heart. Prayers for loved ones, prayers for healing, all requests and petitions on the ‘Alter of God’, and in faith and trust giving Jesus FULL charge and rights over them.

After spending time at the Alter and leaving all things there, proceeding then into the Holy Place as a little child, a babe before the Father (Matt. 18:3). With praise on your lips and worship from the depths of your soul (Ps. 8:2, Matt. 21:16), carrying nothing but ‘naked’ unto the Lord.

3. HOLY PLACE; entering into the Holy Place just as you are, washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb. Empty and clear of all cares and responsibilities as they are given to Jesus (laid on the Alter). And out of pure love, your heart set as flint (Is. 50:7) in the Lord (Luke 10:27, Ps. 91:14-16) – He who is your ‘first love’ (Rev. 2:4), seek and invite His active Presence manifest upon your life. With praise and thanksgiving (Ps. 100:4) ‘delighting yourself’ in the Lord (Ps. 37:4), entering the Courts of God and patiently waiting (Ps. 37:7, Is. 40:31 NKJV) upon Him. And then something truly wonderful happens, yet again …

4. HOLY OF HOLIES; the Presence of God, the Spirit of God, Christ Jesus Himself comes personally upon you. He meets with you, His Love washes over you and ministers deep into your soul (Luke 12:37). The Spirit ministers into your life taking from the Lord and giving to you. Taking of what is His and making it yours (John 16:14-15 AMP, Ps. 32:8, Is. 50:4).

And then, the Spirit of the Living God takes you by His Hand (Is. 41:14) and leads you right into the Holy of Holies once again. He dresses you in such high standing in the Presence of the Lord (Zach. 3:1-5). He Anoints you with His Presence and you experience the opening of Gifts, and the revealed Promises of God made alive in you. In His Presence, His Voice flows like a river; your eyes opened to both the new and the old. It is a deeply humbling, enriching and a truly breathless experience.

I write about this because the level of which God wishes to participate in your life is far beyond all that anyone can think or imagine. What we have now is pale compared to what He desires to lead us into. He has a Fire to bring and it’s up to us to welcome the ‘kindling’ nature of the Spirit (Luke 12:49, Is. 40:30). Don’t we need God actively and dynamically at work in and through us, just as the Father was in the Life of His Son Christ Jesus (aren’t we now His son as well)? Doesn’t our world need help? Doesn’t our world need the outpouring Spirit of God? His Love, His Grace and His mighty healing Presence?

As Jesus walked the streets with the Anointing and leading of the Holy Ghost upon His life, so too can you and I. “Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the Evil One because God was with Him”(Acts 10:38). This sets the stage for us as well, don’t we want God with us? If we truly want God with us we need to go to Him first, just as Jesus always did. The Cross has opened the Door wide, now we get up and go in. We open our hearts, and ask Jesus to come new, always new, for He always has something great, exciting, and new.

Though He was the Son, He needed to seek the Presence of the Father, to ‘hear His Voice’ and ‘see His form’ (John 5:37). And by His living actions He has shown us how we too can seek the Father, to walk into the Father’s realm, and have His Glory come upon us just as He.

If I really want Jesus ‘with me’ I need to go to Him. My favourite ‘pastime’ now is going aside in the Lord for a day or more, I really look forward to it, when I can. Fasting and seeking His Face, expressing earnest intent waiting for the Lord (with no distractions but for some worship music, the Bible, and a notepad). When I ‘return back’ His Presence is magnified upon me, it’s wonderful. His tangible Presence has such an overwhelming influence over my life and affects all that I think, the way I feel, what I say and how I see. I know I can go meet with the Lord anytime, and it excites me greatly to strip myself bare of all things and go into a place apart of all things and wait upon the Lord. When Jesus comes there is no words that can describe, it is highly equipping of nature. My preference today is to lock myself away, without food or distraction, and sit and wait for the Lord … and He always comes. To battle in life with my flesh alone is not Gospel, but to be filled and anointed from Above is!

Nowadays I am no longer frustrated when someone is late for a meeting. I am not disappointed if the plane is late or there is some kind of delay. For it is a great opportunity in the busy-ness of regular life to turn my heart towards the Lord, and experience Him come as though I never left His ministering Courts. Even as I go about my day I can turn my heart, my heart’s ‘consciousness’, toward the Lord and He is tangibly right there in an instant. Our walk in the Lord is purposed to be Alive and Active of the Spirit of God, not remote and distant, that is the purpose of the Evil One.

I now know that I have only just begun to scratch the surface of what He desires to bring to each believer. How much He longs to pour out from His Spirit, and from His heavenly realms, so richly into our lives each and every day, to bring the Goodness of God into our world. The Love, Grace and Might of the Lord. I pray that this ‘picture’ of the Temple is an encouragement for you, to help value the impartation zone, the equipping zone, and seek the Presence of the Father more. The Presence of God manifest and His works evident, active in and through your life, in ever-increasing measure. This I pray in Jesus precious Name.

Two worlds joined as one: realise this, God already has the answer for your cares, and for all needs that you need answer for. Release also, that He already has all things prepared and made ready for you, in the Heavenly realms. Your heart abiding not in the Outer Courts, not in the Inner Courts, and not even at the Alter. But right within the Holy Place, and even within the Most Holy Place, it is here, on this place, that you have access of all that God has for you. Though here on earth, in whatever that is before you, as Jesus Himself walked life, you too cross, or bridge the dimension into the Heavenly realms. Going in and getting all you need, and even enjoying the adventure of the untold riches and wonders. So though you live in appearance as a regular human being, part of you, through the Spirit of God, are actively participating and accessing Heaven continually, just as Jesus.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, please lead me into your Holy Place. Lord, in my weakness I turn to the Lord. I lay down all my strengths, capacity, and knowledge down, for in your Presence they are meaningless. Please lead me in the Holy of Holies, this place of the Anointing of the Lord, please minister into my spirit, my soul, my mind, and my flesh. I fully recognise I am a mere mortal man, a sinner, but allow me to participate in this that Christ Jesus was crucified to bring me into. Please forgive my foolish pride, and please take me by my hand, in Jesus Name. Amen’.





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