Chapter 05 Faith is now!


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#05 Faith is now!


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Day #5: Freedom in Christ
“Faith is now!”

The fact that you can live intimate in the Holy Ghost is astounding. That you can live and be raised as a little child by the Living God close and tender in the Holy Spirit. Living aware of His Presence and His Voice in your soul rising up in you every day.

A few years ago, after a number of years of anguish and distress, I went to visit family for Christmas. At the Christmas meal I was so raw in soul that after a while I had to get up and leave, and I went for a walk. After a couple of hours I found a tree to sit under and I turned my heart in the Lord.

The Lord shared something very special to me that day, “strengthen and simplify your life: love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind” (Luke 10:27). What was powerful for me was this: the love that God requires from us, or better said, what we require in order to function properly, is 100% given over in the Lord. The wording ‘all your heart, soul, strength and mind’ means just that – there is nothing left over! All my loves, hopes, and fears are fully replaced and otherwise fully directed in Him. Knowing full well, however, that He will give me capacity and guide me in the very next thing, even the very next step.

What the Lord was showing me that day became my anchor point, it became a place of great release and strength. The Lord had me ponder this thought solidly for a full year. With all my love daily placed in Him, He was now free to manage all my ‘loves’, all my ‘hopes’, and all my ‘cares’; because I have finally released them all to Him. My love set fully in the Lord, is replaced with His Love fully set in me, with nothing withheld. In place of my love He gives me His capacity to love, even as the Father Loves. And He personally takes full charge and manages, in every detail, the building and raising me in Himself (John 6:45). Guiding also, each step of life that I take, one moment at a time.

With my heart and my soul ‘simplified’, and completely decluttered, I entered into what I see now as the Rest and the Freedom of the Lord. Heaven began to open up so richly and increasingly every day. I, therefore, guard so intently now to always retain this; my ‘first love’ held in the Lord (Rev. 2:1-5).

Freedom of soul: realise that when your spirit is not free you cannot ‘attract’ the Spirit of God, you cannot be sensitive or be conscious of the Holy Ghost. When your spirit is not free you are unable to feel or be aware of the dynamic and active nature of the Spirit of God within you. When you pray, you can pray religiously emulating words of which you think you should pray that might bring results from the Father. However, the only thing that moves the Heart of the Father is prayer rooted in Faith (Rom. 8:26-27).

You can pray but retain a worry as though you haven’t prayed at all. Be encouraged to ‘set your heart at rest in His Presence’ (1 John 3:19 NIV). For otherwise when you pray, who are you praying to? It is possible to pray with your heart and trust in a completely different place then to whom your mouth is speaking. Uttering prayers in the name of One that your heart is not abiding in. Gain, therefore, an attitude of prayer, abiding in the unbroken communion of the Lord.

A failure to ‘act’ faith nullifies your prayer. A believer resides in the Father and remains in Him, he does not yell out with requests from a ‘faraway land’ but prays from within the Father’s Presence. This is a most precious reality to come to realise and understand; that from within His Presence we pray, not religiously from a distance. To ‘act’ faith is now; faith is in the present, rest is in the present, and trust is in the present. Dwelling NOW in the Presence of the Lord. Faith believes now, faith acts now, faith confesses now, and faith receives now. Faith is abiding in the One who is Faithful, whilst praying to the One with whom you are seated.

It is the Father’s desire to co-operate with you and to ‘lift the load’ together. To work together, sit together, eat together, share together, and dwell together. When your spirit is at Rest in the Lord you are free to co-operate fully in the Lord. From the Presence of the Lord, where you dwell and are seated, you can pray and intercede for the needs that you see, and that are presented to you day by day. With an attitude of absolute trust; trust that Jesus is now working out the answer, that He is now fighting on your behalf. If your spirit is not free, when you pray to the Lord you are praying based in doubt (Jam. 1:5-8 NLT).

Be encouraged: faith doesn’t originate in you, but originates in Christ Jesus. It is the Faith of Jesus that God responds to. The quiet assurance and Voice in your soul that continually rises up from within you, generating a deep rest and confidence in the Lord. The Faith OF Jesus planted in you by the Spirit of God.

Referring to Galatians 3:22 (KJV):
1. Choosing to come and believe in Christ Jesus, is my faith.
2. In this, I receive the “Promise.”
3. And therefore, I come to live by the “Faith OF Jesus Christ”. This is, His Faith; the Faith that comes from Him.

When you simply choose to love God, as a toddler loves and runs to His Papa, you abide in His arms and He shares continuously with you. He regularly comes and visits you and spends time with you. The ‘residue’ of His Grace and Love that follows is simply wonderful and irreplaceable. You are able to remain in His Presence all day long, and in His Presence He shares of Himself in you becoming who you are. He takes of what is His and makes it yours (John 16:14-15 AMPC). Blessed assurance … His Faith and Love powerfully remains in you, beating alive in your soul. Not of your own conjuring up, talent or mental prowess, but planted by the Holy Ghost of whom you allow to rise up in you.

Until your heart be free of cares you are limited in your sensitivity and awareness of the Presence of God. You remain unable to draw liberally from the Power and Reserves of Heaven according to the measure that God has established for you. Another form of the ‘Reserves of Heaven’ would be the ‘Wells of Salvation’ (Is. 12:3). The Wells of Salvation are just that, they are a well that you go to in order to draw from. They are Waters that a little child in God can liberally go and draw from, day and night, at leisure, from within the place of his abode; in the Loving, Tender and Mighty arms of the Father. The key is in the going, it is in the attitude of appropriating what is yours, and not just idly sitting by expecting Life to come to you.

The most powerful prayer that you can ever utter to the Lord is this: ‘thank you Jesus’. In a heart tender and in tears before the Lord as the Holy Spirit comes upon you once again.

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, I long to live in close relationship in the Lord. Please draw me closer, please guide my soul, my mind and my flesh. I rest my life into your Hands for I deeply desire your purposes in me be fulfilled. Lord, I choose to abide in the Freedom of the Spirit so that I might be raised to live free and full of the Holy Ghost. I am so poor in spirit, in mind, of soul, and of flesh, but Lord you are so rich … please bond-tie us together. Thank you for setting in your heart to fulfil your Purposes in me. In Jesus Name. Amen’.





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