Chapter 01 Tap-Root


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#01 Tap-Root


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Day #1: An introduction

Seeking the One who IS Life to be in our midst, the One who IS Love to increasingly manifest in Person within each one of us.

In the Kingdom of God, we as believers are likened to as a tree. With our roots learning how to draw deep from within the Lord, the Spirit of God forms us and shapes us (Is. 64:8). He sustains us and matures us to bear the likeness, and increasingly behold the Glory of His Son – our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus (1 Cor. 15:49, Col. 3:9-10, 2 Cor. 3:18, John 17:24).

In order for the Spirit to develop us, we ourselves need to personally direct (Is. 40:3-5) the roots of our soul to draw continuously from the Person of God. In our life we need the Spirit of God actively participating with us, as the Scriptures say, “the Spirit gives Life the flesh counts for nothing” (John 6:63). Of ourselves, we can do nothing, compared to the Life and Glory that God has prepared for us, and called each of us into (Zech. 4:6).

With your root reaching out to the Spirit from the secret places of your heart (Ps. 100:4), you naturally begin to bear His Fruit as His Presence rises up within you. We cannot bear the Fruit of God or bear the Life of Him independently of Him (Gal. 5:22-25, John 15:5). But as we reach out and begin to draw from the Spirit we naturally, without striving (Matt. 11:30), bear the likeness of Christ Jesus and carry His Glory all the more.

The basis of a healthy tree is always found in its roots. Your ‘health’ is found in your personal, private and secret (Mark 1:35, Ps. 91:1) reaching out in the Lord. Your roots, the depths of your soul, searching and finding both nutrient and moisture. But it is more than nutrient and moisture for the Spirit Himself is Life and He is Love. The very ‘conscious’ Life and ‘conscious’ Love of God comes upon you and remains.

Roots by their very nature are continually growing in search of nutrient and moisture. They never cease reaching out and drawing the goodness from the soil. In the Christian’s life, it is possible for us to continually reach out to our personal Father and our personal Holy Spirit. To reach out to hear the ‘Voice’ of God, His Living Word, that ‘proceeds’ from His mouth into your soul (nutrient). And in the same way to reach out to the Spirit of God of whom rises within like a deep Spring (moisture), of whom by nature, by His Presence retained, produces in abundance ALL the Fruits of God.

It is possible that in your own private reaching out to the Person of God that you can receive something new and tangible from His Presence continually and throughout your whole day. God is not knowledge He is Love, however, knowledge and revelation from Him naturally and abundantly flows from Him. But what is more precious than this is that His Love and manifest Life rises up within you, allowing you to grow increasingly aware of His Presence upon your life, as was in the life of Jesus.

As roots of a tree naturally reach out and are ‘rewarded’ by what they seek, so are you. The Father openly rewards you with His Presence rising up so liberally from within the depths of your soul (Heb. 11:6, Matt. 6:4). You find yourself bonding with the One who is Life, and the One who is Love; spirit to Spirit, love to Love, yearning to Yearning and hand in Hand. Drawing liberally from the richness of the Voice of the Father and of the Spirit rising up like a Spring (Ps. 36:7-9) of ‘crystal clear water’ (Rev. 22:1-17) from deep within and strengthening you right down to your very bones (Is. 40:31, Is. 12:3, Prov. 3:8).

This world is a spiritually barren place, an arid land compared to what God has purposed, made and keeps ready for each believer (1 Cor. 2:9 AMP, Ps. 84:5-8, Is. 41:18-19). In the Word of God you have both nutrient and moisture. But the same Word of God speaks of seeking the Word that ‘proceeds’ from the ‘mouth’ of God with the same need, the same hunger, as for your ‘daily bread’ (Deut. 8:3, Matt. 4:4, Matt. 16:18, John 5:37). Jesus refers to it as this: ‘believe’ and ‘put into practice’ (Matt. 7:24) these ‘earthly teachings’ and I will ‘reveal’ myself to you. ‘I will manifest and show myself’ to you (John 14:21) and begin to impart ‘heavenly teachings’ (John 3:12); gifting you from the Heart of the Father into the heart of man – that is you! (John 6:45, Heb. 8:11, Is. 54:13, 1 John 2:27, 2 Kings 6:17).

The Spirit of God “will take the things that are the Lord’s and will reveal, show and transmit it to you” (John 16:14-15 AMPC). What the Blood of Jesus has achieved for you is beyond what one can imagine (1 Cor. 2:9 AMPC). You are able to dwell in the Courts of God and be ministered to, liberally drawing directly from within His Presence and His Glory deep within your soul. Turning your heart unto the Lord He opens Himself to you and His ‘Voice’ (Is. 50:4) imparts directly of Himself into your spirit making it yours.

Desert Oaks: in arid places trees are known to send down their tap-root deep into the ground in search for the water table. There is a tree in Central Australia called a Desert Oak, and this particular tree, when it is young, grows tall and thin like a bush. It has a singular purpose and intent; to grow its tap-root deep down into the ground in search for the Artesian water table. Once it strikes this water table it begins to grow exponentially forming large limbs, branches, and fruit.

This picture is the same in the Christian walk. Taping into the ‘water table’ allows you to grow and become abundantly fruitful by the Presence of God manifest upon your life, and this regardless of season (Jer. 17:8, Ps. 1:3). To flourish and grow into the image of Christ Jesus in ever-increasing Glory (2 Cor. 2:18) irrespective of conditions. For from deep within your soul (your roots) you are able to continually draw from the Courts, the Reserves, and the Presence of the Lord. Liberally drawing from the ‘Wells of Salvation’ (Is. 12:3). No longer in your flesh striving to glorify God, but ‘striving’ for the Spirit of God of whom naturally rises up within you glorifying God.

How to draw from God: our tap-root is ‘activated’ in our closed sessions with the Lord. In our private (Matt. 6:6, Luke 5:16, Mark 1:35) going aside in prayer, seeking to meet with God in Person once again (just as Jesus regularly did). Seeking the Presence of God (Ps 84:2, Ps 91:1) to come upon you, afresh and anew, like Manna every morning. To patiently wait upon the Lord in praise, in fasting (Deut. 8:3, Matt. 9:15, Dan. 12, Matt. 6:11) and meditating on His Word (Josh. 1:8, Ps. 1:2-3). Your Saviour, Christ Jesus, comes and personally sits you down and He ministers into your soul of His very Self (Luke 12:37, Is. 40:31, Rev. 3:20, Jam. 1:5).

Dwelling in the Courts, in the Presence of the Lord, and having His Presence tangibly come upon you, the Father ‘shows you His Salvation’ (Ps. 91:16). In this ‘Delight’ (Ps. 37:4), in this ‘Joy of the Lord’, you can liberally come and ‘draw from the Wells of Salvation’ all throughout your whole day. The Spirit of God Himself rises from deep within you; the Love of God and the Life of God. Revelation, confidence and the Might of the Spirit comes upon you and totally overwhelms you, carrying you along in the Holy Ghost (2 Pet. 1:21).

The Spirit of whom is ‘invited’ (Mark 6:48-52), longed for and allowed to rise up within, deeply powers your life and your walk in the Lord. This is the pattern that we see in the Greats of Old, of the Apostles and of the life of our Lord Jesus. With their private ‘tap-roots’ in continual inquiry of the Lord, the Lord continually came and lifted them up, showing and experiencing the Glory of God upon their lives (Matt. 17:1-9). The Father’s Fruits, Gifts and Anointing begins to rise up like fire upon your life (Matt. 3:11). Your tap-root drawing right from within the Glory and Presence of God where your root ‘abides’ and ‘remains’ (John 15), even from right within the Most Holy Place.

Like a tree planted by the River that flows from the Throne of God (Rev. 22:1, Ps. 46:4) it never fails to produce good Fruit (Jer. 17:7-8, Ez. 47:12, Is. 58:11), and in all that you do the Father prospers you and is with you (Ps. 1:3). The Father shows you all the more how to liberally draw from the Kingdom of God into your world (Matt. 6:10). Just like Jesus walked His life on earth reaching out to His Father and living acutely aware of His Presence upon Him. Jesus, by His precious Blood shed for you, has made this same gift possible for you; to be and do the same (1 John 4:17). Therefore, just as Jesus did, we too reach out to the Father, and God does His ‘Works’ through us and enables us to ‘do even greater’ things than that of His own Beloved Son – to the honour of the Father (John 14:10-13).

Pray this prayer with me. ‘Lord, I deeply desire to send the root of my soul deep into the goodness of God. Please help me Lord. Please guide me. Lord, may the centre most core of my being be established in you. Please bear your goodness in me, please bear your Fruits and Gifts in me. Please form me, shape me and raise me up in the fullness of God. Lord, I don’t know how, only you are capable. I give you full rights to work in my life. In Jesus Name. Amen’.




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