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Ric J Steininger – Fine Photographic Art Gallery

Ric Steininger is an artist in search of the ‘perfect shot’ and he will risk life and limb to get it.

As a landscape photographer, Ric draws his inspiration from the land. His appreciation for Mother Nature’s craftsmanship and his ability to capture the art in her many masterpieces makes Tropical North Queensland the perfect ‘office’ for the man who carries his camera with him wherever he goes. Originating in Canberra, Ric’s passion for photography has seen him travel the world ‘in search of that special location’ where he could establish a base for his work. Ric found that location in 1995, when he arrived in Cairns. Using his 6x17cm panoramic camera with a single lens (the only camera Ric uses).

Ric began to capture the raw beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and its many sand cays, along with The Daintree Rainforest and the Coral Sea. Adding to this, his many shots of the lonely deserts of the Red Centre and the Kosciusko National Park, and his first collection was almost complete. In 1997, just three years after commencing his photography career, Ric had captured enough of the earth’s natural beauty to open his own gallery.

Those who are familiar with the many types of cameras available to photographers today would ask why Ric would commit to using nothing other than a panoramic camera, as you would appreciate that the use of a panoramic camera involves a great deal of patience and on average captures only four shots per film. In an endeavour to capture his images ‘as nature painted them’, and therefore needs to ensure perfection when ‘setting up’ and capturing each one of his images. And it has paid off.

The colour and composition of Ric Steininger’s current collection, is breathtaking. The lucidity of his images presents the illusion that that you are in the very location that he has captured so vividly on film. Ric’s devotion to his craft has placed him in some risky situations. Whether he is hanging out of a helicopter over the Coral Sea, or climbing the highest tree in the rainforest to capture its immense canopy, he is prepared to risk it all for his art. To illustrate the point Ric recounts the details of a trip he made to Hawaii to shoot the group of islands’ active lava flows. In an endeavour to capture the perfect shot, Ric found himself precariously perched on unstable rock within one and a half metres of volatile molten lava!

Ric acknowledges that he is truly blessed to live in a place that offers up such vibrant natural beauty, a beauty that continues to inspire him every day. And whilst he has seen some amazing landscapes throughout his career, he concedes that Tropical North Queensland is the most beautiful place in the world. Ric’s gallery is located at 63 Abbott St in Cairns.


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