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After several years I am proud to reopen my gallery publicly again here in Kuranda (2017)

I have been living here in Cairns for over twenty years, traveling from here capturing images in the attempt to represent the natural wonder of this Great Southern Land – Australia.

Most of my images have taken a lot of planning and weeks and weeks of work to capture. Still shooting on my preferred large format film cameras, the challenges presented being far greater than your iPhone. My camera doesn’t even have a battery and the time of exposure is generally counted out in my head. 

I still love the richness in colour that is found in transparency film, and even the challenge that it presents. Most of the work is done on the scene, waiting for perfect time and conditions to capture the moment. This large format panoramic camera also presents the finished art perfectly at even the very large size of 3 metres (10”) – crystal clear clarity with great colour.

I hear comments as people walk through the gallery, “is this an 8K TV?” The clarity being so sharp, but also the inherent glow that the finished Acrylic framing presents. So many people try to look behind the pictures to see if there is a light behind them; such an improvement in the finished art, no lights required needed to present them. Not like before when you needed lights to break through the reflection of glass.

The work is now printed on metallic papers, with pigment inks. Though I am a traditionalist and had preferred printing on traditional photographic paper, the finished result of pigment inks is just so much better (as too the archival quality). Pigment inks are of a similar nature of painted art that lasts hundreds of years.

… My work gives me great excuse to get out and explore some of the most beautiful and dramatic places in the world. I love the challenge of dealing with all the natural elements and the chance moments that arises that allows me to capture what nature has presented.  What is truly rewarding to me is not only discovering the scene in the first place, it’s being there to capture it when it all comes together.

I felt earlier on with my work that I should study traditional arts … to learn to paint. In reality it is really difficult to find scenes and photograph them with the drama and the lighting that I envision.  This is the one thing with my work – it demands that I be there – the location has to exist! And  the conditions, the lighting, and the mood all have to be right.  But to me, in the end, that is half the fun. I love this art form, this medium, and the challenge of deeply involving myself with natural world in order to capture it on film. That chance moment of drama, of life and inspiration. 

My work starts in my mind as an idea, and then I have to search for it and discover it, experience it and be a part of it.

When selecting each piece for this collection, I endeavoured to showcase the essence of my passion for pure photographic art.  I am deeply committed to portraying natural beauty as it appears to the naked eye. The rich colours, and awesome beauty in each image, are the result of finding just the right position and waiting for the ideal natural light.

My collection of photographic images have been captured on traditional photographic film, using the dramatic large 17x6cm panoramic cameras. My current collection has taken over 20 years to put together and includes photography from around Australia, including the USA and my wife’s home country of Japan.

When you see the work represented at the large 200x64cm size or larger it makes you feel as if you are actually there. They are as like a window into the pristine scene. Welcome, then, to the Ric J Steininger Fine Arts Photographic Gallery, a journey through the camera lens into the vivid world of the panoramic photographic art …







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